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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

nazish arshad
It basically a kid version of splaterhouse
Comment from : nazish arshad

Bogumila Czwakiel
Ja grajem w banjo kaziooie pastysgoiusa na xbox3600 🏌⚽️🏀
Comment from : Bogumila Czwakiel

Bogumila Czwakiel
Ja grajem dk countyr retunss dkc3 dixeie dobule trabuole a litt bit snes emulotory🏌🎾⚽️
Comment from : Bogumila Czwakiel

Blondeguygamer, your Earthworm Jim 3D review is blocked by NBC Universal(on copyright grounds which stinks)in my country. Is it possible to re-make that review?
Comment from : RemLasher77

I liked this Game, but let's be honest, it was released on the wrong console. It even has Gamecube styled controls...
Comment from : VerdeMorte

Is this breath of the wild


Comment from : Ximboid

god why was I so sacred of this game as a kid. >____<
Comment from : ORATEUSDIJIN

Nostalgia Works
THIS GAME is on Rare Replay. What the fuck, Microsoft.
Comment from : Nostalgia Works

Lord Lui
I like your Chuck Greene Shirt and good Review
Comment from : Lord Lui

I would like to eventually see Starfox Adventures covered on Black Sheep game reviews.
Comment from : GatorRay4life

Osvaldo Hernandez GOLD
this is actually my favorite original Xbox game
Comment from : Osvaldo Hernandez GOLD

Jhett Cannon
those are some damn good sideburns!
Comment from : Jhett Cannon

Comment from : Jimmayyy

The Infamous G.S.
Is is just me? or does the plot of this game seem like a dumbed down & half-assed version of Splatterhouse?
Comment from : The Infamous G.S.

because as we all know all xbox owners wouldn't know what donkey kong or banjo are...
Comment from : Timic83tc

Wing Wolf
I liked Judgment
Comment from : Wing Wolf

Why don't people like GBTG? I honestly liked it, and it was fairly challenging at some points, which is what I like in video games.
Comment from : dj12699

Brett Hicks
Holy fuck, I havent heard the name "necrocritic" in YEARS!!!!

Does he still exist? >_>

Comment from : Brett Hicks

Jimmy a Geek
This Was the Game Which I Bought with Xbox and This Game is the Best Xbox Game of All Time,
Comment from : Jimmy a Geek

BigAl Boski
I love this game

Comment from : BigAl Boski

"It's like thinking that Killer Instinct 3 will actually be made." ...Ha. I like that there was a time where that and Marvel vs Capcom 3 were considered unobtainable.
Comment from : theluiginater

This game just sucks. Comparing atmosphere and design to Luigi's Mansion it fails, comparing gameplay and variation to Kameo, it fails too.
Comment from : Phantron

I actually have not heard of this game until I saw this video.
Comment from : MDthornton83

It's like Scooby-Doo meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Goosebumps. It definitely has its flaws, but it's a pleasant game when you're 11 years old. lol
Comment from : booksyn

Chalumon 3553
i got it for £1.50
Comment from : Chalumon 3553

Claytons Movie Reviews
Even though i understand all the issues with the game i still had fun and i believe that it is a humorous, entertaining yet flawed experience.
Comment from : Claytons Movie Reviews

We'll see. I know since the announcement they have said they are working hard to make it good, but I'll pass judgment when I actually play it.
Comment from : Blondeguygamer

The Rated R Porno Star
Nice video!
Comment from : The Rated R Porno Star

James McFadden
Grabbed by the Ghoulies
Comment from : James McFadden

Nathan Corneliusen
I got it for 7.00
Comment from : Nathan Corneliusen

Holland tribute
grabbed by the ghoulish owd its an awsome game i lmao
Comment from : Holland tribute

we might be getting jet force gemini 2 then seeing as at E3 this year a new killer instinct game was announced lol. on a serious note tho, it's a crime your video views are not in the thousands... you are a really good game reviewer!
Comment from : StrayGamer

Yeah, sure is. Too bad it's on a system that restricts ownership of games, is being made with the developers of Silent Hill Homecoming and crappy movie licensed games, and is a "free to play game" with everyone except Jago you need to pay for to play as. It's like presenting a surprise party birthday cake somwhere that you don't particularily like the rules in and then having it drop on the floor and having the dog come in and eat it and throwing it up everywhere.
Comment from : Blondeguygamer

Make this available on mobile please!
Comment from : theaxedude1

Craven Morstead
Been considering downloading this one. Guess I finally will. Good review, man.
Comment from : Craven Morstead

Well it could be much worst. I mean, this game could have turned into what Gearbox has done with Aliens Colonial Marines. There is much more potential in Grabbed By the Ghoulies than what that game turned into.
Comment from : JojoMonReturns91

What I'm Playing with Downphoenix
Comment from : What I'm Playing with Downphoenix

What I'm Playing with Downphoenix
I think tihs game is alright. Its not as good as most of Rare's N64 games but when you compare this to what they do nowadays... yea. I bet this would have been one of those games that would have got more love if Nintendo would have kept Rare instead of selling, some of the hate is unjustified, its something that people should be mad at NINTENDO for, not RARE or MICROSOFT. Nintendo was the one that wanted to go sell them afterall, but Nintendo got a free pass and people got pissed at Rare & MS.
Comment from : What I'm Playing with Downphoenix

Eh, I don't really count Judgment as a "conclusion" of the older Castlevania games, canonical or not. I just treat it as it is: a mediocre fighting game spinoff with terrible character designs and story.
Comment from : Blondeguygamer

Judgment, lol. :P What a terrible way to conclude the original Castlevania mythos. :/
Comment from : ThePreciseClimber

C.D.I. 94
15:52 I knew it was Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts!
Comment from : C.D.I. 94

Xbox Music Mixer is a chance for money for Microsoft. I wonder why it never came up. Probably because of that video.
Comment from : 16ktsgamma

Love your reviews man keep them up.
Comment from : TaviMelody

Lol this reminds me of an episode of naruto I once saw XD
Comment from : animal71000

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