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Alif Haikal
Alpha : Sometimes I
Think About Girls

Game : Think About Kills

Comment from : Alif Haikal

Batbold Batnym
Song ???
Comment from : Batbold Batnym

syahrul nurisin
Comment from : syahrul nurisin

gord's voice in ulti?
Comment from : tab

RWBY-Lunox Ngo
Wait to hold up, I thought Natalia says, "We serve the light while working in the dark." well eh whatever there's no or right answer
Comment from : RWBY-Lunox Ngo

Χρήστος Δημητρόπουλος
Also roger i think a strange power ... to my body
Comment from : Χρήστος Δημητρόπουλος

Χρήστος Δημητρόπουλος
Gord there is no time to chat
Comment from : Χρήστος Δημητρόπουλος

Yi sun sin and lapu lapu their voice sounds familiar
Comment from : JUDE XL

Yi sun sin and lapu lapu their voice sounds familiar
Comment from : JUDE XL

Dark Soul Shadow YT

Comment from : Dark Soul Shadow YT

"The man who can beat me has not been born yet"

yet until now

Comment from : Z4lone

Muhammad Yunan
To much missed boyyyy
Comment from : Muhammad Yunan

Sailor Man
Comment from : Sailor Man

Sailor Man
Comment from : Sailor Man

Sailor Man
Comment from : Sailor Man

John Renny Hispano
every mistake could be a lesson (sun)
Comment from : John Renny Hispano

Adventures of Drey and Caleb
Me: drinking water
Alpha: sometimes I think about..
Me: what is it?
Alpha: girls..
Me: Choking on water

Comment from : Adventures of Drey and Caleb

Ryon Tan
No one:

Ruby: AaWoOoOoOoOoO

Comment from : Ryon Tan

cherry blossom
I thought alpha was where i go pained follows🤣🤣
Comment from : cherry blossom

cherry blossom
Wait wheres we need a mage🤣🤣
Comment from : cherry blossom

Jai S
And another one yss "wherever the turtle ships go the seas belong to me"
Comment from : Jai S

Jai S
Another mistake alpha "wherever is go beta follows
Comment from : Jai S

Jai S
Isn't it "the man who can beat me has not been born yet"🤔
Comment from : Jai S

Ezekiel Adarme
I thought Kagura said: I thought to miss you another ticker
Comment from : Ezekiel Adarme

Leila Tayag
i always thought that ruby said "I washed my hood with love"
Comment from : Leila Tayag

Barbara Losowski
Why do you write them incorrectly so often?? A lot of these are wrong and make no sense how you write it.
Comment from : Barbara Losowski

'There are two kind of people in this world'

Me:and I hate them

Comment from : GARØ OF YOÛNG

اقتـبـاسـات جمـــيلة
There are full mistakes in ur writing of quotes😒 because og that i did dislike
Comment from : اقتـبـاسـات جمـــيلة

Batang Bukid
In the world of kung fu speed depends the winner.. Ito yung Kulang yung chou nyo..
Comment from : Batang Bukid

Her gusion at fanny .user 😘😘😘
Comment from : KIM DAN

Sentimen_ Tal
Still can't believe that Kagura's voice was Kana Hanazawa ( the one who sings Renai Circulation )
Comment from : Sentimen_ Tal

Lujain del Carmen
Lol, voice over with matching background music? AMAZING HAHAHAHAHAHAHASHUNGA
Comment from : Lujain del Carmen

3:23 its not "they'd follows" but its "BETA Follows"
So BETA is alpha friend in his story

Comment from : Risandy

itz devilprincess Katie
i like your chanell
Comment from : itz devilprincess Katie

Jerick Villanueva
It is not a "title" ship it is a turtle ship
Comment from : Jerick Villanueva

Charelle Pandes
Ruby: the wolf is coming
Yi sun - time to attack
Moskov: i can’t die
Johnson: boomm pooww
Cyclops: stars on my eyes

Comment from : Charelle Pandes

It's not they'd in alpha it's betta
Comment from : 7PKWDCYCLONE Player

lovely borda
i like ruby s voice
Comment from : lovely borda

ahah 2
Moskov says: i cant die not tight now .. not i cant die
Comment from : ahah 2

Jooolll Lags
Natalia : Where is my Target?

Me : Enemy missing!

Comment from : Jooolll Lags

Zach Taylor
Alpha : Sometimes, I think about girls!
Comment from : Zach Taylor

rusty boy
Comment from : rusty boy

Chou: the man who can beat me has NOT BEEN born yet

Comment from : Avery

Harley Clown9
The umbrella is Yin,the human is Yang.Chinese is like this.Because of the pronunciation, you guys will hear it wrong.
Comment from : Harley Clown9

TheLeafR10 Gaming
Alpha: *Somethimes, I think about girls

Me: ffttttttt

Also me: well are you my classmate who always think about that?

Comment from : TheLeafR10 Gaming

Jm Mendoza

I don't want to die

Comment from : Jm Mendoza

Ralph Bacon
Alpha: where ever I go, Beta follows
Comment from : Ralph Bacon

hey kagura is not living is looking
Comment from : IM ALDREI LOPEZ

Alpha voice is like a jolly tone
Comment from : leah

Si balmond🤣
Comment from : GATCHA MAKER

A Simple Roblox Player
Sun: Is there a ninja who stolen my skill doppleganger?

Naruto: Am I joke to you? It's looks you stole my shadow clone..🤨🤨

Comment from : A Simple Roblox Player

Starfire Koriand'r
Where am I?
Comment from : Starfire Koriand'r

Ra ven
Alpha confessed.
Comment from : Ra ven

Jabert CEH
Ruby's voice is so cute.
Comment from : Jabert CEH

Kier Capricho TV
I want to fvck kagura
Comment from : Kier Capricho TV

Ryan Desales
The voice of kagura is soooo cute
Comment from : Ryan Desales

Trendy Trendsph
Natalia sounds like my english professor😮😮
Comment from : Trendy Trendsph

Naruto Sennin Sage
Moskov : I can't die
One minute later
Me: You have been slain by Layla😀😀😀😀

Comment from : Naruto Sennin Sage

CDcoolz YT
yi sun shin:o they are attaking the lord aha there hp is so low i will SS so i can get savage
moskov:no i get savage look at it i will go to them
in game:moskov has been slain
yi sun shin:hahahahhahahahah i just lie you that they have low hp hahahahaha

Comment from : CDcoolz YT

Lovell Pasion
5:24 What Moskov actually said is:
"I* long for peace in the Heart"

9:04 Lapu Lapu said: "Time to end it* all" & "Enemies are many and I am alone, but one* slash*, I'll kill them all"

Comment from : Lovell Pasion

Refjey Mercado
No martis
Comment from : Refjey Mercado

Johnson-autobots sound familiar
Yeah because you are transformers

Comment from : KIM P CHANNEL

Alpha: “Sometimes I think about girls.”

Me: “...Pervert robotic wanna be human,”

Just for fun.

Comment from : H A R U K A

Soren :D
All heroes are cocky!
Comment from : Soren :D

if there is a lapu lapu..

is there a magellan?

Comment from : uwu

Vincent Joe Cacal
Puro kulang naman
Comment from : Vincent Joe Cacal

Marics Vallesteros
Comment from : Marics Vallesteros

Zxxgamer hsuwh
kagura:we need a maig🙄🙄
Comment from : Zxxgamer hsuwh

I already felt to be abyss please correct it not just to hear
Comment from : Necrovip1

Comment from : Necrovip1

Kagura "do you wanna be my shikigami" not become
Comment from : Necrovip1

I thought Kagura said "I thought i miss you, another ticket"


Comment from : Universe49

Rogen Inocencio
Whats the second music?
Comment from : Rogen Inocencio

Rogen Inocencio
Whats the second music?
Comment from : Rogen Inocencio

Hre Te
The second music? Pls
Comment from : Hre Te

Ninja Minecraft
you are wrong whenever ago beta follow
Comment from : Ninja Minecraft

Anne Thaba
Gord ult Burn my craftttttttttt
Sun. The blood of monkey whould never die
Cyclpos. Run.....run.......

Comment from : Anne Thaba

Cassius Apostol
Nata’s qusetion: what’ the truth?
Natalia answers her own qusetion:
“Nothing is truth”

Comment from : Cassius Apostol

Aurora's voice is so calm and relaxing😍😍😍😍
Comment from : BloxyKeith_Playz

Ace . D. Viper
For alpha it is
Where ever I go beat follows

Comment from : Ace . D. Viper

Blueberry Swap
First time seeing Kagura, I thought it was "A Thought in museum, another technique"

1 month later: "A thought to the seas, another technique"

2 months later: "A thought to be seen, another to hate"

After more time pass by: "A thought to miss you, another to hate."

It really got me confused.

Comment from : Blueberry Swap

Kae Kae
Comment from : Kae Kae

Zhaired Refrea
Akala ko pa naman tagalog yung voice ni Lapu Lapu 😑😂
Comment from : Zhaired Refrea

- u-lol-u -
Where is lapu lapu's "Those in my way die!!"
Comment from : - u-lol-u -

Jack Of Hearts
Okay part 2
Comment from : Jack Of Hearts

Alice Saurin
Enemies are peeing at our land 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Alice Saurin

Kit Jan Albuna
Lolita and Kagura have the same voice 😮😮😮
Comment from : Kit Jan Albuna

Comment from : ᅳᅣᅮᅣᄁ묘

ML IS LAYP Hakkdoggg
How about cyclops death
Comment from : ML IS LAYP Hakkdoggg

Loisa Meguines
I thought kagura said...

Kagura: I thought it was you another to paint.

But I was wrong lol

Comment from : Loisa Meguines

brayverbear kim
Miya: Where do you think you're going ?
Ruby: Taking a life

Comment from : brayverbear kim

Estheri nu Hmunhlei
Gord say also “there is no time to cheat chat”
Comment from : Estheri nu Hmunhlei

Dwine Morae
Lapu Lapu: Die Magellan!!!!!
Comment from : Dwine Morae

US Marine Corps
Tits, Alpha is online

Comment from : US Marine Corps

Pete Chalieu
Alpha wherever I go beta follow ,because beta is his robot drone
Comment from : Pete Chalieu

Duck Duck Quack
Most of these are wrong. How can u not guys understaaaaand the words are so cleeaaaarrrrr 😭
Comment from : Duck Duck Quack

John Mikhail mayuyo David
Kagura : we need a mage 😂😂😂
Comment from : John Mikhail mayuyo David

david blouin
1:49 where's kagura's japanese saying like Shokyohukyo
Comment from : david blouin

wanta some ice wrong
Want some prize

Comment from : CONZO YT

Ace Adlawan
I thought Kagura said "I thought a museum and never to hate"

And Natalia is struggling on finding the truth

Comment from : Ace Adlawan

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