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2019 Buyer's Guide: The best camera phones of this year's end

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Information 2019 Buyer's Guide: The best camera phones of this year's end

Title :  2019 Buyer's Guide: The best camera phones of this year's end
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Frames 2019 Buyer's Guide: The best camera phones of this year's end

Description 2019 Buyer's Guide: The best camera phones of this year's end

Comments 2019 Buyer's Guide: The best camera phones of this year's end

GSMArena Official
Reuploaded after fixing a typo with the original upload. Sorry about that!
Comment from : GSMArena Official

Rasheed Heding
Ported Gcam can beat those phone were mention in terms of camera LG G6 with Gcam boom amazing shot, hardware does not matter anymore repaired or improving algorithms would be good.
Comment from : Rasheed Heding

محب الجمال
beauty guy
Comment from : محب الجمال

Mr Yazid
Why phone camera doesnt comes with xenon flash nowadays? its brighter and better than led flash....
Comment from : Mr Yazid

amir sofian
Realme x2 pro with GCam is basically a god phone
Comment from : amir sofian

Zara Ivana
All beyond the budget. How about the camera of huawei P30?
Comment from : Zara Ivana

What flaws have the MI note 10 in video recording?
Comment from : Haseo

Tharindu Liyanaarachchi
Iphone 11 pro max or Samsung galaxy note 🔟 ➕ 🔥
Comment from : Tharindu Liyanaarachchi

Techno Kid Nepal
Lg v50
Sony xperia 1
Budget: k20 pro
Mi a3 with gcam???where r they gone

Comment from : Techno Kid Nepal

Dave Cruz
Very good review. 😎💪💯
Comment from : Dave Cruz

Mythical Goblin
Finding Angie?!?
Comment from : Mythical Goblin

Mohamed Saleh
Whrer the honor 20pro
Comment from : Mohamed Saleh

Madhurima Mullick
No camera samples for a video of best camera phones!!
Comment from : Madhurima Mullick

Madhurima Mullick
Inclusion of prices would help making better choices.
Comment from : Madhurima Mullick

Cânța Andrei
Is the Xiaomi Note 10 pro's camera improved?
Comment from : Cânța Andrei

sakura hoora
Oh nooo!!
Comment from : sakura hoora

Dennix Dismax
When you talk about best phones you can't leave xiaomi behind.. Nice video dude 👍👍👌
Comment from : Dennix Dismax

You need
redmi note 8 pro
Comment from : You need

Don’t look only from the smartphone spec but analyze by finished picture quality. Never ever ever ever trust the spec when you guys do not elaborate with real photographer eyes analysis.
Comment from : GuitarTablatureSkill

More lenses & more megapixels means best camera phone..lol what a dumbass channel i use to trust you guys since long years..
Comment from : S S

Jong Psychó
am i the only one thot that clickbait is girl?
Comment from : Jong Psychó

Khalid Iqbal Sheikh
What budjet pbone should i buy with best camera.
Comment from : Khalid Iqbal Sheikh

Mohammed Abdul gaffar
should talk about night mode while comparing
Comment from : Mohammed Abdul gaffar

Ferris Trap
You are the friend of flash right?
Comment from : Ferris Trap

prince Cheema
Dont have any Samsung phone
Comment from : prince Cheema

Why does everyone on gmsarena speaks as if they're trying to seduce the viewers lmao.. I'm weak...
Comment from : Flower

Hint: It is not called "2x Zoom". The 'x' is a replacement for the multiplication symbol × , and is produced "times" or "power".
The letter is there because of bad typography. It is also partly a remnant of the days when we had to use ASCII and did not have Unicode.

Comment from : Findecanor

Mark Ian Villaflores
Mid-range budget version pls.
Comment from : Mark Ian Villaflores

samsuddin md
You donot have any proper iformation about camera.So donot make such vids.
Comment from : samsuddin md

Arya Purusha
Reno2 4th sensor is B/W...not depth sensor..!!
Comment from : Arya Purusha

Hashim Joseph
Wonderful,,,am real amazed to see 12 mp included in best camera of the year,,,and my dream,my future phone with 64mp not included (xiomi redmi not 8 pro),,,any one help me pls "why such a phone with huge MP NOT INCLUDED?)
Comment from : Hashim Joseph

denden mark
wheres nokia 9 pureview hehehehe
Comment from : denden mark

I really cringe when they say "larger and larger sensor". No it is not larger physically, just the resolution is larger.
Comment from : Dada

Voltaire Rosario
You did not indicate each smart phone camera price.
Comment from : Voltaire Rosario

Mi note 10 selfies r not good
Comment from : sagar

Which one can save RAW files and have manual controls?
Comment from : Nolsp

didn’t even mentioned the Astro photography on Pixel 4, that was their edge among the competition, tbh
Comment from : Demitria

murodov muhammaddiyor
hey best camera phone is the most expensive phone I mean iPhone 11 pro max
Comment from : murodov muhammaddiyor

Michael Griffiths
What is up with you people putting films on you tube ? Why do you always assume somethings wrong and start by saying whats up. Theres nothing up ? Nothing wrong . In fact nothings happened. Why do you always assume somethings wrong. . This is as bad as the previous generations greeting of , How are you ? I mean why do they ask. Are they assuming youre unwell ?. For gods sake. Replace the crap with something normal. Like, hello. Or good day. Why always assume something might not be good or even unwell. Get positive for gods sake. Stop using words just for the sake of saying something is a pain in the arse.
Comment from : Michael Griffiths

Hansam Tumulak
How about sony?
Comment from : Hansam Tumulak

marc louie saceda
Watching with my Xiaomi Mi Note 10 🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👍
Comment from : marc louie saceda

Nipun Sharma
The iPhone has dull colour reproduction? I didn't know you defined accurate and realistic as dull.
Comment from : Nipun Sharma

Dan Saghin
Comment from : Dan Saghin

It's like you pulled these choices off the top of your head.
There's too much processing going on for the Mi Note 10 with the SD730G processor. Especially with kids or pets having that 2-3 sec to save pics at 27mpx and 5-6 sec for 108mpx is a bit slow.

Comment from : motocokeable

Gumita XD
I dont have money😢
Comment from : Gumita XD

star marzuq
Redmi note 8 Pro is the best
Comment from : star marzuq

matt leberman
This video was a waste of time .. top 5 in no particular order , just reading the specs off.. imagine having a car race and saying there's no winner but these 5 drivers all win !
Comment from : matt leberman

niclas lindman
Xperia1 are just WOW 👍
Comment from : niclas lindman

Adam Antonio
Uhmm, I think when gsmarena said “best camera phone” they meant “highest megapixel”. It’s either that or they’re still mortally afraid of vicious android fanboys who attack each and every video (or article) that says the iPhone is better.
Comment from : Adam Antonio

Rennie Ash
4:16 the fanbois will have to make do
Comment from : Rennie Ash

No Body
Hi Will🙋‍♂️
Comment from : No Body

Watching on a Mi note 10 and to honestly say that it's the best camera phone I've had this year out of the seven including 4 from samsung
Comment from : PATRICK OSIEMO

The way you're testing these phones just shows the features of the camera, it would be great if you talked about actual image quality regarding color, sharpness, exposure, since those are the things that actually matter
Comment from : DonkeyDelux

Saurabh Archive
Please suggest beast low-light camera phone in pop camera phones. Also suggest if we really get good low-light camera in pop up phones or we shall go for normal phones like Redmi note 7 pro.
Comment from : Saurabh Archive

The OnlyJimbat
the freakin huawei ban makes me hesitate to even think of getting the p30 pro. if it wasnt for the ban, no doubt it will be my first choice
Comment from : The OnlyJimbat

Joed Peñafiel
No Samsung S10? Weird LOL
Comment from : Joed Peñafiel

vaishnavi ammulu
Really very good bro IAM from India your description is perfect point to point
Comment from : vaishnavi ammulu

Rg Esquillo
i love your voice.very loving 😍
Comment from : Rg Esquillo

butah Scotch
"I have a phone in my camera"
Comment from : butah Scotch

Best overall camera’s including video ...iPhone 11 pro, best portrait pixel 4, best selfie pixel 3.best wide angle Samsung.
Comment from : kramshiron

Vidvat Dave
OnePlus 7 pro doesn't have that macro feature!
Comment from : Vidvat Dave

Sorry for being off, but am I hearing bits of the Hungarian anthem under the announcement of Editor's Choice? Not that it's wrong, I find it rather funny.
Comment from : eRZé

rotimi kayode
Not bad
Comment from : rotimi kayode

Masiosare II
Xioami 9t pro, Motorola zoom, Samsung A70 not included in this list?
Comment from : Masiosare II

Left out the LG V50, as usual. The bias is blinding.
Comment from : JDL

Mate 30 Pro the best
Comment from : RPS XXX TV

Jakub Raczyński
For me perfect setup is:
-main camera
-wide angle
-super wide angle
-2x telephoto
-5x telephoto
-depth sensor
-dual pop-up camera/dual display

Comment from : Jakub Raczyński

Yaj Z.
Great decision for the Editor's Choice.
Comment from : Yaj Z.

guy needs a haircut
Comment from : Carter

Nikhil Bahekar
Note 10 plus♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😘
Comment from : Nikhil Bahekar

Make video on best display phones 🤟
Comment from : Khargosh

Joey Lorenzo
I choosen MI note 10,exactly choice n Better👍😎❤😘🤫
Comment from : Joey Lorenzo

Tharuka Jayasinghe
4/10 phones are origin from china.🤔(without Xiaomi 😁)
Comment from : Tharuka Jayasinghe

Steve Lim
iPhone 11 pro does not produce "muted colors", it produces most natural and best for post grading photos just like the DSLR do. My first choice is definitely the iPhone 11 Pro, and i believe most professional photographers too.
My second choice is Huawei, it is the second best pure imagery shooter, with an advantage in good zooming ability. Xiaomi, on the other hand, still couldn't get the color and lights distribution right in many cases, to get a sharp tele zooming image doesn't grand a good score in photography rating.

Comment from : Steve Lim

Toni Corvera
So the editor's choice on a video about the best camera phones turns out to be the best value one? That doesn't make much sense to me
Comment from : Toni Corvera

frank Mo
Where's LG V50 😩😓
Comment from : frank Mo

I don't trust anyone who sports the pyramid🤷‍♂️

Correction @4:13 it's a 16mp ultra wide camera not 12mp as you stated! See what I mean, can't trust anyone wearing a pyramid shirt🤔


anoop a
You have not used Nokia 9. Have you. It can capture better photos than most of the phones mentioned in the video. Do a shoot out and believe for yourself
Comment from : anoop a

Gakwaya David
The outros are always amazing!
Comment from : Gakwaya David

Andrea Green
very nice work thanks!
Comment from : Andrea Green

Carl Litchfield
One plus 7tpro makes it on the list but s10+ doesn't?????
Comment from : Carl Litchfield

Jerry Berglund
Naah, no Sony Xperia 1 or, xperia 5
Comment from : Jerry Berglund

atro .x
Mi note 10?
Comment from : atro .x

The 108 MP camera needs the most powerful processor to show it's full potential.
Comment from : Ronald

Peter Harwood
Unbelievable,you obviously don't know a lot about cameras?Why, because you've missed probably the best phone camera off your list.Thats the Sony experia1.But this camera is for people who know how to shoot in manual and don't rely on auto.Oh dear never mind.
Comment from : Peter Harwood

Firoz Al -mamun
mate 30 pro still no.1 place no doubt about that
Comment from : Firoz Al -mamun

Kyle Joseph Crespo
4:14 You say 12MP instead of 16MP
Comment from : Kyle Joseph Crespo

Loncey's Personal Channel
Sony X1 and LG most underrated and don't even get a mention. Unsubbing!
Comment from : Loncey's Personal Channel

Wish mi note 10 has expandable storage. Would be my main phone.
Comment from : Scychotic97

Josh Negane
No LG or Sony? Some list...
Comment from : Josh Negane

Zafer Atmaca
A list without Nokia? 🤔
Comment from : Zafer Atmaca

Guille Vsq
Thank Will, I like the choices. But now with the trade dispute between China and the U.S. Huawei is no longer on my list.
Comment from : Guille Vsq

niclas lindman
Xperia1 are Awsome say probebly Xperia5 same 👌
Comment from : niclas lindman

Dawn Tobin
Ouch!!! Beyond budget. :( Great Video and your calm face and lovely locks. :)
Comment from : Dawn Tobin

Ajobe Denis
When it is Camera phone, the King is Sony Xperia 1 in 2019 FullStop
Comment from : Ajobe Denis

Tireless Crafter
"Uncertain software future"

Comment from : Tireless Crafter

Justin Casano
LG V50 is a beast too.
Comment from : Justin Casano

Reynald Charles Rodriguez
Oh it's the "budget" angee reviewing ...
Comment from : Reynald Charles Rodriguez

Mark Riley
If people love photography and want a phone with a decent camera too, then it might be better to compromise and look at mid range phones, save money and buy a good MFT compact-or camera with one inch sensor to complement it. The cost could be £200 less than a flagship phone! Many mid range hand sets now have acceptable/good cameras with some limitations-as do many costly "Flagship" phones! I think some expectations of what phone cameras can do (they are pretty amazing in my opinion) are just too high! No phone could match the quality of an MFT sensor. For example! A combination of the Samsung A50 and a Panasonic GX80 is my choice! Both camera and phone would fit in a small-ish camera bag. And avoiding a high end phone will give cheaper contract deals too-with more data! Just a suggestion :)
Comment from : Mark Riley

Craig Woodgate
I like how its always really expensive phones that are mentioned what about people with a lower budget
Comment from : Craig Woodgate

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