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Information nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Fahad Al-Ibraheem
what happened around the 20th minute is stupid there is no need to take unnecessary damage by diving under there turret in a team fight tbh just do an objective and force them to fight you there guess this is expected in a casual match but nice vids btw keep them coming cheers!
Comment from : Fahad Al-Ibraheem

you noob
Comment from : 陰キャぼっち大学生おそま

Kuro Kenshin
nice vid, i still learning how to use kensei properly
Comment from : Kuro Kenshin

Zer0cool NINJA88
You just got a new subscriber ✌😎👍
Comment from : Zer0cool NINJA88

Moosc Moosc
U need Shiversteel for kensei
Comment from : Moosc Moosc

Michael Adejuyigbe
Kensei is just not broken but ok...
Comment from : Michael Adejuyigbe

Soufiane Ennaciri
I think u are the best one in vainglory you are better then Dnzio and L3on
Comment from : Soufiane Ennaciri

Thug Lyfe
What phone do u use
Comment from : Thug Lyfe

M3ow NA
Comment from : M3ow NA

how is that broken?
op yes, but how is it game breaking?

Comment from : Tristan

Usaid Ur Rehman
I thought this was going to be intense or something
Comment from : Usaid Ur Rehman

Daniel Turner
U did it
Comment from : Daniel Turner

Anoy Lawliet
Why overdrive Ult not B?
Comment from : Anoy Lawliet

Florian pieper
That alpha sucks ass
Comment from : Florian pieper

james watt
yeah Kensei is pretty strong but with recent changes to atlas pauldron it is kind of easy to counter him especially because he is a melee character and gets atlased easily
Comment from : james watt

Mindy Studies
Comment from : Mindy Studies

REC just win!
Spring leaf is trash
Comment from : REC just win!

What does your hair smell like? (try 42)
Comment from : Originalname

lol that tony
Comment from : Petalx3

rahnanda febrian
Yess play Alpha next
Comment from : rahnanda febrian

The chat 🤣
Comment from : ParanoidHusky

Faizal Zaidin
For sure..... for sure.... for sure.... 😜
Comment from : Faizal Zaidin

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