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The History of Flip: A Camera Company that Time Forgot

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Information The History of Flip: A Camera Company that Time Forgot

Title :  The History of Flip: A Camera Company that Time Forgot
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Frames The History of Flip: A Camera Company that Time Forgot

Description The History of Flip: A Camera Company that Time Forgot

Comments The History of Flip: A Camera Company that Time Forgot

Swift Bro's
I Just Found My Moms Old Flip Camera And Got It Working Again.
Comment from : Swift Bro's

House of Pomegranates
This video is full of errors in just the first three and a half minutes. He refers to 2007 as "a time when [...] your Spotify playlist consisted of burning CDs tracks from No Doubt, Backstreet Boys, et cetera, that you all pirated online from Napster." Napster had ceased operations in 2002. This would be like characterizing 2020 as a year everyone was posting videos on Vine. He later says that at the time Flip Cam debuted, "making any form of home video [was] a much more complicated process, with 'portable' video rigs consisting of watermelon-sized cameras with terrible battery life and really crappy video quality." This is about a decade out of date. In 2006, digital video camcorders were widely available and extremely popular. They were the standard video cameras you'd see everyday people use. Nobody was still using the large, clunky VHS cameras he's talking about. Digital video camcorders were small and lightweight, and recorded in full resolution (720x576). Not amazing, but not "really crappy" – especially compared with the original Flip Cam's resolution of 640 x 480. What an improvement! The problem was that even these digital camcorders used tapes, which had to be bought separately, and which could be lost or damaged pretty easily. The Flip Cam improved on this by not using tapes, and by connecting directly to the computer so files could be transferred, rather than the camera having to play while the computer recorded (which was standard with tape-based platforms).
Comment from : House of Pomegranates

jerk face
Nahh limewire 😂
Comment from : jerk face

i have mines too and some old vids on it. oh how time flies
Comment from : Farheezy

Abraham Ceballos
Thumbs down for the timeline mess up. Napster was like in 2000s. Flip was like 5 or 6 years later.
Comment from : Abraham Ceballos

Howard Koor
I have one
Comment from : Howard Koor

Im watching this on my flip from 2012 or something
Comment from : Gribbly

Jimi Cactus
I have several of them, use them mounted everywhere for insert shots to my main DV Cams! I then convert the mp4 format to .wmv than edit with Adobe Pro!
Comment from : Jimi Cactus

I never owned or had ever used a Flip Video Camera at all. For many years I was using Kodak Zi6 which had a real major advantage over the Flip Video Cameras which was it allowed the use of up to 32 GB SDHC Cards which was good if you want to film a good amount of videos.
Comment from : gopher101media

Bill Matthey
Too bad this happened. I found my old Flip in a desk drawer, plugged it in to my computer and not much happened. The battery was dead. I noted that it would also take three AAA batteries and so I put them in. This time it turned on but the screen was a mess of vertical colored lines. I pressed the record button and the lines began moving and the red LED record light on the front came on...but there was no identifiable image on the screen. Something else is amiss. Is there any legitimate tech help out there for this product?
Comment from : Bill Matthey

Brian Hebert
I used to have one when I was in elementary school (IIRC)
Comment from : Brian Hebert

Hayley’s Comet
It's so interesting that the streaming camera and another piece of tech the psp go would have taken off if they had released just a little bit later.
Comment from : Hayley’s Comet

Hayley’s Comet
Honestly still want one for fun and collecting purposes.
Comment from : Hayley’s Comet

Candance Elise
I use to have one I think I still have mine I believe.

Hell you really don’t need this anymore with the cellphones and iPads and tablets I can understand why this went out so quickly because when these came out we still needed them but Apple was coming out with cool stuff like iPod touch and iPad and all that so there wouldn’t have been any use for this device anyway .

Comment from : Candance Elise

Yeah....NO. Cisco bought the Flip Cam company in 2009, and time has not forgot!
Comment from : FourDollaRacing

Blue Geen
Early days YouTube! ❤️
Comment from : Blue Geen

Rick Neal
Great video
Comment from : Rick Neal

I found this camcorder in my grandmother's house. 😯
Comment from : 소옴

I have one on my display shelf of tech lol.
Comment from : OrionCGaming

Jonathan Tam
Flips weren’t as popular in the UK. It was funny seeing my favourite podcasters talking about them back in the day.
Comment from : Jonathan Tam

Man, I remember when Flip Cameras were the new hotness, so many upstart bloggers started with these things.
Comment from : GallopingWalrus

Picture Girl
I remember I wanted one so bad as a kid 😂😂😂
Comment from : Picture Girl

this device was weird towards other USB devices and was weird when u had the basic (non-hdmi) one when u plugged it in and out too many times to the TV (unless mine was just defective idk)
Comment from : Extundo

Vincent McDermott
Pulled out 2 I forgot about before watching this, the Cisco flip still works, hardly used, but the OG flip doesn’t work, I chucked that at concrete back in 2010. Tried to fix it but 🤷‍♂️.
Comment from : Vincent McDermott

Francesa Krpan-Giglio
Does anyone know how to view old Flip videos?

I have a bunch that were emailed to me in links (back in 2011ish) and when I click on the link it sends me to this link... www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/corporate-strategy-office/acquisitions/flip-video.html

I'm dying to view them. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!!!

Comment from : Francesa Krpan-Giglio

aadit gaming
I used Flip ultra HD a lot. What would be an equivalent camcorder in today's generation (no distortion and pocket sized cam)?
Comment from : aadit gaming

CarterPlays Official
I saw one at a Goodwill and I was blown away by the flipout USB connector.
Comment from : CarterPlays Official

Your editing and overly use of filters is horrible.

I HATE that fake analog/VHS filter.

Comment from : maddmaxx636

Darcia Mbaye
2019 still have mine
Comment from : Darcia Mbaye

Matthew Farrell
This camera was so cool when I was a kid
Comment from : Matthew Farrell

disposable video camera? was that a thing never seen 1 in the uk
Comment from : IGSPOWERD

I still have my flip, the problem is I think it is corrupted because when it has charging lights when I plug it in but it does not turn on. :(
Comment from : xq39

I love these just because of the 144p
Comment from : Jasp

the sense of time in this video is horribly skewed. we didn't go from vhs camcorders to flip cameras. there's literally like 15 years of tech you're pretending didn't happen.
Comment from : MrCreepyKitty

Rubiks man
I am planing on getting the Mino Hd to record
Comment from : Rubiks man

Still using mine! Excellent quality.
Comment from : GARY SCHULLER

Anthonie White
I just got a flip camera at goodwill, which the vedio camera quality is better than my phone
Comment from : Anthonie White

These cameras were definitely the cameras to completely have as a teen back in the day.
Comment from : GamingGuy800

Brooks Pearce
I still use a flip. Works great for what I do .
Comment from : Brooks Pearce

Dima Lynkov
Please say!!!
What is focus distance Flip ultra Hd ??!??!! 24mm?!!?!!!

Comment from : Dima Lynkov

LaMott Jackson
I dug out my flips (I own 3) after viewing this. Popped some batteries in and they still work. I plan on doing some vlogging with them as a tribute. Thanks for the review dude.
Comment from : LaMott Jackson

Risu Kaiser
Great video, stylish and well edited!
Comment from : Risu Kaiser

I still have 2 of the original pure digital cameras.. We use them every week for band practice.. Works great.. The condeser mic handles the noise.. newer ones..get all distorted...Batteries are the biggest problem and one of them decided it only has 17 minutes while the other has an hour.. Go figure..they are identical..color black and silver and all...Still going. Just drag and drop through folders on pc..
Comment from : drummerboy0626

What a nostalgia trip! My husband got me a Flip for Christmas in either 2008 or 2009. I first discovered them around 2007 and had really wanted one. When I got mine, it was definitely a good couple of years before there were many smartphones that you would even bother recording videos on, so they were quite popular. My phone back then was a Blackberry Curve with an absolutely terrible camera that I avoided using at all costs, LOL. I have no idea if I still have my Flip or not as I haven't seen it in several years (it may have gotten trashed when we remodeled our home a few years ago), but that thing had pretty decent video quality, especially for its time! However, comparing old videos that I recorded on my Flip 8-10 years ago to videos that I've recorded on my iPhone 8 Plus and even older iPhones that I had over the past 5-6 years, the Flip doesn't hold a candle to any of them and is definitely obsolete. One thing that I have recently noticed is that a lot of the videos that I posted on Facebook or YouTube from my Flipshare app back in the day are now missing and nowhere to be found. A very small number of them are still there, but all the rest have completely disappeared, which is kind of upsetting.
Comment from : jwathas

\ DG47 /
Cisco rewened a good camera brand by ending it 😡
Comment from : \ DG47 /

The quality isn’t THAT bad some are 720p 60 fps
Comment from : phoenixhoodyz

Victor Mawhinney
I (STILL) have mine...loved the ease of use .
Comment from : Victor Mawhinney

Jacob Reynolds
Just found mine in a drawer. Got it for Christmas when I was a kid and here I am all these years later a digital media major. Crazy
Comment from : Jacob Reynolds

Eric Rabil
Great video!
Comment from : Eric Rabil

The first camera I ever used was from them. Dang, it’s been a while...
Comment from : Stone_Pickaxe

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