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The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!

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Information The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!

Title :  The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!
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Frames The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!

Description The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!

Comments The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!

Jaser X
All phones camera is made by Sony πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Comment from : Jaser X

Dylan Angel
no one blurs photos, its dumb, its half a photo
Comment from : Dylan Angel

Mohammed Ahmed
I think we should be given an option on a smartphone like Huawei where a normal photo itself works like a portrait camera which I think is a disadvantage for the ones who want the background in their photos as well.
Comment from : Mohammed Ahmed

Bumbl_loid PRODUCTIONS ch.5
When you realize that the ads in this video was brought to you by LinusTechTips
Comment from : Bumbl_loid PRODUCTIONS ch.5

vishnu Jyo
Whats with you're eye, man?
Comment from : vishnu Jyo

Whats the point? You have an edit option there below every photo. I would say the information in the photo.. the amount of detail.. the colour accuracy is what that matters πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ and thats where the iphone wins for me
Comment from : Husain

moom gaeee Productions
What up with his eye
Comment from : moom gaeee Productions

Comparison Camera
Top πŸ“·
Comment from : Comparison Camera

S10e gang!
Comment from : Etsuhiro

Ginger Misadventures
I think the most important lesson here is...

Screw the masses, they're idiots. Get what YOU like.

Unless, of course, the masses are gonna pay for that phone. Then get what they like.

Comment from : Ginger Misadventures

nomaru ato
6:38 his eyes are bleeding wth
Comment from : nomaru ato

Shaik Ajju
Thumbnail πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Comment from : Shaik Ajju

Fotis Koumoulas
The redmi k20 pro with omnivision cameras and dissent camera software beat p30 pro with Leica cameras and good software . This is really stupid
Comment from : Fotis Koumoulas

danielo prophet
For me the note 10 plus is great but not enough versatile compared to iphones and huawei.
Comment from : danielo prophet

Mehuzael Dazel
Yess ...this shows how bad the taste of ' the untrained'. eyes are ....

Pixel 4 or iphone or huwai .were so much superior
Btw :i have s10 .....im jealous of my brothers pixel 4 camera
..but doesnt matter i have a dslr :)

Comment from : Mehuzael Dazel

Vinayak Gopinath
Comment from : Vinayak Gopinath

imagine if his predictions were literally exact
Comment from : BlueBreakfastEgg

is your eye ok :(
Comment from : BlueBreakfastEgg

just some minced garlic
After switching from the oneplus 7 pro to the iPhone 11 Pro Max,, i can def say that i think the pictures on the iphone look better 95% of the time, and 100% of the time when you send them to someone or post them online. I think a lot of why iphone cameras look so good to everyone is because iMessage handles pictures so much better than regular mms. Def not an expert on this but i do know what i like.
Comment from : just some minced garlic

Gameboy 1996
Bro please stop nonsense now samsung took better photo then all of these that's why samsung is the winner... What is need of 50+ features in photo if photos itself isn't appealing to eye's πŸ˜‚πŸ€· please i know it's hard for you to see your fav brand lose but you gotta live with that man .. don't defend your fav brand 🀷 you guys are so bias 🀦
Comment from : Gameboy 1996

Nathan Martinat
I got everything except oneplus 7t versus iPhone 11 pro
Comment from : Nathan Martinat

its pretty obvious
Comment from : WisdomBro

Tharun Viswanathan
is it me or is 0:35 a glitch>
Comment from : Tharun Viswanathan

Uhm, Salty. This is consumer preference and phone makers like to capitalise on that. Samsung won.
On the other side, I still think you should have used all phones on all samples just to consider the strength of cameras in its entirety. And selfies should reaaaally have been considered.

Comment from : MC

West Coast
Huawei p30 pro and mate 30 pro soooo underrated
Comment from : West Coast

what I'm seeing is a group of illiterate voters!
Comment from : MONZUR Alam

parth mache
At the end of the day people don't like hdr
Comment from : parth mache

Kevin Bachke
samsung a50πŸ˜…β™₯️
Comment from : Kevin Bachke

aman tekani
I guessed iphone 11 pro (against one plus 7t pro) and Huawei P30 pro (against redmi k20 pro) incorrectly, otherwise I was right.
Even though I wanted redmi k20 pro to win, I thought there is no way it can beat Huawei P30 Pro πŸ˜‚

Comment from : aman tekani

Alexandru Badic
Put identical photos, and it will be like 70 to 30 =))
Comment from : Alexandru Badic

Alexandru Badic
I liked C in every photo, surprise, i own a huwei, i fell good about that
Comment from : Alexandru Badic

Jonathan Yenew
Comment from : Jonathan Yenew

CrossoversX X
Its ridiculous the amount of people calling marques a samsung hater, he just prefers bokah and iphones and pixels offer better blur. His everyday phone was the s20 ultra for aaaaggggessss.
Comment from : CrossoversX X

Karan Malhotra
so confusing and irritating video, pls learn how to maker proper videos
Comment from : Karan Malhotra

I feel like using a tripod instead of a guy holding the phone would have been better. And setting the camera settings up and taking a proper photo would have been better.

You've got different focuses, different shading etc.
Next time you do this test use static objects on a fixed tripod so every imagine is identified.

You haven't really done a very good test, polls are bad too because people also vote whatever is winning because they like to bandwagon.

Comment from : Catflap

Octavian Vasilescu
Not everybody should be an expert. People chose the picture they LIKE most, not considering all the technical stuff. If this photos attract people more, I think it's a great opportunity for manufacturers to offer exactly what people want.
They could be inferior cameras from a tech perspective, but the photos that won are better just for the simple fact that the majority decided so.

Comment from : Octavian Vasilescu

The voters are blind
Comment from : siyuanful

Rahul M. Prathap
Then what this test for ?
Comment from : Rahul M. Prathap

watching on my s10e. so proud of my little fella πŸ˜‚
Comment from : SUPER LABINE

Saed Mhmd
2 years before : apple vs galaxy
1 years before : android vs galaxy
Now : galaxy vs galaxy πŸ’›

Comment from : Saed Mhmd

Riju Das
Art for Art's sake
Comment from : Riju Das

William Guo
Holy sh$t I did not expect that final ending, I didn't know my phone s10e would come that far in the competition, and I am very happy to see that I thought my phone was just passing by in the match, and I thought those phones with a big, dark multiple camera system would easily crush it, wow at the end I realized I was wrong.
Comment from : William Guo

Ben Binu
Next year the phone that won should be put into the comparison
Comment from : Ben Binu

Gabriele Persia
6:23 apple users when the Iphone 11 Pro loses at the first round
Comment from : Gabriele Persia

Troilokya Baruah
Poco F1 might be a game changer πŸ€”
Comment from : Troilokya Baruah

Saksham Pandey
*Now samsung has a really big sensor and a shallow depth of field. That should make it the best camera now right? *
MKBHD: NO. here's what's wrong

Comment from : Saksham Pandey

Richard Richardson
I'm the camera comp... people are cameras so they'll probably just hit a technical interest limit
Comment from : Richard Richardson

GrumpyLemon OnTheHand
Note 10+ vs S10e ? More like Anakin vs Darth Vader.
Comment from : GrumpyLemon OnTheHand

Franny P.
Proud Note10+ owner here! Anyway whoever won between Note10+ and S10e is a victory that they share! 🀩🀩😍😍🀩🀩😍😍🀩🀩
Comment from : Franny P.

Enzy C
Mate 30/One plus were the best for me πŸ‘Œ
Comment from : Enzy C

Am I the only one who wonders why is Marques' left eye has a red point on it?
Comment from : FatPotato

marques your eyes good?
Comment from : RichyTubes

Darkwear GT
S10 plus when its s10e instead of it
Comment from : Darkwear GT

the tech byte
What's wrong with his eye..?
Comment from : the tech byte

Ben Keyte
How could people do that to the pixel 4
Comment from : Ben Keyte

frickin society
Comment from : WideEyedSurfer

Adramelech IT
Motorola one zoom?
Comment from : Adramelech IT

Kevin Seoul
@Marques , Ive always wanted to ask when i see this specific video,again and again, that is.."What happened to your left eye?'..did u got hurt?
Comment from : Kevin Seoul

Hugo B
How can someone so successful be so salty about what people prefer their photos to look like? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
Comment from : Hugo B

when my phone (s10e) that has a 12 megapixel camera beats a phone with a 108 megapixel camera
Comment from : n4xx

What happend to your left eye?
Comment from : SacalGaming42

Me sadly watching in the corner with my oppo reno 10x zoom feeling uninvited
Comment from : D R P

antony moran 123
I'm a samsung user but iphone and samsung have fake images which are over exposed and sony is the only decent phone with a realistic camera
Comment from : antony moran 123

N10+ v S10E here is like SSW v SSB in the LoL world semis πŸ˜‚
Comment from : R A M

Super Duper Paratrooper
Marques pixel peeped too hard he popped a vein in his eye.
Comment from : Super Duper Paratrooper

Brandon Stout
This is a YouTube success story right here

Comment from : Brandon Stout

dani mirza
You should not put names of the phones next year
Comment from : dani mirza

anany ranjan
Just got a new phone before the lockdown and thought ny screen broke at 0:33
Comment from : anany ranjan

Tix F. Robux
That means MKBHD fans use crappy phones, like the BLU Studio J1 (maybe).
Comment from : Tix F. Robux

Aayush Sinha
What happened to your eye?
Comment from : Aayush Sinha

Harsh Khare
So pixel 4 should have won by defeating mate 30 pro but here we are
Comment from : Harsh Khare

Giorgio De Florio
What happened to your eye m8?
Comment from : Giorgio De Florio

5:35 samsung is fighting samsung. thats.. brutal
Comment from : iiIDUOA7Bii

saif hossain khan
This is the main problem of democracy. Huaweis good sensor lost even though its was better theoretically
Comment from : saif hossain khan

nash sanadiki
If you press your phone against a window you can achieve better images
Comment from : nash sanadiki

manmeet singh
What happen to your eyes
Comment from : manmeet singh

Lee Moulton
me as an apple fanboy i would go with asus rog 2
Comment from : Lee Moulton

Nobody :
Mkbhd's left eye : πŸ”΄

Comment from : nobody

Sujan Kumar
Dear MKBHD accept the reality. Just you like pixel phones it doesn't mean they are the best. It's your personal preference. Don't try to rub your personal preference on people.
Comment from : Sujan Kumar

6:34 why is that eye red Marquess???
Comment from : TANAY BHOMIA

TNAPlays - Minecraft
Has nothing to do with blurred backgrounds, people pick the better picture
Comment from : TNAPlays - Minecraft

Comment from : asdf1313

arash hadadsoleymani
Note 10 😍😍
Comment from : arash hadadsoleymani

Mehul Agarwal
Comment from : Mehul Agarwal

AX50 Scopez

Comment from : AX50 Scopez

the only disappointing thing about this is that by changing the order of the rounds, the results could've easily changed. The phones eliminated in the first round could've done better taking different types of pictures.
Comment from : rayzie

Albert HΓ€ussler
!!!!The first test wasn't fair at all because the pictures were taken at different distances!!!!
Comment from : Albert HΓ€ussler

Anne Gunn Mesel
My friend rated my iPhone Xs camera 9/10
Comment from : Anne Gunn Mesel

This shows the problem with LG: their software is borderline stupid
Comment from : YH C

Shayan Sikander
So I should just buy a FLASHLIGHT for most like on Social media πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Comment from : Shayan Sikander

Pipa Obala
Samsung camera quality between the Snapdragon and Exynos versions is night and day.
Comment from : Pipa Obala

Arnie Calang
Watching the whole video and I don’t see the point in making a blind test.
Comment from : Arnie Calang

JWC kisima Dank
Comment from : JWC kisima Dank

JWC kisima Dank
Your eye is ref
Comment from : JWC kisima Dank

Sir Personalities 54
Samsung S10+ and S10 using the S10e going against the best IPhone and Note10+ is a little unfair I think S10 takes the Dub
Comment from : Sir Personalities 54

Lodgie Gaming
iphone didnt even make it to round 2
Comment from : Lodgie Gaming

Lee D
damn, MKBHD really comes off as stuck up sometimes
Comment from : Lee D

Dan Daniel Pandapotan
if samsung vs asus and huawei p30 pro in first round, then no samsung phone
Comment from : Dan Daniel Pandapotan

Andrew Shirer
8:11 Bottom photo looks better, the object in focus is more clear on the note 10 and is highlighted better. the car looks flatter on the top photo

9:14 The Pixel 4 photo is better imo with color accuracy, and the background blur looks better while the car doesn't look soft

At this point I'm just going to say that the masses aren't wrong, the cameras are just so close to compare that it comes down to bias preference

Comment from : Andrew Shirer

Jer Jer
What happen to those samsung camera meme?
Comment from : Jer Jer

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