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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

MAFfin Gamerplayz
I love neffex
Comment from : MAFfin Gamerplayz

Heart of Dark Light
has strategy to counter purify when using guin
Comment from : Heart of Dark Light

Lensky EL
Diggie main here, where's the rest of my Diggie users at???
Comment from : Lensky EL

How to counter: BAN
Comment from : Pric3zulstarYT

Nightcore Zenro
How come I'm feeling so lucky that I'm a Franco main user
Comment from : Nightcore Zenro

I thought there was a harith counter 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : RilXな

yeet yeet potato skeet
countering lunox is pretty easy if there aren't any other people to defend her, since she's really squishy.
Comment from : yeet yeet potato skeet

yeet yeet potato skeet
as Guinevere main, i can assure you that i absolutely despise enemies with purify.
Comment from : yeet yeet potato skeet

Davepsyric Dagandara
harith is a meta like if u agree
Comment from : Davepsyric Dagandara

Davepsyric Dagandara
you forget harith
Comment from : Davepsyric Dagandara

Nickz 02
Selena? Why no Selena in Meta???
Comment from : Nickz 02

Ryan Pat
Now i know how to counter them.
Thanks 4 this video..😁

Comment from : Ryan Pat

Comment from : MOONSPEET

hmm mmm
Oh thats why i can kill easily guinevere using miya only
Comment from : hmm mmm

Bunlot Gaming
Thank for clear informations
Comment from : Bunlot Gaming

Hino Suu
Thank you soooo much! You have no idea how irritating chou, lunox, gusion and guinevere are!
Comment from : Hino Suu

Zeth Gaming
I fear no man.
But that thing....


It scares me..

Comment from : Zeth Gaming

Rewards Bytess
esmeralda is easy to counter
Comment from : Rewards Bytess

Videos seems more lika an ad for Saber , Helcurt , etc .
Comment from : ΔNGEL

Gianmil Digman
As a guinevere user, to counter this counter hahaha you must keep an eye on those who have purify. Once you’ve used your second, don’t use your ultimate immediatey, wait for the enemy to fall until they’re almost on the ground. Wait for them to use purify. Then go retreat and spam your first skill to minions and go attack them one more time. Its dangerous yet rewarding. I always do this trick hehe. Hope it helps.
Comment from : Gianmil Digman

lol what

Purify has entered the chat

Comment from : lol what

john paul
How to counter mobile legends propaganda and to counter buying mistakes and stupidness?

Don't top up your load for just diamonds. Skill is enough and what's the purpose of skin if you always reported and bronze in overall? Remember that mobile legends is a big propaganda to earn a lot of money using the game system, skins and discounts. Take note that all offers is programed. You can win the item after wasting 500diamonds up to 4k diamonds.
Use only 3 heroes and master it and the rest tickets and battle points is good to purchase for emblems.
Use only 1 emblem untill it reached lvl45 like assassin because it fits on chou(fighter) , granger(marksman) and natalia(assassin) So you don't need to divide your magic dust for another type of emblem. The secrete of this game is professionalism. Just master 3 or 2 heroes and find a friend that using tank and support. But if you're solo, forget the line up and use the rule that you're really comfortable. No tank no problem just carry the game. What i mean is 5 pros with broken lineup vs 5 unknown players with good lineup. If there just 1 or 2 pros in the game its really difficult to enemy to defeat you early but what if you're all in the same pro level even the lineup is broken?
And when you reach 5K bp through the battle, go rest and play for another week because 4K is for the magic dust chest and 1K for upgrading.

Comment from : john paul

Kis Tanyag
Diggie is God
Comment from : Kis Tanyag

ii_Thunder 08
When your using a meta to counter a meta who is also trying to counter you
Comment from : ii_Thunder 08

Kenny Limantara
Meta: exists
Diggie : " im bout to destroy this whole man career "

Comment from : Kenny Limantara

AromorGuy The First
Me: watches video to learn on what to avoid as esmeralda making me stronger
Comment from : AromorGuy The First

Akshay Shah
Saber is everywhere.. !!!
Comment from : Akshay Shah

Jeithro Wagwag
I dont get why people are whining about guin 😐 just purify bros
Comment from : Jeithro Wagwag

Best way to counter guinevere is
Avoid the 2nd skill

Comment from : DreamyJourney

How counter Harith is by using saber with execute...if you dont belive me you can see in my ml "Crystal Tears"
Comment from : DreamyJourney

John Carlo Sapongay
Do selena are out in the meta heroes this s12?
Comment from : John Carlo Sapongay

So... This is like, how to counter meta with another hero and how to counter that hero with another hero
Comment from : Karticus

Crafter J
How to counter lesley xd
Comment from : Crafter J

Crafter J
How to counter lesley xd
Comment from : Crafter J

NitroZeus MC ppDw166
Where the fuck is aldous... he is meta
Comment from : NitroZeus MC ppDw166

more al
Saber pretty much countered most of the heroes
Comment from : more al

Joemieah Zephir Euste
Where's harith
Comment from : Joemieah Zephir Euste

Jay Gordon robert
thes heroes in vid best to level up u rank
Comment from : Jay Gordon robert

Miya be like: Meta, U will see, When Ill get buffed u all will suffer. U see
Comment from : Chris

Llama Lely
alot of these reason are based off of what your teammates and the enemy picks, but you don't know what the enemy picks, so most of these are useless, though if you're lucky, you can get a good match, but alot of these are in one situation use, 1v1 is what you are mainly talking about, except, you will probably never catch a diggie solo, because he is a support.
Plus, these are planned positions that you made, a guison is fast, you probably won't be able to suddenly dodge unless you have really fast instinct.
I am mot hating, I am merely stating my point that alot of these counters wont exactly work. (I do agree with some though, like guin, lunox and esme, even though i main them)

Comment from : Llama Lely

renniel lumba
Martis can counter Esmeralda right?
Comment from : renniel lumba

Kaki Gadget
3:40 is that lancelot?!?!🤔😂
Comment from : Kaki Gadget

KIAN 450
I have other techniques either for gusion btw
Comment from : KIAN 450

KIAN 450
How do you counter meta heroes when they are all together?
Comment from : KIAN 450

abc def
can someone tell me when can I buy the counter items? like is it have to be the 3rd item after cores? or what
Comment from : abc def

wallowallowee non
Nevermind countering some of them. They're always banned anyway
Comment from : wallowallowee non

milk bread
How to rank up:
Play layla

Comment from : milk bread

Ario RW
Best counter for chou.. and other..


Comment from : Ario RW

Hunter Knife
What I know that my Fanny still can spam those tornado strike on their ass...
Comment from : Hunter Knife

I use argus To counter 5 critical opponents
Comment from : ASVPGAMER

Noob Gamer
Hmm I dont see Saitama
Comment from : Noob Gamer

elepant fly
Wht abt harith
Comment from : elepant fly

Hubert King Hebra
the "turtle lane" , even among legends , most of my mid-lane teammates dont know how to rotate there, instead they rotate on the opposite lane thus giving free turtle to the enemies. lol
Comment from : Hubert King Hebra

Ate Jika
Why do people keep spelling it Gussion
Comment from : Ate Jika

Legends Keeper
Nobody can beat Xander Ford.

Especially his lunox with endless

Comment from : Legends Keeper

I Jokerr
Counter the meta: Have Immortality.

(Spoilers: The Hero is Green.)

And use petrify,purify,sprint,inspire,and retribution

Comment from : I Jokerr

Galladianin 427
Hey ill say this. Against esmeralda use heavy ammounts of instantaneous damage like eudora ult
Comment from : Galladianin 427

Martis counters guin
Comment from : EajunM

Inje Koah
Chou and hayabusa...my two mains....win or lose
Comment from : Inje Koah

Jeffrey’s Bae
Actually You can counter esme by kadita
Comment from : Jeffrey’s Bae

WarLy Gaming
Comment from : WarLy Gaming

WarLy Gaming
Comment from : WarLy Gaming

deohannah ps
Comment from : deohannah ps

Salamander GamingArena
hits miss

Comment from : Salamander GamingArena

How to counter thanos
Comment from : Ken

Sear - a - Pot
9:45 see Sun

When you're serious about not giving a fuck of the CC

Comment from : Sear - a - Pot

Sea Monster 5535
3:45 Wait why is lancelot there
or who is that like someone is there
Is he have a crush on gui

Comment from : Sea Monster 5535

Skyler v15
No... there is 1 ... i hero you cant counter and ..

*i hope next update they add anti-lag*

"Becue its the only hero ca counter laggs and cancerous teams.."

Comment from : Skyler v15

confusion confusion
How to counter all heroes:

Use selena and when enemy is at ur turret wait for the creep to almost die and stun them in the turret xD except grock or hanabi or idk

Comment from : confusion confusion

sᎽᎪm ፈᏰ
You are the good players in mobile legend i relly like you?????????? To helping new gamer

And me to i am new gamet in mobile legend thx to helpng

Comment from : sᎽᎪm ፈᏰ

Did you see lancelot
Comment from : TEEMO TALON

lιgнт вσяи
winning over her
seems nice

Comment from : lιgнт вσяи

Master _Malinao2020
Btw u can't take fanny buff tho... if you take ut ur ded to her
Comment from : Master _Malinao2020

lesson i learned just fucking use diggie
Comment from : Tinderbox

Galaxy Boy
Sheild or shield?
Comment from : Galaxy Boy

Helcurt The Shadowbringer
Helcurt is also counter to guinevere
Comment from : Helcurt The Shadowbringer

Ace Looc
The best counter to guin is helcurt.Cuz helcurt can cancel guin's 2nd with his passive
Comment from : Ace Looc

Invade YT
How to counter khufra??? He's so op
Comment from : Invade YT

Stefan Okiljević
I once used arrival on guisons 1 skill he flew with me to the base
Comment from : Stefan Okiljević

Long Trần
Esmerlda? Who?
Comment from : Long Trần

Useful Human
Love the intro song
Comment from : Useful Human

Try to purify guins ult she will just dash away. Her ult has a 20 sec cd while purify has a 90 sec cd so it is always a better tradeoff for guin
Comment from : GOD๛Mᴇᴛᴇᴏ真神

Or buy khufra. Its that easy.
Comment from : ZezzyYeiji

Adi Son
7:18 you mean skill 2?
Comment from : Adi Son

Comment from : Typhoon

Rheynier Hyrl
Comment from : Rheynier Hyrl

Aiko Asahi Gaming
I dont need purify


Miya's Ult duh

Comment from : Aiko Asahi Gaming

Galaxy Life
Noooooooo... now people will be abpe to counter me EVERY SIGLE TIME :(
Comment from : Galaxy Life

How to counter lag
Comment from : YA TO

Foggy Rain
nana can also counter mino's ult
Comment from : Foggy Rain

Earl Hernando Jr.
Faramis is laughing at the corner
Comment from : Earl Hernando Jr.

Hemarpaul Abian
Comment from : Hemarpaul Abian

Just Ice
Wheres khufra .khufra can counter all heroes you mentioned haha . hes kinda op when you know how to use him .
Comment from : Just Ice

Shmr Gllr
How to counter AFK?
Comment from : Shmr Gllr

I dont agree on lance taking lunox quickly he does not have cc and skills can be dodge
Comment from : LMAO LOL

anne uwu
how to counter meta: ban them
Comment from : anne uwu

Pԋαɳƚσɱ Oɾισɳ
The problem with the chou counter. The second skill can immune stuns. And if you have seen unxpected's chou compilation 23. You will see that an aurora ans selena tried to stop the ulti but he ultied then used 2nd ability then used ult again. Wich completly couters what you said. Diggie does work tho.
Comment from : Pԋαɳƚσɱ Oɾισɳ

Oreo• マーク
I miss how angela is so buffed and meta but now no one using her in rank
Comment from : Oreo• マーク

Kimez Gt
Thats a sub im new to this channel
Comment from : Kimez Gt

bench Borela
Comment from : bench Borela

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