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Comment from : PDK Films

Rishita Lakshman
My favourite nerf guns are the modulus regulator and the mega centurion, Tri Strike, Demolisher and Rotofury
Comment from : Rishita Lakshman

Weng Meng Chong
Christopher. Proooooo
Jame noooob
Me.only one nerf gun

Comment from : Weng Meng Chong

Colton Mullen
Sup pdk
Comment from : Colton Mullen

Bhaktapriya Panda
I Love Nerf Gun's war
Comment from : Bhaktapriya Panda

Susana Marquez
Comment from : Susana Marquez

Dipika Shrestha
I need sniper with scoop 😅
Comment from : Dipika Shrestha

Metehan Taşdemir
Favorıte Nerf Guns
Modulus Ecs10

Comment from : Metehan Taşdemir

Sajeev.P.B. Balan
Comment from : Sajeev.P.B. Balan

Danish Afiq
I like the nerf kriss vector
Comment from : Danish Afiq

Talan's Gaming
How are they missing they are so close to each other
Comment from : Talan's Gaming

what music name? 8:35
Comment from : BMarcell2005

my favorite nerf gun is jolt beybhcuojceu
Comment from : Armanx032

swetha palanivelu
You have all nerf guns
Comment from : swetha palanivelu

Daine Leban
I heard someone laughing at 9:26
Comment from : Daine Leban

Srinivas Karatagi
Gold jolt with suppressor
Comment from : Srinivas Karatagi

Elvido Gozon
I like a nerf modulus
Comment from : Elvido Gozon

Connie Lin
My favorite nerf guns are the Artemis and the Perses
Comment from : Connie Lin

The Red Master yt
My favourite blaster is the rampage
Comment from : The Red Master yt

Its Jimmy Gamez with Slush
Prometheus is my favorite nerf gun
Comment from : Its Jimmy Gamez with Slush

Aashna Patel
I like all rival. Like if you agree
Comment from : Aashna Patel

Unique creations
i like nano fire nerf gun
Comment from : Unique creations

David Whitlow
i like nerf rivals
Comment from : David Whitlow

RamKrishna Sharma
Nerf regulater
Comment from : RamKrishna Sharma

shubneet kohli
My favourite nerve gun is the Delta trooper
Comment from : shubneet kohli

Sheila Kaspari
My favorites rhino fire titan centurion perseus delta trooper stryfe sr 25 long strike raven zues nemesis acr rough cut alphahawk
Comment from : Sheila Kaspari

My favorite gun is modules ecs 10
Comment from : ROZY SAIFI

Ramkumar B
Comment from : Ramkumar B

KirkAxl DelaCruz
All of them
Comment from : KirkAxl DelaCruz

Nining Ratnaningsih
my favorite vector and knife
Comment from : Nining Ratnaningsih

Javria Khan
My long shot
Comment from : Javria Khan

WaffleSpoon _
I subbed, where’s my beef jerky lol
Comment from : WaffleSpoon _

Xan Chew
Mine would likely be a modded infunus it got power and quick reload
Comment from : Xan Chew

Rehaan Boat
Comment from : Rehaan Boat

Thor gamer
My favorite Nerf gun is the meg
Comment from : Thor gamer

Sarwar667 gaming
Why is your code 1111?
Comment from : Sarwar667 gaming

Comment from : 臨界九尾

julestubber1 YT
My favorite is the fortnite scar
Comment from : julestubber1 YT

sonny salanga
my favorite nerf gun is the nerf ecs 10
Comment from : sonny salanga

Shadow Corrompe
My favourite Nerf gun is the jolt and the disruptor
Comment from : Shadow Corrompe

Alija Kumro
My favourite nerf blastet is a nerf elite trilogy
Comment from : Alija Kumro

grace sin
and srfrye
Comment from : grace sin

grace sin
my favourite nerf gun is the fornite scar
and i am a boy name jayden

Comment from : grace sin

Naty llas
Comment from : Naty llas

Selvam V
I am saying BTS video you not put the videos video sorry I am answer and subscribe
Comment from : Selvam V

rojas bernao
My favorito nerf blaster radipstrike
Comment from : rojas bernao

Modulus ecs 10
Comment from : NERF MASTER

Horizon Playz
intense eating competition
Comment from : Horizon Playz

Noah Budwany
Hey is that kid in the blue chris
Comment from : Noah Budwany

Geneviève Beaudry
The modulus ec-s 10
Comment from : Geneviève Beaudry

Itz Purple
I remember watching this as a kid 😔
Comment from : Itz Purple

Matěj Vomočil
Stryfe and mediator
Comment from : Matěj Vomočil

Malaika Webber
I also have nerf nemesis
Comment from : Malaika Webber

Malaika Webber
My favorite nerf gun is the rapid fire and all the modulus guns and rival guns and nerf snipers
Comment from : Malaika Webber

Yoseph Kurniawan
My faforit gun is mega
Comment from : Yoseph Kurniawan

Shuchita Mahajan
My favourite nerf gun is Alpha Strike
Comment from : Shuchita Mahajan

Ke Sana Ke Sini
My favourite nerf blasters is the need Mastodon
Comment from : Ke Sana Ke Sini

Jasbir Kaur
Comment from : Jasbir Kaur

rani singh
I also want a big new Nerf gun that is ak 47 my name is rani singh from India
Comment from : rani singh

Fazy Faaz
All the videos include eating😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Fazy Faaz

Petra Koorman
The neterlands delta trooper ultra 2
Comment from : Petra Koorman

Dien Pham
Comment from : Dien Pham

Joaquim Xavier Gomes
Rougt Cut
Comment from : Joaquim Xavier Gomes

Kenan Velizade
Big mega
Comment from : Kenan Velizade

target 121
HI I'm suraim my favorite nerf gun is REGULER BLASTER
Comment from : target 121

Kulchar Family
I like most megas
Comment from : Kulchar Family

Shuaib PDK
My favourite nerf gun is the demolisher
Comment from : Shuaib PDK

Nathan Maze
Gros port
Comment from : Nathan Maze

rosie plaza
I have a brave valkyrie glide roktavor
Comment from : rosie plaza

Aditya Singh
Comment from : Aditya Singh

Mohd Nizam Zainudin
Comment from : Mohd Nizam Zainudin

Jyotiskar Parichha
My son likes demolisher ,rayven tristike centurion
Comment from : Jyotiskar Parichha

Niko F
mine is rapidstrike
Comment from : Niko F

Putra Raharjasa
james and chris rip 9:32and9:40 :(
Comment from : Putra Raharjasa

Nm Nouwfal
I want a nerf gun can't
Comment from : Nm Nouwfal

My favorite is mega rotofury and tridax ex 3
Comment from : RiverGrain

Thiago Maior
pdk eu quero uma nerf
Comment from : Thiago Maior

khylle chandrei de mesa
Comment from : khylle chandrei de mesa

Josef and Jonny minecraft lovers
The biggest one
Comment from : Josef and Jonny minecraft lovers

Rurouni Kenshin
Hi my favorite is Nemesis,Delta trooper,retaliator, disruptor and Megas
Comment from : Rurouni Kenshin

why is his password abc

Michail Iliev
Mega nerf sniper
Comment from : Michail Iliev

Susana O
I am a sniper on my squad
Comment from : Susana O

Susana O
My favorites are Jupiter rampage stryfe

Comment from : Susana O

Tukaram Rokade
Comment from : Tukaram Rokade

FaZe Bugman
Why is nerf not sponsering your channel?????
Comment from : FaZe Bugman

Ndumiso Fosi
Honestly the bow and arrow is amazing and the fortnite pistol 👌
Comment from : Ndumiso Fosi

Elvis messi
Favourite pistols :nerf jolt,nerf bigshot....many more....
Comment from : Elvis messi

nerf rival prometheus
Comment from : FADHIL 1234

Muhammad Junaid Qamar
Comment from : Muhammad Junaid Qamar

Savvas Parasoglou
Nerf Rival Perses my fav gun
Comment from : Savvas Parasoglou

beatriz conceicao
My favorite nerf gun is the elite longshot
Comment from : beatriz conceicao

arumugam r
Comment from : arumugam r

milan brassien
Comment from : milan brassien

qairel jer
Nerf sniper
Comment from : qairel jer

Taiwo Adeniyi
Thank you for all the work
Comment from : Taiwo Adeniyi

Strife ak strife and m14 stryfe

Sahin Tez
My is micro shots arl
Comment from : Sahin Tez

Ammaar Farooqui
🤙Rampage demolisher and sniper
Comment from : Ammaar Farooqui

cristina cordoba
nerf sledgefire
Comment from : cristina cordoba

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