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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

rhea de guzman
Comment from : rhea de guzman

rhea de guzman
Comment from : rhea de guzman

rhea de guzman
Comment from : rhea de guzman

rhea de guzman
Comment from : rhea de guzman

Driton Jusufi
Comment from : Driton Jusufi

Gilfer Boss Sto.Domingo
Wrong spell from baldi not baldy
Comment from : Gilfer Boss Sto.Domingo

meenu zabardust sikandar
WoW nice Episode
Comment from : meenu zabardust sikandar

ชาตรี รักพลแสน


Comment from : ชาตรี รักพลแสน

Terry Buggs
O_O the Stickman that has red hair looks Grola :p
Comment from : Terry Buggs

Kozmik Gamer
not baldy name has baldi
Comment from : Kozmik Gamer

my Fay
Comment from : my Fay

Vanja Kovac
Comment from : Vanja Kovac

Neville Paul
It s Momo
Comment from : Neville Paul

Lee Murlidharan
Granny got noble prize and doctor is not scared of her scary face🤣😂
Comment from : Lee Murlidharan

Lee Murlidharan
Poor momo always in trouble but momo is my nightmare 😂🤣👻
Comment from : Lee Murlidharan

haris Khan
very funny
Comment from : haris Khan

Blake Gibson
It's not baldy, it's baldi. B A L D I
Comment from : Blake Gibson

Hai Thành
Vgbf. Bbgbbyis,fhsfHiu.ửggf
Comment from : Hai Thành

Rahman Allya
To geder des momo funny
Comment from : Rahman Allya

Aurelio Mayormita jr
Ano marami sila😬😬😬
Comment from : Aurelio Mayormita jr

Su Le
Momo !
Comment from : Su Le

ibrahim tunç
Comment from : ibrahim tunç

Jelissa Cuevas
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂momo its so funny
Comment from : Jelissa Cuevas

Rayan Rayan
Comment from : Rayan Rayan

Nam Tran
Comment from : Nam Tran

непоседа бро
Moon lox
Comment from : непоседа бро

Ultomato Blast
Comment from : Ultomato Blast

юлия полоротова
Сука твоё блять не грузи
Comment from : юлия полоротова

Floid Bonds
9 50 was so weird
Comment from : Floid Bonds

Aqniet Muratov
ou my gad.
Comment from : Aqniet Muratov

Саша Стариков
This video not baldy this is to baldi
Comment from : Саша Стариков

reds reds
Comment from : reds reds

dung duong
Mo mo gê vãi
Comment from : dung duong

Әділет Тайғараев
Comment from : Әділет Тайғараев

Ezequiel Navarro
baldi se escribe con i no con y >:V
Comment from : Ezequiel Navarro

Anelly Akmatova
Comment from : Anelly Akmatova

Janaina Rebecca Samy
Comment from : Janaina Rebecca Samy

draw animator
💗 Like
Comment from : draw animator

isaac caceres nuñez
I want cartoon cat but kill the stocks man and saying "I want to kill my víctims"
Comment from : isaac caceres nuñez

Zueira do Tempo
Comment from : Zueira do Tempo

Jamshed Ali
Comment from : Jamshed Ali

Temkaa Khayankhyarvaa
Momo is can fly?
Comment from : Temkaa Khayankhyarvaa

Guilherme Lumiere
6:03 kkkkkkkkkkkk se fudeu kkkkkkk🤣😂🤣😂
Comment from : Guilherme Lumiere

Leomara Mara
Kkkkkk fofo
Comment from : Leomara Mara

godzilla fon yoot
Look behind you its momo
Comment from : godzilla fon yoot

Vivian Montesa
Ha ha funny movie ha ha ha 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂
Comment from : Vivian Montesa

Ulaş Çakır
Its km is killer mealist
Comment from : Ulaş Çakır

Green Galaxy
Comment from : Green Galaxy

Nancy Fantasy
Poor Momo
Comment from : Nancy Fantasy

Vanja Kovac
Comment from : Vanja Kovac

Wedad El Zeini
Really momo?
Comment from : Wedad El Zeini

Rani Herr
Momo dan grany pembunuh
Comment from : Rani Herr

VenGame Plays Kogama
Comment from : VenGame Plays Kogama

Dinesh Kant Sharma
Flash bogeyman
Comment from : Dinesh Kant Sharma

Meizumi Hwang
Game nya sangat kelen aku suka game svsstudion
Comment from : Meizumi Hwang

Ryan Filer
Sub to me pls I have some playlist people like
Comment from : Ryan Filer

Muhammad Ali Siddique
Who one love her mother?
Do you ? so click on like button
Who one love her mother

Comment from : Muhammad Ali Siddique

Neon Mario Entertainment
9:55 Kids skip this part
Comment from : Neon Mario Entertainment

Stick Together with Pivot Animation
The background design though 🤙😁 awesome
Comment from : Stick Together with Pivot Animation

Consuelo Silva Bravo
Comment from : Consuelo Silva Bravo

Abdul Kareem
Yasir HUAWEI thanks you
Comment from : Abdul Kareem

Qadir Aqayev
çox gözəl çox bəyəndim əla SVSsutudyo.😱😾🏡
Comment from : Qadir Aqayev

Qadir Aqayev
çox gözəl çox bəyəndim əla SVSsutudyo.😱😾🏡
Comment from : Qadir Aqayev

Mini_TiniBRasil 34
No one beats stickman mentalist
Comment from : Mini_TiniBRasil 34

Elidyr Wilson
When baldi smacked him with his thing he made that funny noise 😂
Comment from : Elidyr Wilson

the fluff is Fluffy Fluff
10:02 Can I Call Her GG bc She is Running
Comment from : the fluff is Fluffy Fluff

Fa un chalenge pe granny si hr animalutu
Comment from : Mull23

Reyhanalvino velerian
Ini bagus
Comment from : Reyhanalvino velerian

kabayanSam tv
Hahaha...very nice
Comment from : kabayanSam tv

발디는 처참하게 발리지 않는디??
Comment from : 코로나알고리즘

the fluff is Fluffy Fluff
I have a question why is the blood blue?
Comment from : the fluff is Fluffy Fluff

channel lebzee
Comment from : channel lebzee

channel lebzee
I’m the first person in this game but I’m so sorry 😐
Comment from : channel lebzee

&да шык&
Ютуб бухает
Comment from : &да шык&

Neliza arcenal arcenal neliza
Ote. Both😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Neliza arcenal arcenal neliza

Pete Sparx090
Comment from : Pete Sparx090

vinishan vigneswaran
Comment from : vinishan vigneswaran

Balmiki Thakuri
Most funny video😁
Comment from : Balmiki Thakuri

Ana Paula Gomes
Comment from : Ana Paula Gomes

Audrey Parmisano
What is a KM oooo ino is a kiler Me oh i dont no to spell
Comment from : Audrey Parmisano

jubileu plays
6:57 kkkkkkkkk
Comment from : jubileu plays

probably the most weirdest and naturally childish crossover i seen
Comment from : M7

Aida Medallo
What the
Comment from : Aida Medallo

Andrew Paul Mejia
Its momo!
Comment from : Andrew Paul Mejia

Dino Nya Google
Ada orang indo
Comment from : Dino Nya Google

kaewkanya primphol
Is momo him no her!
Comment from : kaewkanya primphol

Malam ini videonya videonya
Comment from : rh FAJAR

Binh Ly
Fhhsht10000000000 ???☹🎶🎶🎶🎶💤💢
Comment from : Binh Ly

Fawad Koshani
Comment from : Fawad Koshani

Enzo Games
Os humano tá tá se dando errado tá dando certo tá se dando certo e a momo não
Comment from : Enzo Games

танкист Купцов
Oxygen fixes itself
Comment from : танкист Купцов

minecraft mod master
Lol granny bear the hell out the doctors and they have blue blood
Comment from : minecraft mod master

Comment from : TRAP MUSIC HD YT

C'est imposible
Comment from : ORACLE CONSEILS

Momo is more of a bird she doesn’t have hands and it’s spelled baldi not baldy
Comment from : IAmARandomUser

Angela Goulart
A momo ja
Comment from : Angela Goulart

yveltal SMC
Comment from : yveltal SMC

Emrullah Uğurel
Comment from : Emrullah Uğurel

Minhas animações
baldi not for baldy is for i not y
Comment from : Minhas animações

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