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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

LP Dante
Ill suck you guys for some cs man cmon
Comment from : LP Dante

Muhtasim Fuad
does leo have mortal damage?
Comment from : Muhtasim Fuad

Jesus Ramirez
Does Leo remind any of you of Ike from Fire Emblem. This hero is the reason in coming back to vainglory
Comment from : Jesus Ramirez

TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter
lol wtf the grump turned into a bot ur luckyaf
Comment from : TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

Mr. nk
i lately open this hero / i have questions _ how you push enemy with your ult? please teach me i try it but i don't learn it 😭😭
Comment from : Mr. nk

Ronin Enlightened
1000 damage and the build isn't even complete yet.
Comment from : Ronin Enlightened

Connor Jones
Lock your camera plzzz
Comment from : Connor Jones

Haruka Izanami
That baron didn’t know how to baron
Comment from : Haruka Izanami

Guys why sometimes cant do stun
Comment from : CESUR Arts

yukoi nenesan
Hey i love your hairs i do have long hairs too nice gameplay lets play togather sometime
Comment from : yukoi nenesan

As a new player all these heroes are fun to try out. I told a friend I want to use leo even after seeing this video and he tells me leo is way to slow to be useful and I'll lose a whole lot even if I become good at him. So far kensei and a few others I really like specially how funny skaarf is <3. Is it true leo is a skip buy ? Why is there so much hate surrounding Using Leo?
Comment from : RealLifePokemon5

The hero pass than unlocks all heroes is that for a full month or only a week?
Comment from : RealLifePokemon5

true bacca
Comment from : true bacca

Is this emulator?
Comment from : WENZ D'

norik pradana
Too op dude
Comment from : norik pradana

Rogelio Villanueva
Xenotek... Is true that u gonna leave vainglory because the game is almost dead? Amazing gameplay. :)
Comment from : Rogelio Villanueva

fariq ahlias
8.34 damnnnn
Comment from : fariq ahlias

Sciamachy Standard
Amazing gameplay. What would you say is the best Leo build ? I personally always go for a serpents, breaking point, sorrow blade.
Comment from : Sciamachy Standard

in war craft i remember cleavin att (not splash) work on high armored heros if u dosent attack stright at high armor hero s and if u get crit to by cleavin by near hero others chupps like ass pich
Comment from : GAARA !!

Cyaaaaaaaaaa weiner! lmao @5:53
Comment from : senorbuck

aaaaah I got my IGN from Diablo 1 with a Nova scroll
Comment from : EKnova

Mehrdad Ramzani
that damage is nasty bro !
Comment from : Mehrdad Ramzani

Virgil J Inding
hi. sir, please make vainglory great again.. I really love this game
Comment from : Virgil J Inding

Outmaneuver Challenger
His Perk and Abilities need damage reduction to non-heroes (like how Baron does), because he clears everything too fast.
Comment from : Outmaneuver Challenger

Mike Butler
Same video different day - against random nobodies
Comment from : Mike Butler

Ario Bagas
Comment from : Ario Bagas

ilham chandra
your build should be recommended in game as "brute warrior" by -Xeno xD
Comment from : ilham chandra

Syed syed
You're funny guy xeno
Comment from : Syed syed

Highblood Gaming
God i love your side comments, "my swoordd" then TP in base loool
Comment from : Highblood Gaming

Mufid Zulfatoni
Baron :Stop killing me!
Leo : gtfo dude, this is my house!!

Comment from : Mufid Zulfatoni

GG Xeno-sama. mobile LOL is coming right? Gonna try it as 2nd game after VG XD
Comment from : jugamcool

Phuong Huong
Fucking broken wow
Comment from : Phuong Huong

amir s anuar
You're so good. I started watching your old pro days highlights
Comment from : amir s anuar

Galang setio Nugroho
Hi xeno! Im really enjoy leo's build and gameplay too. Ummm what about critical item on him? See ya, GBU!
Comment from : Galang setio Nugroho

Now everybody gonna rekt cos of xenos build
Comment from : craftmachine99

Comment from : manicthunder

Steevio C
Thx me later

Comment from : Steevio C

iNi Video
Build gemmeg23 wkwkwk
Comment from : iNi Video

Николай Нгуен
@11:09 lmao
Comment from : Николай Нгуен

Your YouTube avatar looks like a MOMO🤣
Comment from : NilF

Yaj Romalliv
You are OP not the heroes lol.
Comment from : Yaj Romalliv

Mehmet Türkmen AGA
Comment from : Mehmet Türkmen AGA

I feel like this guy is bad but I can’t tell cause I haven’t played on pc yet.
Comment from : xDestinGames

Voshua Jelasquez
To show you the power of Leo, I SAWED THIS TEAM IN HALF
Comment from : Voshua Jelasquez

What is that damage wtf
Comment from : Tenshirayuk

Aditya Ranpura
Amazing gameplay mighty Ghoul King!!
Comment from : Aditya Ranpura

every hero looks OP when you play it :D
Comment from : oqihm

RJosh 31
Thanks for sharing... Just learned the combo from you today big big thanks to you great vid
Comment from : RJosh 31

Rizky Bachtiar
As you wish my ghouls
Comment from : Rizky Bachtiar

Aiman Dahlan
What is ur tier xeno?
Comment from : Aiman Dahlan

Caleb Marr
We want more Leo!!!
Comment from : Caleb Marr

Chimmy Chonga
Is like an instant sang feng b, disgusting
Comment from : Chimmy Chonga

How did baron die at 9:00 ?
Comment from : ajulkipli

Tayron zallex
Perfeito incrível brow
Comment from : Tayron zallex

Da GingerBreadMan
The thing is you’re laning against a melee. Any given ranged carry destroys leo early game. First turret deleted. Cuz of that I think he’s situational in lane, better jungle.
Comment from : Da GingerBreadMan

At this rate VG will surpass LOL on champions number xD
Comment from : Mike

Why no atk speed for Leo? I see many don't build it on him....
Comment from : Kilamkam47

Adam Raaif Nasheed
Yes, you can turn the suggestion arrows off somewhere in settings.
Comment from : Adam Raaif Nasheed

6aby dra9on
I'm waiting for it!
Comment from : 6aby dra9on

VassaI VG
Please no. Now I'm about to see Leo Builds like this in 3v3 ;-;
Comment from : VassaI VG

damen argent
Xeno u should try wp fortress with storm crown the brust is insane . Great vid btw
Comment from : damen argent

Evander Morito
Leo damage is fucking crazy xD
Comment from : Evander Morito

Stas Miklic
When the only thing taking longer than 5 seconds to kill is the spy cam
Comment from : Stas Miklic

Mo Re
Every time I see you like vocalist marilyn manson. xD
Comment from : Mo Re

solo plz
@3:00 you would have killed xeno his a and b were on cd
Comment from : solo plz

Claudiu Stanciu
No fair. Skin makes you stronger😂😂😂
Comment from : Claudiu Stanciu

Legit man who actually good at Leo. This hero is legitimately hard for me
Comment from : らそ

Thomas Nguyen
how the hell do you live early game? Leo can’t trade early game like at all
Comment from : Thomas Nguyen

GG broda
Yeah boi leo Is nice but i can't play with him always is banned :'v

Comment from : TheKrakenOficial

Comment from : Zenothn

Quân7364 Anh
Holy shit you're INSANE!!
Comment from : Quân7364 Anh

Soul Less
Was that rank?
Comment from : Soul Less

Ariffikri Ariffudin
Xeno is tooooooo OP...not Leo..but Xeno
Comment from : Ariffikri Ariffudin

Oof, now he costs 14k
Comment from : Dyslexic

THANK YOU, FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY LEO. Too many people out there that don't and just feed all game
Comment from : MoeLester

Great game!!
Comment from : Nyahahaha

Eddy Yim
I guess you could call it an amazing sword
Comment from : Eddy Yim

leo weak in first game
Comment from : BlackHoodedCat

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