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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Sam Skyler
Who ever using wanwan he/she didn't know how to use her 😠😠.She can dash everytime she fire..and u didn't do it lol at u😆😆
Comment from : Sam Skyler

Xpro _guyX
Sry to say but ur wanwan is a little bit to low skill so u lose
Comment from : Xpro _guyX

Xpro _guyX
I use wanwan fought karrie i won lol
Comment from : Xpro _guyX

sorojini choudhury
Wawan is nice to use
Comment from : sorojini choudhury

Super Stupidans
Worst fast game esayly kill irithel...
Comment from : Super Stupidans

Jacky ho
U don't even know wanwan passive bro
Comment from : Jacky ho

Kristine Marquez
You dont how to use wanwan
Comment from : Kristine Marquez

Maths pro Gamer
Why you don’t use any skill
At the battle with lv15 Moskov?

Comment from : Maths pro Gamer

Mike 11th
You are not good at wan wan what a jerk
Comment from : Mike 11th

azkamex cahipek
Wan wan good
Comment from : azkamex cahipek

Udin Udin
You are a bad wanwan user
Comment from : Udin Udin

Afique Khaleb
Wrong build for wanwan. Slow hands as well.
Comment from : Afique Khaleb

mosko v
The other one don't even have Emblem lvl 40 or what ever lvl for Emblem
Comment from : mosko v

Lalhrietpui Hmar
Why did wanwan usually attack first
Comment from : Lalhrietpui Hmar

Hot site
This is fucking wrong ,,,I'm wanwan user only mm which can kill me is granger or Lesley (sometime)
Comment from : Hot site

Jay Ramirez
They are not a good mm user at moscov she didnt use her 2nd skill!
Comment from : Jay Ramirez

Alan Calo
ang tanga mo!!!
Comment from : Alan Calo

edgardo laxinalll
You just have slow hands and you don’t even know how to use her hahha
Comment from : edgardo laxinalll

destroyer 10ck
You can't play. Sorry
Comment from : destroyer 10ck

vin starin
I hope wanwan will not dodge using physical
Comment from : vin starin

Gabriel Gamboa
you dont even know how to use her bro her skill 2 can easily cancel all cc its like a free purify skill .
Comment from : Gabriel Gamboa

Robert Rigor
Ang Bobo nitong gumawa nato
Comment from : Robert Rigor

Robert Rigor
Tapos so wanwan lagi Ang unang tumitira dapat sabay madaya naman kau mga bobo
Comment from : Robert Rigor

Aarush Pote
Granger is such a nub
Comment from : Aarush Pote

Youydei Maiden
So unfair some used skin and others didn’t ik the attributes are +(1 digit) physical attack but still it can still turn the tables
Comment from : Youydei Maiden

Mar Cosme
Lol dont know how to use wan wan
Comment from : Mar Cosme

Mar Cosme
Slow hand granger
Comment from : Mar Cosme

This is painful to watch.
Comment from : MalO

Justine Miranda
Dapat mag wind chant ka
Comment from : Justine Miranda

U can use wanwans skill (needles in flowers) to reduce the stunning effect, to speed up and to escape, dude..
Comment from : MrHubertanto

Andy Xiong
It just depend how u play
Comment from : Andy Xiong

That granger didn't know how to use that hero srry
Comment from : GUIN EVERE

Use ulti at moscov at lvl15
Comment from : RushXii

grande cup of Coffee
Late game karrie match, it’s hard to prok ultimate, is the first skill for display or do u not want to break that weak point
Comment from : grande cup of Coffee

D marunong gumamit ng wanwan flick lang yan hindi retri
Comment from : 9-MAAASAHAN

Görkem Kılıç
I have 3200 game for granger come play with me nick:Aurey
Comment from : Görkem Kılıç

Görkem Kılıç
Nub enemy
Comment from : Görkem Kılıç

John Invinzor Domingo
The irithel one at level 4 was very unfair bcs you kept running away and stuff you kept sticking tonthe wall so that wanwan couldnt have a clear aim, alsonthe grangwr was so trash it was like watching a warrior rank player use granger
Comment from : John Invinzor Domingo

haikal kun
Beat Bruno easily? Man that Bruno items & other mm so wrong what are u trying to show us? Atleast show fair battles. Ur videos sometimes too much bias I could say sorry
Comment from : haikal kun

Liu Xin Wu
you both aren’t good at using the characters and it isn’t fair , used a skin and buff for the enemy.
Comment from : Liu Xin Wu

Khulan Ariunjargal
5:50 Yasha is not God your internet has a poor.And you are stunned.Use the second skill
Comment from : Khulan Ariunjargal

Akash Kabram
Nubest granger i ever see wanwan is just a buff when I play granger..
Comment from : Akash Kabram

Herminia Villanueva
2 shot ulol
Comment from : Herminia Villanueva

Herminia Villanueva
Mali build ni wanwan
Comment from : Herminia Villanueva

Herminia Villanueva
Mas mgaling pa yung classmate ko sayo mag wanwan no offence
Comment from : Herminia Villanueva

Advanced information
I thought you used always wanwan. Why irithel used skin plus 8 haha poor videos
Comment from : Advanced information

Advanced information
You fuck versions
Comment from : Advanced information

oni 666
Wtf learn to use the second skill first lol
Comment from : oni 666

raizen and khean calimag
The karrie is my best pick that really has been the first
Comment from : raizen and khean calimag

Rinal Vaghasiya
You don't know to play wanwan
Comment from : Rinal Vaghasiya

You don't even no how to use wan wan

Duhhhh you didn't even used wanwan's first skill when fighting karrie at level15

Gronny Main
You guys dont know how to use mm
Comment from : Gronny Main

S0R 0K A
i use wanwan and i can kill karrie
Comment from : S0R 0K A

Daniel Tan
Dude your wanwan kinda sucks
Comment from : Daniel Tan

prashant shrestha
U r nub Don't know how to use wanwan
Comment from : prashant shrestha

Tomás Mabras
Poor gameplay, and lag
Comment from : Tomás Mabras

sorry but why did you nit use the second skill whrn stunned by moskov.
Comment from : HaruDesu

Nzano P
make your video nicely
Comment from : Nzano P

Nnadozie Ogbonnaya
Music at 4:17??
Comment from : Nnadozie Ogbonnaya

u know why irethel is killing wanwan with skin and thats cheating change it
Comment from : Wanwan

Nada Bida
Both of you are fcking nub... Don't give wrong information. Both of you did so many wrong moves.
Comment from : Nada Bida

Liam Rosaroso
Your phone is lagging
Comment from : Liam Rosaroso

Luiz Sulit
i make my wanwan 2000+ damage i can 3 shots 1 kill
Comment from : Luiz Sulit

Mark Hre
Not even a Wanwan main, but this triggers me.
Comment from : Mark Hre

Somi Imaginary world
I don't think wanwan can kill Bruno in late game. Granger won't win wanwan in one one fight. Once Granger missed her skill he is dead.
Comment from : Somi Imaginary world

notorious _aka
U don't know how to use wanwan she is a op hero
U r not using her first skill at right time

Comment from : notorious _aka

Fhshjd Bbxh
Ya lorh bloody hell yur friend sucks at mm wan wan is good but u need to hit the spots quickly and if she buys that item that allows her to prevent basic attack dmg she will be op cus all the mm do basic attack dmg den wan wan can use her ult jackass
Comment from : Fhshjd Bbxh

Rituraj Kakoti
Lol really you think granger deals that much less damage ? You're way nuuuub wanwan is not even near granger clear your facts well. 😂
Comment from : Rituraj Kakoti

Your enemy don't know how to paly granger
Comment from : POKEMONER XD

Official RRQ Casio Kana anak andin
Your server lag
Comment from : Official RRQ Casio Kana anak andin

Akane Toriyasu
That's not how to use wanwan ulti😭

Main Wanwan here✋🏻

Comment from : Akane Toriyasu

I can kill any mm in late game with my custom build and the inspire spell.

I use 1st skill then aim at the weaknesses then I use inspire to hit the other weaknesses

Then I use her ultimate, EZ KILL

Comment from : meffols

Tristan Playz Gacha
Wanwan can win agains karrie cause I reached expert on wanwan and I practicly can almost beat every hero
Comment from : Tristan Playz Gacha

Avhimanyu Gurung
Nup enemy
Comment from : Avhimanyu Gurung

senpai anime
Gragner can easily kill wan wan but in that vid gragner late to use her skill 😔
Comment from : senpai anime

Calamity Reaper
You are such an idiot your enemy didnt even use the heroes well and you always started first. Dislike
Comment from : Calamity Reaper

Darker Than Black
Where the part 2?miya,layla,hanabi,kimmy,claude,roger
Comment from : Darker Than Black

dulem moyong
you are a lier wan wan is the win because wan wan not don manattack
Comment from : dulem moyong

Fleezords - Brawl Stars
9:26... BS wanwan didn't even start
Comment from : Fleezords - Brawl Stars

Janine Marguerette Villafania
You always go first that's why you get the advantage
Comment from : Janine Marguerette Villafania

¿《Ký řœ》¿
Your laging
Comment from : ¿《Ký řœ》¿

Engineering Techno Tamil
Nub gaming cause wanwan can jump faster around enemy with high attack speed
Comment from : Engineering Techno Tamil

David vlogs
Enemy wanwan has no emblem and irithel have emblem
Comment from : David vlogs

David vlogs
Enemy wanwan gets nub
Comment from : David vlogs

David vlogs
Unfair that irithel beats wanwan
Comment from : David vlogs

David vlogs
Unfair that moskov beat wanwan
Comment from : David vlogs

Mystic Elements
It's unfair because wanwan has assasin emblem and the other mm's don't have an emblem
Comment from : Mystic Elements

I like steven universe :D
3:27 :/
Comment from : I like steven universe :D

Kaustubh Masram
U forgot the legendary mm miya
Comment from : Kaustubh Masram

Song title 6:05??
Comment from : Sha

Yamashita Taiki
wtf.....for a granger user i feel bad for him
Comment from : Yamashita Taiki

The Best
Comment from : The Best

Chaos Onmyoji
As a pro enough Wanwan I can say this is not the best example Wanwan or any of the other mm in general also you can try Wanwan’s free purify that is her 2nd skill
Comment from : Chaos Onmyoji

Granger can easily beat wanwan if the granger user is good.
Comment from : ツXryii

Jotaro Kujo
Sorry bud tbh I think I’m better than you in Wanwan I could rekt them easily
Comment from : Jotaro Kujo

Botchoi official
Yeah you nub
Comment from : Botchoi official

shAdY NuBz
Did you know that granger’s attack speed can’t go up so one of his items were useless
Comment from : shAdY NuBz

King Kinetic
Fucking GM Granger
Comment from : King Kinetic

Boss Rye
5:52 indeed
Comment from : Boss Rye

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