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The Flip Ultra Video Recorder | The New York Times

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Information The Flip Ultra Video Recorder | The New York Times

Title :  The Flip Ultra Video Recorder | The New York Times
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Description The Flip Ultra Video Recorder | The New York Times

Comments The Flip Ultra Video Recorder | The New York Times

Epic Rhino Films
Considering when the Flip camera started coming out, why is he comparing it to a 480p tape camera when the Flip does 720p video? My guess would be that both cameras where around the same price. The Flip Ultra HD 3 actually had pretty good video quality for its time better than the iPhone 4 that came out the same year.
Comment from : Epic Rhino Films

nate dillon
I plugged mine into a wall and fried it. :(
Comment from : nate dillon

Berserk Highlander
It records in 720p HD yet this video is only 480p? WTF New York Times?!
Comment from : Berserk Highlander

Comment from : Tremomatic

A 10 year old vlog. awesome.
Comment from : Barnsey

Comment from : DAM

Epic Adrian 3D
"self-portraits" "tape" "aol video"

This did not age well at all

Comment from : Epic Adrian 3D

Cameron Mouncey
0:00 and 4:13
Comment from : Cameron Mouncey

Emma G
My little sister had one of these and she used it to start her own YouTube channel (oh the irony isn't lost on me!) back then like a lot of kids did. Because it was so easy to use and the quality was so good it was an instant hit. Until of course the iphones etc. kicked back with their first HD megapixel cameras built-in to their handsets and then the filming capacity & options were facilitated and increased and this piece of kit slowly became antiquated. Bit like the Polaroid and the wind-on, flashbulb cameras suddenly became awash in a sea of readily available, all-in-one & affordable speed-shutter Canons and Nikons back in the mid to late 1980's ;)
Comment from : Emma G

Nagrywa w 16:9 ? lub 16:4 ? ;D
Comment from : Adamski305

Check out my channel ROCKER4579. I make awesome special effects and film with an original flip ultra(not HD). check it out
Comment from : rocker4579

Sharon Tinoco
Im using a flip camcorder, we are trying to get viewer to see our vidz one is call the young-er, the drunk-er, and the restless-er... please spare one minute to watch! if u like then SUBSCRIBE!!! THE FLIP VIDEO WORKS!!! youtube.com/user/MyBudzRAwesome?feature=mhum
Comment from : Sharon Tinoco

i want a flip now!!!!! its sick
Comment from : Domination

Gennady Khotinskiy
@Addie52 for $150 might as well buy a Canon digital camera, it takes GREAT pictures and H video. This review is bad because they compare it to old cameras, cant trust reviews like this!
Comment from : Gennady Khotinskiy

Gennady Khotinskiy
Why dont they compare this camera to Canon digital cameras, and not the 1990's camera? Come on! Compare it to Canon 1100! And see which is better :) and the two are like the same price these days!!!!!
Comment from : Gennady Khotinskiy

lol hey thats wut i thought..but the double As work fine...i havent changed them for almost month and it hasnt died. so yea
Comment from : Jbird

ugh i want one so bad!
Comment from : jvictorino

My flip came with a rechargeable battery pack that charges when it's plugged into the usb but if i'm out and the battery runs low I can pop in some spare AAs - one of the major selling points for me.
Comment from : shudderette

Comment from : jameswilson89074

@apricotsnms516 you could use NiMH rechargables, like I do.
Comment from : splortz

I love my flip ultra!
Comment from : Yoli

looks like a good camera but, double A batteries? two words: NO WAY come on if it used a rechargeable lithium battery i would so get it
Comment from : apricotsnms516

Joe Gibbins
except to buy the dvds. i make lots of dvd's on mine aswel. its very easy
Comment from : Joe Gibbins

does the flip ultra take a long time to upload to your computer? and is it easy to organize the videos?
Comment from : SirJaredTyler

im sold,,, i enjoyed the video dude,,nice work
Comment from : oblivionmedia

Well I can see A lot of USB jacks getting broken.
Comment from : L&C

This is like the PC vs Mac commercials.
Comment from : Cable3999

Im sold. Im get ting one next week.
Comment from : murderface74

Jared Nelson
Size, battery life, max recording times, and some of the accesories are different.
Comment from : Jared Nelson

Marika White
yah i don't the connection either but i just went and bought a usb extension thing... it was a dollar at the dollar store and it works fine... i also agree with the charger part... but it's still a great camera for the price
Comment from : Marika White

Some of these features make the product worse. I'd rather have a charger than batteries. And I would rather have a wire connecting to the usb instead of the flippy thing, due to the fact that my usb is on the side, so it may damage it.
Comment from : JPhands

So Epic reviews
yep i have it i won it from pepsi stuff sweepstakes look at my review it great i used it in sony vegas 9 platnuim and windows movie maker
Comment from : So Epic reviews

Yes i can
Fuck you
Comment from : Yes i can

i would of really liked to watch the review without the corny jokes
Comment from : FutureLaugh

George McFly
2:06 make sure youre watching it in hq to see the true quality.
Comment from : George McFly

Paul B
good review! thanks
Comment from : Paul B

60 minutes is a ton if u think about it, just move stuff to your computer before it fills up
Comment from : Juggler1711

Rodrigo Castellanos
LOL Flip ultra pwned the camcorder
Comment from : Rodrigo Castellanos

Very nice review, and the most entertaining one I've seen so far. The flip sounds like the perfect companion for everyday outings and footage, and while I'm very satisfied with my Panny Mini DV camcorder, I am seriously thinking about getting a Flip Ultra for spontaneous stuff. Thanks for the nice review.
Comment from : nictheartist

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