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Episode 1 - Verite

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Title :  Episode 1 - Verite
Lasting :   12.10
Date of publication :  
Views :   270.317
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Comments Episode 1 - Verite

Doktorun Yeri
Comment from : Doktorun Yeri

karim elgouchi
2020 anyone ?
Comment from : karim elgouchi

Azaria Bin-Nun
Comment from : Azaria Bin-Nun

Azaria Bin-Nun
Comment from : Azaria Bin-Nun

Azaria Bin-Nun
Comment from : Azaria Bin-Nun

Azaria Bin-Nun
Comment from : Azaria Bin-Nun

Indie Athletics
Here on May 6th 2020...starting to watch the legend from the very beginning!
Comment from : Indie Athletics

Amir KH-Z
Anyone thinking about Making content in 2020?
Comment from : Amir KH-Z

Abir Hasan
How is this his first video? He's so comfortable talking in front of the camera!
Comment from : Abir Hasan

Bored Shorts
wow!! Gary Vee been a goat since day 1!!!
Comment from : Bored Shorts

Jam Junction FM
Anyone not noticed Garys literally filmed 26 episodes and posted them all on the same day, on the 17th May 2006, from ep.2 to ep.27, weirdly enough this one was posted the day after on the 18th May 2006 and this is the first one, which makes no sense.

Then he proceeds to film another 17 episodes and posts them the next day!! So in 2 days of posting time, he went from nothing to 43 episodes in 2 days in terms of posting. Thats mad after episode 45 it switches to June.

Madness! Thats unreal Hustle right there, if you don't believe me literally go through each video!

Comment from : Jam Junction FM

The Relax Hub
I was just reading his article about the 1.80 cent strategy and it led me here. Amazing content!!!!! F### i love Gary Vee changed my whole ass life and started pumping content out. You da MAN GARY, Hopefully, some day we'll meet, on my bucket list:)
Comment from : The Relax Hub

一步一腳印 TV
this is awesome.
Comment from : 一步一腳印 TV

Gregg Cohen
awesome to see where you came from; and shows you just gotta get started
Comment from : Gregg Cohen

Cans Channel
Coming here, seeing Garys first Video.
Stopped judging my self and overthinking my first cooking videos :D

see you in 15 years guys :D

Comment from : Cans Channel

I'm here to log year 2020 ^^
Comment from : JQ Ng

SalsaChik Linda
Giving Verite marketing advice out of the gates wow🤣 👍
Comment from : SalsaChik Linda

SalsaChik Linda
2020, pandemic, need some SERIOUS inspo!
Comment from : SalsaChik Linda

Cesar Acosta
Legend!! What a confidence and charisma to be his first video
Comment from : Cesar Acosta

dhruv upadhyay
Experience before and after success scene
Comment from : dhruv upadhyay

Miguel Garzone
Anyone in 2020 watching this for motivation or curiosity?!?!?
Comment from : Miguel Garzone

The only video of GV not cursing ?
Comment from : Squirrel

Bijan Izadi
I feel like 2006 Gary
Comment from : Bijan Izadi

Edutainment Vlogs
Where it all started! 😍
Comment from : Edutainment Vlogs

ZaMo g4mer
أستغفر الله🚶‍♂️😂
It's all started from here..
Love you gary 😍
Someday I will shack your hand
And whisper "you changed my life"


Comment from : ZaMo g4mer

pianofun Atlanta
Kakoi te malachina!!!!!
Comment from : pianofun Atlanta

Ansh Bhalodia
Who here in 2020?😂
Comment from : Ansh Bhalodia

Ruthvik Battula
Seeing this video in 2020 is truly inspiring. Don’t give up and keep believing 💯.
Comment from : Ruthvik Battula

Divine the project manager
My guy
Comment from : Divine the project manager

This guy still has the same energy he does now love him
Comment from : FiscalMedusa

Michael Tsistinas
BTW its 2020 who’s seeing this for the first time like me ?
Comment from : Michael Tsistinas

Michael Tsistinas
Thanks for all you have done pre and since this moment in history!
Comment from : Michael Tsistinas

Simon Block
13 years later. Im from 2020 and wondering why almost noone cares for Gary's start. So what he constantly talks about is already in there. Know your topic. Add value. Be entertaining and informative. Care for equipment but dont overthink it. Be first. Etc. ...

Instead of spending hours in the holy Gary Vee church one just has to analyse this video to know how to and even why to. its all here.

Comment from : Simon Block

Sun The game PLAYER
Anyone watching this in 2020 because you loved Gary
Comment from : Sun The game PLAYER

My Asian Adventure 「Amy英國奶奶」
This video is amazing- 💕can’t believe it was 14 years ago
Comment from : My Asian Adventure 「Amy英國奶奶」

Ethan Babbage
The internet is the great equalizer. Everybody starts at 1 view, 1 follower, 1 sale. Everything else is up to you.
Comment from : Ethan Babbage

Agaphe Susilo
There is no difference how he talks today.
Comment from : Agaphe Susilo

Justin Rivera
Comment from : Justin Rivera

joey quinonez
Comment from : joey quinonez

Justin James
2020 what's good?
Comment from : Justin James

Mishal Dalal
Wow. This is where the journey of great Gary Ve began. I really appreciate all the content that he puts on all his platform on a consistent basis. Have a learned a lot of things from him. I have seen so many of videos that i think i have started to even sound like him. But kidding aside. I needed to watch this to get some inspiration.
Comment from : Mishal Dalal

Jeremy Mack
So this is before the $150 million portfolio. I love seeing the growth from then to now.
Comment from : Jeremy Mack

Another channel recommended checking this out to show how much Gary V has grown. He seems to be doing an amazing job here. Way better than my first video. He's a natural.
Comment from : L O

2020 is here... and we are too... still watching this video...
Comment from : DD

Fudosan Bunka
Comment from : Fudosan Bunka

Sonic Relaxation
Comment from : Sonic Relaxation

Tons of charisma despite the lighting isn’t that great... freaking inspirational
Comment from : sooklingskye

Shawn M. Swartz
WHO'S HERE 2020?
Comment from : Shawn M. Swartz

Hello from 2020!
Comment from : mdaroza99

Ahmad T.Eltahan
I can't believe that I am watching this in 2020
Comment from : Ahmad T.Eltahan

Tekla Odiladze
almost 2020!!
Comment from : Tekla Odiladze

minx dear
Holly Molly! Except weight and hair what has changed in 13 years? Love Love Loved it
Comment from : minx dear

26.12.19 yesterday I lunch my daily vlog about TikTok for business. so I start to rewatch AskGaryVee show. but than I feel like watching Winelibarary TV. I start with zero. no fame no money. no big firm. gonna do my next vlog in an hour.
Comment from : Kobiye

How Else find him on tiktok
Comment from : freakZ

Da man da legend
Comment from : S S

Drew Coggins
Muthafuckin goat
Comment from : Drew Coggins

The legend in the making
Comment from : NotTheRightGuy

Dajoraga 17
You are here because of his last video am i right? Never give up!
Comment from : Dajoraga 17

Sairaj Sanap
Who is here in December 2019 ?
Comment from : Sairaj Sanap

Ludayne Miranda
This is 200freaking6. I'm watching this in 2019. You were exactly the same then. The cursing hadn't begun.
Comment from : Ludayne Miranda

Utkarsh Kumar
Thank god this video is back. It was stopped in India for a while.
Comment from : Utkarsh Kumar

Anyone 2020?
Comment from : JSD96

young Gary is so soft spoken compared to older Gary, I was expecting hear a super passionate rant, but I guess this what he means by "don't do shit that you don't like".
Comment from : Lorenzo

Gary you are awsom can't believe I am watching this on November 21.2019. Your confidence is just incredible. Comming from Germany Bad Kreuznach wie have the famous Nahe Wein (wine) much better then the Mosel Wine. You mainly find in liquor stores around Colorado.
Comment from : Angie

irrelevant ideology
He speaks like Trump a little.
Comment from : irrelevant ideology

Angel Gonzalez
Dale like si estas viendo este video en 2019 y conoces a Carlos Muñoz
Comment from : Angel Gonzalez

Eric Ondarza
I may not know who Robert Parker is but I know Gary Vaynerchuck. That statue is coming my man, I’ll be sure to hang a Jets jersey on it when the day comes.
Comment from : Eric Ondarza

Tammy McCarthy
I’m watching this video of Gary Vee in 2019. Amazingly Gary you have been the person I started watching a few years ago. Always offering a lot of information, honesty and just as passionate today as you was from the beginning !!!
Comment from : Tammy McCarthy

hi Gary, my friends and i make a pruno from star fruit (carambola) we fortify it with Kulu kulu (stronger than wray and nephew rum) off your dome, how long , under the right circumstances, may this wine last unopened aka againg?
Comment from : ZavioThePrincipal

AllTheGood Today
OMG it’s baby Gary!!!
Comment from : AllTheGood Today

Lester Goh
The siren at 5:00 is so clear. As well as the swishing of the wine in Gary's mouth. Good mic
Comment from : Lester Goh

Go Garyyyyyyy! Historic!
Comment from : inaciocook

"We hope you like the quality"

The video: 240p*

Comment from : ZapTRunsIsh

we photo gal
Small beginnings, take that first step.
Comment from : we photo gal

Comment from : tomtnt1000

David Shamiri
He sounds the same still
Comment from : David Shamiri

Khaled M. Ali
Who is actually here because they googled it?
Comment from : Khaled M. Ali

Maurice Stokes Jr
I think you are my age in this video🤔Im super motivated now GV thanks bro! #crushedIt
Comment from : Maurice Stokes Jr

Mr David Ashley
13 YEARS AGO, and He's STILL saying "ADDED VALUE". Damn, talk about consistency. Its time to go!
Comment from : Mr David Ashley

naim zaharudin
Crushing It! anyone ? And Gary, this first episode is not as you described from the book at all. You're flying man !
Comment from : naim zaharudin

Daniel X
One sip everyone knows the rules
Comment from : Daniel X

Tommy Shelby
I've came from future to tell you you're a famous multimillionaire now
Comment from : Tommy Shelby

justin finn
If I could get just a moment of his time haha
Comment from : justin finn

Damon Keizer
He is an absolute natural. To think that at this time recording yourself on anything and posting it was super foreign. He kills it.
Comment from : Damon Keizer

Luke Kravetsky
Jason capital
Comment from : Luke Kravetsky

Vitaliy Stankovskiy
People who say Garyvee is fake...
This was 13 years ago already!
Same exact shit. Has anybody ever faked anything on a daily basis for 13 years?

Comment from : Vitaliy Stankovskiy

Alexis Castro
Hey, wine boy!!! You should really start talking about business, I think you would do so much better.
Comment from : Alexis Castro

Good Wellesley Dogs Training
OMG.... that was groundbreaking in 1994 ! Yup, there was life before the Internet kids. I love your long game Gary! Back to 2019 I go..... 💙
Comment from : Good Wellesley Dogs Training

I am watching it in 2019 because he said he looked like a hostage in his wine videos. LOL!! He was completely right!
Comment from : M Gee Buay OFFICIAL

Joey Rahmati
Wow... This is where it all started ..
Comment from : Joey Rahmati

Aidan Larkin
The power of old video content and seeing that even the great @garyvee started somewhere and jumped right in with his own wine blog.

It’s refreshing to see someone truly practice what they preach, amongst all the falseness and “experts” out there 👏🏻. Really encouraging to see this.

Comment from : Aidan Larkin

Martin Ciriani
I am surprised that on July 30th this video has only gotten 242,482 views! Gary's 1st! Cool!
Comment from : Martin Ciriani

Claudia Liebenberg
1.06 he mentions our amazing wine culture #southafrica 🙌🏼
Comment from : Claudia Liebenberg

Danny Zehnder
beast even in his prime lol.. Na, your prime is now.. Just messing around Vee! lol
Comment from : Danny Zehnder

kerry hettick
Breaking news Gary V trades his first Spit cup of WLTV for the ownership of the Jets.
Comment from : kerry hettick

Sanchit Raizada
Why does he spit after tasting the wine? I mean why not just drink it?
Comment from : Sanchit Raizada

Bill Weir
Brilliant .... we all had to start somewhere.... notice he never said fuck ot threatened to punch someone in the face .... Not once!!
Comment from : Bill Weir

2019... crazy...!
Comment from : DIEGO

Timothy Leow
2019 let’s rock!
Comment from : Timothy Leow

FFAR India
Who is here in 2019 July ? Press like!
Comment from : FFAR India

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