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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Description nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Allan Hernandez Escobar
Stop do vid your life is sad
Comment from : Allan Hernandez Escobar

Rix346 Rix346
Not working 2020
Comment from : Rix346 Rix346

Qwerty Bot
Lucky Patcher on pixel gun does not work, i did that when i was 9, i tried to hack it before then i got banned, im 12 now, im turning 13 soon
Comment from : Qwerty Bot

Yousef Lehdad
2:13 Zivo’s level was 0 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Comment from : Yousef Lehdad

XRavenger •
This will get you banned do it at your own risk
Comment from : XRavenger •

Jesus Flores
Comment from : Jesus Flores

Z date Official
Wow fake
Comment from : Z date Official

Ashim Tamang
This stupid kid is pritend that it worked lol
Comment from : Ashim Tamang

bryan_nayrb vlogz
This video is idiot lucky patcher wont work for pexil gun 3d and now he also fake it look 5:36 and watch 5:00 and look at he's diamonds remember it and watch the 5:36 he is an idiot dislike this he is a liar
Comment from : bryan_nayrb vlogz

jordan im makeing a yt video
Why do i see sasuke uchia its works
Comment from : jordan im makeing a yt video

ιτ иєє∂ѕ яοοτ τнατ'ѕ αиογιиg
Comment from : FNaF Lp

Zivo is a clickbaiter
Comment from : SH4DOW D4RK

ElfLord YT
Comment from : ElfLord YT

Jpro Plays!
R.I.P mommy’s credit card
Comment from : Jpro Plays!

Leonardo Rosales
Hey guy did it work
Comment from : Leonardo Rosales

lovely helen
I can tell how to get free gems

Still ur mom credit card I did that :3

Comment from : lovely helen

Jake Neal
👐👐👐👀☝. 💪💪 I★¢₱
Comment from : Jake Neal

Jake Neal
Comment from : Jake Neal

You now if that didn't work you mite get ban like me 😣😭
Comment from : FOX BOY

judy tham
bro max gym is 48 995
Comment from : judy tham

Examator's alternate account Abcd
Comment from : Examator's alternate account Abcd

Thunder Panda
He can't hack Pixel Gun 3D with Lucky Patcher when it's on multi-player
Comment from : Thunder Panda

Idiot scamer it is not app it is apk that give virus
Comment from : JESUS CHRIST

EA• External
Nope you liar u already had 995 gems I saw that boii
Comment from : EA• External

Dark saiyan
I have lucky patcher and this is fcking is fake
Comment from : Dark saiyan

Hieu Nguyen
Comment from : Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen
Lol no
Comment from : Hieu Nguyen

bruce atkins
It give me 40k gems
Comment from : bruce atkins

Stephen Bartgen Cornillez
This video is freaking edited
Comment from : Stephen Bartgen Cornillez

Stephen Bartgen Cornillez
F*ck you this really fake online cannot be hacked by lucky patcher..i have tryed hacking any games with lucky patcher and it only works on offline games dumbass
Comment from : Stephen Bartgen Cornillez

Marco Marchi
Too cool to be real! 👍🤑
Infact It's a fake..! 🔩
Gimme money and i'll give u a good recension: that's the pact.
Pixel gun ID: 161755309

Comment from : Marco Marchi

Carmen Valdes
It doesint work:/
Comment from : Carmen Valdes

Krissy Plum
I really like how he thinks we don’t know that you can hack online games with lucky patcher
Comment from : Krissy Plum

hyper gamer
fake is you
Comment from : hyper gamer

hyper gamer
Comment from : hyper gamer

hyper gamer
first was 995
Comment from : hyper gamer

Dizzy Dreamz
It worked for me if it didn’t work for u just don’t update set it to the last update u then use the app :)
Comment from : Dizzy Dreamz

Gary Lai
... what r thooooosssseeee!?
Comment from : Gary Lai

ios fn
It doesn't work
Comment from : ios fn

Nigward The Nigga
I'm thinking of joining the clan, I usually get up to 300 medals
Comment from : Nigward The Nigga

Hyped Up
Can i be in the clan
Comment from : Hyped Up

Comment from : 219ms

Fuzzyskylime 4
What’s clan name
Comment from : Fuzzyskylime 4

Faisal Sadah
I got 250 likes before
Comment from : Faisal Sadah

M7MD Games,
Lp is virus
Comment from : M7MD Games,

Jade Langam
I have 82 342 trophies in only my self
Comment from : Jade Langam

Fake it dose not work
Comment from : ツsCcails

Osvaldop13 Perezy
Hack works
Comment from : Osvaldop13 Perezy

Osvaldop13 Perezy
Man how u going to make a vid if u don’t know if it works
Comment from : Osvaldop13 Perezy

1m like 999m subrcibe
Comment from : John_User

Cecilia Sánchez
Comment from : Cecilia Sánchez

dj kalik Monje
It got pach damass
Comment from : dj kalik Monje

JM Gaming
Your a liar it doensnt work in online games
Comment from : JM Gaming

Hey can i join clan?
I usually get 100-250 medals in a season
Very active and pretty powerful
My name in game is R3D
Please consider me

Comment from : Z3r0

Jaden Harris
I mean I can't find the app
Comment from : Jaden Harris

Jaden Harris
I can't find the game
Comment from : Jaden Harris

black ops Dwyer
I Subscribed!
Comment from : black ops Dwyer

You had 48995 before buying it. What an idiot
Comment from : SarahX

Za Hando
Lucky patcher?its only for offline m8,i dont want to risk 600+mb to download it again
Comment from : Za Hando

Za Hando
Comment from : Za Hando

Shoaib Ahmed
he opened lucky chest
Comment from : Shoaib Ahmed

Look at 2:32 he has 48 990 and after he used the fake hack He has now 48 995 gems
Comment from : MrNoob822a

Francisco Junior Pelcastre
My CLAN has 860 medals
Comment from : Francisco Junior Pelcastre

Thegamer 9821
So a lie
Comment from : Thegamer 9821

Luck patcher does not work on online game

Foxy The Savage Fox
I am scard to use that app
Comment from : Foxy The Savage Fox

ignited ciclon
I Can't dowland
Comment from : ignited ciclon

Marcia Santana
If ú pay attention his gems dont change at all
Comment from : Marcia Santana

Marcia Santana
No this is fake
Comment from : Marcia Santana

Skylar Francies
I don’t get this
Comment from : Skylar Francies

Nicolas Bizganu
Those are medals not trophies
Comment from : Nicolas Bizganu

Twin Kyle Gacha Tuber
Comment from : Twin Kyle Gacha Tuber

Tanner Crowder
Can I join your clan
Comment from : Tanner Crowder

Vanessa James
u talk to dan long in the intro but it worked thanks
Comment from : Vanessa James

Cmon MAKE One for IOS I’ll just smack the like button in case you make one!
Comment from : WifiBoi09

Comment from : Monsterdeen

Benjamin K
Will you get banned?
Comment from : Benjamin K

AstroJD Playz
Comment from : AstroJD Playz

Itachi Uchiha
Who else is scrolling in comments to make sure this is legit?
Comment from : Itachi Uchiha

Using Lucky Patcher in Pixel Gun 3D does not work for me, when I buy coins/gems, it takes long to load, it keeps loading. Why ?
Comment from : 8D - WOLF

Lissette Williams
Comment from : Lissette Williams

AidanDi Aidan
Is this real ?
Comment from : AidanDi Aidan

Tieuyen Lethi
You get 5 gems
Comment from : Tieuyen Lethi

Elias Orozco
Isnt lucky patchet a dangerous app.
Comment from : Elias Orozco

Cool Gamer
Comment from : Cool Gamer

Anthony Alexis ruiz
Invite Naruto to your clan
Comment from : Anthony Alexis ruiz

Official FxNex
There's no link
Comment from : Official FxNex

No You
Isn't that illegal? I'm just saying
Comment from : No You

You have a tutorial lol
Comment from : KINDLY GAMINGHQ

Ize Teng
Bruh the "get this item for free inappurchase hack" didnt show up men
Comment from : Ize Teng

Jeremy V
Could I join ur group homie I just got jbros mod I can help
Comment from : Jeremy V

Minecrafter Goku_Rose
My name ia ultra instinct goku im level 19 plz invite me
Comment from : Minecrafter Goku_Rose

go to thebossgamer100 theres a cool money glitch and gems I promise you
Comment from : JOSUE -_-

깜둥이 새끼
You have to click the uninstall and reinstall button for it to work
Comment from : 깜둥이 새끼

Llama is a goat
he faked clicking continue
Comment from : Llama is a goat

Llama is a goat
I did this and got banned I lost all my data nice one bro
Comment from : Llama is a goat

What sounds is that with out his voice
Comment from : Z4XK

Can i come in ur clan
Comment from : Piediepo

Gaming good Private name
VIRUS don't download it
Comment from : Gaming good Private name

Gabe Does Stuff
Hey bro i had 4000 trophays so pls repliy
Comment from : Gabe Does Stuff

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