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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

N a M a G u E g A k A d A g I a M a N i n I
Me l
Comment from : N a M a G u E g A k A d A g I a M a N i n I

Odette voice is so sweet and beautiful hehe
Comment from : kimita

Ali Tasar
Grock:Grock doesen't want to be your enemy
Also Grock:Steal red buff

Comment from : Ali Tasar

jonalyn Villanueva
Grock : Want to know my age?
Me : yess hahaha

Comment from : jonalyn Villanueva

Tsering Lamu
Diggie- Hoot Hoot....Doot Doot..Hoot Hoot...Doot Doot..#3@@$%
Comment from : Tsering Lamu

Vinsoy Antone
nice intro BTW
Comment from : Vinsoy Antone

Go Pursue
I am alone in this fight.
Comment from : Go Pursue

Condom User
I like the intro and outro. And the voice of Mobile legends
Comment from : Condom User

Lil meow Meow
Harley users where you at?

Comment from : Lil meow Meow

Lota beta
Lol... I thought lancelot is a girl..!!😂
Comment from : Lota beta

Thot Slayer
Grock is soooooooo cute omg😆😆
Comment from : Thot Slayer

Lancelot: Odette, my beutiful Odette

Oh shut up, you love Gusion admit it xdxd

Comment from : Moondra!

Denis a
Why aldous is leave
Comment from : Denis a

Kimkimi Hmar
Lesley and gusion???
Comment from : Kimkimi Hmar

Art mcneil Tabugader
Comment from : Art mcneil Tabugader

Itz_ Jackieforever
Lancelot:Odette...Beautiful Odette..
Comment from : Itz_ Jackieforever

Yana Francisco
Bat wala si gusion????
Comment from : Yana Francisco

Zekken ;3
Where is chang'e? :(
Comment from : Zekken ;3

Erick Boy Bacina
Comment from : Erick Boy Bacina

ĶĚN MĽ 1st
Gotta say lancelot is GAY
Comment from : ĶĚN MĽ 1st

Zairah Eunice Andrada
Part 4
Comment from : Zairah Eunice Andrada

Vellery Jade
There's a lot that didn't made it on the list
For example
1. Lunox
2. Selena
3. Angela
4. Valir
5. Vale
6. Kadita
And many more...but i think dyrroth, Lylia and some of the others didn't made it cause they're new ? ✌🏻😂😅
But still awesome vid

Comment from : Vellery Jade

Lauren Young
Comment from : Lauren Young

Cuevas Jpseph
Comment from : Cuevas Jpseph

Harushi San
7:25 A star will disappear if you lose
Me: so true diggie it always happens to ranked game

Comment from : Harushi San

Iceforce Playz
Where Is Aldous
Comment from : Iceforce Playz

Newbie ML
part 4?
Comment from : Newbie ML

HUE Chronos
No voice from gusion?
Comment from : HUE Chronos

Ryuk Nightcore Galaxy
Irithel also says , we can still run!
Comment from : Ryuk Nightcore Galaxy

Pleas make a part 4
Comment from : PRO . GAMER

Gatotcka The Best
Comment from : oDoczera

PDV Gamer
part 4 pls
Comment from : PDV Gamer

Rythym Player Philippines
So many missing!
Comment from : Rythym Player Philippines

LaVisa Loca
Not enought characters
Comment from : LaVisa Loca

James Mejorada
Where is the quotes of martis
Comment from : James Mejorada

Mark Nelson Brillante
Kimmy , claude
Comment from : Mark Nelson Brillante

Enri jan Sedemo
no angela?!!
Comment from : Enri jan Sedemo

Rews Gramaridz
Thank You for making this voice.... And very usefull
Comment from : Rews Gramaridz

Joe Namikaze
Did you know atlas from god of war?
Now is grock look like atlas.
I think moonton created that hero from athens

Comment from : Joe Namikaze

Joe Namikaze
Part 4 nya mana?
Comment from : Joe Namikaze

Hanzo The Akuma Ninja
not dead in the holy light
bathe in the holy lihgt

Comment from : Hanzo The Akuma Ninja

Part 4. For khufra, Guinevere, esmeralda and others
Comment from : DR3W

Samm montanez
I thought lancelot is gay hahahaha guess am wrong
Comment from : Samm montanez

Anna Binondo
Dont forget Baadang guys
Comment from : Anna Binondo

being a BUDDY is in my body
"in me, the tiger sniffs the rose"

i love that line 💖

Comment from : being a BUDDY is in my body

being a BUDDY is in my body
the lancelot part really makes me cringe lmao

dunno maybe because i am an odette user? 🤔

Comment from : being a BUDDY is in my body

Ra ven
Oh boy to be honest lancelot said his lines very gay😂
Comment from : Ra ven

Ra ven
Grock is like that big scary monster but actually soft inside
Comment from : Ra ven

Ryan Desales
Lancelot and oddet are the best couple
Comment from : Ryan Desales

Janeille Yongco
Bakit po yung ibang hero wala?
Comment from : Janeille Yongco

United Normal
Lancelot: Odette.. Beautiful Odette

Comment from : United Normal

Aeron Benlot
when estes say " iam the chosen one "

me: your harry potter

Comment from : Aeron Benlot

Vince Kleth Dannielle Obsina
Ina antay ko yung kimmy at saka lesley umasa na naman ako
Comment from : Vince Kleth Dannielle Obsina

Leonora Rubio
hey can you do part 4?
Comment from : Leonora Rubio

Leonora Rubio
omg u forgot valir!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Leonora Rubio

Miss Akira
Comment from : Miss Akira

Rona Jane Sibunga
: Aldous?
Comment from : Rona Jane Sibunga

Itsme_ bena
Comment from : Itsme_ bena

New hero: Master Rooney
Comment from : xxxmarcoduhay

Kristian Cagadoc
let my sword hear in the last word.

immortality or death

Comment from : Kristian Cagadoc

jom ss
Nasa na si alduos?
Comment from : jom ss

5:34 shes looking for Lancelot, thats the reason of that quote
Comment from : M1co29

Rumi R. Hood
"A star will disappear if you lose" i can relate
Comment from : Rumi R. Hood

Odette's sword is gift from lancelot.
Comment from : EXOL09 EXO

Everlasting Bulaon
Tanong ko lang po ano po yung sounds na gamit nyo sa intro?
Comment from : Everlasting Bulaon

Peachy Marga
Yi sun shin not there😭😭😭
Comment from : Peachy Marga

Harley: its time to make my head dress not entrance
Comment from : DaveLopez

dorajean bachoco
i thought Harley saif "time for me to make my egg fruits 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : dorajean bachoco

Jessamine Gabriel
Kulang kulang
Comment from : Jessamine Gabriel

Is there a martis
Comment from : 뎐듀ᅣᅢᄂ므

Harley: Im the best at being handsome!
Lancelot: bitch please

Comment from : Memey

Kargil Gara
Why ending up making only up. to part 3
Comment from : Kargil Gara

Kargil Gara
Plz Make part 4 too
Comment from : Kargil Gara

Aroty Pertin
6:04 ...lol
Comment from : Aroty Pertin

javellana rey
i want clean voice no soundtrack only mobile legend
Comment from : javellana rey

Thøithøiba Tøixam
Yo Bro...i wanna know about Gusion.😑
Comment from : Thøithøiba Tøixam

Iam BlackSmurf
Does u have part 4 of this?
Comment from : Iam BlackSmurf

gaming pro yt
bakit walang martis pangi😈😈😈😈😈😈😖😖😖😖t
Comment from : gaming pro yt

- u-lol-u -
Where is "Only handsome as i is worthy for such beautiful magic" of harley
Comment from : - u-lol-u -

İrmak Ravza Akar
Odette... Beautiful Odette! <3
Comment from : İrmak Ravza Akar

Bang buat buat part 4 bang kalau tidak dibuat saya unsubscribe loh 😁😁😁😁
Comment from : CONFLICTS OF DAWN

Comment from : OhMy3tìts

michelle anes
claude pls
Comment from : michelle anes

Um........ Where is Lunox and Selena?
Comment from : The25179

Ashley Magbuhos
I clicked this vid then a mobile legends add just popped out... Coincidence?
Comment from : Ashley Magbuhos

Balqis Salsabilayp
Where is Angela
Comment from : Balqis Salsabilayp

Khron Xzyston Khrade Darium Eon
I don't really see how Harley have that voice
Comment from : Khron Xzyston Khrade Darium Eon

Neko Neko Chan
Comment from : Neko Neko Chan

Where is pharsa
Comment from : kingnaticzzz

Where is pharsa
Comment from : kingnaticzzz

david blouin
5:27 my favorite!! da best da best da best!
Comment from : david blouin

Alexis Tabada
Comment from : Alexis Tabada

todorokiller okey
Shadow power, Execute!
Comment from : todorokiller okey

where can I download thoses voices?
Comment from : KUS GAN

CrAv Guld-VuFf

And add the newest heroes!

Harrit (?)

Comment from : CrAv Guld-VuFf

CrAv Guld-VuFf
Part four please
Comment from : CrAv Guld-VuFf

johmsean Pagulayan
Odette and lancelot 💯
Comment from : johmsean Pagulayan

Karma IsaBitch
Part 4 pls
Comment from : Karma IsaBitch

millicent impex
Odette... Beautiful Odette🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : millicent impex

Kol bing Cf
Fun andre can you please tell me which music is this?? Name please
Comment from : Kol bing Cf

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