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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Andy Wang
I have this on my bucket list: make a movie about vainglory.
Comment from : Andy Wang

M ac
Comment from : M ac

Comment from : Jivit

Матвей Сотириади
Comment from : Матвей Сотириади

Sergej Keser
Imagine the possibilities if all these and all the new hero ties were made into the cinematic universe, just imagine...
Comment from : Sergej Keser

Noi Neh
There are only three animals-humans is taka , koshka , ozo
Comment from : Noi Neh

boboi boy
Fck dead game ill play this game until the end
Comment from : boboi boy

Sayszar Tempest
Reza is Samuel's dad? wUt
Comment from : Sayszar Tempest

Ni lyza
Gwen and taka seems to be a great couple
Comment from : Ni lyza

lark justine
How obout the new character
Comment from : lark justine

Vg player here from PHILIPPINES🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Comment from : ghopzOmpoc241984

Comment from : ghopzOmpoc241984

mu mo
is skaarf related to blackclaw and ghostwing??
Comment from : mu mo

Galang setio Nugroho
2019 and still play this game :)
Comment from : Galang setio Nugroho

Ken Masters
More please: )
Comment from : Ken Masters

BossStone 88171
Bebeh dergun Skaarf
Comment from : BossStone 88171

joy chatterjee
Update the story with new heros please...
Comment from : joy chatterjee

Christian Earl Dalaguit
Undersprawl is my city.
Comment from : Christian Earl Dalaguit

Sona Njamfa
i want an anime of this game lore
Comment from : Sona Njamfa

BeyFan Bey
I’m confused about Samuel and Celeste.. is he looking for her for help or to kill her?
Comment from : BeyFan Bey

Larc C
Mobile Legends players left the group...
Comment from : Larc C

「Internally Screaming」
Since 4.0 just got updated, could you please make a new video?
Comment from : 「Internally Screaming」

Is Riem Truly Immortal?
Comment from : ParanoidHusky

pls make a new vid
Comment from : Mente

Please add Turkish sub. 🙏🙏
Comment from : Zehra

David Darrell
These Types Of Stories Makes Vainglory Even Better: *
Comment from : David Darrell

M4K N4zTy
Comment from : M4K N4zTy

i wanna hear about magnus now please
Comment from : ASH

Harshad Reddy
Yates story please
Comment from : Harshad Reddy

Jessica Dharmawan
Love this!

We need to make a movie for Vainglory Lore ~

Comment from : Jessica Dharmawan

Mohammad Izuan bin Abdul Raqiib
I hope Storm Queen can as hero because she looks cool
Comment from : Mohammad Izuan bin Abdul Raqiib

frianwalth magno
Is taka here?
Comment from : frianwalth magno

Bunny’s Floor
Comment from : Bunny’s Floor

WolFkry XD
Alv no se ingles xd
Comment from : WolFkry XD

Bergen Ehrlich
they should make corpus a character already. i will gve them a mellon doe lars if they do
Comment from : Bergen Ehrlich

Gio Gio
why no chinese subb,sad
Comment from : Gio Gio

The fact that Vox and Celeste threw a light show which ended up in their discovery still amazes me.
Comment from : nocchi.

jorge tinoco
Corpus was an April fools
Comment from : jorge tinoco

Mustafa Abunasser
lets find out what frightens you.
Comment from : Mustafa Abunasser

I read: we need a movie...
The pronlem is: a movie isnt long enough for this. A series would be better. I know this is an old video if anybody reads thisWhat do u think about it?

Comment from : AllorFh

Trịnh Trung Hiếu
1 vs 1 krul vs reim ?
Comment from : Trịnh Trung Hiếu

Leena LovesYou
Damn... Kathrine....
Comment from : Leena LovesYou

Chill Thrill
Is it me or did he just pronounce some of the names wrong
Comment from : Chill Thrill

Quantum Blitz
I feel sorry for Krul, not Daisy, because it's common knowledge, if you see Krul, just get out of his way 😐😥
Comment from : Quantum Blitz

faesol tok
Comment from : faesol tok

Dale Chin
The art style from that picture reminds me of the Marvel vs Capcom Franchisr. How cool would that spin off be..
Comment from : Dale Chin

Manuel Romo
Do an update on this!!!!!
Comment from : Manuel Romo

Some clown
what now.. we got varya, yates, tony, etc lmao
Comment from : Some clown

Vainglory is my life! I love everything about VG! Semc please KEEP IT UP! Everything you do and create is just amazing keep up the great adventure.
Comment from : Gustav30103_gt

Simple Person
How about Anka and the new heroes..
Comment from : Simple Person

better story than twilight ❤
gave me goosebumps

Comment from : Liyingbemo

Sean Ferguson
I got chills during the alpha scene
Comment from : Sean Ferguson

This video is put together very well and very well rounded, great video!
Comment from : Zero

Irv King
Petal was a part of the Migos?????
Comment from : Irv King

1 2
Nice video Thanks!
Comment from : 1 2

Adithyan Sunil
Where is varya?
Comment from : Adithyan Sunil

Olive Smash
What is the relationship of Catherine and Koshka? I'm a new player and when I played the tutorial Koshka and Catherine seemed to be like they have known each other for so long. And when I watched this video, I was expecting something about the two of them or is it just some random stuff SEMC put in the game?
Comment from : Olive Smash

Dimas Anggitya
Kambing nya ardan
Comment from : Dimas Anggitya

Co Throne
I swear to god if they don’t make the storm queen and corpus a hero...
Comment from : Co Throne

Miguel Carlos
I never Really understood the story of our heroes thanks for this video
Comment from : Miguel Carlos

I'm a new channel that makes vainglory montages and I need all the support I can get, so if you can at least take a quick look that would be amazing!

Comment from : Oracle

Isaac Guan
nice job man
Comment from : Isaac Guan

Nguyễn Thị Khánh Linh
Comment from : Nguyễn Thị Khánh Linh

My god there is so much misinformation here. Mispronuncianton too.
Just read the lore on the vainglory website.

Comment from : Etomb

xidos vidbud casungo
wait samuel is reza's son? or am i hearing this wrong
Comment from : xidos vidbud casungo

Comment from : VrezHy

Crox -
I wonder will skaarf grow someday or stay to a cute bastard
Comment from : Crox -

Am I the only one who goes to 3v3 parties and play the ardan family(vox, celeste, and ardan).
Comment from : nnoothan

Đồng Sĩ Hưng
What about Lorelei?
Comment from : Đồng Sĩ Hưng

that screaming goat😂😂😂
Comment from : TheOneWhoSmilesOnAnime

Sub español por favor :(
Comment from : Jeff DYFFNY

John Lloyd Naidas
Make a part of this
Comment from : John Lloyd Naidas

Taq X
Is there a link to that large mindmap?
Comment from : Taq X

Aviar Tatem
What about Lorelai and varya?
Comment from : Aviar Tatem

Derp Derpiest
I want Storm Queen as a character in the game so bad
Comment from : Derp Derpiest

Filipus Saragih
Skaarf number 1
Comment from : Filipus Saragih

All The Time
I wish thay could make serials of the vainglory story. That would be sooo much fun
Comment from : All The Time

Vainglory should make a movie.

Audrey Moos
I need this so bad lol there is so much more and I'm lazy
Comment from : Audrey Moos

Infinity Skaarf
Give more tribute to Skaarf! Mature dragon skin ehh?!
Comment from : Infinity Skaarf

Paul bryan Molina pereira
Sub spanish plz
Comment from : Paul bryan Molina pereira

Eyyyy Malene is now a hero
Comment from : Adriel

Bernard Sustento
storm queen looks like thors sistah...
Comment from : Bernard Sustento

Marlene is in vg now
Comment from : sShake2Bake

Yes all good, please tell SEMC to make full cinematic movie for vainglory lore wise!!!!
Comment from : GreenDMond

Black Eye Graal
Will they add the screaming goat in the game
Comment from : Black Eye Graal

Lily Lily
Comment from : Lily Lily

Fuck Vaderass
wow is true nice video man
Comment from : Fuck Vaderass

The princess here HERE Soon and can be playable Soon ;3
Comment from : Citrusy

Maxbob ???
Comment from : Jακαγ我

Still waiting for the day that the storm queen and vyn are playable
Comment from : TheCheezwiz1

#GoatForGlory make it happen.
Comment from : ANON¹²³

Sandy Nye
That was good story.. thx for share bro..
Comment from : Sandy Nye

Muana Cherput
so Krul killed Daisy/Alpha,then Frankie turned her into Alpha?....thanks for the story and the video is awesome... 👏👍👍👍
Comment from : Muana Cherput

zioraaa _
sometimes i feel bad for krul
Comment from : zioraaa _

zioraaa _
i live for the intro
Comment from : zioraaa _

LGL Kyros
Petal is much more op then alot of heros
Comment from : LGL Kyros

Joe Malolo
We need to help make this become an anime.. somehow
Comment from : Joe Malolo

Kestrel reaction when she finds out the goat is back from the dead and attempt to kill her " that all ? Really?" Im dying 😂
Comment from : Zaf

Zreanne TV
amazing story. i love vainglory now. my fav heroes are celeste and ardan now i know ardan is her father. nc story make me want to play the game. interesting
Comment from : Zreanne TV

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