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How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!

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Information How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!

Title :  How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!
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Frames How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!

Description How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!

Comments How to Film Professional Videos w/ Android Smartphone!

tuner zane
Thank you brother you are the best thanks for sharing your knowledge!godbless you
Comment from : tuner zane

paolo mabanglo
Thank you Max!
Comment from : paolo mabanglo

Techie Motorist
Haaha your hands are really shaky, peace
Comment from : Techie Motorist

I am very amazed, I am from Indonesia, I also use a smartphone camera in making videos, please see my video
Comment from : SOLUSI TEDY

Random Syed
you look like han in tokyo drift
Comment from : Random Syed

ant Dog
What would be the best way to record a quality sounding video coming straight from the headphone or output 1 to the android?
Comment from : ant Dog

Great Tutorial Max 👍✔️😃 When next part of DaVinci Resolve tutorial Brother?
Comment from : CZARNYEU

Bro in the intro you where holding a bomb
Comment from : Geo1310

In my smartphone there are many dust particles flying in the video when flash is on and shooting in night. HELP

Justino Bello
Swing and a miss on pronouncing oregano. 🤣🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Justino Bello

Hokage Sama
Palajakol sguro to
Comment from : Hokage Sama

Jorge Rmx
oh man, you got a shaky hand 😂
Comment from : Jorge Rmx

Cook Studio
Yeah and you are recording with tees in winter📳
Comment from : Cook Studio

ShaneO Vlog
Lg v20 horrible phone.
Comment from : ShaneO Vlog

Günther Tresor
what about using an iphone, which iphone do you recommend?
Comment from : Günther Tresor

KyloRen Kardashian
I'm trying to write & record my own movie. will you mentor me?
Comment from : KyloRen Kardashian

Shahrul Hairy Channel
cross from Youtube suggestion. Thanks for sharing this! @
Comment from : Shahrul Hairy Channel

Lyndon Gulfan
Very helpful. Thank you for a great video
Comment from : Lyndon Gulfan

Mark Nolastname
So, you only make muted videos with your phone? What about the audio setup?
Comment from : Mark Nolastname

Nice Vid...I have this phone along with other smart phones...and this is my go-to phone when I want to take great photos and videos.
Comment from : Leo

Isnt it better to buy a canon m50 kit ?
Comment from : AnonymJin

That intro was the bomb
Comment from : Pashmotatoe

Boatner Howell
Max, I've just ordered both Manfrotto BeFree tripod and the fluid head plus a smartphone mount. Thank you for your inspiring video... This is what I need, another hobby. Take care.
Comment from : Boatner Howell

The Griddle Guys
Looking for some help here. We use our phones to capture the video for our channel. The problem we have is with the audio. We are 3 guys speaking, and there is usually food sizzling nearby and getting good audio is near impossible. Someone's voice is too low, or the food drowns out the speaker etc.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3 or 4 mic, wireless system that works with cell phones? I think a lapel mic per guy would help a lot but I cannot seem to find anything specifically set up for this.


Comment from : The Griddle Guys

Shahzaib Damn Cruze
Comment from : Shahzaib Damn Cruze

terRyan Kim
Great video! Can this also be done on older models such as Note 4 or S7?
Comment from : terRyan Kim

Wow you recommend a starter tri pod and mount at over 300 bucks?
Comment from : 1banana2kiwis

thanks for the tips
valuable and useful vlog xoxo.

Comment from : MISSION XOXO

GanSe 024
My kom asked me what I was watching and I say:

He is recording a phone recording a phone... With his camera...

Her face was like 0_o

Comment from : GanSe 024

el se burla de sus subcritores
Comment from : LAMOBECO

Salman khan
Alot of coffee aha thank you
Comment from : Salman khan

Magnus Nilsen
iOS is better...
Comment from : Magnus Nilsen

Carmen Harada
¡Qué tipo insoportable!
Comment from : Carmen Harada

Stavros Papadimitriou
Can the makers of this video grasp the concept that people watch these videos to perhaps learn something, not to be subjected to four minutes of TOTALLY SHITTY 'MUSIC' ?
Comment from : Stavros Papadimitriou

Mine is a LG v 40 thin Q is that better than the LG V 20
Comment from : Kiki VLOGS

I'm a novice with an android. I want to make videos of myself talking (like Deep Thoughts) but i want the video "solarized" I think is the term, not negative. Any suggestions?
Comment from : DrOrson

The Vlog Academy
Interesting to see the android features - very helpful video! 🌟
Comment from : The Vlog Academy

Ok. I will start a channel. Thanks
Comment from : ATOK _

Because it's a first person view.
Comment from : Styromaniac

Ben Mckenzie
Better than Hindi dude can't speak english!
Comment from : Ben Mckenzie

this is amazing. and the setup is even cheaper now. thank you!
Comment from : Chu

Lila LovesFry
this intro was fucking annoying
Comment from : Lila LovesFry

Kiruba Karan
I am waiting for your response
Comment from : Kiruba Karan

Kiruba Karan
Please, sir
Comment from : Kiruba Karan

Kiruba Karan
Can you make small video about it
Comment from : Kiruba Karan

Kiruba Karan
My phone name is GIONEE A1
Comment from : Kiruba Karan

Kiruba Karan
Sir, in my phone I am not having more specifications
Comment from : Kiruba Karan

Kiruba Karan
Comment from : Kiruba Karan

When you see your phone or phone box in the background...
Comment from : Visionッ

dexter alvarez
S. U. B. to. S. U. B. here
Comment from : dexter alvarez

Gaming is Life
What a long face you have
Comment from : Gaming is Life

KrashinWith KJ
Thank you for your tips! I have an iPhone but my husband has an android so it’s cool to see the tips for his phone!
Comment from : KrashinWith KJ

At first, I thought that LG is expensive...and oh boy, I'm glad when I googled the price 😍
Thanks for making this video, subscribed !

Comment from : ArtSonica

Lightsaber Samurai
I was really able to step my game up before I got my first dlsr sometime I still use my v30 or 20 for simple static shoots thanks for the tips man👍
Comment from : Lightsaber Samurai

Shane Antrim
I picked up the Vastar mount but the affiliate hyperlink doesn't work...I want you to get that money bro
Comment from : Shane Antrim

Znematic Travel
Wow great tip thank you
Comment from : Znematic Travel

Sài Gòn TV
Thankyou my frient. 👍👍👍
Comment from : Sài Gòn TV

Heaven tour 2.0
मोबाइल से वीडियो शूट करने वाले स्टैंड बना मात्र ₹50 में इंडियन ट्राइपॉड एक बार हमारे चैनल पर जरूर आना धन्यवाद
Comment from : Heaven tour 2.0

My Android makes jerky pans.
Comment from : Azam

Rabinarayan Sethy
Great Video max
Comment from : Rabinarayan Sethy

Why are you shaking!
Comment from : Fyrah

My Fathers Daughter
Comment from : My Fathers Daughter

Bé Em
I got the Sabrent headphone and microphone splitter adapter for my Samsung Galaxy but I'm not able to pick up audio when recording a video nor can I hear myself through headphone while recording a video. Please help! Thank you in advance.
Comment from : Bé Em

Bowen Lei
hahaha " you need a tripod, second you need..... If you don't have it, your video gonna be crappy." hahahahahahah Lmao.
Comment from : Bowen Lei

NatG Films
nice content sub to sub ill sub back after notification appears
Comment from : NatG Films

Original Cover Song
Nice video and i really like your!
Comment from : Original Cover Song

GOGO Travel Reviews
Creat video and love you conn..
Comment from : GOGO Travel Reviews

Khám phá cuộc sống
Good video, pl sp my channel!
Comment from : Khám phá cuộc sống

Dhuri Topin
Top good
Comment from : Dhuri Topin

Aruna Namal
Good video
Comment from : Aruna Namal

Pixel Wolf
Wow this is all $323 I wouldnt call that beginners. I have a 5 dollar tripod and a $4 phone holder
Comment from : Pixel Wolf

Britton Smith
that i can work on my new youtube channel : Tron Drometion
Comment from : Britton Smith

VizionInteractive MediaGroup
Boyy! Your hands at the end was shaky as FAWKKKKK!
Comment from : VizionInteractive MediaGroup

Tamara Crochet
How do add the music in the background and also how do you add the action in the video
Comment from : Tamara Crochet

If Huawei gets banned in Canada, I'll go back to LG!
Comment from : itsfaj

All of my video record by smartphone.
Because i don't have Camera ^_^

Comment from : FCTP

Estancia Times
thank yopuou for the vIDEo.
Comment from : Estancia Times

Jomari San Juan
Please tell me what's camera app ?
Comment from : Jomari San Juan

I want to film a commercial for an automotive tool. So my distance from camera might vary. What about sound/audio. I will use a Note 8 smartphone. Do I need an added mic of any kind? What distance will my smartphone pick up audio from? Will I need a lapek mic and if so, which one? Thanks
Comment from : K H

Alejandro MarvEL
Hi. Im a big fan ! Do you know any android apps that wll do bookeh effects on videos using andorid apps ?
Comment from : Alejandro MarvEL

Quy Vlog
Comment from : Quy Vlog

Justin Note3
Gimbal is the future
Comment from : Justin Note3

Comment from : Arthur

Edward Cobb
AWESOME TIPS! I just picked up a slightly used LG V20 for $120. I LOVE IT and now it's learning how to use it.
Comment from : Edward Cobb

Thanks, you just earned yourself a new sub
Comment from : EMAN TOSIN

Desi Stars With Yasmin
Nice video sir
Comment from : Desi Stars With Yasmin

RMkM Video's Feature Production
I like your video and also I la ready subscribe...you also subscribe my Chennel
Comment from : RMkM Video's Feature Production

Unknown H.B Creation
Please give me camera app link
Comment from : Unknown H.B Creation

mahamed jama
Comment from : mahamed jama

Where do you put the FILM?
Comment from : amiganutt

•Rainbow Shine•ღღ
This was litarly uploaded on me sisters 4th bday
Comment from : •Rainbow Shine•ღღ

Vignesh M
Can you use honor 9i mobile to take a short flim this is possible
Comment from : Vignesh M

Lotto Edits
"And i got Oruhgonnoh leafs"


Comment from : Lotto Edits

Hawaii Loves Art
what is that weird looking ball point pen thing you pulled out from the bottom of the phone?
Comment from : Hawaii Loves Art

little he knew he recorded an illegal granade...
Comment from : YourTechGuy

Geovanie Guevarra
Kiya kamukha mo si ryan bang ng its showtime
Comment from : Geovanie Guevarra

Ballu Max Rawat
Cool video
#ballu max rawat

Comment from : Ballu Max Rawat

Hasan Ali
Am I the only one hating you for your stupid facial expressions?
Comment from : Hasan Ali

Asio Evelyne
finally a poor child can also become a youtuber.
Comment from : Asio Evelyne

oliver oji
I love this video. Thanks. Pls I wanna ask something. I have an lg g6 but I wanna shoot some action picture and videos. Pls explain how to take action video. Just drop the setting for the manual. Wanna check it out
Comment from : oliver oji

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