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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Comment from : NeilPuzon

pianofun Atlanta
Salesman I loveee
Comment from : pianofun Atlanta

Josh Bryant
Proverbs 23:29-35 KJV..."at the last"
Comment from : Josh Bryant

Comment from : Quick

Casey Westhoven
Gary V is selling "an experience"
Comment from : Casey Westhoven

BeGood 2Me
You have to drink the wine and say it tastes like grapes. If you say it tastes like cherries or dark chocolate you obviously don't know what you're talking about.
Comment from : BeGood 2Me

Treye Connor
He’s been grinding every day for years! All of the evidence is right here...mad respect!
Comment from : Treye Connor

Jared Lind
Dang this is the youtube paleolithic era!
Comment from : Jared Lind

Long Weltreise Vlogs
Came here from the Podcast, wanted to see how he is doing that - sucking the oxigen in - thing haha :D
Comment from : Long Weltreise Vlogs

Lucas McCullar
Like if you came here from the no jumper interview to just see the five back then for ole Gary. At first I️ couldn’t take how he talks, but over time I️ kinda like I️t now. Weird I️ know. But I️ digg this fella. 12 years later. 200 mill media company now. I️ hope to have 1 mill in 12 years. On my own.


Comment from : Lucas McCullar

Vera Jones
Comment from : Vera Jones

Prosperity Cove
Watching this on February 15th, 2018 is a lesson in GRINDING. Get your groove, and dig in! WORK is a four letter word, but not a BAD one. Get after it!
Comment from : Prosperity Cove

Saniya Aphale
I'm a beginner in this subject. I was curious to know why you spit the wine out?
Comment from : Saniya Aphale

Mitch Farkas
The amount of content Gary has produced and is producing FOR FREE for all of us makes guys like Tai Lopez look like high school freshmen in And1's who dont know how to fuckin box out.
Comment from : Mitch Farkas

Oklahoma Pool Services & Outdoor Living
good stuff
Comment from : Oklahoma Pool Services & Outdoor Living

The legend
Comment from : AJ

I like this. This guy looks like he could really make something of himself.
Comment from : AfricanPublicHoliday

Had a thought that I'dd like to learn how to drink wine the right way. Checked to see if he had a video on it and here I am. Could there be anybody better to learn from really? Most definitely not.
Comment from : RH

Jonathan Hidalgo
Damn, Gary has been grinding for a long ass time! That's impressive.
Comment from : Jonathan Hidalgo

Where is the part when you actually drink the wine?
Comment from : ElfenDidntLie

Shameran Hanna
What a great video. Thanks for the info. Not everyone knows this, and probably missing out the art of wine tasting.
Comment from : Shameran Hanna

episodes like this, why i know you became so successful.... the passion, attention to detail, the genuine love for something so singular... i'm happy you're a big timer in the media world, someone i trust.
Comment from : Jon

Exotic Wine Travel
Great episode and breaks down tasters do what they do.
Comment from : Exotic Wine Travel

Kamil Bełz
Love that.
Thank's Gary. :)

Comment from : Kamil Bełz

Kobi Yedidovich
in few hours big Wine conference getting ready with Gary lots of testing.    
Comment from : Kobi Yedidovich

he said either you spit it out or swallow it. if you are tasting wine at a store, swallow them all and after tasting like 20 different wines you will get pull over and throw in jail while trying to drive home.
Comment from : HungQDang

Hi thanks for your awesome video man, very helpful.
Comment from : corganrocks

"Hi I'm Gay Winechucker"
Comment from : HMQ

Antonio Mastrofrancesco
VASR... Visualizzare Annusare Sorseggiare Riassumere
Comment from : Antonio Mastrofrancesco

Rules For Rebels
great videos man you got good info. i like wine but don't know a whole lot about it so get good info from your vids. i love the wines and prices at trader joes
Comment from : Rules For Rebels

Great stuff!
Comment from : DayZwTrizzo

How to taste wine... 1. Pour wine in glass 2. Drink the fucking wine
Comment from : myusernameistaken23

anil basra
spitting and keep smelling is not a wine tasting behaviour..... crap vid
Comment from : anil basra

Don't feed the troll...
Comment from : newengland72

Heather Jett
@cjhlqct Started making some serious cash last month ($1400-$2200 a day) with a new method. If you can get into the right niche theres no stopping you. Trust me your gonna like this course, have a look here --> bit.ly/R9sB4k?=rlrkcd
Comment from : Heather Jett

@BieberBabyBopper I hope this is a joke.
Comment from : huldra

Mathews Joseph
dick head.....
Comment from : Mathews Joseph

Chuck Norris can taste all the complex tannins and subtle flavors of a fine red wine, and even determine the region of origin....by simply guzzling it straight from the bottle.
Comment from : p7byrd

awesome video man just subsribe
Comment from : shin1300

@BieberBabyBopper LMAO! are you serious?
Comment from : nik78757

@BieberBabyBopper shut up
Comment from : okara83

Gary, from Jersey much?
Comment from : okara83

Alcohol is a dangerous, addictive substance, and even though you're spitting it out, the alcohol can still be absorbed into your bloodstream through your mouth. I know you're just trying to make a harmless video, but the reality is that this may cause people to abuse wine, drive drunk, and kill innocent people. I think you should take this video down so no one will be encouraged to begin drinking.
Comment from : BieberBabyBopper

kevin warren
@dreadlord2587 cold it gives it a better taste check the temperature on the back of the bottle and after drinking a white win it is ok to keep it in the fridge. don't put a wine in the fridge before opening try and buy a wine seller if you are a little into wine.
Comment from : kevin warren

Al Ma
do you get this serious when drinking orange juice?
Comment from : Al Ma

Dennis Sucgang
very educational, though I'm having a tough time thinking that I need a bucket when dining in posh restaurants..
Comment from : Dennis Sucgang

Kha Zix
I'm drinking a bottle of rose, well I'm trying to, its fucking disgusting!
Comment from : Kha Zix

Sagar Patel
I do not drink but I have a great deal of respect for connoisseur of all sorts. To truly know your thing and appreciated it is simply amazing. Basically taste and smell are closely related therefore he does that sniffing, drinking with air to truly evenly distribute the material across his palette/tongue and swallowing at the same time as smelling makes your sense of taste more potent. I do agree with the general audience that physically it looks odd n hilarious but I have vast amt respect 4 u.
Comment from : Sagar Patel

From what I know, the glass is so round and elongated because it funnels the scent of the wine to your nose. That's why there's so much variety in the shapes of wine glasses; different wines have different compositions and thus different smells.
Comment from : chiHuaHuaHua

I always wander...if you poor such a small amount of wine in a glass for tasting why not have a special glass a bit bigger then like a Martini glass...that way when you swirl a bit the wine won't spill...the wine glasses typically in my opinion are a bit big. I mean yeah other people might fill them up at parties but It's just something I always wander about when I watch these videos.
Comment from : TheBlackCrafter

Good information...
Comment from : Edarthas

Great thanks for this
Comment from : Chiefman

Johhny Five
makes me want to get drunk
Comment from : Johhny Five

wow great informative. im looking for the mid palette. but i wont spit it out. hehehe
Comment from : robotadventures

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