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Matti Haapoja
Anyone else noticed the crazy HDR video in the iPhone XS??? Its actually pretty impressive
Comment from : Matti Haapoja

Martin Santeliz
He looks young and old the same time
Comment from : Martin Santeliz

Sylvain Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge
Manual settings for either photo or video can help quite a lot to improve quality and get some good shots
Comment from : Sylvain Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge

I can't wait until mirrorless cameras are the size of smartphones. Just imagine pulling up a 1/4 inch camera and throwing on a lens for pro-level results. One day!
Comment from : Dragaroob

Mokosz Productions
That explains a lot AAaand... gives a bit of hope that DSLRs are still the way to go with today's incredible phone capabilities... :)
Mokosz Productions

Comment from : Mokosz Productions

Makeup by Lawrence
Thanks for the video! For recording just videos at home to fill beauty/health tutorials where I would mostly film at home, rely on natural light + soft boxes, and want auto focus and a wide shot, would you recommend a DSLR or an iPhone XS/11?
Comment from : Makeup by Lawrence

Roland G
I shoot with a DSLR because it has over the years become ergonomically correct for most photographers. It is a specialized tool. It is more pleasing to use. Compared to a good DSLR a smartphone very very slow.
Comment from : Roland G

John Dummas
I think if that is all you have on you at the moment or if you can't use a DSLR where you want to film, its more than good enough to get what you need. but I agree the quality ius not DSLR level, but it's pretty damn good
Comment from : John Dummas

Sabian Pamungkas
FYI, HDR video on smartphone exists since early 2018 with Sony Xperia XZ2
Comment from : Sabian Pamungkas

Eric Chandler
Riding around in an arc'teryx jacket with a DSLR. Don't fall!
Comment from : Eric Chandler

dolphite gamemaster
Camera lenses are great. But I feel like professional camera companies could've done alot better to help compete with cellphones. The questions people aren't asking is "why is a cellphone who is design to perform a multitude of other tasks, better at doing the only 2 things a (professional) camera is design to do (pictures & videos) as big as they are in general? You would think they'd pack them up with whatever cellphone cameras have and more as optional for the price. I guess all my extra cash goes to my sensor size. Wow
Comment from : dolphite gamemaster

Tevez Kelez
Are you riding on Kingston Rd?
Comment from : Tevez Kelez

random access memory
i-sheep here!
Comment from : random access memory

1:25 - because he's noob and don't know how to use dslr. The experienced dslr user would never say that nonsense...
Comment from : Peace

The Canon EOS R is a joke
Comment from : Viktor

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 back in 2016 when it was new. And i always thought that the video quality and especially the Autofocus system was fantastic.

Since this week i've been starting to use my Sony NEX-5 again for video and apart from the autofocus being a bit troubled sometimes compared to the S7 the image is só much better.

Now that i'm shooting with the NEX-5 i'm flabbergasted by how big the gap still is. I see details in my face with the Sony that just don't exist on the Samsung. No more ghosting and massive grain on video i shoot outside at night. Video outdoors is very crisp and eventhough it's just the kitlens that bokeh is great.

The only downside to it is that for vlogging outside i'll still use the S7 because the Sony doesn't have a flip out screen.

Smartphones are great if we're comparing them to <$200 digital cameras. But even compared to a WX-500 by Sony, a SX730 by Canon or like mine, a 9 year old $100 NEX-5 By sony they're just lacking in 50million ways.

Comment from : TheBradge

A bunny that will chew on your cables
mirorrless cams rule
Comment from : A bunny that will chew on your cables

direction BANGKOK
Phone research, technology and development will move orders of magnitude faster than "camera" technology because the sheer number of phones sold is so much higher. Smartphones are just at the beginning. I think what we are seeing is the software being more important than we have historically thought. We all think it is all about sensor, but the future is going to tell a story about it being all about software processing of the images. When the phones take over though, what is going to happen soon thereafter is the software tech will move into dslrs and mirrorless. The other thing about basing "quality" on sensor size is so much is ignored. You can "swap" a lens in 2 seconds on a smartphone. A smartphone is always with you. A smartphone can fit into a little crevice you could never get a camera into. A smartphone will have better stabilization because the sensor is smaller etc. I think we need to stop thinking it is all about sensors, because it is not. Soderberg is shooting Hollywood films on the iphone, and he is completely giddy about using it. In ten years I bet we will all be surprised how often phones are being used. Even today I do not have any clue why youtubers are using such large rigs. Absolutely no reason for it.
Comment from : direction BANGKOK

One reason I prefer an actual camera is that I love the history of how photography actually is. The feel and depth of a picture taken from a dslr and SLR is breathtaking and if shot in raw, you'll get a clear understanding of why a dslr is a good choice.
If you're looking for a Nikon, I am using a d3500 as this is a entry level camera and suitable for beginners in photography. Check my video out. I finally got it.

Comment from : PINK

Bala Krishnan
Guys if you want to see actuall iPhone XS. Capable check other videos from famous YouTuber and don’t believe these specification idiot and also there is a limition but not more as these idoit told if you try u can do better photos and videos than dslr and I am sure that u may suprise with it and mobile is more easy portable dslr
Comment from : Bala Krishnan

Paired with filmic pro smartphones are powerhouses now
Comment from : Film4Eyes

Shavon Smith
When music made for California but leave in Canada 😂
Comment from : Shavon Smith

I really wish getting usable quality video was as easy with my DSLR apsc Sony cameras as my now old Samsung S7 which will film in anything from VGA 640x480 up to UHD 3840x2160 including FHD 60fps 1920x1080 (with slowmo as well). It includes stills within filming on most resolutions. There is also video stabilisation and optical image stabilisation. I wish they would put an ASPC size sensor in a phone lol or use the same software on a camera!
Comment from : theUKtoday

Lol Apple behind the times? You don't say..
Comment from : Dunning–Kruger

Sam Miller
Anyone else notice the video/photo of Matti on the elliptical in his camera roll? I want that story!
Comment from : Sam Miller

Juan Castro
Hey Matti why are you always squishing your eyes and face in ALL your videos? It looks as if it is painful. Hope to see you more relaxed in future videos. Keep it up.
Comment from : Juan Castro

Camera manufacturers have been struggling with battery life on mirrorless cameras, and that's just with standard camera features, so I dread to think how bad it would be if they tried to implement more software based processing.
Comment from : pmenzel86

Jarps Art
6:36 What happened to those passbyers behind Matti's back?
Comment from : Jarps Art

Aravind Sankar
Xperia XZ2 introduced it. It has 4K HDR recording but as a separate mode. The quality of that is unreal for a smartphone but it should be viewed only on HDR screens. Will have to colour correct it for normal screens.
Comment from : Aravind Sankar

Endo Grows
I have her option in my s6
Comment from : Endo Grows

I think for most people the smartphone quality is good enough until they see what a camera can actually do
Comment from : Godlight

enite darang
I don't care cause next Monday I'll have some cool gears lol. 1.8 lenses, led diffusers, etc
Comment from : enite darang

enite darang
7:00 ...the lg g6 has wide angle lens. But phones with wide-angle lenses are not that common!
Comment from : enite darang

JK Lockwood
Haha, welcome to the revolution. The Apple iPhone Xr might almost be enough to bring me back to the family. This is more than HDR.
Comment from : JK Lockwood

vohn claidzen klox
And yet still depends on what u want to shoot
Comment from : vohn claidzen klox

I like you'r videos a lot big up from algeria
Comment from : Zak

Dobromir Manchev
They are just doing some (smart) lightroom-ing for you. Perfectly fine for casual use, i suppose. If you are an amateur or actually making money out of it, i doubt you'll want that kinda thing done automatically for you by some algorithm.
Comment from : Dobromir Manchev

Jason Keyes
Very Wes Anderson style on the intro, Nice. Great video. Thanks.
Comment from : Jason Keyes

Mike Piatek-Jimenez
The 5D Mark IV has an HDR video mode, but it's restricted to 1080p @30 fps in IPB mode. I believe the EOS R also has this feature, and it might be available in more framerate/codec settings.
Comment from : Mike Piatek-Jimenez

Mike Lunc.
Software in phones is amazing.. dang!
Comment from : Mike Lunc.

Ckid Photography
How do you not have 1mil subscribers by now
Comment from : Ckid Photography

What's the outro song?
Comment from : Atmozfearz

Anyone else thinks he looks like Dieter Bohn?
Comment from : AznKenshin

what!? "I wanna post stories on isntagram without having a tweak to colors" try to do it with a dslr. Try to post a strorie from dslr. I thought u comparing smartphone and dslr video qualty.
And u just checked front camera hdr and sayin blah blah I don't wanna tweak colors cuz I wanna post it on instagram immediately. Hello!? "Down side for me" FACEPALM
Didn't get any helpful information.

Comment from : iosiph

You say film making? More like youtube video making.
Comment from : Ivan

konrad gerger
Matti where have you been? check out the RED’s Hydrogen One phone. So the future where we actually film with out phones might be sooner than you think ;)
Comment from : konrad gerger

Kirsten Pribula
Can I just say THANK YOU FOR ADDING CLOSED CAPTIONS?! As a Deaf viewer, I'm learning so much more than just trying to guess what's being said in the video!
Comment from : Kirsten Pribula

Great points! About real camera HDR, the EOS-R you’re using has an HDR mode. It’s buried in the menus and is only accessible in specific modes so it’s easy to miss. It is effective, though. You should try it out!
Comment from : CarOnTheWall

Agree with you Matti, but the Tech nowdays helps a lot in moments you need to shoot something. Just we have to be able to do a great job with a tool in our hands. I love my DSLR. but i need to learn more about my baby.
Comment from : bienveqe

Bird Lover India
i agreee ....mirrorless cameras need for software optimisation...just for the heck of it
Comment from : Bird Lover India

Benjamin Curlee
I actually did cover this topic in brief form about a year ago - youtu.be/hCptUusPoWE
But until they mount a 1 inch or larger sensor on smartphones I'll always chose my DSLR or mirrorless camera for better images. There is just so much more potential for the person who knows how to use it well.

Comment from : Benjamin Curlee

Nikolaj Kronbær
Correct me if im wrong, but dont the Canon 5D IV have HDR video mode? 🤔
Comment from : Nikolaj Kronbær

Ys Kuzi
is this video from eos r or a73
Comment from : Ys Kuzi

Jordan Gulley
When will camera companies start implementing the software from today's smartphones?
Comment from : Jordan Gulley

Your highlights are blown.
Comment from : canturgan

Im not mark
Comment from : Im not mark

Man, I took my iPhone out to test and cracked my screen when I dropped my phone.. 😂😂😂
Comment from : Roadrebelz

what's that thing you are riding?
Comment from : DWGS

Media Addict
After watching your videos for an absurdly long time today I finally realised I wasn't subscribed... I'm not sure how the heck that happened but it happened. I am now subbed and yes I hit the bell.
Comment from : Media Addict

Tomáš Gál
This is why I unsubscribed. You try to be technical but in many points you are wrong or you just guess. Of course big camera have better sensor performance but when you talk about HDR you missed technical part by years :-D and saying that wide angle is not possible with phone sensor and you even mention crop factor ..... You had similar flaws also in GoPro video. Total amateur without proper research....
Comment from : Tomáš Gál

Rob Overholt
Get in my butt! lol 6:35
Comment from : Rob Overholt

Smartphone HDR takes advantage of a niche. As long as your video fall within that parameter the video will appear satisfactory. The DSLR has the same potential albeit not as advanced under Program or Auto. Outside of the presets, you can go even further with customization. Something you can't do with your phone.
Comment from : Krane

Photo Bob
Phones are smarter than cameras. That’s the advantage they have. It can’t make up for it’s tiny sensor but it does a damn great job of trying!!!
Comment from : Photo Bob

Krishna Roy Mallick
Hello matty, big fan... I use mobile phone for all the vlogs. Highest view on my channel is shot on mobile. I use one plus 5 mobile as its front camera has very good EIS. I also have 80D but don't use 80D as its bulky and in public places where we generally visit 80D bring attention and people ask us not to use DSLR for shooting. So for my style of vlogging mobile is best.
Comment from : Krishna Roy Mallick

Google should make a camera. I want to see their ridiculously good processing with powerful camera hardware.
Comment from : Snis

Doctor Awesome
Comment from : Doctor Awesome

Tysonator !
Smartphones will be a popular choice for film making as you have it with all time including editing apps and the computer to do it on. Most videos end up on social media so how much quality do you actually need. I think f stoppers did a bikini shoot on an iPhone and the results were pretty impressive, of course a hot model helps a lot !
Camera companies can learn a lot from smartphone manufacturers on using software in the hardware. Yrs bigger sensors, better glass, more mega pixels resolution in a dslr / mirrorless will give you better results. However if they just fir social media will any one really care !

Comment from : Tysonator !

Jesse Wanderss
Your background is highly disorienting
Comment from : Jesse Wanderss

Bayu Kurnia
Maaf promosi dikit ya kk 🙏
Baru belajar ngedit, cek aja channel aku.
Thankss! @Cj0Q

Comment from : Bayu Kurnia

Mathias Steiro
Great video Matti! :)
I think in the near future, journalists and TV reporters will start using phones more in the field. But for real proffesional film making, documentaries etc., nothing comes close to the high end camera set-ups. Also, playing with lights and using portable light looks way better than any HDR software will in a long time.

Comment from : Mathias Steiro

Randal Alan Smith
I'm in the habit of underexposing my iphone JPEGs, to expose for the highlights. Then I lift the shadows in post (with the iOS editor). That's what this "HDR Video" looks like. Not a combined exposure, but just a lift (and resulting flattening) of the Shadows band to correct only the face-detection area.
Comment from : Randal Alan Smith

Time to embrace the inevitable... Technology stops for no one.
Comment from : bigsaccs

Jacques du Preez
Hey Matti, Almost every video starts with B-Rol of the One Wheel. Mabye mix it up abit?

Yet, Good job on the video!

Comment from : Jacques du Preez

Joe Marano
Not neccesarily so with bigger sensor having better dynamic range. Take Canon APSC vs Panasonic M43. The M43 camera outperforms the Canon APSC cameras in dynamic range.
Comment from : Joe Marano

Anthony Johnston
if i was a professional race car driver and had a ferrari i wouldnt really like driving a volkswagon golf for racing either. however if i raced VW golf's as a hobby i would like driving the golf.
Comment from : Anthony Johnston

Caius Cosma
Man... i had subscribed for your channel, only for your tutorials, yes you are a good teacher. I miss your tutorials, any other thing you are doing is BORING, sorry...
Comment from : Caius Cosma

Patrick Schmidt
wrotw my final in my comp 1 class about if smartphones should have a place in photojournalism some of the ideas from your last video made an appearance. smart phones need to start having worse cameras
:) dm me @patrickschmidt_photo on insta

Comment from : Patrick Schmidt

Brooker Films
Obsessed with the colour grading 🔥🔥
Comment from : Brooker Films

Anthony Coleman
As @artofphotography would say "deeper Pixels"
Comment from : Anthony Coleman

Haakon Meyer
I dont like the onewheel in every video. Otherwise great channel
Comment from : Haakon Meyer

Travis B
Matti, I love ya bro, but you aren't in Toronto lol. That's New Market. You're three cities north into the 905. Everyone knows you'd get run over three minutes out the door trying to ride that one wheel in Toronto proper.
Comment from : Travis B

This is why I love sony, their innovation in technology is inspiring and very welcomed as it means more bang for buck. I love being able to shoot real 4k full frame with no b.s. crop and not having to worry about compression and upscaled 1080p.
Comment from : Ben

mohamad mahdavi
dear matti, what do you yourself use for videography? im stuck in choosing between canon 6d mark ii and 5d mark iv. can you help me?
Comment from : mohamad mahdavi

Reuben Gray - Craft Beer and Photos
My Canon 77D has HDR movie mode but I've never actually tried it. The 5D Mark IV also has it as does the 80D I believe.
Comment from : Reuben Gray - Craft Beer and Photos

SaL your PaL
Smartphones shoot incredible video now, they outperform a lot of DSLRs
Comment from : SaL your PaL

Dilan Gorrie
Hey Matti. HDR in video have been around for the last 2 years. Canon 5D mark III was the first camera. I use it all the time on real estate
Comment from : Dilan Gorrie

Greg Bird
Comment from : Greg Bird

it's wild, realizing just how cultish the apple-minded are.
Comment from : LifeAsANoun

Wadger Catcher
I'm glad future Matti towards the end highlighted the issue of, why not have both? Why not implement that software onto dslr? Hit a big nail on its head in this one!
Comment from : Wadger Catcher

Surly Mirrorless cameras will have good HDR eventually right? Also love that ending song
Comment from : RowlWool

its me
Depends what dslr you have what lens you have and what iso you have.
Comment from : its me

It’s gotta be because you film vertically with your phone and not in landscape orientation like you should!
Comment from : disneydork06

Practical Theory
What if Apple started making DSLRs? They wouldn't let us insert a Card for sure. We'll have to pay extra for extra inbuilt memory. And maybe it would do planned obsolescence to it too. God damn it! This is scary
Comment from : Practical Theory

Brian Bassett
Hey Matti and the YouTube world! Just wanted to point out that this is a very good point that our cell phones do have incredible dynamic range, like the Galaxy s9plus with its two lenses it can adjust for two exposures at the same time.. **However DSLR cameras are doing this HDR thing as well for example the Canon 77D does HDR video, the 77D also features an HDR Movie mode that can be used to achieve greater highlight and shadow detail when recording in high contrast scenarios. This mode captures two HD frames at different exposures, one normal and one underexposed, in short succession at up to 60 fps and then composites them during playback at 30 fps to create a movie with a longer-appearing dynamic range.
Comment from : Brian Bassett

Michael Shiller
I think smartphone manufacturer's call it computational photography / videography. I think the downside is the processors in DSLR and Mirrorless. How good are the processors when compared to smartphone processors? I'm not a fan of HDR anyway.
Comment from : Michael Shiller

Sam Tavs
Yet another excellent video, Matti -- Your work inspire me to continue in this journey of creating content for this YT community and others. I cannot wait to see what 2019 holds. Thanks✌🏼
Comment from : Sam Tavs

My WRX Channel
SONG INFO: Dreaming Out Loud - Daniel Gunnarsson. You're welcome. :)
Comment from : My WRX Channel

Phil Sim
I have a question, why hasnt any flagship phone manufacturer put a full frame sensor on a phone? Let alone real zoom & micro lenses
Comment from : Phil Sim

Evan Davis
Is Newmarket in Toronto?
Comment from : Evan Davis

Will Lee
feels like your running out ideals...
another thing I noticed is how you "like" your youtube 'celebrity' friends comments and skip over the regular/non-celebrity SUBSCRIBERS comments... remember who got you to where you're at...
oh wait, that was Peter...

Comment from : Will Lee