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Information nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Description nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

ezzz cassual
Comment from : SEMPAK TERBANG

12:21 his kill ,death and assist : 9/11
Comment from : Sak

Nicolai Nielsen
what's final build?
Comment from : Nicolai Nielsen

Scott Sterling
Can u lance bot lane into a ranged top?
Comment from : Scott Sterling

Gery Regar
Hey guys, I found way that is still working to add tons of ice and glory right here POSTISGUIDES. COM
Comment from : Gery Regar

Bro Fan Kh PSP
Hi can i play vainglory with you
Comment from : Bro Fan Kh PSP

ʜᴜʏ † ᴋɪᴍʟᴇɴɢ_
Lance is for noob but Taka is for Pro even castrel
Comment from : ʜᴜʏ † ᴋɪᴍʟᴇɴɢ_

The Doctor
8:37 "That guy gave it to me"
Comment from : The Doctor

Alejandro Meza
Comment from : Alejandro Meza

Prasenjit Dewanjee
How do you add the side image on your video?
Comment from : Prasenjit Dewanjee

Wenge Kong
As a lance main, this triggers me. Anyways keep the vids going man!
Comment from : Wenge Kong

Eric Miller
clicked off the video before you mentioned that Kappa
Comment from : Eric Miller

YukiAki Şeņpąį
Well you wouldnt stun them to the wall Zio lolols if you can stun them while just pushing them away you wouldve killed them a lot easier

Comment from : YukiAki Şeņpąį

Yasser Stass
Are you competing in WESG
Comment from : Yasser Stass

Prasenjit Dewanjee
wht video editing software u use?
Comment from : Prasenjit Dewanjee

nikolas mantovanis
I think the reason you go SM as a first item is because Lance has the highest weapon damage on the game.
Comment from : nikolas mantovanis

Kashif Ahmad
Play ranked bro...casual isnt that tough.
Comment from : Kashif Ahmad

Shyex Xx
nice vid dude but actually I think for Lance it‘s enough to build serpent tention and then def only
Comment from : Shyex Xx

Your lance is so bad xD,atill love u Zio
Comment from : RETARDED BOYS

Friedrich Nerf
Can u chill with the ads... 5 ads in 15 minutes is not enjoyable bruh
Comment from : Friedrich Nerf

Guitar_hero 157
Question: Is Krul still good? I haven’t played since the release of Malene and have mained krul since the introduction of 5v5. Is there also a big difference between the Vainglory I played where Jule echo was a thing to the Vain now?
Comment from : Guitar_hero 157

hajar mustofa
bad game, no resistance from the enemy
Comment from : hajar mustofa

Seruput Coffee
ur lance is like tier 5 zio tbh :3
but at least u tried and i like ur vid.

Comment from : Seruput Coffee

Why mask and tension bow it's better than sorrowblade and mask ?
Comment from : Supa

Dinan Hafizh
Even though it's casual. I still enjoy watching the game
Comment from : Dinan Hafizh

Hari Satria
you bad with lance zio 😄😄😄
Comment from : Hari Satria

Reilly Hurley
this isn't entertaining and it's encouraging players to be noobs rip
Comment from : Reilly Hurley

Paarijat Sharma
It's funny I knew he was gonna say "Money Moves" after that shutdown :P
Comment from : Paarijat Sharma

Fawzy Frianda
So bad 07:11
Comment from : Fawzy Frianda

Jeffersson Manzanarez
is bad to know that.

Comment from : Jeffersson Manzanarez

Youssef Ammar
How shitty is it to go into a casual game just for fun and find out you have to defend bot lane 1v1 v dnzio
Comment from : Youssef Ammar

Pizza on Pineapple
Lance is a fun and balanced hero
Comment from : Pizza on Pineapple

Evander Morito
We don't mind if it is a casual game, we still love ur content and I learn from it <3
Comment from : Evander Morito

Johnny Li
Damn I love it when you say badoosh it's pretty funny
Comment from : Johnny Li

Djatu Anggoro
just break ur limit dude! be a legend in vg like shroud in pubg or miracle in dota2!!🍺
Comment from : Djatu Anggoro

Tyler Fink
Best vainglory gameplay and content no doubt! Youre a CHAMP Zio!!
Comment from : Tyler Fink

Risky Yanuari
nice dude
Comment from : Risky Yanuari

Senephy Zee
Lance is really good this patch
Comment from : Senephy Zee

Bilbone DaBunny
Wow !? Another short range ? You really break the limit for the fresh content, Zio :3
Comment from : Bilbone DaBunny

Zio, don't worry about it being casual. We're here for you (or at least I am). The funny and quality gameplay in ranked is just a bonus 😄
Comment from : Ludophobia

Najmuddin Habib
Comment from : Najmuddin Habib

Rivaille-kun _hui
Those missed impales made me laugh so hard xd
Comment from : Rivaille-kun _hui

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