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Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video

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Information Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video

Title :  Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video
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Frames Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video

Description Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video

Comments Sanyo Xacti HD2000 unboxing video

Yeet 69
Do not know how to transfer things to my computer pls help
Comment from : Yeet 69

Trisha Do
can the screen turn 180 degree? thanks
Comment from : Trisha Do

Александр Ланин
Good camera. But why no silver color of one . Would this camera has the silver or light color, I willingly buy this camera . Rus. Хорошая камера. Я бы купил себе такую камеру но почему нет её разновидности серебристого или серого цвета
Comment from : Александр Ланин

@Moosealini no but you can flip the display 180 degrees - so it will be in the same position as closed
Comment from : LASERBENDER5000

@OoZ06kuwaitoO $500
Comment from : dudeproductions100

@leodee sanyo makes a wateproof camera that looks like this one
Comment from : dudeproductions100

Can you charge the camera through USB cabel? [connected to the computer]
Comment from : PixieNyanChan

And how much did you pay for this cam ?I want this cam to film fireworks do you think it has a nice film quality for fireworks ?
Comment from : TNTproductie

Has this cam the same sound quality as the 1010 ?
Comment from : TNTproductie

Andrew Pyrah
@MiddleTennesseePK no it has 600fps instead :)
Comment from : Andrew Pyrah

marcus adoro
you can use this device to rob a bank also. just hold the from lens part and point it to the teller.
Comment from : marcus adoro

can you pause? NO? then it sucks
Comment from : Kostaki_Films

Paul Hazouri
i wana buy a camcorder but i need an advice! what do u think?
Comment from : Paul Hazouri

Egon el Zorro
@leodee You can flip the viewing screen all the way around and close it! itll be the same shape only viewing screen on outside. :) so yes..
Comment from : Egon el Zorro

is it come with Internal HDD ? i want it with large one so i can keep recording
Comment from : username

Moose Alini
Can this camera shoot video with the viewing screen closed?
Comment from : Moose Alini

how much
Comment from : idlehands1111111111

@bigdaddydippin yes and fisheye, look for them in sanyos web page
Comment from : varonmetus

@SlungDungVideos the converter included in the box is stereo, and I used it with a mono mic and it didn´t work fine, so I suppose it is stereo
Comment from : varonmetus

@ClassicoVa Very nice quality, but you will need a monopod, tripod or other stabilizers (like setadycam, chechk some videos xacti-steadycam) to get smooth movement. Quality in low light confitions is good, but with high light conditions is amazing.
Comment from : varonmetus

@minhkaaaaay its MP4 and you can use Adobe Premiere CS5 and its very simple, you dont have to re-encode the files or anything. To play the files use Quick Time (thats the best player for this files and simple to use)
Comment from : varonmetus

@DangerousDenefle yes, but it is a little coarse
Comment from : varonmetus

@minisheckler no it doesn't, it works with CS4 with an upgrade (adobe premiere upgrade) and Premiere CS5 natively (this is the program that I use for edit my xacti's videos and its perfect!)
Comment from : varonmetus

@zacworrallpk Yes, I have seen fish eye and wide-angle, check in sanyo's home page and here in youtube for more videos
Comment from : varonmetus

zac worrall
is the camra compatable for fish eye lenses or any kind of lenses ?
Comment from : zac worrall

David van der Zande
@Allaboutthemojo Yes, you can take pictures in burst mode. It has no Sweep technology, but you can take a panorama with single shots. It has 3 slow motion options!
Comment from : David van der Zande

Arthur Denefle
Is there an option for manual focus on the camera?
Comment from : Arthur Denefle

Alan Starkie
@Macinabit I'd be surprised if it didn't work with FCP - it's h.264 format I think. Put it this way - I'll find out. I'm selling my Canon XM2 and buying one of these!
Comment from : Alan Starkie

dang it! I just ordered this camera's brother, the vpc-fh1... and I think this is better! it has the mic input and the attachment thing on the top
Comment from : vmmusic

What is the biggest sd card I can put in my HD1000? I currently have a 4gb SD but am unsure if i can get 16gb or larger
Comment from : iamrichlol

@warriorprince1010 chech my videos
Comment from : dwarfer777

George McFly
@greyfoxindy unfortunatelly not. but it comes with a base you can put it on
Comment from : George McFly

Khawla Al Hassan
it look cool but how's the quality? and is it useful for the filming or for creating short movies ? Thanks for sharing this video with us.
Comment from : Khawla Al Hassan

Daniel Desario
how much does it cost?
Comment from : Daniel Desario

Michael Sebalj
Comment from : Michael Sebalj

Shean Smith
The mic input is not stereo stereo as I discovered; too bad.
Comment from : Shean Smith

is there threads on the lens for a wide angle lens to screw on to the camera
Comment from : bigdaddydippin

Gosh. No case or anything for it? WTF.
Comment from : AKNIM

Is there no way whatsoever to monitor what you're shooting while you are shooting it? No way to plug the camera into a television without using the docking station? Can you shoot while the camera is in the docking station? If so, it may be possible to build a wooden rig for holding the camera while it is docked, thereby giving the film-maker an hdmi output for monitoring whilst filming. I realise this isn't a pro cam, but I'm stunned if there's no way to view what you're shooting on a tv.
Comment from : vortex42studios

Is the quality of the camera the same as the HD1010 ? And how much does it cost ?
Comment from : FrankMangel

@tizit88 450$ im trying to get it
Comment from : tanman1234543

how much does this cost ?
Comment from : T I Z DESERT RAT

Yay it looks brill !! XD
Comment from : munkeeblue

i want to get that camera.
Comment from : Mapajackster

When the camera is docked in the docking station is it possible to film whilst charging? - please reply! - great video
Comment from : AdzProductions

Nick Hall
is this one waterproof?
Comment from : Nick Hall

Planet Custard
does this cam work with final cut pro, do you know? thanks
Comment from : Planet Custard

FH1 shape is like ordinary handycam (horizontal) while HD2000 has a vertical grip body, just like a hand gun. But both spec are absolutely the same.
Comment from : capskie

thanks for good video. does that docking station require power in to do the video outs? (yeah, I want to use it for VJ shows too!)
Comment from : VJ FRANZ K

Michael DeLigny
What is the diff between the HD2000 and HD1010. Doesn't seem much besides the 4mp vs 8mp.
Comment from : Michael DeLigny

bout 400-500 us dollars
Comment from : JB1O

Christian Rodes
Whats the price of this camara or the 1010?
Comment from : Christian Rodes

Felix Pocock
can you plug in an external mic?
Comment from : Felix Pocock

iLL Conscience
how much is this at like best buy wal maart type place
Comment from : iLL Conscience

Ahh. I just noticed.
Comment from : WaterCow12

Did you even watch the video?
Comment from : WaterCow12

Brill - Shall Check it out.
Comment from : Maxsdiscos

Jindo Jandi
is this a good concert camera?
Comment from : Jindo Jandi

Matt, Can I see your in depth review ... I can't seem to find it in the 'Related Videos' box.
Comment from : Maxsdiscos

Comment from : scoobidoo112

Muhammad Shakeel
very very Beautiful
Comment from : Muhammad Shakeel

Kara Lockwood
Oh okay. Thanks!! I'll check it out. n_n
Comment from : Kara Lockwood

Kara Lockwood
Please do a more in deepth review on this please!!! Please!! Thanks!!
Comment from : Kara Lockwood

Which one is better.. the HDR-TG3E or the Xacti HD2000 ?
Comment from : thelastcainam

WH1 is not a full HD cam, it can shot max 1280x720 in 30fps and 640x480 in 60fps. Its a good cam. It can use for under water shoot max 3 meters depth, salt and fresh water. You can see my video clip if u wanna see the example shot. HD2000, is a full HD cam. Can shoot at 1920x1080 in 60fps, 60fields/sec and 30fps. and 448x336 in 240fps. So far, I'm happy with both cam. It depends on what you need actually.
Comment from : capskie

I have Xacti WH1 waterproof and Xacti HD2000. For the price, I think each country have their own number. In my country, WH1 cost around US$ 500 and for HD2000 around US$700.
Comment from : capskie

lol you're one of the millions of people who were influenced by the "fat man" mac ads lol u simple minded person u! yes u are yes u are! choochy choochy coo!
Comment from : dwarfer777

its our standard 240v 3-pin plugs... the two parellel is L/N and the top is the earth
Comment from : dwarfer777

Jorge Rosendo
yes, i now. but for the price no. and if you wont only a small videos its ok.
Comment from : Jorge Rosendo

Jorge Rosendo
toshiba p30?
Comment from : Jorge Rosendo

and the fail begins
Comment from : dwarfer777

no! the hd2000 is better than the 1000 and 1010 HD1000 standard model HD1010 firmware upgrade to improve some functions on camera(but same quality recs) HD2000 capiable of recording in 1080p at 60fps and a new 600fps option for super-low res hope this helps
Comment from : dwarfer777

If it had night vision it would be perfect.
Comment from : MadWatchStudios

Does anyone in YouTube land know when Sanyo will release the HD2000 for the USA?
Comment from : Porsche928doctor

Anyone know when the USA version of the HD2000 will be available in the USA?
Comment from : Porsche928doctor

Patrick Manning
is it much better than the HD1010??
Comment from : Patrick Manning

billy fitzgerald
great video
Comment from : billy fitzgerald

Tahnks! getting one today
Comment from : Marco

great video. hope you can take us through a review of the new sanyo cg10 camera when you got time. thanks alot.
Comment from : hardimpct

what cam do u use 4 filmin hd videos such as this? thanks. great unboxing
Comment from : rmajasol

thanks for unboxing .. you going to do full review on the setteings>?
Comment from : simezra

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