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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Make sure to join our Discord: discord.gg/3t7Xb2K
Comment from : Paradox

trexboy 263
Bruh 10 kills and still only just ONE COIN lol i laughed so hard
Comment from : trexboy 263

Caleb Anthony
Comment from : Caleb Anthony

Discuss Weiner
Nah bro your a furry
Comment from : Discuss Weiner

Rodel Bulagao
hes so bad
Comment from : Rodel Bulagao

RunningHome 09
I was dying after he was raging 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Comment from : RunningHome 09

Dijor Gamer
Even this guy sounds like a kid ngl xD
Comment from : Dijor Gamer

Dijor Gamer
This guy is 100% more chill if u watch eso u know what i mean or he turns to that kid lol
Comment from : Dijor Gamer

Enrique Angeles
BRUH dude u Cam jump while kiling noob
Comment from : Enrique Angeles

Scott Gary
Wait wait wait did he just said iseland it鈥檚 island dumb auss u don鈥檛 even know how to read boi (cringe)
Comment from : Scott Gary

Naren Sen
I鈥檓 better then this kid
Comment from : Naren Sen

xx_awful_spoon_full_xx 獗∶糕薄
This video is kind of boring
Comment from : xx_awful_spoon_full_xx 獗∶糕薄

Deku izuku
Comment from : Deku izuku

Robert Calonge
Bad aim
Comment from : Robert Calonge

Robert Calonge
That guy is an bad aimer
Comment from : Robert Calonge

Comment from : masonplayz

C谈r谈y谈c谈o谈l谈s谈a谈l谈i谈 THE BEAST
Man this guy鈥檚 aim sucks
Comment from : C谈r谈y谈c谈o谈l谈s谈a谈l谈i谈 THE BEAST

gabe boston
Comment from : gabe boston

coral and ocean
(Kid) yea I rage a lot
(Me) no buddy you rage all the time馃槀
(Kid) I have so many bad memories here (cries)
(Me)this bitch has no brain what so ever someone help me before I kill myself ;-;

Comment from : coral and ocean

Jo Xiong
You roast him but But you said "Did you just said Iceland? It's island dumbass. Fix Did you just said Learn to make sense. Dumbass. -To you
Comment from : Jo Xiong

Lim Elias
Dude u suck and that鈥檚 ur fault
Comment from : Lim Elias

CODE 946
I learned how to 3 cat spam
Comment from : CODE 946

CODE 946
Esoteric is the best
Comment from : CODE 946

Daniel Hasku
Comment from : Daniel Hasku

Yuu Enriquez
I'm a kid I'm great at the game with my weapons I can't beat 55 player level
Comment from : Yuu Enriquez

Galaxy Fox
Comment from : Galaxy Fox

Galaxy Fox
Comment from : Galaxy Fox

spiderpiller 2
Bruh this dude legit said Iceland instead of island
This dude need to go back to 1rst grade

Comment from : spiderpiller 2

Max 12
Comment from : Max 12

Ethan Cheng
喹( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹ㄠ( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹
Comment from : Ethan Cheng

Ethan Cheng
WHat iS tHiS gAmPlAy xD喹( 嗖 袛 嗖 )喹
Comment from : Ethan Cheng

Its island dumbass
Comment from : MEO JR BDOG

sheraline monteau
Lol ur a gud youtuber for a kid
Plus ur da best kid youtube:)

Comment from : sheraline monteau

Matt The Mii
It鈥檚 like an older sounding scrubby
Comment from : Matt The Mii

Its way more funny when you add your words in his sentenses XD
Comment from : BartHasLeftTheChat

neon the best
You getting killed because you are noob cuz I'm a pro even have one thing from The Craft lol


Comment from : neon the best

So is this a video you found?
Comment from : Adampazaz

Dan YT
Who have a link to the full video ?
Comment from : Dan YT

Assasin Gamer_pro
Omg your vid is so funny
Comment from : Assasin Gamer_pro

XxDank FlipxX
Did he just said 5th to second plate 3:00 listen closely
Comment from : XxDank FlipxX

Lessa Jimenez
I heard lonewolf was angry2
Comment from : Lessa Jimenez

I can't believe I liked this video 2 years ago. This is complete c r i n g e .
Comment from : LilorIsUseless

Reflex Oryen
Stop being toxic paradox
Comment from : Reflex Oryen

I am a monkey And I would like to have a banana
Lol I was about to say did he just say ice land but u did u for me
Comment from : I am a monkey And I would like to have a banana

Lora Tabakova
I don't wanna say this but naked girl rip gods and 2019馃檹馃様 this kid is a rage quitter and ya he's dumb...
Comment from : Lora Tabakova

XxX 艩lash臋r
This is guys is totally is a bot!
Comment from : XxX 艩lash臋r

Emanuele Abate
Kid you are dumb and noob
Comment from : Emanuele Abate

Francis Taylor
I love Minecraft馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ
Comment from : Francis Taylor

Jiloy YT
Your so noob and your a rage quitter boi is just a game okay noob when I'm there I will rekt you
Comment from : Jiloy YT

Now I'm worried most of the people on this game are annoying, fatuous 7 year old brats...
Comment from : Kasai

InklingFan77 Mettaton1936
Comment from : InklingFan77 Mettaton1936

Vircorn 鈥
4:08 then turn off your internet bruh are you that dumb? Edit: P.S you should visit a doctor
Comment from : Vircorn 鈥

idkXx fin
Hey paradox watch My pg3D vids
Comment from : idkXx fin

Talon Moy
I鈥檓 a head phone user
Comment from : Talon Moy

wendell pickett
when u got the best guns but the worst aim
Comment from : wendell pickett

Kaylee Lineweaver
I am curfuresd u got a. Kill why u screming range
Comment from : Kaylee Lineweaver

Jaydon Williams
Oh man best name mr nugget
Comment from : Jaydon Williams

i鈥檓 sorry, but i could make better than this in an imovie editor

edit: i think he actually made this in imovie

Comment from : xHackinq__

Comment from : dipsygamingandreactions

Comment from : Geztrapper

pinguraraa :3
Iceland xD
Comment from : pinguraraa :3

Kalisto kasiano
Anybody quit pixel gun for fortnite
Comment from : Kalisto kasiano

jUSt a rANdOm N00b
The kid dat said he鈥檚 mlg is like why u bully me
Comment from : jUSt a rANdOm N00b

Whynn Whynn
5:45 hes filipino he said hala
Comment from : Whynn Whynn

This game is gay, I play Fortnite. Just play Fortnite please...
Comment from : Zeezah

Jayden X
3:41 I got that Leaugue
Comment from : Jayden X

thegamer123 thehacker123
Dude you are just trying to act cool dumb ass bitch.
Comment from : thegamer123 thehacker123

no ting
This kid has adult quality
Comment from : no ting

Brandon Terry
Is this man alright because he is about to pass out # he is a try hard noooooooooooooooob
Comment from : Brandon Terry

Uh dude this kid u say ranging it's from roblox that his mom haven't given him robux to be cool in phantom forces everyone who is watching this search kid range on roblox because this picture will go
Comment from : xXELECTRICAL_ GamerXx

He should be a baby
Comment from : hxneypot

Cool vid P伪r伪未蟽蠂馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿鉁屸湆鉁屸湆馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤鉂ゐ煉曫煉
Comment from : 戋佮己J覊N覊嗉魂

MannyPlays Crazy
This kid thinks his a pro
Comment from : MannyPlays Crazy

Imrichjkpoor Plays
He鈥檚 just like I rage a lot
Comment from : Imrichjkpoor Plays

Imrichjkpoor Plays
Who is level 20+?
Comment from : Imrichjkpoor Plays

3:17 "Oh!!! I'm MLG!

"No you're not" XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Comment from : TheCreepersGood

Oi_Ayla_ :3
Comment from : Oi_Ayla_ :3

Natasha Fitzgerald
Remember wet he said (O IM MLG)
Comment from : Natasha Fitzgerald

Dan YT
who is that youtuber awnser my freaking question dude
Comment from : Dan YT

He's fake ragging
Comment from : MyAnkleNeedsVitaminD

quantum OK
No Is land
Comment from : quantum OK

It's literally just a game what the hell is wrong with this dude.
Comment from : 饾摜饾枖饾枒饾枅饾枂饾枔饾枎饾枅

This is so clickbait stop
Comment from : VNMS

Wow u just say kids dumbasses im leaving idiot
Comment from : dipsygamingandreactions

D333 J4Y
Man,I wanna destroy this noob!馃槅
Comment from : D333 J4Y

[content deleted]
Dis kid crys like a little b1ch
Comment from : [content deleted]

So you guys seriously believe this dying youtube!? You all are to stupid to realize that it's just him. But trying his best to make his voice sound different! Common Sense!!!!
Comment from : Video-Hub

Hyper Phoenix 銉
I have a fake tough
Comment from : Hyper Phoenix 銉

Hyper Phoenix 銉
Comment from : Hyper Phoenix 銉

Diego lopez
You copied runningback02's old intro WHY?!
Comment from : Diego lopez

Noobmaster 69
Its island i-land it puts it to a s beside the i
Comment from : Noobmaster 69

Mr. X
Comment from : Mr. X

Mamdirigma shines
Im a girl but tbh ive played that and it was easy just dont get hit and boi why did you just stand directly at him afcourse youll die 鉁
Comment from : Mamdirigma shines

Kevin Kurz鈥檚 art display
Sorry but I don鈥檛 like the video. You get 1 dislike if I鈥檓 allowed to dislike. Don鈥檛 worry, I鈥檓 convinced that I鈥檒 like a lot of your videos, all I have to do is look at them.
Comment from : Kevin Kurz鈥檚 art display

Isaac Park
4:03 who lives in a FRICKEN SWAMP lol
Comment from : Isaac Park

His loud voice made my Ears Bleed
Comment from : SnazzyJennifer

銈婂昂锞戙儬銇伄鍒 唳娻В銉
haha "Pumpkin Iceland" 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Comment from : 銈婂昂锞戙儬銇伄鍒 唳娻В銉

I can beat this kid in 123 easy
Comment from : thememeking

Dude he's extremely bad even I'm much better and I'm level 6
Comment from : JustManu

Aadyn Gaming And Stuff!
Comment from : Aadyn Gaming And Stuff!

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