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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Paul Cheek
love the accent
Comment from : Paul Cheek

Ofir Hadad
Id really like watching an up to date remake of that
Comment from : Ofir Hadad

Am a videographer it helps me a lot😍😍💓
Comment from : MANKIND

Kim Griffiths
#Clever lad!
Comment from : Kim Griffiths

aaron fuksa
$15 for a Wal-Mart bike phone mount on a tripod handle does pretty well...but cheap.
Comment from : aaron fuksa

JSheetz Artwork
3:07 did you edit the video quality of the phone there?
Comment from : JSheetz Artwork

Sourav Mishra
G5+ squad
Comment from : Sourav Mishra

i used to have this phone.... it got smashed.
Comment from : RL-BDR0802

Aone mobile's razak
Pls friend help me pls ur help is save my life and then my family eating one time food pls I never forgot ur help pls which video camera used for this video pls help sir pls
Comment from : Aone mobile's razak

Aone mobile's razak
Pls friend help me pls ur help is save my life and then my family eating one time food pls I never forgot ur help pls which video camera used for this video pls help sir pls
Comment from : Aone mobile's razak

Aone mobile's razak
Pls friend help me pls ur help is save my life and then my family eating one time food pls I never forgot ur help pls which video camera used for this video pls help sir pls
Comment from : Aone mobile's razak

Still using G5 plus in 2019
Comment from : Gaur8n

Sambit Sardar
Really helpful bro.
Comment from : Sambit Sardar

Chippy Chandradas
Marry me ❤️😍
Comment from : Chippy Chandradas

Sanghmitra Sisodiya
You are so cute!
Comment from : Sanghmitra Sisodiya

Minlun P
Sucks sucker
Comment from : Minlun P

Warriors Martial Arts Aurangabad
Dear Sir,
Which phone camera is Best to record the ACTION/STUNT videos ???
For my Youtube channel
Any phone camera or Action Camera to record Karate video.

Comment from : Warriors Martial Arts Aurangabad

Arcks Tech Edu
Thanks a lot boss.... ♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Arcks Tech Edu

Sarizal Said
Thx for the tips its helping, nice 👍
Comment from : Sarizal Said

Alejandro MarvEL
Hi. Im a big fan ! Do you know any android apps that wll do bookeh effects on videos using andorid apps ?
Comment from : Alejandro MarvEL

Thanks so much for the help I've watched a lot of videos yours is the best so far by far
Comment from : silverscorpion73

Pau Narte
Brother you are great!! awesome reviews
regards here from the Philippines!! 😊

Comment from : Pau Narte

My sony xperia could record in 4k so this video helped me alot! Thanks
Comment from : bluebrickcreations

Can you explain a bit more about three axis equipment that you used to stabilize videos while walking and mike for video, wireless if any..???
Comment from : saswatnayak

Unless is a S9 or iPhone XS, you really cant have that insane quality
Comment from : YourTechGuy

Emanuel Antol
ISO is sensor sensitivity not grouping pixels.
Comment from : Emanuel Antol

Aditya k
i miss that intro in his newer videos
Comment from : Aditya k

A Better Consumer
What's the best video editing software under $150.00?
Comment from : A Better Consumer

Daphnie Geographia
Hi! Can I ask which model of moto phone is that one you used ?
Comment from : Daphnie Geographia

i have 2.5$ lenses and tripod it was a kit but mine are absolutely awesome
Comment from : Gx_Gaming_Geo

Kinza Ali
Hi Mrwhoseboss i need your help pleasee i am a new youtuber i am facing some phone problems .🙁🙁🙁🙁
Comment from : Kinza Ali

Masum Khan
I just love the intro music 🎶
Comment from : Masum Khan

Aditya Singh
Budget spider man
Comment from : Aditya Singh

Abdul Gekko
hi there ... watta a beautiful n fantastic .. smooth, easy on the soul and factual video.. tQ
Comment from : Abdul Gekko

In a low light setting, is there way to manually get rid of the noise grains? Or a way to specifically lower the ISO setting in order to capture the moment better?
Comment from : 오드Ohdd

Agencia Anima
Dear, thank you very much for your tips!!!! Greetings from Brazil! You have gained another subscriber!
Comment from : Agencia Anima

Nick Finnigan
Your add at the start is to long, it put me off
Comment from : Nick Finnigan

Nice and helpful......

Comment from : VISHNU

dont slow your 30 fps videos to 24fps! just shoot in 24 fps, the problem is that when you slow it down it just feezes a few frames to make it 24. im not goo dat explaining this. but it will make your video look like its not smooth
Comment from : Shad0z

edbdvvev dbvdvdc
I just started watching you, few days ago. Your intro music is very catchy. Nice videos, btw.
Comment from : edbdvvev dbvdvdc

Brian Rumao
2:40 Where are your feet.. 😓😓😂😂
Comment from : Brian Rumao

Razeen Yusuf
Man I love this intro music!!!
Comment from : Razeen Yusuf

Trinity Compilations
Comment from : Trinity Compilations

Pink Guy
Which is better Moto g5 or mi note 4?
Comment from : Pink Guy

MrNoob PUBGm
I love your intro song
Comment from : MrNoob PUBGm

Technical Baatein
Good Info Boss ...im subscriber now
Comment from : Technical Baatein

Xhutzi Travel
Helpful, thanks for sharing your knowledge of affordable smartphone cameras. The audio of your voice was a little drowned out by the music though, overall great video.
Comment from : Xhutzi Travel

nathanity pong
can i know what type of phone you are using
Comment from : nathanity pong

Jimmy a.k.a Jimbo
Thanks for this video. Very appreciate it. By the way, any review on smartphone that good for video taking? Thanks
Comment from : Jimmy a.k.a Jimbo

Storm Breaker
Moto g5 plus (160$)or Realme 1(130) which one please be honest
Comment from : Storm Breaker

Storm Breaker
Comment from : Storm Breaker

Frog - Tech - Tips
So nice tips great video man
Comment from : Frog - Tech - Tips

Miles Cheang
Tf stop clickbaiting.
Comment from : Miles Cheang


C. Sanjay
Was that moto e4?
Comment from : C. Sanjay

gurmeet sareen
Comment from : gurmeet sareen

I found a tripod for only $10 and works great
Comment from : Javabasily

awesome vid and tutorial, thanks a lot!..did u use a particular filter to get that nice effect at 6:07? if so can u share which one it is?
Comment from : sundae

Chris Adis
Your outro please
Comment from : Chris Adis

Shoaib Aalam
dont buy lens but buy expensive tripods and selfie sticks and expensive lighting systems..
Comment from : Shoaib Aalam

Comment from : KotKtoryChodziłPoGłowieAdama

If you want to stabilize your videos use Google Photos v2.13,it works really nicely.
Comment from : itztony

Kishan Naik
Try Xioami MI Android One. It's better.
Comment from : Kishan Naik

Oksa Breakpoint
what is the song in your outro
Comment from : Oksa Breakpoint

LTD gaming
My friend has a nokia lumia which has a 41 MP camera and my phone which has a 8 MP and both of our photos look the same
Comment from : LTD gaming

Anvit rao
Which is the intro song??
Comment from : Anvit rao

Niharika Tomar
Intro ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Niharika Tomar

Killa - video - footage all prim and proper La Te Da
Comment from : J

Samin Yeasar
learned a lot about shooting video....Thanks
Comment from : Samin Yeasar

Samin Yeasar
great video
Comment from : Samin Yeasar

Can anyone tell me the song from the intro plzz?
Comment from : whatever

Omer Khan
Hey, can you do a Xiaomi Mijia action camera review :)
Comment from : Omer Khan

prince kumar
Check it out
Like 👍 and ➕ sucribe

Comment from : prince kumar

prince kumar
Comment from : prince kumar

The Boss
Unbox therapy and this both have some kind of miniature plant on the table....
Comment from : The Boss

He's forgot to say something very useful and most people overlook all the time: Clean the lenses of you mobile device every time before you use it!
The lenses tend to hold a lot of smudge from the fingers and hands.
This reduces dramatically the sharpness of the pictures.
Resulting in poor quality pictures.
Just rub a little piece of cloth made of cotton like t-shirt or a napkin and you're good to go.
Keep it clean.

Comment from : DrumsJulz

Simply Shaye
google photos can just stabilize the video for you problem solved
Comment from : Simply Shaye

Which is that inro song
Comment from : KADEESH ATH ALOHO

Time Consumer
4:53 is that you
Comment from : Time Consumer

lion Roar
What about external mic with moto u cant connect external mic
Comment from : lion Roar

Sam Singh
1 million coming
Congrats in advance 😘

Comment from : Sam Singh

Hamzah Ahmed
grammaticle error

Comment from : Hamzah Ahmed

Ur videos are very pleasant to see
Comment from : DIPSAGAR BARMAN

Martijn Venhuizen
lol, no
Comment from : Martijn Venhuizen

Mubi Tahir
plz plz.... i want "infinix zero 5 " completely review....
iam your old subscriber... so plz

Comment from : Mubi Tahir

Sourav Karmakar
Wahoo awesome video bro ,this video helpful to me and other👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Sourav Karmakar

Yash Malik
Oh yeeeeeeaaaaah....i too have g5 plus
Comment from : Yash Malik

wanderlust farman
Dud got Moto g5
Comment from : wanderlust farman

Comment from : M3ME5ツ

Kaushik Sarkar
Gimbals are very costly they cost the same as a Motorola g5 plus
I have a question
Can you make a video using that phone only for shooting dslr like photos

Comment from : Kaushik Sarkar

Y don't u reply to the tweet
Comment from : 1DA17IM036_SUMAN.S

Pawan Pacherkar
0.28 Song name pls guys !!!!
Comment from : Pawan Pacherkar

Krutarth Patel
Jordar 👌 intro song
Comment from : Krutarth Patel

Definitely a better intro and outro! Love it
Comment from : Mskspstheunique

Don Gerra Marco
is that a motoG5
Comment from : Don Gerra Marco

Are u from india?
Comment from : R3sist

Liquid Snake
Comment from : Liquid Snake

Fajar Tsalatsa
to all of you who record like this 1:52 with their main camera, you're a fucking idiot...
Comment from : Fajar Tsalatsa

Broke the 777 comment number.
Comment from : S3N10R W4FFL3

Blackhole Gaming
I love your accent dude :)
Comment from : Blackhole Gaming

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