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Edward Rivera
Whenever I run across CGR videos with this particular reviewer, he either does a decent job at actually talking about the games he is suppose to review, or other times he just wastes my entire time by talking about irrelevant nonsense or having shit opinions on something. Manhunt is still to this day one of this guy's really really bad "review" videos.
Comment from : Edward Rivera

Gianni Hello
Claims moving the camera with shoulder buttons is awkward.
Calls Banjo-Kazooie prolific.

Says game isn't as charming as expected.
Shows footage of skeletons fighting a kid with a pool cue reacting to the death of their comrades...

Where's your evidence for the game's lack of charm? How is using the right stick for attacking not ideal? For all the criticism you sure don't like to back up your argument with any sort of evidence.

Comment from : Gianni Hello

Boefje de Wolf
I tried it and didnt expect much but it was pretty addictive and i played the whole game trough.
Comment from : Boefje de Wolf

Hubblebub Lumbubwub
I loved this game when I was 8 years old so it’s objectively good and the review is wrong
Comment from : Hubblebub Lumbubwub

Asa Davis
I will always watch this dudes videos. And I will always rewatch them.
Comment from : Asa Davis

Tyler Kloster
For some reason.. i found this game charming... conkers bad fur day was my first game i legit could not stop playing... wayyyyy ahead of its time... i bought rare replay because of conker..m but grabbed by the ghoulies was a pleasant suprise.. didnt play it till i was 20... i liked it but being adult i would rather play something current
Comment from : Tyler Kloster

Hector Amador
Ripping on Grabbed by the Ghoulies is so old. This game is good. It just wasn't the 3D platformer we wanted in 2003
Comment from : Hector Amador

Starsky Silvers
I just beat this game, fuck this game
Comment from : Starsky Silvers

Lily Moon Willow
I loved this game I'm trying to find it again for my son.. but I guess everybody has their own opinion of the game
Comment from : Lily Moon Willow

I'm only 15 and I remember playing this game when I was like 8! Such a great game.
Comment from : OneWithWolves

Andrew Walle Johansen
this game is age restricted for 3+ it wasn't really meant for older people to play it. I playd this game when I was around 5 or 6 and I loved it but at the same time I was REALLY scared to play it. the mummies and the man with the scythe
Comment from : Andrew Walle Johansen

Paul barry
such a piss poor review
Comment from : Paul barry

This is the Mario odyssey of the original Xbox
Comment from : rlcammack

Literally what the fuck are you talking about?
Comment from : rlcammack

magnus thorsen
when my dad randomly bought this game to me as a kid I used a whole hour to just find out how to hit something, but in the end, I ended up really liking the game. The bad things about this game are that it's really hard game at least for a kid and the other thing is the camera that is really irritating sometimes. but overall I think it's a good game and I myself have many good memories from this game.
Comment from : magnus thorsen

Damn CGR chill this game was great, it had an amazing and fun atmosphere stop worrying about development. Still love you
Comment from : GeneralGhandi

I remember getting this game for free once at a gamestop years ago
Comment from : Gazelliott

Big Raters give negative but NORMAL people love it like me even though I'm 12
Comment from : jordywhiskers

Trent Newberry
what the heck are you talking about I grew up playing this game and I loved it so much.
Comment from : Trent Newberry

Been trying to find the name of this games for years. Finally found it. Scared the shit out of me when i was younger
Comment from : FENTSKI

You dont know what your talking about....

Grabbed by the ghoulies was a very simplistic beat em up idea that gave us a somewhat gritty amount of humor. This game deserves either a sequel or a remaster. Its only problem was the attacking. thats it

You honestly need to redo this review....

Comment from : NEGROIDS

Metal Bacon
Damn it's him...
Hey CGR could you please redo every review this kid is on?
Either that or change the name of his videos to no longer say "review"?
Cuz technically this kid doesn't review shit yaknow... just whines and doesn't even attempt to back up his whining with any examples.
"Rare is Dead". Really? Fuckin drama queen, do you even like video games?
Every video your on you say the exact same shit.
CGR plz fire this kid ASAP your channel would do so much better.

Comment from : Metal Bacon

Jhett Cannon
this game was fun, scary kinda, kinda hard and had fucking bad fighting controls if you think about it. but I digress, still a fun game. I always replay it and it's still fun.
Comment from : Jhett Cannon

Colin Stump
It's fun but damn the game starts to get hard
Comment from : Colin Stump

Young Noah
Worst fucking review yet
Comment from : Young Noah

leon irvine
I played this for hours wen I Was a kid and i would still play it today
Comment from : leon irvine

I loved this game in my childhood
Comment from : sid1417

Rubba Guts
Bull shit this was the beat game i have everplayed
Comment from : Rubba Guts

Well I loved this game, and when I got rare replay this was the first game I went to. I mean, I wasn't born when this came out but when I was 5 I played this on the original xbox and loved it. In my opinion this is better then Banjo kazooie (yes I said it).
Comment from : damnitnamesarehard

This guy's got a stick up his arse. Game is good, enough said.
Comment from : 419chris419

Lukieboo 2000
This game is ok, but it's downfall is just how shallow it is. Very repetitive and also the difficulty is way too random. At first, I found it painfully easy and all of a sudden, in the next room, I got slaughtered horribly. It's definitely not a bad game, just ok. Like the review said.
Comment from : Lukieboo 2000

aj yeyeye
my favorite game of all time!
Comment from : aj yeyeye

The major issues I rather had with the game was the repetitive nature of the gameplay, the tedious feeling from the rules of each room, and the odd spikes in difficulty the game tends to have (usually due to cursed mummies, or the reaper).  Its a horrible feeling to have when you can get to a seemingly empty room for the first time, and can almost instantly predict what kind of encounters you will have in it and the rules you have to endure.  "Oh gee, I see plenty of weapons scattered about, guess it will be skeletons and the no weapon rule again.  Haven't done that in...  two rooms.  These objects released dizzy reaper and additional time...  Yet another timed event."  The fighting controls feel completely unintuitive for a beat-em-up, especially when you have a meter weapon (meaning any of the special weapons that use a meter that refills) and wish to do a regular hit due to the weapon being overused at the moment.  The only reason why I played as much of the game as I did, was that I was playing with some friends and we would trade off playing it while ripping on how bad it was.  The only positive thing that could be said about the game is that it can be enjoyed in short bursts
Comment from : FrogworfKnight

Steffenpoulsen Steffenpoulsen
I cant wait for the Rare Replay collection to come out for xbox one, it is so cool 30 rare games and 10000 achievement points :-)
Comment from : Steffenpoulsen Steffenpoulsen

John Hooper
Its a great game. The graphics and animation are extreme good, the audio is great, the whole game is nothing special, but its fun and the bonus challenges are quite challenging. This game works perfect as 360 compatible game. The only issue is the wrong aspect ratio. On a widescreen you have left and right some black bars. Some tvs have got an alternate wide setting, so it fits perfectly 1080p. Why do indie game developer not make such kind of games, but only stupid 2d games that are no fun.
Comment from : John Hooper

Eatingyour Hairspace
I enjoy how you pause before each Willy Wonka reference as if you don't have it all written down.
Comment from : Eatingyour Hairspace

George Molina
Oh god why does it have to be this whiny voiced kid reviewing it. After seeing the comments ima just go check a different review..let those other guys do the reviews please..
Comment from : George Molina

sooo.... are you going to go in depth about the game and gameplay?... or just whine for 3 minutes that it isn't as good as Conkers Bad Fur Day?...
Comment from : StrayGamer

Funny to see how this game split the mass. I actually really enjoyed it and thought that Grabbed, Conker & Kameo were the last great games of Rare before they screwed up Banjo, Perfect Dark and continued to disappoint in all ways possible. Anyhow, tastes are different, thanks for your opinion.  
Comment from : Anophathalm

I will always remember punting those little imps like footballs and they would scream! ieeeee!😂😂😂 great game anybody who hasn't played it please do!
Comment from : meerkat7111

brandon esparza
I really wish they made a sequel for this game I would steal for it
This was my childhood next to Kung fu Kai's and halo2. I remembered that I found a way to kill the reaper once and I freaked out

Comment from : brandon esparza

Eddy Peña
Harsh critique. You're the type of person who wouldn't know a good game if it smacked you across the face. I can't respect your opinion considering this game is actually really fun.
Comment from : Eddy Peña

beau aston merrygold parker
This is still better than some of the games now days i remeber completing this so many times
Comment from : beau aston merrygold parker

I actually fucking loved this game, and thought the attack was actually good, except when there is an item nearby then you're screwed
Comment from : Gregolas

Saidodachi 007
This game was PERFECT
Comment from : Saidodachi 007

GBTG was a great game, this kid was just like "oh rare made dis gam and it not open world so it bad 0/10 ign"
Comment from : Lowl582

i loved this game!!! chuckin burgers at ghoulies :)
Comment from : vickersfan

Shajak Nieves
Maaa n I was scared of stubbs the zombie and this
Comment from : Shajak Nieves

madnesskj able
This was a good game I dont know what The absolute F@#* this kid is talkin about
Comment from : madnesskj able

reddog 999000
I loved this game it was beast
Comment from : reddog 999000

... because the right programers left "RARE" and founded "FREE RADICAL" (timesplitters trilogy)
Comment from : xvolz

So much Spoopy
Comment from : dandeentremont

Ethan Cloud
My complete file got corrupted and I nearly had all the books
Comment from : Ethan Cloud

I remember GBTG. Fun game when I was a kid. I gotta try and play it again.
Comment from : MollyWh0p

Well this video ended darkly. And I don't mean to burst your bubble but Rare also made Kameo and that's one of my favorite games of all time. it was amazing and an underrated gem in my opinion and the footage for Kameo 2 looks amazing too bad it's got canceled it's now in gaming limbo all because of the kinect Fuck the  kinect for killing kameo 2!!!
Comment from : DyslexicGamer

I loved this game growing up and I'm glad with the control system it's different something rare is known for good review any way thought :-)
Comment from : 1995pimpen

I played this game SO much in my childhood
Comment from : BOCLAN2000

This was my childhood
Comment from : Radashison

This is one of my favorite games, and I actually love the control scheme. This is one of my childhood games that I'd play. I wish I could revisit the movements I had with this game. Renting it constantly, then my brother and I saved enough money to finally buy it. Then we sold it. Years later I missed it, and kept trying to get a hold of it. I finally got it on the XBLA marketplace in like 08 or 09. Before that I would watch lets plays. The anticipation and want for this game was the best feeling in the world. I wish I could re-experience those times all over again. I wish that with a lot of games.
Comment from : MementoMinnesota

yeet lord
i started this when i was 4, and i've beaten it like 12 times. im 13 now, and i still love this game. the controls weren't THAT bad. except for the cough cough camera...but it's actually the first game i ever played, and that damn baron felt impossible back then. by the way, i don't know if it's just me, but does it feel like the baron boss from GBTG is similar to gruntilda's from banjo kazooie??????
Comment from : yeet lord

I can't believe this kid this was by far the best game of my childhood
Comment from : MrPooty112

Dylan Masterson
To be honest I live this game I played it so long ago when I was younger but never knew the name if it years later I found it out got the game and it's still fun (I'm 15) I think rare did good with this title my only complaint is that there's no sequel it left a cliffhanger ending as if there was going to be a sequel but the game didn't sell well so here I am still waiting for the sequel :,(
Comment from : Dylan Masterson

But it was Rare's choice to accept the money and contract from Microsoft. No one forced them. True is they are probably making 10x more money with MS than they ever had with Nintendo. Anyway, They are expected to start developing for the 3DS in the near future.
Comment from : VideoGameObsession

microsoft killed Rare if only they stuck with nintendo but that's m$ for u greedy pricks
Comment from : seganutt

freddy starker
it's fantasic videogame grabbed by the ghoulies for ever hyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Comment from : freddy starker

Apollo Dawn
Ahh! I forgot to hit the reply button!
Comment from : Apollo Dawn

Apollo Dawn
Whoa, Nuts & Bolts isn't that bad, yeah not nearly as good as Banjo Tooie, but still it has that Rare charm. I don't see much glaring problems with it, it's just different, and different isn't bad.
Comment from : Apollo Dawn

The main reason that most RareSoft games suck is that most of Rareware's best developers left the company after Microsoft's acquisition of Rareware.
Comment from : IkoGrande

Apollo Dawn
I agree somewhat. They were the best with Nintendo, but during the original Xbox, and early Xbox 360 they were still really good. They made some great games like Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Banjo Nuts&Bolts, and Viva Pinata. Now, sadly, they only make Wii sports rip-offs. :(
Comment from : Apollo Dawn

Phaytal Error
I just bought this game yesterday for my Xbox, and it's really fun. To me I feel that the fighting scheme simply flows naturally with the dual stick controls. IMHO, this game really is an overlooked gem for the original Xbox.
Comment from : Phaytal Error

Mr Moustache
still better than the gamecube star fox and banjo kazooie nuts and bolts
Comment from : Mr Moustache

AmericaTheEngravy sauce
read the eurogamer article "who killed rare." lol, sometimes microsoft can be idiots. did they bring insomniac on borad so they could make a ratchet and clank game for xboxone. lol.
Comment from : AmericaTheEngravy sauce

J Urbina
Actually, they pretty much revealed that they got Rare because they thought they were gonna get the Donkey Kong IP. I wish I was kidding.
Comment from : J Urbina

The beginning of the end
Comment from : Sjono

one of the first games i played besides crash bandicoot and tekken 1 on the ps1, this game is brilliant
Comment from : dbzfan5050

Kendall Coombs
i remember loving the right analog controls for melee
Comment from : Kendall Coombs

Jack Silverson
don't bother, it's obvious.
Comment from : Jack Silverson

Classified Chappy
This game was good! Wish I have the full game to play it.
Comment from : Classified Chappy

Lawson Ashurst
But i love this game
Comment from : Lawson Ashurst

Casey Decker
Thumbs up if you agree that Rareware was better off with Nintendo instead of Microsoft.
Comment from : Casey Decker

The difference between this and Luigi's mansion is that Luigi's mansion got a n amazing sequel.
Comment from : VulcanFaux

I'm positive the franchise will continue. Personally, I'm very happy about it.
Comment from : uglyenoughtobewise

I haven't played many of Rare's games, but is anyone else just remotely curious of whether there's going to be a Kinect Sports: Season Three?
Comment from : PlatformerFan

Noctis F
That is my favorite Xbox 360 game. It's one of my favorite games of all time. You know, it took all of Rare's teams to finish the graphics for that game, and it shows. It was a massive amount of work to get it done and shipped. I think there are few games as gorgeous as Nuts & Bolts, because it marries artistic brilliance with technological prowess. You're not alone. I am in love with that game. Bought it day one!
Comment from : Noctis F

Noctis F
Grabbed By the Ghoulies is a very good game. One of the most beautiful games artistically that I saw on the Xbox. It actually holds up reasonably well today. My only problem with Ghoulies is the controls. The thumbstick-centric design was really in error, I think. Other than that, really good game. A better Rare game is Banjo: Nuts & Bolts, a game slandered and trashed by people who have never played it, but nevertheless an amazing game. I had tears at times, because it gave me hope for games
Comment from : Noctis F

0:53 Lol, A B B A. AVGN, anyone?
Comment from : finRatman

Ronald Heck
They seemed to start getting mediocre with Star Fox Adventures. I think it was just a good business decision on Nintendo's part. Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was an underrated gem though.
Comment from : Ronald Heck

Honestly, the fact that Rare's purchase was so controversial speaks to the quality of their games. Rare was the Beatles of video games and Mircrosoft was their Yoko Ono. Just because they're a shell of the game company they used to be, doesn't detract from what they accomplished, which is, in my opinion, the best library of games a developer ever produced.
Comment from : Civilian

Maybe you just had to be a kid under some blankets in the middle of the night with all the lights off to really enjoy this game to its fullest. At least that's how I remember it. Besides that, I would actually buy an xbox again just for this game. So many old memories, to bad it was the beginning of the end for a company that at the time, I was completely oblivious of.
Comment from : SLVSHY

Blaze Crespo
Boo! Hiss! Burn it!
Comment from : Blaze Crespo

Then again, it's more likely Rare's problems began when they wanted to turn their Conker game for the Nintendo 64 game into something more akin to South Park's line of humor and couldn't tolerate Nintendo's "kid-friendliness" attitude toward gameware for their own systems. Rare got what they wanted, but I doubt that they truly wanted to stay as a Nintendo developer after that.
Comment from : VicGeorge2K6

Serpico's Beard
Rare used to be one of the most creative game developers who've made some of the most well loved games in gaming history and now they're forced to make soulless Kinect games. That is really depressing.
Comment from : Serpico's Beard

i guess that nintendo saw it coming, and microsoft got grabbed by the ghoulies
Comment from : spj

The Trashman
I wish rare would leave microsft's tyranical fury.
Comment from : The Trashman

I dont like the way he review this game. He just kept going back to how "its not the same rareware" and talked it down because it isnt exactly like previous rare titles.
Comment from : CapCapital

It just might be, but this game is still incredible.
Comment from : CapCapital

Magical Girl Piplup
Microsoft killed rareware!
Comment from : Magical Girl Piplup

i miss rare : (
Comment from : RONSTAR08

Definitely true. Banjo was bad, and i was disappoint. I always thought Rare began their losing streak because they either had to adapt to the different developing of an Xbox game, or because they had to adapt to Microsoft's theoretical unreasonable demands. I refuse to blame Rare for their downfall. Their distinguishable charm is still there, it is just tainted with bad gameplay which is why I believe producing these bad apples is not their fault (besides selling themselves in the first place).
Comment from : nintendude7cubed

i used to call this game "Grabbed by the curlies." Curlies is an old fashioned slang term for pubes.
Comment from : dogmanx88

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