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#AskGaryVee Episode 20: Teachers, Gender Equality, and a Wine Review

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Information #AskGaryVee Episode 20: Teachers, Gender Equality, and a Wine Review

Title :  #AskGaryVee Episode 20: Teachers, Gender Equality, and a Wine Review
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Description #AskGaryVee Episode 20: Teachers, Gender Equality, and a Wine Review

Comments #AskGaryVee Episode 20: Teachers, Gender Equality, and a Wine Review

Ten Pounds of PodCast
Hey Mr. Vee. Just started the Journey the Flipping. Bought a Metallica shirt for $2.50 sold it for $15!
Comment from : Ten Pounds of PodCast

brady nields
5:45 This brings true for me. It's what helped me get in Twitter. The people around me don't want to hear about Garyvees content and how it pertains to blockchain, Twitter does....and oh do they :)
Comment from : brady nields

brady nields
Oh snap! Claude on the voice over!
Comment from : brady nields

Max Vincent
BBQ chicken and lays original chips!
Comment from : Max Vincent

Matthew Alistair
Comment from : Matthew Alistair

Ateet Sagar
Great Theme of Episode--"Don't try to convert the unconvertables."
Comment from : Ateet Sagar

Virginia Marie
Any chip and dip combination :)
Comment from : Virginia Marie

Thanks G. Aloha
Comment from : germz

Kelly Robinson
QOTD: Wings! Sloopy BBQ wings!
Comment from : Kelly Robinson

John Rapone
I like the idea of not trying to convince and convert. Find the curious and converted and engage.
Comment from : John Rapone

Klarque Garrison
GaryVee! It's #the50yroldman.... Hey sir thanks so much for the Time wasting advice trying to covert the nonconvertible, I needed that GEM! #Garyveerocks
Comment from : Klarque Garrison

Wings allday baby
Comment from : pushinpositivity

jack heaslip
"I'm thrilled that they don't get it, make fun of them after and say remember when you said you didn't get it, your an idiot" quote of the year
Comment from : jack heaslip

jack heaslip
Fun fact about the number 20 - in 20 years I will be ahead of you
Comment from : jack heaslip

Logan Fritz
Busch Latte's
Comment from : Logan Fritz

Design By Mariska
Tailgate food, Anything chocolate and good wine of course. Great episode.
Comment from : Design By Mariska

Jason Aguila
Awesome show, thanks for your time and advice, much appreciated!
Comment from : Jason Aguila

Brian Parchamento
Beautiful Sir!
Comment from : Brian Parchamento

Ct House
Favorite tailgate food is easy... Beer.
Comment from : Ct House

Mark Tomanok
Thanks Gary Vee on this amazing episode:)
Ive no fevorit food

Comment from : Mark Tomanok

Peter Wang
#ASKGARYVEE - Congrats on Ep. 20 ! Keep moving on ! Love BBQ, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers.
Comment from : Peter Wang

Cabin Yim
QOTD: 100% Springrolls!
Comment from : Cabin Yim

Paul Jordan Untalan
#QOTD - barbecue or fries would do :)
Comment from : Paul Jordan Untalan

Mike Hunter
#QOTD: Favorite tailgate food - anything BBQ
Comment from : Mike Hunter

Stefan Mosley
This shit will change my life!!!! Ps. I was a lurker
Comment from : Stefan Mosley

Eric Daily
Haha, that was an epic segue back into wine.
Comment from : Eric Daily

Real Matt Lukowicz
My Favorite Food to Bring To a Tailgate Would Be Bubba Burgers!
Comment from : Real Matt Lukowicz

Michael Jones
Hey Gary, This is a fantastic episode that totally kicked my paradigm to the next level with the message you shared about waste no time and energy, trying to convince or convert people. Time being my biggest resource, which I hear Mr. mark Cuban say often, and Richard Branson, but having it echoed by you with the added play of not wasting it trying to convert the non-believers is key, and helps me focus my time
Comment from : Michael Jones

Mark Shiels
Great Episode - especially liked the question about people thinking they will be working with you. I have this problem in my gym. But overcoming it by hiring the right people
Comment from : Mark Shiels

All Some Junk
Hey Gary, I'm a bartender by profession and I love that you're incorporating the wine tastings. I'm a new follower. And working my way through your library here.
Comment from : All Some Junk

Lalo Arias
Cuánta razón tienes Gary, al decir que no debemos desperdiciar nuestro tiempo tratando de convencer a la gente. Después de todo, como bien lo dices, tu mercado es el mundo, por qué razón desperdiciar tu tiempo por tratar de convencer a dos o tres que no quieres escuchar tu mensaje en lo absoluto.

Si seguimos trabajando con la gente que por lo menos está intrigada, será sólo cuestión de tiempo para que poco a poco más gente se integre a la comunidad y, entonces sí, aquellos que no confiaban en un principio, al ver que hay mucho más que ahora sí lo hacen, comenzarán a confiar también.

Comment from : Lalo Arias

Casey McClarty
I was Pinterest racist for awhile but then like any form of discrimination I opened my mind and joined and saw their perspective.. and what do you know? I liked it and I've found they have a ton of great car pins that I share on my twitter @CaseyMack21 also I'm a huge fan of watches and I buy them off pin links all the time there...
Comment from : Casey McClarty

Alex Born
Comment from : Alex Born

Kevin Bolibruck
I love it!  Don't convince people to believe what you believe in.  Don't try and convert the non-converters.  I asked after episode one how did you know there was enough scale.  Time is the asset.  By the way I am glad I started watching the episodes because your body language and signs stay with me.  When you talk about time and reach to your wrist.  When you say the cell will be on our wrist, then our brain/head and then in our clothes.  The body language always stays with me is that EQ?  Lurking!!:)
Comment from : Kevin Bolibruck

#QOTD: homemade meatball subs.
Comment from : rick.knowlton

Tyler Sarich
I love the verbal punch in the face on question 1. I appreciate the honesty and the straight up delivery. QOTD: Nachos and taco dip.
Comment from : Tyler Sarich

Laura Curtis
Grandma's deviled eggs
Comment from : Laura Curtis

Jose Martinez
GReat episode. Just bought 2 bottles from you. I usually get Las Rocas 2011 Garnacha. Thanks. Also, As a small business owner I liked the People buying you answer. Im experiencing that now. We're a team of 6 but me an my business partner are the ones that consult the most so people are buying us. I need to switch that up and sell more of the team.
Comment from : Jose Martinez

Gary, you do have female fans :)
Comment from : Car

#QOTD Straight Up Hot Dogs
Comment from : HI-TEST®

Ramon Cespedes
Love your show!

Thanks for the wine reco! It's available at my local LCBO.  So, I've added it to the LCBO app favorites.

To answer your question about favorite tailgate food... Well, I don't tailgate.  But for BBQ parties, I love Galbi or Korean style grilled short ribs.  And now, I can try the 2012 Borsao Tres Picos with it.  We'll see how it holds up to kimchi too!

Comment from : Ramon Cespedes

Damn, great to see @Trouty on #AskGaryVee! Takes me back to the good ole days.... Plus we got "sniffy sniff"!! YES!
QOTD: Favorite food to bring to a tailgate would be my my livelihood, souvlaki, (meat skewers). Can't beat well seasoned, char-grilled meat on a stick. #ComeEat

Comment from : TheeGreekMike

Michele Kniffin
LOL....stop being a Dck...u constantly crk me up. Starting to see ur guns more mister!  Keep it up!  #QOTD...BRATS....bar none. 
Comment from : Michele Kniffin

Nathaniel Smith
0:28 is somebody getting asked on a date in your office?
Comment from : Nathaniel Smith

Chad Solberg
#QOTD: I don't tailgate. I don't enjoy watching people play. I like to be the one playing. If I did tailgate.... it would be wings from my favorite wing location, in Alaska, Wings n' Things. Oh yeeeeeeeeah friggin awesome.
Comment from : Chad Solberg

P. Walsh
Man, Gary, I loved it. When you jumped into the wine review, I was caught off guard. Felt like 2011 again! Love your random shouts to your employees in the hallway. 
Comment from : P. Walsh

Common Man Cocktails
There are a few of us "lurkers" that are playing catch up on the video's and I'm not entirely sure how far back you go to re-read comments. I know, on my channel, I respond to all comments, even those made on our 2008 videos. But, I have e-mail notifications setup so I see the flood and just go through them each day.

So, I'm not a lurker, I'm a ninja. Can pop out at any point in time ;-)

Comment from : Common Man Cocktails

Alexander Chaparro
03:19- How do I convey what a following is to teachers/head of schools etc? 
This has been the best question and answer I've seen since I started watching this show. 

Comment from : Alexander Chaparro

Justin Konikow
Depends on the tailgate, but if you've got the right setup making ribs is like public artwork. Keep up the great show- I'm ripping through all the back episodes and it's filled with gems.
Comment from : Justin Konikow

Uriah Israel
My favorite food for a tailgate is BEER!
Comment from : Uriah Israel

Sean Coonce
QOTD: Smoked Chicken Wings hands down!
Comment from : Sean Coonce

Erica Derrickson
I love that you talk about time being the greatest asset. For me I'm an entrepreneur because the most important thing is to own my time, specifically so I can be there for my sister and my amazing new niece Alia whenever I want without having to ask anyone's permission
Comment from : Erica Derrickson

Kyle Grubb
Its me the Lurker. QOTD  I would say the qood old fashion hot dogs!!
Comment from : Kyle Grubb

Erik Frankhouse
Best food for a tail gate has to be cheese stuffed pickle skewers wrapped in a corn batter. Yep, tailgating in Wisconsin my friend. Nothing like it.
Comment from : Erik Frankhouse

Sarah Stahl
Female Fan and proud of it!
Comment from : Sarah Stahl

Jarem Atkinson
All about bratwurst and super spicy wings!!
Comment from : Jarem Atkinson

Jason Resnick
Fun fact about the #20 - it's my bday - yup - just past on Saturday.

Love the point about time is THE only asset.  Once I learned not to try and convince the non-believers, my believers, prospects and ultimately my business has grown.

Comment from : Jason Resnick

I'm a female fan and an even bigger one now!  Words that stick in episode 20 are to muddle with people who are ready to listen.  Because of that we will hit a new target audience tomorrow and see what the return becomes.  Thanks Chuckie, is that a terrible nickname?
Comment from : PADDLE jack

Mike Clark
#QOTD  Johnsonville brats
Comment from : Mike Clark

Virginia Wright-Johnson
QOTD: Black bean pecan crusted veggie burgers! My question-I am in the service industry and know how important it is to close the deal. This is a challenge area for me. What would you suggest to become a better "closer?
Comment from : Virginia Wright-Johnson

I confess I am a lurker at times… :/ But, I'll stop being one after this episode.

To answer your questions, I love the standard chips, salsa, & queso!   

Comment from : Giann

Rachel Holmes
Loved Heathers question!
Comment from : Rachel Holmes

Russell Brand
Hi Gary, you da man.
Comment from : Russell Brand

Young Investors of Today
"Now that I'm loosing weight I might find more female fans"
Comment from : Young Investors of Today

Melinda Morgan
I don't tailgate, but I am a HUGE fan - and yes, I'm a girl!  I don't care that you cuss with or without wine, and I agree with you on a LOT of levels - especially your views on collecting people. I have really enjoyed this series and always get a little something out of it. When I find similarities in our views, I gain more hope that I might actually make something of all the ideas in my head.   Please keep going!   I find your insights compelling and I am about to finally be able to put many to use when I self-publish my first book in about a week. Thanks - for all your insights!
Comment from : Melinda Morgan

Corina Wisdom Stanley
QOTD: Shrimp Burger Wrapped in Bacon. I am loving the whole  don't try and convince people. Invest your time looking for fertile ground and stay focused on them. No idea why I am thinking pineapple margaritas .... what wine would you pair with my burger?
Comment from : Corina Wisdom Stanley

Victoria Hart
Fertile grounds= most amazing advice yet! Love the show!! Thank you for investing your time in your audience.
Comment from : Victoria Hart

Anna Levina-Zubarev
@*****  - another great episode! 
& I love the idea that the bucket has stickers representing your past, current and future. Love it! 

Comment from : Anna Levina-Zubarev

Denny Krahe
There's no better tail-gate food than bratwurst. I hate to hand it to the cheese heads, but they are spot on with their brats.
Comment from : Denny Krahe

Heather Filipowicz
Thanks to you and the team for taking my question. Means a lot. 
Comment from : Heather Filipowicz

Frank Gustafson
Pinterest is my #2 referring site... Thx for the confirmation GVee!
Comment from : Frank Gustafson

Graham Hofs
Ok my "critiques" and feedback:

1. Love the show...keep going!
2. While I want the show to be primarily YOU, I like when you swing the camera to Steve or someone else. It would be cool to hear them add to your answer or share a different point of view. But again only a little bit, I'm still here to watch you.
3. The links the the previous episode and next episode aren't very consistent. I often get a few days behind and watch 2 or 3 in a row. I wish it was easier to click through the video to get back to the last episode I watched.


Comment from : Graham Hofs

Robert Owens
QOTD: I love to barbecue and would gladly cook for you guys at some point.  Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, chicken.  You name it.
Comment from : Robert Owens

Mo Regalado
#QOTD Carne Asada!
Comment from : Mo Regalado

Tommy Berretz
Great show! Great content! I love it!
Comment from : Tommy Berretz

David Butler
A solid transition from business to wine would be nice! Reviewing it randomly throughout the episode is kind of distracting but then again I'm not much of a wine person so I could be biased.
Comment from : David Butler

Brian Fisher
#QOTD Fav tailgate food is Beer Braised Brats
Comment from : Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher
Love the Wine Review going throughout the different questions being answered. More please!!! #Multitasking  
Comment from : Brian Fisher

Lasse Borg
Hi Gary. Yesterday I had a great Wine from Portugal called Cycles Gladiator Zinfandel 2011. What are your thoughts on this Wine? (I loved it!)
Comment from : Lasse Borg

Olga Barasoain
Comment from : Olga Barasoain

Matt Shorty Wells
We appreciate you bro.
Made evident by our contribution to the views count.

Comment from : Matt Shorty Wells

Gregory Parkin
When your at a dinner party and a guest brings wine. What does the choice of bottle tell you about the guest, if anything? Is this something that even crosses your mind? If so please give me an example.
Comment from : Gregory Parkin

Chris Love
Interesting about the health answer.  I always feel the need to work my ass off 100 mph and def neglect my health and relationships.  

#askgaryvee  In small business, do you think the answer is to scale as fast as possible or is it more important to build up excess cash since "slow and steady wins the race"? 

Comment from : Chris Love

Nicole Klein
Back when I could afford JETS tickets-Cheese burgers and icy cold beers in lawn chairs listening to the pregame in the parking lot.  Now it cost $100 to park in the parking lot. 
Comment from : Nicole Klein

Liz McGrory
The brain IS crazy.  With ya on that.  Love that you took a female/male question, great answer, too.  The wine tasting was a surprise!  I actually haven't watched WineTV yet, maybe now I will.  You were definitely a different person in this episode, not as edgy, which is cool.  It's another side of you that was cool to see.  Thanks for being so open.  It' fun getting to know you.  QOTD:  Cold bean dip (like Cowboy Caviar) with tortilla chips, so sweet and salty, YUM!
Comment from : Liz McGrory

Bridget Willard
Tailgate Food: I don't tailgate. 
Comment from : Bridget Willard

David Tortolini
Steak tips, steak tips, and more steak tips. And I get into that Pinterest debate with a lot of my male friends - a depressing amount of them, actually, and it boggles my mind that men think Pinterest is for women. It's an amazing platform that allow you to discover new things, organize ideas, plan for the future, and market products. If that sounds like it's just for women, then I think the problem is that more men need to get their act together, and not be worried about what gender they think a product is for.
Comment from : David Tortolini

Ryan Bollenbach
Busy being a lurker over here!!!

What are your thoughts on passive income?

Comment from : Ryan Bollenbach

Richard Lalonde
@*****  #QOTD  I like to bbq up some kabobs at the tailgate!
Comment from : Richard Lalonde

Viditude: YouTube Marketing for Business
reach out to all grounds to find the fertile ones.
Comment from : Viditude: YouTube Marketing for Business

Viditude: YouTube Marketing for Business
"don't spend time with the unconvertable"
Comment from : Viditude: YouTube Marketing for Business

Paul Roberts
Jambalaya on the Bayou--   youtu.be/xnKOVPXhlnE [Hank Williams 2:55]
Beans and Cornbread-- youtu.be/6yy6qICUTe0  [Louis Jordan 2:51]
Collard Greens (explicit) -- youtu.be/_L2vJEb6lVE [SchoolBoy Q 4:43]

Comment from : Paul Roberts

João Almeida Ribeiro
I thank the guy that asked you about converting teachers that's can't see the value on social media and the impact on the students. I agree 100% on getting the most out of our energy, our main asset: time. Thank you for your explantation and help Garyvee! If you could talk about students and give a picture of the middle.school and high.school mindset in following videos i think you would gain more and more young followers! Cheers, man!
Comment from : João Almeida Ribeiro

Wampler Pedals
#QOTD - I don't tailgate, but if I did it would probably be a nice craft beer with a burger
Comment from : Wampler Pedals

Brian Ondrako
Go to has been the Chick-Fil-A Chicken Strips - catering style amount with a variety of sauces - absolutely dominates any tailgate and is normally wrecked within 20 minutes!  
Comment from : Brian Ondrako

Mini open face BLTS. Keep the stellar episodes (and wine reviews) coming! I need to branch out from my Vina Zaco Rioja! -Abbey
Comment from : OnlineFabricStore.net

Scott Lecnar
I laughed so hard on your pintrest comment! Chips and Queso Dip!
Comment from : Scott Lecnar

Good time holzy
Can't beat the Braut's
Comment from : Good time holzy

Antoine Dupont
fave tailgate food: bbq shredded pork 
Comment from : Antoine Dupont

Licínia Rafael
#GaryVaynerchuk you must try the portuguese wine Pêra Manca! There's no makeup for sure. #Portugal  
Comment from : Licínia Rafael

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