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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Excoundrel Gaming
EPL Vods should be going up tomorrow/friday! :)
Comment from : Excoundrel Gaming

InfinityArc 22
I meant vg it auto corrected
Comment from : InfinityArc 22

Chris Wesseling
Anyone clipped Bayu's salt?
Comment from : Chris Wesseling

Adrian Martinez
2:00 "tony is not gonna rotate"
almost died to tony

Comment from : Adrian Martinez

Allison Welker
Watching good game plays is so much fun, just to see what team comps works and learning from enemy's mistakes. Helps me prepare for when I go back in to do some ranked playing
Comment from : Allison Welker

John Smith
Excoundrel Thanks for the vid, I found it very informative. The tip about t2 boots on Lyra really caused me to cogitate since I've been prioritizing HP when I roam her in 5v5, really makes sense though.
Comment from : John Smith

Suwirod Kantawang
Lyra is always op in every patch. She is my favorite Captain since I learned how to play her.
Comment from : Suwirod Kantawang

Timeler Plays
Excoundrel could you play review the game Identity V? Its the Dead by Daylight for mobile!
Comment from : Timeler Plays

I have missed these sorts of vids, this is great! Thank you.
Comment from : Odsfish

Bob Dylan
Who else is vexed that android can't get LE Reza skin
Comment from : Bob Dylan

Good video, and Lyra is good! Next time I will have my revenge ;)
Comment from : Bayu

dwayne lawrence
Loving the play and explain videos! Thanks!
Comment from : dwayne lawrence

Parker Savage
That was actually extremely enjoyable. Usually I don’t like to just sit and watch matches other than like evil8 stuff but this was cool. Ggwp
Comment from : Parker Savage

Kshitiz Prakash
That's why she's my main.❤️
Comment from : Kshitiz Prakash

Just played Lyra a few minutes ago... she's pretty strong.

I can kill a SAW :D

Comment from : AnnoyerTAW

InfinityArc 22
Comment from : InfinityArc 22

InfinityArc 22
Idk why people don’t watch your bf videos anymore
Comment from : InfinityArc 22

Chong Wei Choon
Isit better to leave the stories at 1hp because they respawn?
Comment from : Chong Wei Choon

Excoundrel can we play together sometime?
Comment from : Animelover

Father Grim
If you're ever wondering if Lyra won't be high elo just know HEALING IS ALWAYS OP and Lyra is the BEST HEALER.
Comment from : Father Grim

Anor Londo
If lyra's so good,why didn't they make lyra 2 ?
Comment from : Anor Londo

I don’t know if you know this or if you just prefer the way you buy items, but if you highlight a tier 3 item in the shop menu, the items you need to buy to build up to it will show up in the quick buy at the bottom right of your screen when you’re near a shop. Helps make shopping quicker so you can get back to the fight.
Comment from : CommanderCorner

eric diaz
When the Reza skin is device locked. Discusting.
Comment from : eric diaz

I havent played lyra in awhile xD glad to hear shes still alright
Comment from : Tun.

Jordon Roy
That tony had an op build
Comment from : Jordon Roy

Raymond Gutierrez
i haven’t used lyra in a long time. i feel like using her again after watching this lol
Comment from : Raymond Gutierrez

TheDawning Light
Is there like a certain route or lane i should stay in while playing support cause im starting to like some of the supports but I've never play support in 5v5 before.
Comment from : TheDawning Light

ILno v1
That glaive tho, all of the afterburns are so accurate
Comment from : ILno v1

Krispy D
iOS niggas know about Dav11d
Comment from : Krispy D

Santi Cruz
What do you think is going to happen with Vainglory tournaments? I haven't seen any announcements whatsoever :'( I used to watch evil 8 all the time.
Comment from : Santi Cruz

well done
Comment from : fef

Second. Come on 1v1 bro IGN:ORAYIN
Comment from : GØLGE

Mach 999
Hi :)
Comment from : Mach 999

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