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Flip Video Cameras - Review and Comparison

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Information Flip Video Cameras - Review and Comparison

Title :  Flip Video Cameras - Review and Comparison
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Comments Flip Video Cameras - Review and Comparison

maurice femenias
I have the latest waiting to charge up / blk screen ,will see
Comment from : maurice femenias

Watching this in 2020. Miss you Ty.
Comment from : ThatPunkIsaac

Carol Krencik
Comment from : Carol Krencik

Jeffrey Stroman
Like a message in a bottle, I currently use the 30 minute one and am trying to find out if recorded media could be held in your hand, from the camera. I suppose it would be a flash drive using a computer to transfer video from flip camera. You know, I was a factory certified broadcast video tech for betamax, m2, 3/4" umatic and so on. For a time tape based editing was a choice from non linear. Now the average cell phone is all stages, recording, storage and editing, oh and broadcasting.
Comment from : Jeffrey Stroman

Crosley 43
i got the middle one and it is truly great
Comment from : Crosley 43

Mister Pep-Aae
Comment from : Mister Pep-Aae

Alize jacinto
could you use it for vlogging ?
Comment from : Alize jacinto

You said "Actually" 67 times!
Comment from : Frankallen12

Kevin Lukas TV
is it good for vloging?
Comment from : Kevin Lukas TV

Are these still made?
Comment from : J K

Shannon Gray
the middle one has batteries in it which would be why it is heavier....
Comment from : Shannon Gray

Jomoja Jack
My one charges but wont turn on any ideas of how i could fix it
Comment from : Jomoja Jack

Felicia Moore
hello Ty is it possible that you can do a video on how to replace the batter in the flip video s1240w slide hd camcorder the one on your far left. I have one and it will not keep a charge and I want to replace the battery myself.
Comment from : Felicia Moore

Diego Trejo
I got the newest model unopened at a garage sale for $5
Comment from : Diego Trejo

The beep sound on my flip is gone.. any idea how to fix it?
Comment from : clarity023

Brandon Greer
the mino non HD is better. 
Comment from : Brandon Greer

Bryan Padilla
can this cameras be set on a normal tripod or they use a specual one ? please reply
Comment from : Bryan Padilla

same here but i got mine for 10 dollars....
Comment from : Legit_Ravioli

Dyno Sword
Comment from : Dyno Sword

Rhys Van Midden
This video was very helpful and face me the desision on what model I want. I've chosen the old ultra hd :) thank you
Comment from : Rhys Van Midden

What gen. Is the middle one? The white Ultra HD?
Comment from : Elmo

Xx SammiXx
I have the black one
Comment from : Xx SammiXx

I got the middle one at a garage sale. But the sides are not chrome finish like yours is, and it didn't come with any battery or any wires. I haven't tried it yet but I got it for a bargain of $3.00!! I didn't haggle or barter the kid that sold it to me did a great job of explaining how it worked and I couldn't say no even if I wanted to. It turned out that these cost a lot of money when I looked it up on Amazon I was surprised that it was ultra HD. Got lucky I guess
Comment from : 9tails1fox

Victor Stanwick
Can you actually use the word "actually" more than actually forty actual times in each sentence? The older model flip takes two AA batteries that last for hours and hours. I have gone at least four complete hours on one set of batteries. They're pretty easy to change and it's not difficult to carry AA batteries. I love this camera. I've been using it for at least three years with no complaints. Thanks for your informative review of the other models.
Comment from : Victor Stanwick

ashlyn yeary
I am getting the black flip And it is in the mail and I got it for the main flreason for YouTube I shoot of random stuff I am super excited but I was a little worried because you said that if you drop it then the lens would be the first to break and I am clumsy did I make a bad choice of which one to pick ?
Comment from : ashlyn yeary

Trent Milner
can you snyc the vids onto a mac?
Comment from : Trent Milner

I'd like to go to this hotel.
Comment from : Seb

Justin Mitchell
My dad got a free mino in his hotel room
Comment from : Justin Mitchell

the mino is better because the video looks better than on the older models
Comment from : massreaper290

rob smith
i brought a flip camera with me to paris back in october,it was pretty okay i guess, but when i was on the eifel tower there was a terrible sound coming from the wind that the camera picked up
Comment from : rob smith

rob smith
yeah tim burton
Comment from : rob smith

Niroshan Buddhika
Hey, do you know "Photo SFXart Tricks" (just do a Google search for it...)? There you can watch a useful free video explaining how you can shoot incredible pictures. It helped Matt to make photos that have a wow-effect whenever you take a look at them. It might help you as well...
Comment from : Niroshan Buddhika

Ill stick with my android
Comment from : Justus

YungGroovy Fro
jeff hardy
Comment from : YungGroovy Fro

Zach Sweet
best buy
Comment from : Zach Sweet

GoofyGonzalo OCP
yes try radioshack and target or walmart as far as i know got mines from wal+mart
Comment from : GoofyGonzalo OCP

Umira Ali
Can you get it in stors?
Comment from : Umira Ali

Gio Fenix
how much is one flip camera if you don't buy it from e bay
Comment from : Gio Fenix

Luis Iniguez
Comment from : Luis Iniguez

Comment from : abbottbowden28

noah emmons
were can you go to get them the cheapest?
Comment from : noah emmons

thye look so cheap and like they are made for kids...i prefer something more streamlined
Comment from : firestonegraywolf

@The812ray And also I would reccomend the Sony Bloggie Touch or the Samsung Hmx w200 pocket camcorders The samsung hmx w200 is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and has a rugged design, full HD and has auto focus and 4x digital zoom The sony bloggie is touchscreen, and has a 3 inch screen across and is really slim so it can fit in a lot of places! Lol maybe its not the comment back you wanted but those two are really good cameras! (My friend has the samsung Hmx w200/sony bloggie!
Comment from : citruscrushable

@The812ray No because the flip is out of business and doesnt sell anymore A LOT of flip users (including me) have a problem where the camera works okay for a few months then suddenly it just STOPS working, wont turn on even if you charge it fully! And it doesn't have auto focus which sucks :( and it only has 2x digital zoom. It records up to 720 HD. If you want to get I have a flip and the design i got is really pretty but don't waste your money on it just because of a design, I was soo foolish.
Comment from : citruscrushable

i have been thinking of getting one do you think a mino video camera is a good one to get out of the rest
Comment from : The812ray

2:08 the black one moves down a little, I found laughed little
Comment from : Melancholysynxther

Song Bloggie HD touch camcorder is SOOOO much better. Shoots 1080p which is amazing. Very durable, and is a convenient size and the touch screen is super easy to use. Flip is nothing compared to the Bloggie.
Comment from : H50Cassidy2

5:53 its heavier because it has batteries and the new one does not, i have both models and they are about the same weight and the new one is a rubberized finish so that it is easier to hold on to.
Comment from : TipTricky

@kaemfe04 k
Comment from : BurritoMaster24

@pinkcandylips07 yess lol
Comment from : bboy2sik

This is a stupid question but can u record 60 minutes and then put it on your computer and then record some more???
Comment from : pinkcandylips07

Comment from : Mr.Knowsafewthings

and im the top comment :)
Comment from : desvelarse

I think i will get the newwest one? And im the top comment now
Comment from : DJsomeone054

Comment from : MyAwsomesause

Manuelita villafame
please help would u rpefer a flip or a bloggie?
Comment from : Manuelita villafame

Lucky! U have 4. I really want a flip ultra hd
Comment from : Kim

I have the old ultra HD, I got it on December 8th of 2010 and I have made some videos with it and it's pretty good, but to me, it looks a little fuzzy. But, if you have more light while recording with this camera, it won't look as fuzzy. Overall it's a good video camera and it could fit in my pocket, but it's too bulky so I got a carrying pouch that goes around your neck for it to make it easier to carry it without the bulk in my pocket
Comment from : Chalk

@tyistech Wow i have the old old old flip video. idek what its called. do u know witch one i am talking about??
Comment from : JZLems

@GamerDude981 i'm getting onbe so i can have a video camera
Comment from : eileenluvsdod

the cameras are great. High quality HD recording, and super convenient. However, the freakin accessories that come with the cameras SUCK.
Comment from : Muffin8r

recorded with a flip?
Comment from : Trodir

Modded Skateboards
@TheSLBGirl mee too
Comment from : Modded Skateboards

@ExposedRoot how much would you sell one to me for?
Comment from : TheBoxerRockers

Adeem Al Hano
are they water proof ?
Comment from : Adeem Al Hano

Batman on Weed
what is the black one called again?
Comment from : Batman on Weed

Kaleb Matthews
I just bought the flip today its the flip ultra 2 how do i find out if its HD besides that its great
Comment from : Kaleb Matthews

Adam Arbinge
What's the point of comparing these cameras? They all suck anyway!
Comment from : Adam Arbinge

Bye Bye Flip. Cisco annouced today they are shutting down Flip. It was bound to happen. My iphone 4 video are as good if not better. I had 3 Flips. Gonna keep the UltraHD but have not used it once since I upgraded to iphone 4. It was fun while it lasted.
Comment from : ExposedRoot

i have the black hd the new one and it rocks yeah
Comment from : motoboy551

Slide hd rocks you just dropped it to mutch so it's bad
Comment from : flixmasters

TJ Micale
You do know the black one is light due to it's lack of batteries
Comment from : TJ Micale

i have the one in the middle
Comment from : kebab

What's your dads channel? I would like to check it out.
Comment from : LacqueredByLeslie

Patrick Berube
Do you recommend the new flip ultra hd for a first time youtuber
Comment from : Patrick Berube

love your vids, go check out mine :)
Comment from : miatadrew91

Hey guys! Check out MrEverythingiPad he does reviews on all different forms of tech...he is new and hoping for subscriptions. Please check him out!
Comment from : phatboi69808

becky's beauty blog
I got the flip ultra for Christmas. I havent yet dropped it so I don't know about that. I think it is great and I had a sleepover and filmed loads on there and because of the long - term memory it still left loads of recording time.
Comment from : becky's beauty blog

dang i spent all my money on a model rocket. DANGIT!!!!
Comment from : RICHtech101

i used to use the flip mino, it was very good but filmming in the evening the quality was pixilated
Comment from : ninjaskater13

Thanks for video ty going to pick up the Flip Ultra HD on Ebay
Comment from : chillsslug

Ryan T
my vado HD camera came with a silicone case for itself
Comment from : Ryan T

1) Hold your breath. 2) Copy all of these steps. 3) Go to two other video. 4) Paste it in the comments. If you can do all of this without breathing you're a good Sniper
Comment from : QPwn

u can recharge the black one
Comment from : l00neyxCuz

Comment from : OnTheTech

@Jailbreaker909 i can recommend the Toshiba Camelio S20 90 something pounds,1080p video and 16mp pictures :)
Comment from : MiNameIsJake

Nichole Tech
@Jailbreaker909 There's actually one from SOny. its called sony bloggie and it's amazing than these..
Comment from : Nichole Tech

can you please do a review on the kodak playsport? i might get it but i want to see what it is like, and you've done an unboxing..
Comment from : InfinateJ

with the new flip you can use a batterie pack or just some AA batteries... you can choose
Comment from : greendeat401993

@tyistech what type of camcorder do you have? becasue your display is so good when you video
Comment from : armagray205

@tyistech no they arent (actually on the iphone is)
Comment from : AMPed101

ultra new one is the best
Comment from : humxa24

Danielius TV
You gotta spot dropping things.
Comment from : Danielius TV

Danielius TV
60fps just makes the camera worse in low light. If someone uses the camera on youtube there's no need for 60fps.
Comment from : Danielius TV

Danielius TV
The new flip has to come with rechargeable battery pack.
Comment from : Danielius TV

i just love listening to your voice.
Comment from : Christine

OMG. I'm immature. I was staring at the "TyisTech" in the lower right, and thought to myself, 'the I in is should be capital, because TyisTech is a title. As it is, it looks like Tyis, is one word. But then I thought, if you did TyIsTech, the acronym would be T I T. LOL
Comment from : sonictonic

screw u
Comment from : skexclusive

this whole comment rating system is idiotic.
Comment from : iPwned4

Nick Alexander
im not gnna get a Flip Cam until they release a 1080p
Comment from : Nick Alexander

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