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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Mực Nướng
with the size of that screen he cannot be ganked
Comment from : Mực Nướng

XenoTek is a ghoul!
Comment from : TemplárioPuto

Tim Martinez
I told the wall all the time
Comment from : Tim Martinez

Manuel Romo
It’s not fair, “aren’t all these players Vg plus” XD🤣🤣 they’re all good players even goofys troll ass there
Comment from : Manuel Romo

balkishan Sharma
Hey Xeno. What should be the build for reim?? :)
Comment from : balkishan Sharma

Hitokiri IV
You are funny pro player , hehe 😆
Comment from : Hitokiri IV

lol deceived got cucked xD
Comment from : ttehiva

The Yeagerist
This build can't be serious 😂.
Comment from : The Yeagerist

The Yeagerist
Comment from : The Yeagerist

Eddy Yim
“Do you like kebabs?”
Comment from : Eddy Yim

Anshuman Pandey
Is Deceived switching to jungle main? He is an insane support but I am not so sure about his jungle skills
Comment from : Anshuman Pandey

John Melvin
Oldskool and deceived got punched in the face at your party xeno
Comment from : John Melvin

Cilex Rider
You always know how to make me happy even though you don’t know me, I couldn’t stop laughing
Comment from : Cilex Rider

mack genji
Like always .. I love your jokes so much
Comment from : mack genji

mack genji
Like always .. I love your jokes so much
Comment from : mack genji

Hi bro :3 nice
Comment from : HoB8it

lee modernemo
Sad adagio, lol
Comment from : lee modernemo

Max Nieves
"Its a party have some -"

*Ad plays

Comment from : Max Nieves

Neko Kuro
12:56 it's a par... insert Godzilla's Roar
Comment from : Neko Kuro

BANG _vg
I recommend that when you play Lance, for nostalgia, you say, “RICK JAMES mofos” Good video. Been enjoying the games lately brother ❤️
Comment from : BANG _vg

One of my favorite lines from VG:

“I didn’t fall, i attacked the floor” 😂

Comment from : Lites

William Sullivan
I played with crucial once. I was his support and he played Warhawk for one of the first times. He obv carries. That was when I legit realized the pros are on a completely other level. Like should be tier 12 (f-in with the gods)
Comment from : William Sullivan

Horng Heng Kim
Comment from : Horng Heng Kim

Bor Hulo
what would be the full build on this lance?
Comment from : Bor Hulo

Herbert Lucas
Ah shit i am not the only who knows XD now i am going to see my boy lance being picked more and more.
Comment from : Herbert Lucas

Galang setio Nugroho
What a team bois!!!
Comment from : Galang setio Nugroho

Kagami Kizuna
Next could you play Kensei with his new skin dude ? Cuz i like that skin very much but i don't have so i want to see it from you..
Comment from : Kagami Kizuna

haha, loved this one 😂
Comment from : Petalx3

Kalamogi NC
What would your full build be?
Comment from : Kalamogi NC

Lol 😂 cuck is like your favorite word!
Comment from : expresswing333

To the ppl who disliked make sure ur device isn’t upside down
Comment from : ZARA GAMING

Will S
It’s a paahdee
Comment from : Will S

Antonio Valenciano
“it’s a party, have some punch”
So annoying every 3 seconds

Comment from : Antonio Valenciano

Thomas Nguyen
iTs a pArTy, hAvE sOmE pUnCh

God I love you Xeno <3

Comment from : Thomas Nguyen

Gregory Painter
Thx Xeno, this is gonna be in my head all day now...if I dream about this were gonna have problems 🤣🤣
Comment from : Gregory Painter

I’m still not over how pretty the poseidaddy skin is. Ggs👌👌
Comment from : Nil

Franz Benn Magana
You make everything look OP my liege
Comment from : Franz Benn Magana

gg bro
Comment from : вoяяyιιiαиz

Matheus Tancredo
Xeno 500x: It's a party 😂😂😂😅
Comment from : Matheus Tancredo

Not even 1min in: what is that damage
Comment from : LvMax

You drunk 😂
Comment from : Nyahahaha

jason manalo
It’s a partyyy have some punch 🤣
Comment from : jason manalo

Flanis Lu
Can't play this unless my teammates are normal guy 🤔
Comment from : Flanis Lu

Allan H
Have some punch
Comment from : Allan H

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