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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Natalie hancock
I can’t believe that I found someone who likes this game as much as I do
Your videos are awesome by the way

Comment from : Natalie hancock

Joshua Barrett
Omg this game was my life! I can't believe I found this scrolling through YouTube..... NOSTALGIAAAAAA
Comment from : Joshua Barrett

I didn't know you had a YouTube Channel.
Comment from : Sonicbot

Yoshi 244
Nice video!
Comment from : Yoshi 244

I literally started to play this game on my copy of Rare Replay and actually thought it was pretty fun, so now i dont understand why this got a low score on the internet.
Comment from : D4N_SP00K

Wow great review this game is awesome!!
Comment from : Natedog

Romeo Duque
One of my favs from my childhood.10/10 I would recommend it
Comment from : Romeo Duque

Jimmy a Geek
Best Game on Xbox
Comment from : Jimmy a Geek

French ToastyMan
The last boss though!!
Comment from : French ToastyMan

xxBombcreeper !
I finally played this game and it actually isn't bad! This game needs more ratings
Comment from : xxBombcreeper !

xxBombcreeper !
Watching this gives me nostalgia because Halloween is my favorite time of year. It's really the only month I can express myself
Comment from : xxBombcreeper !

Baus of Bacon
Seriously, this is pretty GHOUL, don't you think?
Comment from : Baus of Bacon

where are you? It's been 6 months?
Comment from : Thecreeplycreeper

GamerBoy SP
you know on the day im making this comment, i had just achieved every single platinum in the game. i just think the game is alright. its definetly not rares worst game ever, but it can really test your patience if your going for 100%. you will definetly have moments on wanting to smash your xbox into the floor and not feeling any remorse....still, id say to at least give it a playthrough to see what you think. but whatever you do, dont go for 100%, unless you really want to put yourself through that torture.
p.s, you right about getting that good feeling when you do beat it though

Comment from : GamerBoy SP

I have been waitinggggg-
Comment from : rednoobguy26

Moisés GC
Please do Voodoo Vince next!
Comment from : Moisés GC

Vava Pickles
Where the new uploads at my dude? I love your videos and I need more!!
Comment from : Vava Pickles

Cartman Brah
Why u dont make new videos? :(
Comment from : Cartman Brah

sonic guy 123152 cool dude
when is your new video
Comment from : sonic guy 123152 cool dude

Ya boi Guzma
This is an amazing video!
Comment from : Ya boi Guzma

Ya boi Guzma
When are you gonna make another video?
Comment from : Ya boi Guzma

dumpsterman let's play
Things to rare replay I was actually able to experience this game for the very first time and also 30 other games that I love minus one and we all know it's banjo Nuts and Bolts I cannot get over how much I dislike that game
Comment from : dumpsterman let's play

I thought the game is amazing.  I liked the difficulty, I don't want a push over.
Comment from : Sailus54

Asra -
Are you still alive?
Comment from : Asra -

JPrule thenonebronie
Comment from : JPrule thenonebronie

Alex Holmes Animation
Review sea of theives when it comes it comes out
Comment from : Alex Holmes Animation

Giovanni Gonzalez
Just found this gold flake of a channel in this pile of trash called youtube. Keep up the work man, new sub. Look forward to more from a talented person such as yourself
Comment from : Giovanni Gonzalez

It pains me that you only have 1000
Seriously you deserve at least 100k

Comment from : VileDestroyerX

I NEVER KNEW YOU HAD A CHANNEL, my friend carboh informed me about it. Just watched this. Really good content! :D I really like the sound effects.
Comment from : AndrewIG

eyo krazybones! its your friend from steam! you know. asriel dreemurr?
Comment from : littenfan125

JPrule thenonebronie
yo could you fo a review on spongebob squarepants battle for bikini bottom pls?
Comment from : JPrule thenonebronie

Wow 1500 subs
Why am I so surprised?

Comment from : dprop_34

shadow protector
grabbed by the ghoulies just makes me think of something else. not gonna say what though
Comment from : shadow protector

Hey, man. Just wanted to leave a comment saying that your content is bloody amazing man! I hope you keep up with this great work! Just wanted to compliment you, and make your day good :D You've got my sub.
Comment from : IndecisiveAF

You should review donkey kong 64
Comment from : goblinbread

Midnight Venius Animation Inc
This Game Suck
Comment from : Midnight Venius Animation Inc

Slash Cache
There's many YouTubers that have many subs but suck and there are the small YouTubers with AMAZING content. You are a small YouTuber with amazing content. I hope you stay amazing even with loads of subs!😄
Comment from : Slash Cache

Jacob Edelin
I'm new to you're channel and I have to say...you're pretty damn funny. You remind me a lot of Fawful's Minion. Did you take inspiration from him?
Comment from : Jacob Edelin

You chill fam
Comment from : Golden_Steve

Can I request a review? I've never heard anyone talk about a game my friend found and we both played and found it... meh. It's called We Fish and it has... odd reviews to say nonetheless, but as I searched it into the YOUTUBES I saw very little of it, its kind of like your Saburwolf review, you reviewed a game no one talked about. So I would like to see your partake of it?
Comment from : AvilionAMillion

Can't wait for you to review Kameo hope it's soon :D
Comment from : mulletfox

Great review, dude!
Comment from : TheCartoonGamer8000

Love your videos and Dry Bones as how you can act
Comment from : Ryowhosakazaki

ThatGuyRai - Ryand428
I'm new to the channel and I love it ;)
Comment from : ThatGuyRai - Ryand428

I liked this reveiw
Comment from : WeavingChaos

xxBombcreeper !
Totally forgot I have rare replay! Might as well try this game!
Comment from : xxBombcreeper !

When it showed the Mummy it looked like it was humping the air.
Comment from : SuperSloBro

Herman Anderson
Krazy bones you still getting mad
Comment from : Herman Anderson

Andre S.
4:16 oh poor banjo... what did the-- HOLY COW THAT AIN'T NO BANJO ALRIGHT
Comment from : Andre S.

This is beautiful krazy! cool review~! :->
Comment from : LADYBOT

Amazing review, I love this. I'll play that game hopefully some other time
Comment from : ETupgrade

Found you while random clicking through a bunch of tweets. You need more subs to be honest. Keep up the good work
Comment from : plank

Your videos are so awesome man, keep up the good work!
Comment from : Takeshi

happy Halloween man, by the way, that comment about the analog stick was also the same in the blade 2 video game, not trying to be a smart ass, just a fun fact
Comment from : Flopwopper

4:16 holy shit they killed banjo
Comment from : Inkwell

Black Vegito78
Comment from : Black Vegito78

Man I even enjoyed the demo for this game quite a lot back in the day (the disco and the ninja imp themes were notably fantastic), but I still avoided buying it because the word on the street was that it was THAT dreadful. I finally played it on my mate's Rare Collection and it was utterly brilliant, and I still feel utterly ripped off by games journalism. Thanks, idiots.
Comment from : pauldento

Tanner :3
never heardof that game bevor but it looks good challenging but good :3
Comment from : Tanner :3

It's really surprising to see that you only have 1.3k subs.. Your videos are simply amazing ! Keep working hard i'm sure it'll pay off :)
Comment from : Jpbureau1996

Your editing is so good!
Comment from : JETT

Cinnamon Styx
I have asked you many times on Twitter. Yes or no? Cinnamon Sticks here.
Comment from : Cinnamon Styx

Nice review! It's been awhile since I've played it, I'll have to get back at it at some point
Comment from : MegaDriveBrad

The Cartridge Tilter
What sound effect did you keep using!?!? I've heard it in SO many videos, and I'm DYING to know!
4:03 and a bit further are good examples.

Comment from : The Cartridge Tilter

St. Anger snare be like: PONG PONG PONG PONG PONG
I can't wait for another yearly upload.
Comment from : St. Anger snare be like: PONG PONG PONG PONG PONG

Mmmnnn good video (•w•)👌
Comment from : Wisdomeel

OwO_Lostark1 UwU
Do a fnaf review or undertale review neh hee hee
Comment from : OwO_Lostark1 UwU

Caleb C.
Great video Krazy! Definitely need to play this sometime!
Comment from : Caleb C.

Love the video, also
Happy GothTober, man.

Comment from : ToonMation!

Comment from : VexIsAway

The Red Guy
Hm, never has any interest in this game, might have to try it eventually. You said using the right analog stick to fight was unique, well I know of another game that does that, Star Wars Obiwan (also for Xbox). In that game you swing the lightsaber with the right stick and it's really fun to fight like that. Most people don't really like the game, some even saying it's one of the worst Star Wars games, I don't understand these people. Yeah it's a bit rough around the edges but I think it's a great game and one of my favorite Star Wars games.
Comment from : The Red Guy

lolman 100
Comment from : lolman 100

Never played this game. People usually tell me it sucks.
Comment from : sergiomonty

I don't know why, but this game reminds me of that crappy PS1 game, Rascal?

shudder...Now that's a spook right there!

Comment from : BeansRabbit

I've never played this game and no I think I should
Comment from : Claus06

G.p. Flamey
great video as always! <3
Comment from : G.p. Flamey

Canned Failure
The new Resident Evil game looks great! Thanks for reviewing it!
Comment from : Canned Failure

Aka Resident Evil,The Goofy Version
Comment from : Pugo

Happy Halloween KRAZY! I love you and this video! I remember playing this games only once and it terrified me. Glad it's getting some attention!
Comment from : Metalguy40

Happy Spoopy-ween.
Comment from : bebbnett

Sonic Gamer 191919
is Your Back 👍
Comment from : Sonic Gamer 191919

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