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Information nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Description nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Koji Rodrigues
Your hands are sooo hairy that is disturbing :p
Comment from : Koji Rodrigues

I am watching this very video on my bb 9320
Comment from : Odaine

I hate touchscreens & touch buttons,so I'm planning to get this instead...
Comment from : LexusboyLS

J Watley
I have this fone in white and i cnt live without it! It is soooo good! I dnt understand why people hate bb so much xD someone plz tell me why its 'soooo bad' lol amazing fone
Comment from : J Watley

Alexander Valentino
It does
Comment from : Alexander Valentino

adam renai
i read this i regret ever bit of it.
Comment from : adam renai

Herman the German
Comment from : Herman the German

jack pop
Nice phone u know
Comment from : jack pop

soooo....are you saying some of you people get up at 2 in the morning (america) and watch a review for a phone you arent even considering getting? are you mad?!
Comment from : seansweeney150

Lethal Weapon
it can play youtube I'm typing this on it. I got this samsung galaxy S2 and an iPad
Comment from : Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon
Comment from : Lethal Weapon

Wan Haidar Wan Chik
plss answer me....
Comment from : Wan Haidar Wan Chik

Wan Haidar Wan Chik
caan it play youtube?
Comment from : Wan Haidar Wan Chik

Jack Martin
you're battery's running low...
Comment from : Jack Martin

Classified Rxceaz
9320 is good
Comment from : Classified Rxceaz

Rick Morozini Hupp
9320 larina strovalda
Comment from : Rick Morozini Hupp

Larina Strovalda
Which is better:9320 or 9360??Because this has a 3.2 mega pixel camera whereas the 9360 has a 5 mega pixel camera,but 932 has a better battey life,I'm a teenager btw so I'd be using a lot of media and hardly any calls :) respond asap!!x
Comment from : Larina Strovalda

Natharsha Abdul Jabbar
cute mobile
Comment from : Natharsha Abdul Jabbar

Because I am not sure on what colour to get aswell (between black and white aswell). I am going to get the black one then put a white case on it, so it is kinda like having both colours or do it the other way round!
Comment from : LinusIsCool

well i think white and black are pretty much neutral...
Comment from : 00Kaleidoscope00

well as i am switching from the galaxy s2 to this, i'd say this.
Comment from : 00Kaleidoscope00

Pink is man-lier
Comment from : phatcarz

Jack Wakerly
I getting this phone in the post tomorrow
Comment from : Jack Wakerly

Jack McCarron
I don't know whether to get this or keep my Lumia 710.
Comment from : Jack McCarron

lauren brownlee
i hav that phone i am on it 12 hours a day never off it and i never hav to charge it its amazing well worth the money best phone i hav ever got!
Comment from : lauren brownlee

Nathan Fields
could you last with this phone for 2 years?
Comment from : Nathan Fields

Real Scotty P
how's the battery life?
Comment from : Real Scotty P

Just traded my 8520 for this,ended up paying £67 with my old phone in part exchange,a bargain i thought on payg. You can keep your touchscreen phones with rip off monthly tarriffs.
Comment from : astront917

Mike Jim
I have the HTC wildfire s.. should I switch to this phone?
Comment from : Mike Jim

The best looking curve is the 9300
Comment from : SM1963ification

this or the lumia 710?
Comment from : InspectorPineapple

the world doesn't revolve around america you know
Comment from : InspectorPineapple

Jack McCarron
Great review dave once again. '-'
Comment from : Jack McCarron

10:20pm in Australia :) cheers
Comment from : condo767

Jack Dexter
Old intro!!! Please!!!!!
Comment from : Jack Dexter

Nathaniel Smith
HTC for me!
Comment from : Nathaniel Smith

I just really can't wait too see what we get with blackberry OS10 ;) but i do love using my Bold 9700 every now and then
Comment from : CJ Ware LRPS

Leke Onile-ere
@412magic its in the morning in england man :-D
Comment from : Leke Onile-ere

why did you change your intro? :(
Comment from : Izzkhairable

old it sucks blackberry sucks
Comment from : omartechgeek2011

Arn't they dead yet?
Comment from : thedarkness97

@412magic it's 7:30 in england bro :)
Comment from : bikingisart

Who still uses BlackBerry? Love your videos but not a big fan of BlackBerry lol.
Comment from : SCAVA187

I am in the UK, it is 7am :D
Comment from : Geekanoids

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