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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

J.B Sonar Sonar
old. mobile. device
Comment from : J.B Sonar Sonar

I really appreciate these British reviews of this phone since there are basically none of the American Tmobile version. (9315). Excellent review! Buying a 9315 off ebay for 19 dollars as a backup phone!)
Comment from : JasnoGT

zonox brono
I agree
Comment from : zonox brono

My Dad has bought me one
Comment from : CaptainInk

I'm hopefully getting this phone on Saturday in blue :D
Comment from : collat

I've always preferred Curves to Bold :)
Comment from : StrawberryLumps25

Dylan wilkie
should I get this or bold 9790
Comment from : Dylan wilkie

Im getting mine delivered tomorrow. Got 600 minutes unlimited txts and 1GB internet for £13.00 a month :D
Comment from : terXterXterezka1997

Katie Faraday
Getting mine in 3 days!!!
Comment from : Katie Faraday

Should i swich to this from my Droid Pro?
Comment from : UnderGround

Jay Mistry
getting one in two mouths for my birthday
Comment from : Jay Mistry

Kinan Al-akhras
hi can u tell me witch is better a 9320 or a 9800
Comment from : Kinan Al-akhras

Harly Rabe
noisy keyboard
Comment from : Harly Rabe

I would personally go for this :)
Comment from : MrDreamzzHD

gian s
This. Or ace 2x??????
Comment from : gian s

Ryan Balmes
9320 or 9220?
Comment from : Ryan Balmes

Marcela Diaz
Yeah I'm so excited I'm getting 1 in July
Comment from : Marcela Diaz

Jacek Silva
Comment from : Jacek Silva

Mizan Ali
Great reveiw though
Comment from : Mizan Ali

Mizan Ali
Wha did u say u probebly prefer this den the bold
Comment from : Mizan Ali

Mike Lafond
the 9360 has a better cam and has better screen res....
Comment from : Mike Lafond

Mr. A14
Comment from : Mr. A14

ilman azwan
what is better 9220 or 9320 ?
Comment from : ilman azwan

Louise Rossiter
What if I said I hate the american accent?! Without the British YOU wouldn't be here as they discovered america ( after the red indies ). As missSophiiex said respect peoples accents. hate is a VERY strong word...:-0
Comment from : Louise Rossiter

robinhood pandey
whats the difference bw 9320 and 9360
Comment from : robinhood pandey

mike pedro
i just got my samsung galaxy s2 lte lost after 3 months my bad. and i been using a shitty flip phone as a replacement and im getting this phone for 100$ at wal mart very cheap and im glad to see its a still on going popular black berry device
Comment from : mike pedro

Ricky Sidhu
I'm getting a blackberry curve 9320 for Christmas . But now I'm stuck with a crappy HTC wildfire S :(
Comment from : Ricky Sidhu

Poppy Sanderson
I'm getting one for my birthday and I got it for under £100 ;D
Comment from : Poppy Sanderson

do you have to pay to use the browser and how much is it if you do?
Comment from : FASTMAAN1997

init fam
Comment from : Iceified

Sean Pyke
Really . Lololololololol
Comment from : Sean Pyke

Jack Morrison
@xoxmiahxox no point in gettin an iPod touch 5g bigger screen and Siri but you don't need it so I would say get an android as they allow you to get free apps off browser also if you want a blackberry you have to get 9320 as they are the only ones worth the amount of the iPod touch 4g
Comment from : Jack Morrison

Jack Morrison
I'm gettin one tomorrow
Comment from : Jack Morrison

max alim
cool im gonna get the blackberry 9320 now:D
Comment from : max alim

Maddie Blackwell
Thanks, very helpful reviev , cheers :)
Comment from : Maddie Blackwell

What apps come downloade with it?
Comment from : RawrCookieMonster56

Excellent Review! Saw your vid yesterday and bought the phone today! Came back to say Thanks : )
Comment from : ScreamingWalnuts

Henry Blackie
Comment from : Henry Blackie

Terence James Hernandez
What's better 9220 or 9320?
Comment from : Terence James Hernandez

D Boy
getting 1 for my birthday (in december) on the carphone warehouse website is is 116.95 plus £10 top up pay as you go
Comment from : D Boy

Aly Muhammed
please curve 9360 or curve 9320 ! in all thing Battery working Speed Java browser speed ! all thing ! plz help me !
Comment from : Aly Muhammed

Slimmy Mathers
I got an Opinion so Respect it "IDIOT"
Comment from : Slimmy Mathers

Slimmy Mathers
I got An opinion #Respect IT
Comment from : Slimmy Mathers

Great review. I think im gonna buy this phone soon. A little suggestion though, dont move the phone around so much its hard to see it when your so fidgety. Besides thats its awsome :D
Comment from : Numetalhead2000

Sammy Hildred
I just ordered this now and i'm really excited to receive it, from what I can tell from reviews and what people have told me its a really good phone its just the battery that supposedly has a short life, but I know that from blackberrys anyway.
Comment from : Sammy Hildred

British is real English... So go ahead and listen to the "American English"
Comment from : TheSweets122

Brendan Walsh
mate there is no such thing as american english we brang it over to america and you adopted the language but as usual america has to change it to sound like your all idiots
Comment from : Brendan Walsh

Tay Ross
Im thinking of getting either this phone in white, or the htc one v, which one is better?
Comment from : Tay Ross

fhira malik
which is better 8520 or 9320?
Comment from : fhira malik

Jaap N
1:40 Sick hand moves bro
Comment from : Jaap N

Jaap N
I love ur accent!
Comment from : Jaap N

Charlotte Youden
You say really to much...really
Comment from : Charlotte Youden

I'm thinking to buy this phone but I would like to know about its battery dose it still for long time??
Comment from : MOMOEDI

Marley K
This Is A Good Video :)
Comment from : Marley K

Marley K
From what I see; lol; The 9320 has a silver outline & the 9310 doesn't have one lool :D
Comment from : Marley K

procesador ? what is better 9360 or 9320 ?
Comment from : TorreStealer

Slimmy Mathers
Personally i hate british accent ... N i wanna find a review on this in american english
Comment from : Slimmy Mathers

nice video but: comments on video playback; 3G; music; email; battery - where are they?
Comment from : theonionman1

Evan Davies
no it is a really good phone but ive had mine a few months now and it really does freeze alot but if you take the battery out every now and again it runs fine
Comment from : Evan Davies

Evan Davies
i agree
Comment from : Evan Davies

Do you think i should get this instead of a samsung galaxy s3?
Comment from : RBDarklord

Anfrax Riddimz
hi could you tell me what that feature is on bbm i seen on an advert sharing music or something like that ? can play music over bbm together :S
Comment from : Anfrax Riddimz

Christopher Roughton
Comment from : Christopher Roughton

Lilly Lisa
are the text messages shown in conversation mode (under eachother)
Comment from : Lilly Lisa

Jack Wakerly
Mines comming in the post tomorrow
Comment from : Jack Wakerly

muhhahaha your accent is cute
Comment from : K

tbh the bold is the best keyboard EVER that puts the difference betweeen the blackberry curves... and they are cheap
Comment from : QuisBlog

battery sucks
Comment from : robinhaan

Sorcha O'Connor
Best review yet, well done
Comment from : Sorcha O'Connor

Sana Ullah
waiting for mine to get delivered..cant wait woo:D
Comment from : Sana Ullah

whats the internet like on this phone is it greater
Comment from : JoeNealZecca

Good review thanks :)
Comment from : ProbsAndMayhem

gtas hawk
thanks alot the other day i got it with my friends (my friends bought it to) and when we went to my house we done evreything together and now we are very happy that we got this phone and it has perfect quality
Comment from : gtas hawk

Joshua van Rooij
How did you get them to send you phones?
Comment from : Joshua van Rooij

Joshua van Rooij
Great video!
Comment from : Joshua van Rooij

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