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Information Flip Video Ultra HD review | Engadget

Title :  Flip Video Ultra HD review | Engadget
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Comments Flip Video Ultra HD review | Engadget

oh okay
Comment from : WildfireWiffler44

worse than the flip
Comment from : WildfireWiffler44

hahaha yeah and im not gonna bother buying the nikon
Comment from : WildfireWiffler44

honestly..i don't know..i just don't know
Comment from : WildfireWiffler44

i wish i could the powershot is my dads and its off limits for me lol he hid it from me even though i've found like 3 times..he got it good this time
Comment from : WildfireWiffler44

mine never broke...it just slows pitches down by a ton not to mention it slows down running and stuff like that too ...even the camera i use right now (canon digital zoom 2000x) slows pitch speed down quite a bit. but its a little better
Comment from : WildfireWiffler44

i hate this camera so much...
Comment from : WildfireWiffler44

Madison Hart
i got one yesterday the flip ultra hd. but it said on youtube its available in 360p. And on the box it said 720p but it doesnt on mine.... ? can someone help me or something.
Comment from : Madison Hart

Brody Gawryletz
@TheTuffChannel yes i just bought one and thts wht i use to edit mine.
Comment from : Brody Gawryletz

Selling FlipUltraHD Camcorder w/ Tripod, Pouch, MiniHDMI--HDMI Cable Link to the video. Make me an offer youtube.com/watch?v=qShwIOApU14
Comment from : xRayGaming100

some of my backflipping videos are filmed by a flip video ultra HD its preatty great!
Comment from : nick

@conewells upload it to your computer and delete it from the flip
Comment from : 91DAintegraB20

Perez Prada
Do I have buy a new memory card once the recording time runs out. It says on mine: 5 minutes to go. What then....?
Comment from : Perez Prada

i cant decide whether to get the flip hd 2 or the flip2 which one is better for the money ?
Comment from : TheDarkPrince

mine came with a mini tripod
Comment from : Shamrocks9823

Rsuming the review .."The camera is shit...but other than that its good"
Comment from : SensailluX

Lorea Gandiaga
Does it have a spot on the bottom to attach to a tripod??
Comment from : Lorea Gandiaga

ok i have a question and u might be the only one who could answer that for me, so i just ordered this online and i got the one on sale at walmart which is only 1 hour record time and 30 frames per seconds instead of the 60 frames yours has can u tell me what this means?
Comment from : jerseychik26

kiki cabrera
lockerz sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scam complete scam i ordered like 10 shirts a flip hd camcorder and a laptop and a mouse pad and i had Z LIST and i only got the freaking mouse pad
Comment from : kiki cabrera

Al bocce
how do you get it to play sound?
Comment from : Al bocce

Does it record audio?
Comment from : ReiMomo

Antonio De La O
@iMOSKUL tell me if you find a solution
Comment from : Antonio De La O

Mitch's Music Grapevine
@southdotvista Many regular cameras cannot zoom while recording video, have no idea why that is. Another benefit in using a video camera over a regular one (though not on the flip) is a swivel screen. If you're at a parade or concert or sports game where someone might be in front of you, it's great to be able to raise the camera over your head to shoot around any interference. Generally (though not on the flip) motion stability controls are better set for the video on video cameras.
Comment from : Mitch's Music Grapevine

Ranaxdoa Allen II
What type of editing software does it come with?
Comment from : Ranaxdoa Allen II

James Estep
my new flip has a problem the battery isn't charging…..
Comment from : James Estep

i have a question, it might seem a bit dumb though...lets say for example you have a pocket camcorder and its records in HD 720p and you have a CAMERA thats also can record in HD 720p and the camera is 12.2 megapixel while the pocket camcorder only takes 5 megapixel stills..apart from the audio being better on the pocket camcorder, what other advantages will it have over the camera for recording?? oh and lets assume they cost roughly the same as well
Comment from : southdotvista

Alex Kessler
how much does this go for? I seen one of these at walmart but I wasn't sure if it's the exact one. it says for about 129$?
Comment from : Alex Kessler

@useless241 i dont think thats the guy but they do resemble
Comment from : riyazes

not bad for uni or school
Comment from : ziadtheking

@useless241 Now that you mention it, WOW... THE RESEMBLANCE!! haha
Comment from : shinji

@useless241 No, but he does look pretty close to the guy for Lockerz.com.
Comment from : ryan8121

Wayne Infinity
@TheMariusDuaas me too
Comment from : Wayne Infinity

This is engadget, go away Lockerz freeloading morons.
Comment from : Jethromancer

Tiger Blue
@useless241 haha looks like but he is not :D did u get z list tshirT? i did ;p
Comment from : Tiger Blue

Ogdog Ogden
@XXGOLDENXXDRAGONXX Actually this camera comes with a program that comes with it. I do have the Flip Ultra HD Camera. and you can go to each frame and you can take snapshots with it. I have actually caught some pictures of lightning with this camera. Really good camera. i do have a mini tripod so that helps out a lot. and yes you should lookd into a usb extension cord for this so it doesn't strain the port.Good deal and compact. Good for a first video camera!
Comment from : Ogdog Ogden

det derp
lol no its not
Comment from : det derp

My recommendation? Spend the extra money and get a video camera with image stabilization. This thing is junk while you're moving. The jitter and distortion make the video unwatchable.
Comment from : Ron "The BaldViking" Mitchell

@useless241 no this is the dude from engadget.com
Comment from : KangMinK6

Ben Bolton
what camera did you use to film this video the clarity is very good thanks :)
Comment from : Ben Bolton

Atreyu Cardwell
i want that camera ima go to hsn to get it
Comment from : Atreyu Cardwell

meh you can get an adapter cheap, i found one at the dollar tree :D
Comment from : migguzi

is it possible to take still shots with that?
Comment from : Darryl39345

if you lag at 720p, then your computer's processor&video card sucks. i got the best quality at 720p. and yes this camera is compatible with Mac OS X
Comment from : Ninjuke

Tim Horgan
ordered one of these 2day :)
Comment from : Tim Horgan

Micah Buzan
what is that motor sound in the background? great review b t w.
Comment from : Micah Buzan

@CrazyNelliboo It takes time for YouTube to process them. I have a few guitar videos i uploaded and before they processed they were really fuzzy and distorted. Also, YouTube compresses video uploads which is also a factor. Just give it some time, mine are quite clear now. Check them out if you want.
Comment from : KuntryKash

Tyler Lambregtse
@engadget does it have a video input so i can record videogame gameplay straight from the tv
Comment from : Tyler Lambregtse

Yea I hated that hanging with the USB cable but I had an extension cable so i just used that. I just need to learn how to upload it in full quality of course the long time it needs to upload is annoying when uploading directly to Youtube so I pretty much have to use the Flip Share. I had a 6 minutes video at 460 MB and would have taken 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Comment from : TonyTheTiger

you need to put the quality as 720p, when you edit the video (windows movie maker, sony vegas)
Comment from : OfficialAndy

Zandro Urbiztondo
can we import the clips to another softwares like sony vegas, final cut, etc? if so, would it still be in HD quality? Thanks.
Comment from : Zandro Urbiztondo

@feeroffeer same here!
Comment from : stardreamer911

of course it does, why wouldn't it?
Comment from : GWJumpman

Rad Myslowski
@PanicItsMallory sony vegas 7?
Comment from : Rad Myslowski

Comment from : BugMoneyFishing

for 100% you should try sony vegas 6.0 or 7.0 they are for windows and i use it for my flip too :) works fine
Comment from : gregnator1

Hermes Flores
its totaly free.
Comment from : Hermes Flores

Comment from : mthlover11

Dylan Walker
does this one have to use AA batteries
Comment from : Dylan Walker

they made it that way, with the flip usb. to get the usb cord extension its another 30 bucks. thats marketing :) bought mine today
Comment from : Dougklohnjr

Will Sharp
then they use the money to buy prizes to get more people to join which means they get more results which means the company will pay them more money dunno if this is true, but thats how i see it
Comment from : Will Sharp

Will Sharp
RIGHT< everyone here talking about lockers. here is how i think they get there stuff. in some industries a company will pay a certain orginizaton to find out if people like certain things for exampl" would you rathe ra fast or comfertable car?" then they would get as many results as possible and the car company will pay them to get these results so then they can apply the results to there next product so that thry know what people are looking for when they buy a car.
Comment from : Will Sharp

is this lockerz thing legal ? there has to be a catch, nothing is free, they would go out of business quick, i tihnk you all just work for lockers lol
Comment from : lolnumpty

chaz hughes
cannot be hacked anymore dont listen
Comment from : chaz hughes

PM ME YOUR EMAIL FOR SAME-DAY INVITES TO LOCKERS! I have a working hack that will get you 268 ptz instantly. and will let you type in a random email and it will automaticly be accepted!
Comment from : MitchandGarrettfilms

Will Sharp
lockerz is this thing where oy collect up ptz or answerinf questions or adding people and you spend points on stuff like laptops or headphoens or mp3 players ect or skatboard decks and snowboards and tuuff its pretty easy
Comment from : Will Sharp

if you want in all you have to do is pm me your email adress if you dont feel safe giving it to me just make a new gmail or y mail and give me that email then there you are you are in just go on my channel and pm me
Comment from : thattallhooligan

Comment from : GARATINAW

dude the audio is preaty damn good
Comment from : thattallhooligan

you just go on and awanser the question of the day ex. whats you favorite kind of food
Comment from : thattallhooligan

so how do u get points?
Comment from : GARATINAW

same thing i cant decide between this or ipod touch
Comment from : MrNeno45

Will Sharp
i have enough for this on lockerz, shal i get it? or get GH5 or save up and get a new ipod touch..or save up for another week and get a laptop, io really cant make up my mind thinking of making a uni video
Comment from : Will Sharp

you can get this for free on lockerz its a site where you log on get points use those points to get rewards if you want on you need an invite and i give them out for free just send me a pm
Comment from : thattallhooligan

@burtonkidd Omg I was so mad I logged in late today T__T
Comment from : DairyFarmRush

i just redeemed the Flip Ultra HD on lockerz i should have it in 2 weeks ! :)
Comment from : burtonkidd

hmm, i hope your right. but they havent restocked in a long long while.
Comment from : najtrows

John Barton
what is lockers
Comment from : John Barton

no you can't. its nothing in stock and i don't really think you'll get the chance again.
Comment from : najtrows

J'Adore KPOP
YOU can figure that one out.
Comment from : J'Adore KPOP

Ronald Hammond
Comment from : Ronald Hammond

J'Adore KPOP
There's video stabilization in iMovie, but you have to apply the effect.
Comment from : J'Adore KPOP

send me pm for lockerz invitation - you can win free stuff there and flip ultra hd
Comment from : Feedz

Blake Saters
lol for the price its a great cramera
Comment from : Blake Saters

just get a usb extension cable and lay the camera down on the table next to your computer... problem solved.
Comment from : ShatterPoints

gahh, my camera just recently broke. i really need to get this camera
Comment from : FutureRapscallion

DJ Wisely
yeah it does
Comment from : DJ Wisely

Corbin Makes Vlogs
Comment from : Corbin Makes Vlogs

Ben Ward
does it have a hole in the bottom to screw in a tripod?
Comment from : Ben Ward

Ian Hall
you can connect it to your tv using a hdmi chord
Comment from : Ian Hall

aiptek is horrible in dark light
Comment from : DJ EASE

Raina Hwang
Comment from : Raina Hwang

You're welcome.
Comment from : Picapacapopo

SB Lake Show
You gotta use a editing program and change the format to HD.
Comment from : SB Lake Show

you need to render in HD. I suggest Sony Vegas (which you can torrent for free) check out some of my newer sims videos if you want to see the difference.
Comment from : ¡Yo$oyChris!

great review.
Comment from : astorm13298

Uche Oji
Every good video review should show the product while describing the findings. This vid is worse than a newb vid, just commenting is unprofessional. Shocking coming from Engadget... what happened? Flip asked for it back too soon?!
Comment from : Uche Oji

Jayson H
so what is the best pocket HD camera out now? i heard its still the kodak zi6
Comment from : Jayson H

awful review and very boring. why not take it outside and show us those "vibrant colors" or walk around and let us experience the jerky stutter. whatever, im going to get the kodak one anyways.
Comment from : diecastbeatdown

The Arizona Homestead Project
he does, almost sounds like him too
Comment from : The Arizona Homestead Project

Tami C.
its kinda laggy
Comment from : Tami C.

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