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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

neithanee 1
Very productive video..

Comment from : neithanee 1

hey android user here
Comment from : A40

The Leadership Coach
Hi Ali great video, what tripod are you using? I'm trying to find one with a cold shoe that can accommodate the microphone, cheers!
Comment from : The Leadership Coach

Cassandra Rhys
Fantastic video! Thanks for the time you put into it. Quick question. What is the setting in Filmic Pro to make adjustments for depth of field to get the blurry background? TIA! 🙌🏼
Comment from : Cassandra Rhys

How are your iPhone videos not grainy? My videos are super grainy from iPhone XR.
Comment from : death__machine

Sir. Moghraf
Hello Ali
I want to start reports and Dont want t spend lot of money.
What is your Advice.
Thanks for your amazing Job.

Comment from : Sir. Moghraf

John Tomas
Dr Ali thank u very much I just wanna know your mic name the expensive one?!
Comment from : John Tomas

Arjun Singh
This is a great video to help get started.
I wanted to ask - would using AirPods for a mic, help? I have seen some videos out there and I am going to try them myself. Apart from looking annoying in the video, i guess i am more concerned with the audio quality.

Comment from : Arjun Singh

Cuber GO-2
I have the rode smart lav is it good for the audio and I mostly make reviews so is filmic pro useful in that cause.
Comment from : Cuber GO-2

Dude I’m going mental just thinking how he edited and put together all of this bits and cuts 😵🤯🤯
Comment from : GAUTHAM ESHWER

All Kinds
Tip: EQ your mic audio post production. Makes a WORLD of difference if you just do a simple denoise and EQ (can do more if youre familiar with audio processing)
Comment from : All Kinds

Doctor Dibblin
This is great advice thank you! I’ve just started my YouTube channel filming on my iPhone XR
Comment from : Doctor Dibblin

Zahra Nasar
I am that “ ghetto “ to film my instagram videos with my phone propped up on a stack of books😂
Comment from : Zahra Nasar

Norman Rand Wolfe
Let's see, the first tip: Buy an LG instead of a rotten apple...
Comment from : Norman Rand Wolfe

Ellena Gavri
You are straight on point and this video changed my life now 😊👍
Comment from : Ellena Gavri

Cuber GO-2
What do you edit on
Comment from : Cuber GO-2

Pedro Ivens Monteiro
excelent video! i really liked it!
Comment from : Pedro Ivens Monteiro

Mazen Ahmed
This video deserves a lot more views.
Comment from : Mazen Ahmed

Good thing about YouTube
People will create accounts and post weird vids that’s not cool (me included)
And no one will see it because it doesn’t get recommended
Unlike tik tok that is full of garbage people just looking for followers

Comment from : BJC T

Your videos are QUALITY.
Comment from : KIKI ANAS AHMAD

How do you manage your time to be a med student and still do all this
Comment from : yuki

"I tend to talk alot with my hands" offcouse #southasian
Comment from : Aknayirpuna

Taiwo Ayomide
Best video. 🙏
Comment from : Taiwo Ayomide

React Trip
Awesome video
Comment from : React Trip

Nashaya Shimry
Hi thank you for the info. Can filmic help in mirroring the iPhone in landscape mode? This has been a struggle for me, thanks
Comment from : Nashaya Shimry

John Melville
I have an android phone
Comment from : John Melville

Maddie plays
Thanks these tips helped me a lot
Comment from : Maddie plays

Maher Zain
You got an iPhone 10s max. My gear is redmi note 8 😂
Comment from : Maher Zain

Audio quality is essential.
Comment from : dimitrimoonlight

Teagen Tatum
I dont have a iphone
Comment from : Teagen Tatum

Izzy Georgia
This playlist saved my life THANK YOU!!!
Comment from : Izzy Georgia

Tafsir Ahmed
Super useful man!
Comment from : Tafsir Ahmed

Hugo Lethbridge Ford
Filmic pro is so expensive
Comment from : Hugo Lethbridge Ford

Andrew Spence
Super helpful, thanks man!
Comment from : Andrew Spence

ANi's Youtube world
Thank you so much for the great adiveces
Comment from : ANi's Youtube world

Piotr Karcz
Hi, You using Final Cut Pro for editing videos?
Comment from : Piotr Karcz

Billal Bin Amin utsha
whcih country are u from and are u muslim?
Comment from : Billal Bin Amin utsha

siphon kreoiz
Hi guys I need help. When I'm filming a video, there is black bar on the side of my screen. Is it normal and how can I delete the black bar?
Comment from : siphon kreoiz

Jonathan Acuña
Great idea to use the computer monitor as a second screen
Comment from : Jonathan Acuña

Danny Maldonado
thank you very much for this tips! I didnt know that microphone existed
Comment from : Danny Maldonado

Nadezda Jordanva
How do I mirror the screen from my phone to laptop?
Comment from : Nadezda Jordanva

Sophia Elph
This is really helpful! I’m starting my video diary and thinking of getting a fancy camera but with this, I don’t have to anymore.
Comment from : Sophia Elph

Chirag Singh
Point is I dont have a good phone either, I bought mine for 200 USD in my currency lol. Also I dont have a computer capable of editing video either.
Comment from : Chirag Singh

Mojo Jojo
what heathens hahahahah
Comment from : Mojo Jojo

how many hours per week do you put into your youtube channel? what about when you first started?
Comment from : hodsh1

Richard Garira
Im one of those watching this on an android phone
Comment from : Richard Garira

Brian Evans
I think the main difference is the field of depth. There is no bokeh background blur with iPhone video. If I were wanting to start a youtube channel, and didn't have the money for a camera, I wouldn't purchase a $1500 phone. I would get a cheap android phone like the Pocophone (which actually has a decent camera) and then spend the other $1200 left over on some video gear like mics or lights. My point being, if you are short on cash, dont get the latest iPhone which has only very slight benefits compared to a much cheaper Andriod phone. There are some serious marginal returns at play here. The difference between a $350 pocophone and a $1500 iPhone are not enormous. Sure the iPhone has a couple advantages, but fundamentally they do the same thing. And in a blind test, most people prefer photos from the pocophone than iPhone for people who hate "android" quality. I know this will likely trigger some people, but its just some thoughts to take into consideration. Thanks for the video Ali!
Comment from : Brian Evans

8:50 i can still see it!
Comment from : pax43

Sooo helpful! You might be the best person on Youtube to watch tutorials/learn things from. Concise, yet so informational. Just motivated me to get off my butt and start making videos again. Thank you, Ali!
Comment from : Chukwudum

Theo Masunga
Did you just call me a heathen? Like fr? Sheeple r so effing rude lol
Comment from : Theo Masunga

Give some respect to Android 🤨

Comment from : MostTechy

Alimentación Konsciente por Natalia Croissier
Great video! thanks a lot! What is the name of the connector you use for the Rode VideoMicro?
Comment from : Alimentación Konsciente por Natalia Croissier

Which file format does filmic put the videos into? Great Video!
Comment from : Sondant

Great vid as always.

Coincidentally, FILMIC Pro got an opportunity at the Apple Event as well.. That implies - great choice..

Comment from : Asx114

Learning Insight
I really wanted this ali, as i wanna film a video soon
Comment from : Learning Insight

J. L.
Can you recommend me a tripod like the one holding your iPhone XS Max in the video? I need one to start a video project. The brand and specifications would be perfect. Thank you and congrats for your amazing channel
Comment from : J. L.

2:13 That is NOT THE 180 RULE!
Comment from : wherearetheturtles

Akanksha Rai
He hurt my emotions "heathens"!?😶🤪😂🙂🔪(psychopath killer smile)
Comment from : Akanksha Rai

Adwait Deshmukh
This video was very insightful. How do you sync you raudio from the mic to the iphone video?
Comment from : Adwait Deshmukh

Valdemar Traça
Is the moment app as good as the filmic pro?
Comment from : Valdemar Traça

Jerrod Followwell
Hey, Ali. I'd really like to see how you organize your general planner. Most of your videos track and document the progress of known due dates (which I really appreciate!) But how do you compartmentalize tasks that come about thought the day, week, and even semester not including a "to-do" list?
Comment from : Jerrod Followwell

OMFG Ali love this video... Been a long time sub now and have been wondering about being able to film semi good enough legitimate shit on the iPhone/smartphones in general and this really helped a lot. Would live even more, awesome!
Comment from : spacetime

What about software for editing
Comment from : W.

Med Sheba
Being a mobile youtuber myself i can relate to almost 100% of the content
Comment from : Med Sheba

Peter Cattell
Ali, you have real skill in creating your content, and I love to watch your videos..... but I just discovered this guy... he has only created 3 videos, but you HAVE to have a look at the latest one. I think you two could do wonders together :)

Comment from : Peter Cattell

Shaun Marais
Lovely experiment
Comment from : Shaun Marais

Otsukalesamadesu! I guess I'll be making some mini-clips in the next couple of days.(It might be awful but perfectionism shouldn't prevent myself from starting something new in my life...) Ali-san, now you cheered me up🐕(Arigatou!)
Comment from : よしのあきの

Miss Karen Kinsey Shrinking
Hi Ali :) Would this work for recording on an iPad too?
Comment from : Miss Karen Kinsey Shrinking

Yup, this is the YouTube vid that’s gonna change my life.
Comment from : Masdn

Funmilayo Eunice
How can I get to talk to you, pls
Comment from : Funmilayo Eunice

Tortor Smith
Sorry we only spoke briefly earlier... your channel is absolute class - I love it 😍 hopefully see you about tomorrow 👌🏻
Comment from : Tortor Smith

fair enough
never thought i’d hear ali say the word “ghetto” 😂
Comment from : fair enough

Henrique Santos
I study English watching your videos. I do not like to listen in English, but with you I can hear. I hope one day talk to you. I bought my iPad pro because I watched your video. Are you from India or Pakistan? Do you like rugby?
Comment from : Henrique Santos

Chris Lazarou
dont you just love this guy! hes a fantastic doctor, a fantastic youtuber your amazing!
Comment from : Chris Lazarou

Martin Klein
All you need is a 1000Dollar Phone LOL
Just get a used camera on ebay or somewhere else for half the price of an iPhone 10X with way better quality

Comment from : Martin Klein

koenigsegg regera
Heathens for Android user, sad people for Windows users...🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Comment from : koenigsegg regera

Tyagou Resende
Comment from : Tyagou Resende

Mohamed Ibrahim
Hello ali abdalla i hope you can make video about how you start making podcast and what is the step you take
Comment from : Mohamed Ibrahim

Cindy Vorasane
Hi Ali! What monitor do you have? Looks like a 49” curved screen. I’ve been wanting to get one but not sure of the compatibility with macOS. Would love to hear your input! Thank you!
Comment from : Cindy Vorasane

Chef Gamer
Could you make a video about your new monitor?
Comment from : Chef Gamer

Samrah Adnan
You are the best content creator. Always to the point, you cover topics completely without dragging and it’s always structured. Also how quickly you cover a topic is perfect for my level of patience. Also I always learn something new. Keep it up!
Comment from : Samrah Adnan

Polash Adhikari
Inspirational as always! Thank you.
Comment from : Polash Adhikari

Janno Jens
Call me crazy but I notice the quality difference
Comment from : Janno Jens

Ked Talks
Thanks for the great tips! I finally decided to start my channel and this is honestly a game changer for someone who doesn’t have much money for accessories yet :)
Comment from : Ked Talks

Leslie Graham
Great video Ali! I really enjoyed it. You have a great way of explaining things. Thanks.
Comment from : Leslie Graham

Siddhant Madan
Jump to 4:37 to hear a chipmunk 😆
Comment from : Siddhant Madan

Parth S. Thakar
"You don't need lots of stuff just need your iphone/phone"
and then he shows so many devices and setup !! 😉
That's Ali for you..😊 he loves gadgets and he is master of it !
Lovely video again!

Comment from : Parth S. Thakar

"One of those heathens" I'll ignore that for this video😂😂😂 Samsung s9+ gang
Comment from : Physademia

Please make a vedio on revision and last minute tips and revision before exams.. please
Comment from : Persis

A Girl Says
I really love you accent. 🍁

Now i would just go back and complete the video 😝

Comment from : A Girl Says

iPhone shoots good quality video. Biggest thing to not make it ‘look’ like it was shot on iPhone is an app that supports fixed focus so it’s not always hunting for focus like a regular iPhone video often can be
Comment from : MrKlaw

Good video, next time cutting or something like that would be great
Comment from : ryx

Katlego Kgosibodiba
Heathens 🤯
Comment from : Katlego Kgosibodiba

Charlie Shin
It’s kinda ass that headphone jacks were removed. Having a external small rode mic would be really great for filming
Comment from : Charlie Shin

Harshita Narayan
Hey ! Do you mind making a video on how you learned to code. Thanks :)
Comment from : Harshita Narayan

Akshit Sarrof
Nice video Ali
Comment from : Akshit Sarrof

Billal Bin Amin utsha
much needed video and awaiting video 🥰🥰❤️
Comment from : Billal Bin Amin utsha

Aakarsh Goyal
I am sorry...but is it the iPhone or the lighting or the editing but I can definitely see a clear difference between your other videos and this video (even before you told me you shot this on the iPhone). I didnt quite expect to see a difference. But well these eyes belong to a tech geek...so oh well!
Comment from : Aakarsh Goyal

Brainy Hunt
This is the best video about, "how to film youtube videos on iPhone". We need a video about how you edit your videos.
Comment from : Brainy Hunt

Gday mates
How dare you! I am an android user and have a pc laptop BUT I do have an ipad haha ;)
Comment from : Gday mates

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