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Top 5 World Best Camera Phone (2019-2020)

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Information Top 5 World Best Camera Phone (2019-2020)

Title :  Top 5 World Best Camera Phone (2019-2020)
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Comments Top 5 World Best Camera Phone (2019-2020)

Asad Shah
Oppo reno 3 pro
Comment from : Asad Shah

Alvi xone
The only web-site I trust for weekly paychecks of $2407 is this. just Google with-out gaps E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m
Comment from : Alvi xone

And the Pixel 4?🤔
Comment from : SOULKING

Rohit Bhatt
Nokia 220 has best camera
Comment from : Rohit Bhatt

Rehan Khan
just about any one owning a cellphone can earn on line with E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m
Comment from : Rehan Khan

Christine Encarguez
Can you include the prices next time? I think it would be more helpful. Thanks btw for the video
Comment from : Christine Encarguez

Jefferson Davis
Ffs Indian accent
Comment from : Jefferson Davis

Nikka Mae Yerro
IPhone 📱 #DreamPhone📸💥
Comment from : Nikka Mae Yerro

Rutik Ghanwat
Samsung galaxy s20 ultra ??
Comment from : Rutik Ghanwat

Where is the pixel and xperia??
Comment from : KuttappiX

Fernando Estrada
I could never understand your culture english accent.
Comment from : Fernando Estrada

Deb Roy
Improve your English pronunciations bro.
Comment from : Deb Roy

Gandhesharath Kumar
Realme x
Comment from : Gandhesharath Kumar

Where's the S20 and Google pixels 🤔
Comment from : JAYTRENDS tv

sajin chocoo
I phone🔥🔥🔥💪🏻😍
Comment from : sajin chocoo

Martha SC
How about Sony xperia 1ii
Comment from : Martha SC

Md Sifat
I think best camera phone of them is I phone 11 pro max
Comment from : Md Sifat

iPhone X squad like it up
Comment from : E.J.

Raj Mishra
Uh idiot nokia 9.2 preview is best compare it's camera with iphone 11 pro max or s20 ultra it will beat everyone
Nokia is dad of all companies

Comment from : Raj Mishra

Best after best.. Best after best... NOTHING IS BEST, only brainwashed, Stop going sick,
The best in best ONLY MY EYES 👀👁👁

Comment from : AmeerA75

Mann Tech Info
gud videos
Comment from : Mann Tech Info

Alex Jones
Indians love exploiting and explaining tech, but have they ever designed or contributed to any of their own tech?
Comment from : Alex Jones

Louis Daniel Mauricio
Where is the pixel phones?????
Comment from : Louis Daniel Mauricio

Hassan Sajjad
I think you are missing s20ultra
Comment from : Hassan Sajjad

Ankit gill
Comment from : Ankit gill

Ben Ten ATG
Another indian vloger I just dont want their accent... It always looks like other vlog that dubbed
Comment from : Ben Ten ATG

Mohit Nishad
ye bengali chootiye
Comment from : Mohit Nishad

Naga Jangri
Stupid video...
If it's about top camera phones...
Should have done a review by oneself in reality...(See... Mrwhosetheboss channel)
Not by those fake specifications...

Comment from : Naga Jangri

Sunil T S
Huawei p40 pro the best
Comment from : Sunil T S

sonu hazarika
One plus 7t pro😂😂😂this smart phone camera is suck
Comment from : sonu hazarika

Where is cherry mobile?
Comment from : RB PSYCH

Funny matter
Chori chori chupke chupke song hai krrish movie ka.
Priyanka chopra ak camera li thi vo koun sa camera hai.?? Bhaiya

Comment from : Funny matter

Haitem Arich
Im watching this On my IPhone 11 pro max im proud
Comment from : Haitem Arich

No no bast 11 pro🤳💪💪
Comment from : HARDSTILY MUSIC

Shivnandan Chaudhary
Worlds best camera phone is huawei mate 30 Pro and huawei p40 pro
Comment from : Shivnandan Chaudhary

danielo prophet
My list
iPhone 11 pro max
2 google pixel 4 xl
3 samsung galaxy s20 ultra
4 lg v60 thinq 5g
5.mate 30 pro 5g
Tell me what you think

Comment from : danielo prophet

Ose ali
Where is the missing one?

Find this comment in every YouTube video, someone is always trying to find the missing 1.

Comment from : Ose ali

Arun Rajamudra
Note 10 plus selfy cam really sucks comparing to 11 pro max.. then why in the world you put note plus in the first place !?
Comment from : Arun Rajamudra

Mohim's Tech Talk
Realme is really best Budget phone.
You wont believe I shoot the whole video with Realme X2
You will impress by the Camera.
Check the video......

Comment from : Mohim's Tech Talk

Neon Sly Fox
And Pixel isn't even on the list eh?
Comment from : Neon Sly Fox

Uttiya Saha
That dense Bengali accent in your English man!!
( P.S. Coming from a Bengali himself :D )

Comment from : Uttiya Saha

typing 1505
I can't understand what are you saying
Comment from : typing 1505

itx AriF
Comment from : itx AriF

Oriental Love
huawei p30 pro
Comment from : Oriental Love

Moses Mars
Where is vivo v15pro it is a triple rear cam and it is the best of 2019
Comment from : Moses Mars

Harman Singh
U missed Google pixel phones.. no one beats them when it comes to camera...
Comment from : Harman Singh

Purvi Singh
price v bta dete
Comment from : Purvi Singh

Nirmala Pandyam
Ayeoo raama 😂😂
Comment from : Nirmala Pandyam

Where is realme xt x2 realme 6 they has 64mp
Comment from : VKR BRAIN FEED

Niraj R
Bengali accent irritating
Comment from : Niraj R

Macy Maureen
iphone has the bestest best camera
Comment from : Macy Maureen

kape yt
You camera have nice phone
Comment from : kape yt

vincent williams
Where is Google pixel boy are ya kidding 🤣 whole world know google pixel is the best smartphone camera out there ✌️
Comment from : vincent williams

Kevin James
How to make a six figure side income(Free Training); bit.ly/2TFZ6e7
Comment from : Kevin James

MD Billal
best camera
Comment from : MD Billal

MD Billal
iphone 11 pro max best
Comment from : MD Billal

like public
भाई हिन्दी मे बोलने वाली विडियो बनोओ कुछ समझ नहीं आ रहा है
Comment from : like public

Pavan Teja
Jio phone best😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Pavan Teja

Xiaomi best

ajin patra
I came here to watch but after listening to the accent, I left. :P
Comment from : ajin patra

Title : Top 5 Best Camera Phone
Comment : "mY eYe iS ThE bEsT cAmeRa"

Some people are just stupidly stupid

Comment from : Rezza

Nahim Joarddar
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is the best
Comment from : Nahim Joarddar

Alok Mistry
vai tui bangali na
Comment from : Alok Mistry

This guy actually included one plus in a "best camera" category🤣
Comment from : payattentionppl

AaQib Rehan
Vivo X30 pro Dad of All camera Phones
Comment from : AaQib Rehan

M.D. Jamil Ansari
Best camera phone ki bat kr rha hai or Google pixel 4xl ko bhool gya chutiya!
Comment from : M.D. Jamil Ansari

Samz Tynz
Galaxy s20 ultra 2020 is in No.1
Comment from : Samz Tynz

Ylli Morina
i don't understand any word
Comment from : Ylli Morina

Hafiz Ibrahim
the best smartphone 2020 OnePlus 7 pro tq
Comment from : Hafiz Ibrahim

Fayas Av
Google pixel 4 is missing one of the best camera phone real view
Comment from : Fayas Av

garry chatha
Which android phone is best for uploading videos on social media under 40000? Please answer i want to buy phone in 15 days .
Comment from : garry chatha

Bea Aknai
xiaomi mi note 10 108MP
Comment from : Bea Aknai

Dawan Enonlee
No LGv40 or G8..
Comment from : Dawan Enonlee

noobie messisi
This man does not know about pixel camera
Comment from : noobie messisi

man people forget that lg v40 thinq has the realistic color photo and more details
this should be number 1 on the top

Comment from : A D

technique Tanaji
bhai best camera quality in redmi 8 pro me amzn.to/37FCzDI
Comment from : technique Tanaji

Damian Woodbridge
no google pixels your having a laugh.
1st pixel 4
2nd 11 pro
3rd pixel 3/3a
4th note 10
5th p30 pro

Comment from : Damian Woodbridge

Anurag Chauhan
Where is nokia 9 pure view??
Comment from : Anurag Chauhan

Anil Anjana
OnePlus 7 pro
Comment from : Anil Anjana

Loges Saru
Comment from : Loges Saru

Mr Haxhiu
Fokk ju bloody fakkk ajdont andastenddd
Comment from : Mr Haxhiu

Buster Jangle
could your accent be more annoying?
Comment from : Buster Jangle

Nubhan Bava
Not Sony phone
Comment from : Nubhan Bava

Njm Aguirre
P30 Pro
Comment from : Njm Aguirre

Sasheto_ BG
Note 10 plus is the best
Comment from : Sasheto_ BG

fun for all fun for all
Nobody can beat samsung
Comment from : fun for all fun for all

Mr. Lagツ
Wait,wait... Where is Xiaomi Mi note 10 pro with 108 MEGAPIXEL??
Comment from : Mr. Lagツ

Lanjik Inkah
Ridmi 3 ram
Comment from : Lanjik Inkah

Abhijit Nandi
half knowledge
iPhone 11pro max is like pro in camera
pixel4xl and xperia both are at extreme

Comment from : Abhijit Nandi

Kitty Bake
The best camera is my eyes.
Comment from : Kitty Bake

The huawei p30 pro would be the bom in the video
Comment from : 1tch3n

David Neamtu
Google pixel 4xl is the best camera 2020
Comment from : David Neamtu

No pixel 4xl
Is it because of no ultra wide cam
Is best still image camera

Comment from : OSEI ALFRED

Wilson Garcia
I don't understand anything
Comment from : Wilson Garcia

Mark Chan
Terrible Vlog
Comment from : Mark Chan

Sifat Mehebub
you have no idea about phone camera foul
Comment from : Sifat Mehebub

Nice Nice
Oppo Reno 10x zoom...
Comment from : Nice Nice

soumya sain
Honor & huawei 💋❤️😍
Comment from : soumya sain

Yahhh... that's actent
Comment from : xxMATERACxx

Eusebiu Menghes
Where îs Xiaomi Mi note 10?
Comment from : Eusebiu Menghes

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