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Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video Ultra Camcorder

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Title :  Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video Ultra Camcorder
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Josh Swain
every one in the comments is stupid its an amazing camera i have the ultra hd and boy is it one of the best things ever
Comment from : Josh Swain

Josh Swain
@iTouchnews1 i got a one and its amazing
Comment from : Josh Swain

I Bought last Sunday after seeing in one of the youtuber's video saying he's using Flip Ultra camera. I got the 'pink' on Sale now $62 (was $149) New in the box. But one thing I don't understand, I can't remove the timer on the upper left. Kinda annoying especially for my plan video projects. I checked the included like 'manual' actually it only says quick start. But there's nothing much on the menus. I will play it a little bit more and if can't still remove I will return it.
Comment from : gentri80y

Comment from : RUGIRL08

Corbin Makes Vlogs
Comment from : Corbin Makes Vlogs

Flip Ultra Camcorder is absolutely compatible with mac
Comment from : Overcomer7777

is this mac compatible?
Comment from : Pookythemidget101

So Epic reviews
i have all white one but i won it from pepsi look at my review
Comment from : So Epic reviews

So Epic reviews
you can take pictures from video like of you are jumping in the air in video you can take the frame by fames and put in in jpeg
Comment from : So Epic reviews

Jeff Bolin
yea that is what i use and it is so light
Comment from : Jeff Bolin

would it be good for skateboarding video? please awnser
Comment from : SK8facts

Theodore McClanahan
does it take pictures?
Comment from : Theodore McClanahan

I got the flip ultra in green for Christmas. its awesome!!! i love making vids from it
Comment from : matthewman9

I think the Cannon sd1000 is better. I got mine for $150 it takes good video and pictures. It can zoom way more than the flip video can. I think its only downfall is its ease of use. It does take some time to get used too(detailed stuff like color effects balances and all that good stuff). But whats wrong with learning new things. I say get a cannon sd1000. Takes nice pics and good video. Its pretty small too.
Comment from : DBCdestroyers

Wooluff ZeroOne
lol, he likes clicking that USB out at every single opportunity he gets.
Comment from : Wooluff ZeroOne

Comment from : LoCoBoi187

Emanuel Yusupov
Because hes a photographer -,- a said from being a gamer
Comment from : Emanuel Yusupov

"they don't come any flatter than this" " i can see a lot of moms throwing these" lmao
Comment from : TMAL44

why is he into cameras now? i like when he's into computer parts.
Comment from : LoCoBoi187

what if they dont win the game D:l!!!!
Comment from : Brendanglo

kinda cool
Comment from : Wishbone

i got 1 a few days ago its awesome!
Comment from : thetruebattlefront

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