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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

aries vergara
5:04 when i see a spider
Comment from : aries vergara

حسن فلاح
👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻🎅كيف تصنع موت لعبة جراني: 🎅
Comment from : حسن فلاح

Aditya K
In headhorse I like the sound when you turn the crank
Comment from : Aditya K

лоб Лашук
Jn z much :)

Comment from : лоб Лашук

Like granny lovers

Comment from : YOKO ᗩᖇᗰY

Muhammad Dika
Comment from : Muhammad Dika

wa sze
Comment from : wa sze

Ian Stübner
momo granny
Comment from : Ian Stübner

Comment from : IN INTAN LOVE YOU

Amira Ali
نزل 2 لأول مرو
Comment from : Amira Ali

Jiday YT
8:11 i think this is Hello Neighbor(or looks like)
Comment from : Jiday YT

Shanii Lovee
Oorei is a Okok
Comment from : Shanii Lovee

Baljinder Kaur
End craft : low down your volume in fear 2


Others: ok

Me : woah that explosive sound

Comment from : Baljinder Kaur

Diana Lugo
Hola cómo estás
Comment from : Diana Lugo

Entertainment Section
nice bro 😎😎😎😎
Comment from : Entertainment Section

Julia Maria
Alguém do Brasil
Comment from : Julia Maria

Huong Phan
Bít ngay mà
Comment from : Huong Phan

Huong Phan
Ko liên quan hết
Comment from : Huong Phan

Huong Phan
Thấy chưa
Comment from : Huong Phan

Huong Phan
Nếu thì bít, hãy cố hết sức
Comment from : Huong Phan

A random Gonk droid
It is a bit awkward to see the evil nun, in ghost mode, walking around the school without noticing you... lmao
Comment from : A random Gonk droid

DarkRise-Brawl Stars
What is your favourite game???

Evil nun
Evil Spongebob
Dark Riddle
Fear 2

Comment from : DarkRise-Brawl Stars

Karthi Kesan
Always our Head horse is best, I am a headhorse fan, Head horse fans like here
Comment from : Karthi Kesan

Lauren Caren
it' s te of slendrina
Comment from : Lauren Caren

Madjus Candelaria
House of Slendrina 2:40
Comment from : Madjus Candelaria

Beckinhas chan
Someone can go to my channel pleas 😥😪
Comment from : Beckinhas chan

Yurii Andreev
Я хочу страшные игры
Comment from : Yurii Andreev

Bana Bzhar
You said lower ur volume but i didn't d it higher the volume sorry this is so funny I like u and I like ur vedios❤
Comment from : Bana Bzhar

Omar over game
youtu.be/K-REUmKqnJQ granny 2 full game video
Comment from : Omar over game

Светлана Богомолова
У меня вопрос тут есть украинец что тут только одни англичане если ты Украинец став 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖👍👍👍
Comment from : Светлана Богомолова

we5vg5rugg we5vg5yohf
Comment from : we5vg5rugg we5vg5yohf

Denki Kaminari
sees evil sponge bob

“Me without makeup”

Comment from : Denki Kaminari

RouRou RouRou
omaygad ♥♥::you un petit palyi♡♡♥
Comment from : RouRou RouRou

RouRou RouRou
اه بتفزع هههههههه لرعب في مدرسة هيني أما هوليك لا♥♡
Comment from : RouRou RouRou

дана манашева
Ice. Cream. 4
Comment from : дана манашева

Адилбек Машарипо
She's as do Q&A😱😱
Comment from : Адилбек Машарипо

Sergio Tena Burboa
Minute 3:21 slenderman slendrina and granny
Comment from : Sergio Tena Burboa

5:53 legit scared me, I-

Edit: Wait, that was ghost mode?

Comment from : LunaStar24

Dajana Milosevic
Comment from : Dajana Milosevic

عشق الولاية
واو 🌹❤️💋
Comment from : عشق الولاية

Cathy Westmoreland
Rd x
Comment from : Cathy Westmoreland

Kennovia Seide
He have to Escape
Comment from : Kennovia Seide

Mohammed Azeem
This is lit bruh
Comment from : Mohammed Azeem

Новый блогер.
Comment from : DimonXR

The Dance Team
The evil spongebob is just too scary for me....
Comment from : The Dance Team

Disco Adrian
Comment from : Disco Adrian

Mama Ojo
Comment from : Mama Ojo

Agusti Passow
Comment from : Agusti Passow

leo 98
Identity v descarga lo aora Dowland nos

Comment from : leo 98

Multic Pultic
So very cool game .. :)) 💕💛💕
Comment from : Multic Pultic

Ruel Trillanes
Me: "lower the volume" nah I don't need to lower the volume!
After the vid
Me: My fuckin ears are painful ;-;

Comment from : Ruel Trillanes

yassmina frome yasssmina l3awmi
Comment from : yassmina frome yasssmina l3awmi

Joel Isidro Barbadillo Jr
Comment from : Joel Isidro Barbadillo Jr

Mentil Adiska
Kok evil nun nya gk nyerang
Comment from : Mentil Adiska

Mikaela Compadretes
5:06 i will put that yelling for my alarm xD
Comment from : Mikaela Compadretes

Miguel Evaristo
Comment from : Miguel Evaristo

lucas gahca
Comment from : lucas gahca

The warrior Wolf lol
BRO End craft my son Watches ur channel video And HE LIKE UR CHANNEL VERY MUCH TY BRO U MAKE THIS CHANNEL

Comment from : The warrior Wolf lol

Lisa Terwort
Die die in der Mitte bei slendrina stand das war gab es auch bei Granny
Comment from : Lisa Terwort

Fresh cup of Tae
No one:
Literally no one:
E-girls: 6:35

Comment from : Fresh cup of Tae

Yoon Aung War Win
Oh my god
Comment from : Yoon Aung War Win

lona shehu
Krazy granny
Comment from : lona shehu

Youtuberman Rony
Itu cheat ada outwitt d granny game
Comment from : Youtuberman Rony

J6d ban
your channel is the best
Comment from : J6d ban

Александра Гниденко

Comment from : Александра Гниденко

Heart Kane Tag Gaming TV
Thanks for telling us lower The volume
Comment from : Heart Kane Tag Gaming TV

Comment from : Weasl

ŁM Jøäøżim ßr
I love your channel and horror games
Comment from : ŁM Jøäøżim ßr

Itam Pawan
Comment from : Itam Pawan

Apoorva Shakya
Huge respect for the volume warning. 🙏🏼
Comment from : Apoorva Shakya

Aman Verma
Hehe hehe you are using outwitts
Comment from : Aman Verma

Yum Noodles Gaming
thanks for the warning 5:00
Comment from : Yum Noodles Gaming

Shadic Eilte Gamer
How you go past the killers?
Comment from : Shadic Eilte Gamer

Daiane Talarico
Comment from : Daiane Talarico

Game Spongebob
Is Mod menu by ciber hacker?

Comment from : VENOM

Belgielyn Marie Allocod
Why do i notice the comments are all about 5:00 , i didnt get there yet
Comment from : Belgielyn Marie Allocod

rax y
I've been playing a horror game, and I got a ghost like one of this.
This is my gaming experience.

Comment from : rax y

Anna Tymicka
nielubię angielskiego
Comment from : Anna Tymicka

Ana Caroline
Dsdsewrzj swferstuiec dzihssgih vxzdgh

Comment from : Ana Caroline

gamingwith KENZIE
Comment from : gamingwith KENZIE

Spongebob just ruined my childhood
Comment from : Kristine

Rosiel Nika
Comment from : Rosiel Nika

Lee Harris
Where were the ,blue red, round keys at in mr meat
Comment from : Lee Harris

akeisha youmee tabucol
Bakit hinde kanakikita
Comment from : akeisha youmee tabucol

Zé Gabriel
Comment from : Zé Gabriel

يوسف يسوف
Endcraft ist ein guter yotuber
Comment from : يوسف يسوف

Mr. 44
3:13 is it Granny???
Comment from : Mr. 44

JOSE Serguei
Comment from : JOSE Serguei

klku k.
Well how did he teleport in this time and he looks weird 6:42
Comment from : klku k.

klku k.
Screams oh no 3:10 Dies
Comment from : klku k.

Jose Altiery
Hey 👋 I am home 🏠
Comment from : Jose Altiery

Danna Garcia
Todos son gringos o que chingados👌👇
Comment from : Danna Garcia

Dara Ayu F
You:*Get the cookies box and go to the second floor*
Evil nun:*Walk beside you but you didn't get caught*
Me:*thinking*Did he play in ghost mode?🤔🤔

Comment from : Dara Ayu F

Did anyone notice that he is using outwitt (HACK)

Ashley Vlogs
You said to lower the volume but I want it higher volume but my baby sister was beside me so she got scared and go to our mom😂😂
Comment from : Ashley Vlogs

DeloVeron VeronDelo
Endcraft is look pro
Comment from : DeloVeron VeronDelo

Crazy Comedy
Who else makes a comment on a video that is funny but then thinks of an even funnier comment but thinks it’s weird to make more than 1 comment on the same videos?
Just me?

Comment from : Crazy Comedy

big fan of ritik tsg
why u are hacking bro
Comment from : big fan of ritik tsg

Kamena Inshan
L going full on 502 wish me luck
Comment from : Kamena Inshan

Rene Tumabang
Wow your a pro.
Comment from : Rene Tumabang

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