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BlueParrot VXi B450XT Bluetooth Headset Video Review

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Information BlueParrot VXi B450XT Bluetooth Headset Video Review

Title :  BlueParrot VXi B450XT Bluetooth Headset Video Review
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Frames BlueParrot VXi B450XT Bluetooth Headset Video Review

Description BlueParrot VXi B450XT Bluetooth Headset Video Review

Comments BlueParrot VXi B450XT Bluetooth Headset Video Review

Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment
Full review with pics here: www.dragonblogger.com/vxi-blueparrott-b450-xt-bluetooth-headset-review/
Comment from : Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment

Theresa Conrad
I don't use my headset for any games. Only music i listen to every night.
Comment from : Theresa Conrad

I see that it could be used with PC via Blue Tooth but the quality isn't great as you say, is there a (Bluetooth USB mini-adapter) that could be used to allow a better quality.
Comment from : ISA HABASH

I've seen drivers using it. I think they look dumb while wearing it
Comment from : LondonUnderground186

And does this headset boom mic Swivel to accommodate being on the left side of your face?
Comment from : lastgunslinger3759

So my question would be is it you're editing or the headset that causes your voice to be out of sync on this video?
Comment from : lastgunslinger3759

Lassy DLassy
Looking for headsets that can translate. Need to be able to plug into computer audio too.
Comment from : Lassy DLassy

Elite Services 98402 DKWA LLC
Just got mine today.
Comment from : Elite Services 98402 DKWA LLC

sheraz sarrdar
Is this an Over-Ear headset or On-ear?
Comment from : sheraz sarrdar

why cant people hear me through this headset
Comment from : Archangel.diegoo

Maceo Barnes
How do i stop my head set from auto answer
Comment from : Maceo Barnes

Pamela Nolin
I'm a trucker and have had it for nearly 3 years. I can go 3 days without charging it. Love my 450 <3
Comment from : Pamela Nolin

Michelle Mial
I'm not a trucker. My fiancee is a trucker and bought it for me so I can be handsfree at home. Love it!
Comment from : Michelle Mial

si yo soy si yo soy
Yes it's good sounds good n people hear you good but mine keeps disconnecting for no reason why
Comment from : si yo soy si yo soy

We Use It 2
Cant watch a video where the sound does not sync
Comment from : We Use It 2

Can you speak with this device on PC?
Comment from : Rob217

Jessica Thomas
Do you know why the headset wouldn’t be charging?!
Comment from : Jessica Thomas

Josip Štimac
Anyone know how to update firmware and how to turn off blue blinking light?
Comment from : Josip Štimac

Dan M
Any luck using the bp updater?
Comment from : Dan M

Edgar Velez
Can anyone tell me if I can listen to my music on this one?
Comment from : Edgar Velez

GH Rookie
Clicked off...affiliate sales.
Comment from : GH Rookie

Antoine Porter
Red light constant. Left it charging for 2 days, took it off charger not it will not work
Comment from : Antoine Porter

Richard Troyer
I bought this one upgrading from a 2012 model and I love this one. I'm a tour bus operator and also have my own tour business in a Sprinter van. With bluetooth capabilities in the Sprinter, I'm wanting to figure out if I can use this system to speak through my radio/aux somehow to deliver my narrative when I conduct my tours.
Comment from : Richard Troyer

david gapor
Hi. Can I use it on my PC?
Comment from : david gapor

Miss Tomas
can I use it with my laptop too? or do i need some kind of adapter? thanks
Comment from : Miss Tomas

Ted Holmes
I also am and have been a truck driver. I've bought exclusively blue parrott headsets for some time. Presently my latest one is the B450 tx.

What I love about them is the noise cancelation. What I hate about them is out of the blue, for no reason at all the damn buttons will stop working!

I've had my 450 now for less than 6 mo. I do not throw them around or mistreat them.

When I hung up today the damn things will not give audio anymore?

I can hold the button down to power up or down and see it cycle through
but no audio (yes the volume is up).

Headset is fully charged so is the Samsung galaxy 9.

I've reset both phone and headset and nothing.

I can't stand when they purposely build in for a product to fail (opulence)

Trust me. My brother is an engeneer. They truly do this. Like we got a $100.00 +
bucks to just keep throwing around.

This has to be my 8th set over the years. Yes while they work their great.

But this consistent button failure is to much for me.

Blue Parrott, because of this and only this. You get 2 thumbs down from me!

China. You can take a lesson from Japan. You get bragging rights when you can build a product to last like they do!

Comment from : Ted Holmes

Rick Lamb
I just got one...absolutely love it. I’ve tried so many blue tooth devices and this one is amazing.
I love that it announces whoever is calling you..exzample call from Jim, do you want to accept the call or ingnore the call...don’t think about if you should buy the Blueparrot go get one today.

Comment from : Rick Lamb

When you get this from a drug store for under $20, and it's brand new.. You realize that you get the deal of a life time.
Comment from : Valtrixon

Colin Anderson
Can you connect an audio cable to it?
Comment from : Colin Anderson

pac-man-ooo #
I bought one for 4 month now and charger plug in will indicate red but never turn blue i look at serial number and saw it was made in china and man i was hella piss off other than that this blue tooth works wonderful and long life battery before it died
Comment from : pac-man-ooo #

Anguel Nikolov
Bro  Stop Layeng  ultra Noise Canceling  is A Pracktikal  Disaster  VERY  VERY  VERY  LOW  VALUME, RIP OFF
Comment from : Anguel Nikolov

Albert Armstrong
What sucks is the automated system that goes on before you can answer a call. It’s ridiculous you should just click and your call should come through.

Also they say you can disable this feature but once you charge your headset that setting reapplies.

Comment from : Albert Armstrong

Chris Britt
I have this headset I've had it for a couple of years love it but suddenly my phone has unpaired me from it I can't remember how to repair it but guess what I put that question to YouTube this is the video I get has nothing to do with what I need
Comment from : Chris Britt

As a truck driver, this headset is awesome. However, be warned, it's NOT as comfortable as you think. Your ear will ache after hours of use. Especially if you wear glasses.
Comment from : Jason

King Kong
Can you listen to music?
Comment from : King Kong

The Gatlin Guys
Do you know how to use it for recording a podcast?
Comment from : The Gatlin Guys

Bud G
Now my headset is making a buzzing sound like I’m far away from my phone but I’m not 🤔
Comment from : Bud G

Bud G
My blue light is staying on and not going off
Comment from : Bud G

This is my third Blue Parrot - the noise canceling microphone is either broken or far lower performance than the previous models. I work in a high noise environment where the previous models did great but this one can barely deal with much lower noise. Perhaps a setting is wrong?

Far worse for the caller on the other end than the previous models.

Comment from : JetNmyFuture

Erica Acevedo
I can't get it to connect to my smart watch. Any suggestions?
Comment from : Erica Acevedo

Purchased this headset from watching your review thank you for posting the video short and to the point gave me the information quickly I wish others would have been so to the point also Big thanks I love it - Jigga Jones NBC News Radio 1050AM
Comment from : jigga2jones

The 518 Trucker
Your mouth doesn't match your words. Lol
Comment from : The 518 Trucker

Deacon Davis
Is there a way to make it read texts and use it for voice to text?
Comment from : Deacon Davis

Los Betos D Sinaloa
Have you tried how long the battery lasts just recently got mine and charged it overnight and have been using it for 2 days straight good deal here I was just wondering
Comment from : Los Betos D Sinaloa

Bought mine with AmBucks plus a $30 rebate...Cost me nothing! :) Does anyone know how to have it tell you the battery life?
Comment from : jasmwhite1

I would buy it if it had the mic like the s450.

The Original ONION
Ok I'll take two please
Comment from : The Original ONION

Solo Elk hunter
Why do I keep hearing a ping every 30 seconds ?
Comment from : Solo Elk hunter

Bam Bam
I just bought one today after watching your review and boy I tell ya, it's freaken amazing! it did everything you said, I had a load in Phoenix today and it was super windy, my girl on the other end could not hear the wind howling! Again thanks for the review!
Comment from : Bam Bam

Is the sound comping from the headset?
Comment from : tecnocato

I am a semi driver, and I called my mother, rolling down the highway at 65 mph. She asked me if I was at home, I said no, I'm wearing a brand new headset from blue parrot on the road. I am a blue parrot believer..... Never had any problems with my others ones. Great product, hands down!!
Comment from : Litefoot

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