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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Stephen cant Curry
Comment from : Stephen cant Curry

Sandro Todua
Love your content especially thumbnails, only problem is mic, if you can afford it, it would be way better if you'd buy mic! Everything else is fine
Comment from : Sandro Todua

Yep you are right that "broken" point is OP
Comment from : 0uryuken

Devlin Siantama
I always love to watch ur vids😍 But can u please make all vg's Hero?? That would've been really helpful 👌
Comment from : Devlin Siantama

Lupo Butrón
Last Gwen's fact: "She's super hot :)" ouuuuhhhh yeeeahh. XD
Comment from : Lupo Butrón

Nantucket 21
can you make a top 5 junglers 2.6
Comment from : Nantucket 21

Winston G
Ozo isnt the best?
Comment from : Winston G

Chicken And Waffles
Shaw gone much weaker in this update!!!
Comment from : Chicken And Waffles

AGNiMA Gaming
Great video 👌🏾
Comment from : AGNiMA Gaming

Invictus Angelica
Good content but I think your Baron build needs some changes. You should replace the Tornado Trigger with Breaking Point and the Tension Bow with another Tyrant's Monocle. With this you can substain and increase your burst damage and you can get up to 800 DPS with it
Comment from : Invictus Angelica

Div Dwivedi
The list is good. I admit Ringo is weak on the current spot. One change I see is Baron on 3 and Idris on 1. He counters every carry including baron. Also his mobility makes him uncatchable, baron's movement speed is pretty much like saw.
Comment from : Div Dwivedi

Delvin Fernaldy
Gwen last advantage count too? great video anyway
Comment from : Delvin Fernaldy

Okamu Gatuai
yess asura gimme date skye video picture
Comment from : Okamu Gatuai

wow keep up the good work ur tips rly helping man. good luck u almost reack 1k subs :D
Comment from : hraesvelgr

Pabluci 14
samuel and ringo? samuel is good in carry and counter to many carries.
Comment from : Pabluci 14

Godson Ov
Can u make a video talking about roam hero plsss?
Comment from : Godson Ov

Arka Buminata
nice video bro👍
Comment from : Arka Buminata

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