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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Johan Spaan
nice gadget for listening to music , not for TV or making music because of big delay !!!
Comment from : Johan Spaan

Kejuan V
Its not consistent connect my earphone through transmitter. Some day it connect, someday it wont.. i tried multiple earphone but no one connected easily. My bluetooth speaker are the only that connected easily. Not more than 10 second and it connected succesfully..
Comment from : Kejuan V

Samuel Bowers
Is there a Bluetooth similar device that you can just plug into a wall outlet for electricity so you don't experience the battery going dead.
Comment from : Samuel Bowers

Kyle Zammit
Can this be used to transmit audio to more than 1 speaker?
Comment from : Kyle Zammit

Carlos Mora
How do you make it works in a tv???
Comment from : Carlos Mora

Anna Serafinska
Hello, i Just bought this transmitter, and i paired IT with my Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones (they both have blue led slowly blinking, which indicates, they are paired), but they are not playing any sound. Plattans do work well with smartphones, and the transmitter also works with other devices (portable speaker etc), but they do not work together. I have reset the headphones, but IT did not help. Do you have any idea, why there is no sound?
Comment from : Anna Serafinska

Freddie MAC
I tried connecting to my old school tv and bluetooth headphones.....when it connected it just played static. Sometimes it doesn't even connect. Any suggestions ?
Comment from : Freddie MAC

Rana Paurav
can we connect 2 headphones simultaneously
Comment from : Rana Paurav

Siddharth love
Sir my mobile sound in the TV by this device its can possible.
Plz reply

Comment from : Siddharth love

Gurtej Singh
Can you connect one of these to speaker and one to stereo and make the system wireless ?
Comment from : Gurtej Singh

Patrick Laine
I want to transmit audio from a projector to a soundbar. Do I have to do the manual pairing every time when the devices turned on?
Comment from : Patrick Laine

bill curtis
will this xmitter work with digital/audio outlet ONLY on NEW TV's ?
Comment from : bill curtis

John Ng
Unfortunately I couldn't pair it with my TWS L21 earbuds
Comment from : John Ng

Paul Moore
Hi can I connect this to my hi fi.. So I can use my Bluetooth headphones
Comment from : Paul Moore

Rubes Sum Tertius
Does it work with a blue tooth headset?
Comment from : Rubes Sum Tertius

jamie savage Photography
Comment from : jamie savage Photography

What's the range on the device before there's a signal drop?
Comment from : markkelly221

Frans Simon
Big help
Comment from : Frans Simon

Sassy Frassy
Thank you! I had had my blue tooth device hooked up to the smart tv so I could use my headset to watch tv while my elderly mom watched hers in the other room. I disconnected it to hook up to my pc to listen to pandora and couldn't get it to sync. Goofy me had it plugged in to the receiver side. Problem solved! Now I can listen to music while I clean! Now to check out the range on it! I hope it'll reach to the other end of the house.
Comment from : Sassy Frassy

King Ivan
Big help🔥🔥
Comment from : King Ivan

Gabriel Gomez
Can it transmit and recieve at the same time?
Comment from : Gabriel Gomez

freddie sims
Fantastic. Good video made it simple. Thanks for taking the time.
Comment from : freddie sims

Joseph Thapa
I have this device connected to tv audio jack and then my mobile to this device via Bluetooth and then can I use my mobile headphone to hear tv audio?
Comment from : Joseph Thapa

I was so excited to get this to work off of my computer but got dismayed because my Pamu slides don't work with this. My brother-in-law's Samsung Sound by AKG works really well with these. I don't have that kind of money so yeah, need to go a different route with different bluetooth earbuds.
Comment from : nvd2ceb4

Is there a reset for this device? If so how do u do it?
Comment from : 49ers

Sandeep Sharma
Could you please confirm if we can use both the Jack's simultaneously for calling purpose as mic and speaker output.
Comment from : Sandeep Sharma

ego green
Comment from : ego green

this device connects fine but the audio quality and volume level are awful on BT headphones
Comment from : legallyinsane500

David Simons
Can I make my CD player play on my Bluetooth headphones
Comment from : David Simons

Wayne Marshall
Thanks, nice clear tutorial that's to the point.
Comment from : Wayne Marshall

Phillip Lee
Can this transmitter and receiver communicate to each other? Input source to transmitter and then send to receiver with output line out?
Comment from : Phillip Lee

Armando López
How can I pair with my pc?
Comment from : Armando López

Mr Peco
Comment from : Mr Peco

vijay kumar
Can I operate this one place to nother place like office to home
Comment from : vijay kumar

Aron Ortega
The receiver mode works but it is not as loud as you would like
Comment from : Aron Ortega

Aron Ortega
I need this for the ps4
Comment from : Aron Ortega

Jerry Bootneck
I had my headphone jack on my laptop plugged into receive and tried to get it on my blue tooth headphones and it wouldn't work, your video now has my headphones linked. Thank you for uploading a great tutorial.
Comment from : Jerry Bootneck

Last Call
Cannot use 2 of these at same time? I want to send audio from my tv to my old stereo receiver. Neither one being bluetooth capable. I need both...receiver and transmitter . But you can't link two of these together. Can you?
Comment from : Last Call

esmeralda lopez
Why did u try the tv if it works?!
Comment from : esmeralda lopez

can I plug an external mic to transmitter mode. and attach headphones to receiver mode. to make a call
Comment from : Aliwafa

Robert Losch
my Meidong E7B Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Over Ear 30H doesn't display any pairing links, so how do I pair my headphones?
Comment from : Robert Losch

Timothy Thomas
Some other Channel JACKED Your Video and Slapped another Title over it. HERE'S THE LINK www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNcYA6pfJs0
Comment from : Timothy Thomas

It is just a crap. I need to pray for everytime I connect to my ear phone
Comment from : T G

Jose Gonzalez
Is there a completely wireless solution
Comment from : Jose Gonzalez

tayyab khan
Is it possible to use this device for connecting two bluetooth headphones at the same time with the computer/laptop, to get the audio in both headphones?
Comment from : tayyab khan

I'm trying to connect my car stereo  to a Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth speaker. I can get this thing transmitter to pair to a small cheap speaker, but can't get it to pair with a $300 speaker. Any secrets?
Comment from : 1planenut62

I didn't find any explanation, how to set up Bluetooth headphones using Transmitter's option.
Comment from : aaandddriusss

Zizozr Zr
dose it wirelessly receive and transmit at the same time from bluetooth tv to bluetooth head phone.
Comment from : Zizozr Zr

Do you know if you can transmit and receive using the device? For example, can i put one device on my TV to transmit and another device on my speaker to receive? Essentially creating a wireless setup.
Comment from : keoki90232

servanda obado
It is working continuously while charging? thanks
Comment from : servanda obado

I have a projector (Hitachi CP-X3030WN)that is not Bluetooth and a Bluetooth speaker (ION Block Rocker) that is Bluetooth. The projector has speakers in it but not loud enough. Will this work?
Comment from : jpadron1978

Jason Lloyd
Could I connect this to the aux of my car, then plug in a bluetooth iPod transmitter into my ipod classic and connect the two?
Comment from : Jason Lloyd

Sergio Curry
Some tv’s come with what may look like a 3.5 mm jack input, However: if the inner part of the input has a color light green ring within it
This means it is a DIGITAL out connection source and the Bluetooth device you are attempting to connect into that source will not
Work because the Bluetooth device is an ANOLOG device, Therefore; you must purchase a DIGITAL Audio to ANOLOG audio converter in
Order to get the Bluetooth transmitter to work.

Comment from : Sergio Curry

Павел Стражевский
You didn`t show us how operates transmitter mode (:
Comment from : Павел Стражевский

Cal Talbot
Oh, you use another speaker, I'm interested in that as well.
Comment from : Cal Talbot

Cal Talbot
Hey, great video, thanks. However, I'm interested in the 'Speaker' that you use in the beginning of the video. A review on that would be welcome as well, can you help?
Comment from : Cal Talbot

joel garza
Can you pair two of these devices to trasmit from one and recieve from the other device?
Comment from : joel garza

jeffrey price
I got one, makes the sound thin.
Comment from : jeffrey price

William Hooper
Can you do both at same time ?
Comment from : William Hooper

Hi. Nice Video. If some one have a 10min shutdown problem let me know. The music is playing normally and after 10min the device is switch off. Any ideas why?
Comment from : Danail MIHAYLOV

Susanne Ascue
Read the reply’s to people’s comments. That is how I got it to finally work.
Comment from : Susanne Ascue

cihan kurucu
Other stupid fck videos are jurk.... You are great my buddy.... perfect presentation... thank you...
Comment from : cihan kurucu

Farley Costa
Hey man! Congratulations for the video! But I can't pairing It with my Bluedio Headset. Could You give me some tip about it? Tks
Comment from : Farley Costa

ruben chauhan
Hi thanks for your video,I have sony home theater and projector and both have no facilities of Bluetooth ,now if if I want to play movie audio in my sony home theater without wire less then which way I can connect
Please explain me

Comment from : ruben chauhan

brett gregory
How to hook it up to a t.v.
Unsync your phone plug in the reciever either to transmit tonrecieve.then turn it on and then pair the headphones to the adapter and itll sync right up. Shut off your volume on your t.v. and yu can listen too it without waking up the house

Comment from : brett gregory

Nadir Sheikh
nice review.. thanks
Comment from : Nadir Sheikh

Michel Sandri Lima
Hi guys.

Were you able to connect to a headphone? I'm trying to connect to a Bluedio T5 with no success.

Thanks in advanced

Comment from : Michel Sandri Lima

Ibrahim Darwich Ajjour
Hi, I have 5.1 surround system which has three 3.5 output jack. Is there any device that can transmit Bluetooth with three 3.5 jacks?
Comment from : Ibrahim Darwich Ajjour

The stepping stone experiment.
Will this work with with multiple surround sound speakers
Comment from : The stepping stone experiment.

Suleman Saeed
Can you please test the range of connectivity in feets or meters and tell ?
Comment from : Suleman Saeed

Andre khoury
if i use in transmitter can i connect 4 headset and speaker i mean many receiving devices works all same time? also can i purchase two one set to receiver one to transmitter and both works same time
Comment from : Andre khoury

Jed Teng
Is the sound compressed?
Comment from : Jed Teng

JC Network
what if the bluetooth is flat and we use normal headphone, can it work? Thx
Comment from : JC Network

Ashley yelshA
How do I pair it to tv???
Comment from : Ashley yelshA

Complete that set up with The ultimate adapter youtu.be/0KWhl182s10 www.ebay.com/i/253564697964?chn=ps
Comment from : elmcchino

Miki Mikki
I used to confuse with Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. Your video presented these two concepts very clear. Thanks 😊
Comment from : Miki Mikki

C_ Farther
Bought the same thing, does not work. It flashes and wants to pair but it won't because your device has to be pretty current; I got it for an old radio in the living room. Tried it in the aux and the headphone, it flashes but you cannot use an old device. $12.00 thrown away. I would think the Logitech bluetooth device would work but not this transmitter.
Comment from : C_ Farther

Gabe Ulrickson
I wouldn't want to use this in public, my luck someone would be setting their speaker up in public and this thing would connect to it and blare some random song Max volume on theirs
Comment from : Gabe Ulrickson

Our flat screen TV by Visio, supposedly does Bluetooth... NOT! So we got one like this. Our older amplifier does not have an A/B speaker system so you can listen to headphones and still use speakers. I have hearing problems: Tinnitus and noise in my head. Makes it hard to understand dialogue sometimes when watching TV. Meanwhile it gets annoying for my husband to have it so loud.

Because our TV is hooked to the amplifier via HDMI, the audio out jacks are disabled.

However, I found a work around as on the back of our cable box, there just happen to be RCA jacks and they work. The audio output from the cable box is the source of sound for the stereo. I think why the TV audio jacks don't work is that if HDMI is used, the audio jacks are disabled. So now my Logitech Bluetooth headphones work with the device and I can now listen to TV and watch some of our movie collection also with independent volume without having to mute the TV or if it is muted, does not affect the headphone volume. So it works great and the sound is just as good as when I use the same headphones with my iPad or Laptop PC.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Comment from : courag1

how to connected to the TV please explain
Comment from : tdistortion

Prince Xzotic
can it transmited to two bluetooth headset at same time?
Comment from : Prince Xzotic

Mus Ele
Comment from : Mus Ele

Shak Y
Why it doesn't connect to my bluetooth headphones? ??
Comment from : Shak Y

Dr. Ankur K. Agarwal
bought this from aliexpress.com , doesnt pair with my bluedio faith 2 headphones. have to return and refund this crap
Comment from : Dr. Ankur K. Agarwal

Rhythmic Sensations
Has anyone checked this for stereo transmit?
Mine receives great stereo, but only transmits in mono.

Comment from : Rhythmic Sensations

Kevin Pimentel
My transmitter wont find my headphones any suggestions ??
Comment from : Kevin Pimentel

asharf shaik
how much Indian price
Comment from : asharf shaik

asharf shaik
how many headphones connect at a time this device
Comment from : asharf shaik

Anuj Tyagi
Its not connecting with my X2T earbuds.
How to connect with them so that I can listen my TV???

Comment from : Anuj Tyagi

I have a Samsung smart TV with ability to recognize blue tooth speakers, but it has no audio outputs not even earphone, it does have optical output, I have a older Stereo system with good sound made in the early 2000's it has audio inputs, is there any device that you know of that my Samsung Smart TV will see as bluetooth speakers so I can listen to audio on my older stereo system? I like my older stereo because it has deeper bass sounds and better overall frequency quality than the tinny small tv speakers or even a soundbar
Comment from : blakespower

It is cheap crap, don't waste your money, interference when on and charging from TV, sound distorted, because it was cheap, it paired easily with a cheap pair of Bluetooth ear buds, figures!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : boltman2u2

How do you do your television
Comment from : 5000nate

Ken Smith
I just bought one of these Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver from ebay and I found out that it is only transmitting in mono but not in stereo as I recently had connected this up to my mp3 players 3.5mm stereo socket using a stereo 3.5mm audio cable and paired it with one of my stereo bluetooth speakers but the sound was coming out in mono but not in stereo but if I use it as a bluetooth receiver and connect it up to my bluetooth stereo speaker and pair it to my phone and then play music then its outputting in stereo.
Comment from : Ken Smith

Salvatore Barrile
I get to understand that if transmitting while is on charge the audio will be effected? Thanx
Comment from : Salvatore Barrile

The Metalhead Fox
i plug it into my speaker cabinet from my from my guitar amp throwing mass amounts of power to it because playing in my band its hard to hear myself from how i play to transmit it to headphone will it handle the power
Comment from : The Metalhead Fox

Isaac Garza
Can I connect 2 of these together?? Im trying to run sound from my projector to a pair of studio monitors without having wires. was thinking of getting one of these and have it on the projector as a transmitter then another one in the monitors as a receiver. Will that Work???
Comment from : Isaac Garza

Vitor Amante
Hi. Do you have any problem like loosing pairing when in transmit mode, or the sound stopping playing in the headphones?
I have one recently, and trying to send my TV sound to my Bluedio 2+ headphones. But the transmission of sound or parring continues to fall. And the sound quality is not that great...

Comment from : Vitor Amante

dustin reid
Will this work with the aux in your vehicle stereo
Comment from : dustin reid

r webb
Very clearly thoroughly presented. I appreciate the honest opinion of the quality make. I value the experience of the rater even though these days light does not confirm mediocrity. Although none of the brand names are familiar to me, I commend the maker on the wires included by which to facilitate one's needs. Thank you Guaging Gadgets.
Comment from : r webb

I just bought this and it won't pair with my bluetooth earbuds.
Comment from : ShoryoTombo

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