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Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Jimmy Everything to Know About Wine Tasting

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Information Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Jimmy Everything to Know About Wine Tasting

Title :  Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Jimmy Everything to Know About Wine Tasting
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Frames Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Jimmy Everything to Know About Wine Tasting

Description Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Jimmy Everything to Know About Wine Tasting

Comments Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Jimmy Everything to Know About Wine Tasting

Max Gutkovski
Gary does more then enough Sniffy Sniff if you know what i mean , i can tell you that much.
Comment from : Max Gutkovski

It's Qui Gon Jinn - Obi Wan you nerd
Comment from : ThreeAnimalShow

When he said "Let's go Jimmy" at the end 💙💙 So cute
Comment from : Platinum

43 Park
Jimmy went on a bender after this
Comment from : 43 Park

Baron Bakkerij Snippets
Comment from : Baron Bakkerij Snippets

Oliver S
Who else smiled when Jimmy got happy
Comment from : Oliver S

So you know wine #1 was his. He would have disclosed that if Jimmy had picked as the most expensive.
Comment from : angusrocks6464

That's no moon
Bc you don't sell it in stores? That might shave off 2%
Comment from : That's no moon

Ray Roman
Sniffy sniff
Comment from : Ray Roman

Eeee boy!
Comment from : DegusTatorG

Marco G
A man with a strong enough opinion can post as a wine savvy guy anytime I guess. I smell this, I smell that. Well, guess what? It is okay if you don’t smell the same things! If you have never smelled white flower before, htf can you smell white flower. Guys, next time when you see a dude like this, call his bluff, and say, I smell bullshit.
Comment from : Marco G

Oleg Oleg
Wow he is a weirdo in late night show setting
Comment from : Oleg Oleg

Issac Valdivia
Proud of Gary man 👨
Comment from : Issac Valdivia

GARY should have his own show, Trashing Celebrities, or Trash Talking with Celebs

..hey Gary, wink if you are reading this

Comment from : SB SB

The Hazy Juice
Gary V the most annoying guy on the internet.
Comment from : The Hazy Juice

Lucy Stephanie
Wow Gary Vee on Jimmy Fallon's show. 👏👏👏
Comment from : Lucy Stephanie

Love this hard!! Awesome.
Comment from : gwendolinechione

Josh CousinsBrand
Notice the sweet scent of arbitrage and not binge watching fucking Lost
Comment from : Josh CousinsBrand

Joseph Belford
Buy the Jets already Gary
Comment from : Joseph Belford

Jason Klotz
Gary: Do you get the purple Nerds candy on the nose?

Jimmy: I do get a little purple Nerds candy.
Gary: Little beef jerky, Slim Jim, Randy "The Macho Man" Savage?
[ Laughter ]

Jimmy: I wasn't gonna say that, but yes.

Comment from : Jason Klotz

Jason Klotz
Look at that smile on Gary's face. It's like the the Jets won a playoff game.
Comment from : Jason Klotz

Joe Ramah
Comment from : Joe Ramah

Fixin' Frenzy
OMG I love Gary 🤗🤗🤗🤗.
Comment from : Fixin' Frenzy

are we going to ignore the guy at 3:05 saying go with number 3😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : N ENO

Refresh Yourself
I bet that 50$ wine has something to do with my country, Portugal. And i bet you i get better that that with 5€ only. Dayumn
Comment from : Refresh Yourself

Forget It Brian
Gary should do more TV, so he can reach the ignorant masses. Love you Gary!!!
Comment from : Forget It Brian

Tutu Tutu
There's something about passionate people making people with suits uncomfortable 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but Jimmy's jimmyness came out
Comment from : Tutu Tutu

Tutu Tutu
Wwoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Go Gary Gooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Tutu Tutu

Kyle Surufka
pick numba 3 muh lord.. Lol
Comment from : Kyle Surufka

snake oil salesman, get lost
Comment from : JR

Gary sniffing wine: “ahh yes.. notice the slight sweet scent of good parenting and Straight F’s in school..”
Comment from : DawerDebully

More Gary V nonsense
Comment from : superstarrr121

Alex Taubin
This sounds like a infomercial
Comment from : Alex Taubin

Ashleen Kaur
Holy shiiitttt how does this happen?🤷
Comment from : Ashleen Kaur

Bhairab Studio
Why doesn't anybody shove a shoe down this guy's throat? In the hood @garyvee is not gonna save your ass.
Comment from : Bhairab Studio

Roman Castro
“Ideas are shit”- Garry Vaynerchuk.
Comment from : Roman Castro

Clash of titans2017
No cursing from Gary???? 🤔🤔🤔 I'm lost for words!!! 😂😂😂😂 Still that Guy💯✌💯✌💯✌
Comment from : Clash of titans2017

john voodoo
3:04 "number three my lord!"
Comment from : john voodoo

Aicx Medina
This video got me at Gary Vaynerchuk.... 😮
Comment from : Aicx Medina

9 O
I can't trust this fast talker, some salesman bs
Comment from : 9 O

Who else clicked here just for Gary, not for Jimmy or the tonight show?
Comment from : STATIC ERROR

Comment from : Runwithmeee

juan rodriguez
About time lol
Comment from : juan rodriguez

Syncro Van
I came for Gary. Who's this Jimmy guy ? 😁
Comment from : Syncro Van

Comment from : Vulcan

Josh A Berg
Gary is brilliant!
Comment from : Josh A Berg

William Stewart
Comment from : William Stewart

trav is dead
SNIFFY SNIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : trav is dead

David Senteno
So many Sniffy Sniff jokes. So little time. Watching Gary on Fallon is like winning Homecoming Queen and yes I did run. 🥂
Comment from : David Senteno

Dani Ceapa
Best video so far of jimmy
Comment from : Dani Ceapa

Sean Corder
Gary “Don’t say Fuck, Don’t say Fuck, Don’t say Fuck on the Tonight Show” Vee
Comment from : Sean Corder

Pratishtha Patny
Damnnnnn the internet definitely deserved that!!!
Comment from : Pratishtha Patny

These two men need to be shot out of a cannon into the sun. This is shameless and repulsive.
Comment from : bkbj8282

Gary: “Notice the hint of Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card.”
Comment from : SDSUMIGUEL

arka das
After seeing this, I don't want to drink Wine ever, I just want to smell it. Smell it like Gary.
Comment from : arka das

BlueStar Clean Solutions Inc.
you still the man jimmy!
Comment from : BlueStar Clean Solutions Inc.

Gizelle Catherine Grace
gary is the bessst
Comment from : Gizelle Catherine Grace

Kata Gulyás
One of the few times when Jimmy is being over-talked... :D LOVE Gary! He should have his own late night show! <3
Comment from : Kata Gulyás

Felipe Paku
Comment from : Felipe Paku

This is Philanthropy
Hahah that’s so fucking good 😂
Comment from : This is Philanthropy

Gary vee always gonna remind me of Timmy Turner's diabolical teacher
Comment from : ipkiss

Ahsan Shah
Just here for GaryVee 💯
Comment from : Ahsan Shah

Hex Alva
Kinda awkward Gary
Comment from : Hex Alva

Scripted 😒
Comment from : S C

emir canlas
So glad to see you here my man, gary vee! Keep rockin!!!
Comment from : emir canlas

Looks like Gary wanted Jimmy to pick the less expensive one to show how empathy was less expensive but tasted better than the expensive one lol
Comment from : Chknball18

Johnathan Yang
Yea Boyyyy... I'm so HYPED!
Comment from : Johnathan Yang

Athletic Assault
This has Old School Gary on Conan Vibes!!!😂 LOVE THIS!!
Comment from : Athletic Assault

Patricia Sullivan
Love it! Glad to see him on the TV!
Comment from : Patricia Sullivan

Pablo Aguilar
Is this just a segment with Gary or is there a full interview as well? I never thought Gary would be on the Tonight Show but then again its in New York 🤣
Comment from : Pablo Aguilar

Zaheer Omar
Comment from : Zaheer Omar

Maleick Fleming
The Tonight Show Starring GaryVee
Comment from : Maleick Fleming

Riley Seaburg
Damn Gary this is boring as fuck but I see you homie
Comment from : Riley Seaburg

Why aren't you on linkedin??
Comment from : huhhuhhuh

Usua Rio
Gary Vee is the man!!
Comment from : Usua Rio

Olive Amun
Comment from : Olive Amun

Barry Allen
Me: “But Gary I’ve already uploaded 5 videos today”.


Comment from : Barry Allen

Barry Allen
Comment from : Barry Allen

Dylan Sevitt
Everybody gonna ignore that Jimmy is a raging alcoholic, and can definitely tell good wine?
Comment from : Dylan Sevitt

Jason Curay
Ohhhh I love this!!!! GaryVee in Tonight shoooows!
Comment from : Jason Curay

Damn, Gary is truly a ninja at public talk and putting on a great show.
Comment from : mohit

I think that must be a Gary Vee look alike?
Comment from : Yaacov

Empathy Kosher?
Comment from : Yaacov

Alex Cio
Even in other shows Gary is the one talking more then the others ^^
Comment from : Alex Cio

Comment from : Animepro100

What a Jew lol
Comment from : igo0di

Aashi Dhaniya
shower thought: Gary should have his own showwwww— oh wait, nevermind
Comment from : Aashi Dhaniya

Erik Nordlund
Comment from : Erik Nordlund

Gary V is hands down the most corny human walking earth. He is so annoying and wack like wtf do people see in him. Even Jimmy knows how terrible that segment was
Comment from : RY

Frank Farroghi
Comment from : Frank Farroghi

“Go with number 3 my lord” LMFAOOO
Comment from : Jose456

Amber Felt
Wooooaoh #10X
Comment from : Amber Felt

Hair Jordan
I’m not sure why this happened but I’m glad that it did
Comment from : Hair Jordan

karan kapoor
Gary is right ask Jordan!
Comment from : karan kapoor

Yinglong Xu
Why is Gary V so amped up in front of chill Jimmy Fallon?
Comment from : Yinglong Xu

the forgetful
Isn’t jimmy an alcoholic tho?
Comment from : the forgetful

Antwun Trademark
I saw this guy in person, he's amazing.

I vlogged the whole thing.

Comment from : Antwun Trademark

Timofey Radchenko
Expensive doesn't mean good
Comment from : Timofey Radchenko

ryan krohn
I learned wine tasting a long time ago from the movie Sideways.
Comment from : ryan krohn

God this guy is a douche
Comment from : bkccdude

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