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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Norman Rand Wolfe
I have no idea what that Asia thing is (lying thru my teeth)... How would you like to travel thru India with me? We could backpack from Goa to the yearly Hindu pilgrimage to Lord Shiva's cave in Kashmir... What do you think?
Comment from : Norman Rand Wolfe

You have so beautiful and nyc voice ♥️
Comment from : kALTA G

amazing hair
Comment from : dewie

Rey Mysterio
Comment from : Rey Mysterio

Seye oderinde
We updated video like this
Comment from : Seye oderinde

Thaddeus King
What kinda of camera do you use to make your videos ?
Comment from : Thaddeus King

Nickk Bisht
Any update on the list??
Comment from : Nickk Bisht

Be Honestification
I have vivo v7+ wow love it's front led flash feature in selfie camera
Comment from : Be Honestification

s videos
girls alwas creezy for selfy....
Comment from : s videos

Amal Bhargavan
2019 version of this video please..
Comment from : Amal Bhargavan

Steph's Style's
What about the iPhone 11 pro?
Comment from : Steph's Style's

Zeeshan Khan
Vivo v7 100%
Comment from : Zeeshan Khan

What are these guys on about? They're really setting their bar low if they want her. She's literally just average. What a bunch of virgins Sheesh.
Comment from : GOAT

Jason Ho
Time to update with the latest phone in 2019 :)
Comment from : Jason Ho

Cahaya Mati
i just fallen love with you beutiful
Comment from : Cahaya Mati

Boxing Bro
This is extremely helpful and valuable information thank you for making relevant and valuable content
Comment from : Boxing Bro

Raymond Isiah
Please make this same video every year! 2019 version needed!
Comment from : Raymond Isiah

She's pretty & legend 🤔
Comment from : Sm0ke LEGEND

Rejie Park
can you make an update video for 2019 phones
Comment from : Rejie Park

John Bushman
I love the video but you really need to do a 2019 version. Please.
Comment from : John Bushman

She is beautiful and her voice is amazing... can't escape that at all.😅

Anyways she has struggled a lot to get here,m just glad i get to see her talk every now and then #notapshyco 😅

Comment from : anurag

Great stuff, hoping we'll see more 4K front-facing cameras in 2019.
Comment from : Trev

Nicole Lawrence
Appreciate this review. Going with the S9+ (after watching your other video). As a vlogger, this feature is the most important to me. THANKS.
Comment from : Nicole Lawrence

Tech Talk
we need this type of video for 2019.
Comment from : Tech Talk

please update this video to 2019 version with new phones!
Comment from : hibariruled

Vikram M
You look more beautiful and vivid than those smartphones.
Comment from : Vikram M

Good video, although i foung the 2xl to be pretty good... Any plans to do a 2019 video ... It would be interesting to see how things have changed in 12 months with the dominance of the mid-range $500 (£500) or less phones
Comment from : NightOrchid

Mike Benjamin
Ok I had to come back to make a statement in the peanut gallery.If someone is commenting on a person's beauty is far better than someone typing a negative comment calling people creepy.just saying.
Comment from : Mike Benjamin

Nagesh Asp
I love you Angie zampona from . Hyderabad
Comment from : Nagesh Asp

Ken Young
Great review, superb videography
Comment from : Ken Young

Angelie Aguinaldo
How to fix my phone camera from the front?bcoz when i getting selfie i look straight from the camera but if finish its look like in the other position?
Comment from : Angelie Aguinaldo

Luqman Syarief
you are so beautiful even with nokia 6600 camera
Comment from : Luqman Syarief

JorjLien Chong
You are the most beautiful pro phone review ever seen. Keep it up. Should I suggest to throw in Sony XA2 ULTRA to compare it?
Comment from : JorjLien Chong

mohd nizam sulaman
Damn....u should be a film star..not a phone star!
Comment from : mohd nizam sulaman

Mark Lester
Oh, angie.
Comment from : Mark Lester

Gigi Robinson
When the Galaxy s10 comes out can you update the way you weigh in?
Comment from : Gigi Robinson

T Y Nederland
I love you girl....
Comment from : T Y Nederland

AbdulRahman Mustafa
Make a chanel for yourself
Comment from : AbdulRahman Mustafa

twister gear
any phone it doesn't matter your eyes are so beautiful.
Comment from : twister gear

Нарезки высказываний Александра Невзорова
such a cute girl
Comment from : Нарезки высказываний Александра Невзорова

Sebastian Pietrzak
You're so pretty.. btw, thx for help:)
Comment from : Sebastian Pietrzak

what about note 9 ?
is it similar or better than note 8 for selfies ?

Comment from : mosskan

Hi I loved the video, I run with Metro PCS and I was wondering they donot have the Galaxy s8 but they do have the Galaxy s9. Do you know if the camera is the same?
Comment from : JesterOxide

Hassan Sheikh
google pixel should be on top.
is'nt it?

Comment from : Hassan Sheikh

Allan samuel
What happen to ur finger?☝🏻
Comment from : Allan samuel

Md. Arif Hossain
Which phone should I buy for the purpose of facebook live, if I have to choose between iPhone 7+ and S8?
Comment from : Md. Arif Hossain

William Hollenbaugh
4:29 Watching this on my S8
Comment from : William Hollenbaugh

Aniq Haikal
Make update videos... New phone
Comment from : Aniq Haikal

Whit that face I'll watch everything. But search for the best audio for hearing that Unique voice.
Comment from : semgil1

zelan rose
Such a beautiful goddess
Comment from : zelan rose

Mike Messiah
i came here just to watch her talk
Comment from : Mike Messiah

Zankku Zann
Haha what a lame top u put iPhone x on second place really? Even Xperia xa ultra makes better pics or selfies and is not a flagship phone
Comment from : Zankku Zann

Mina Kamil
we want another one in end of this year
Comment from : Mina Kamil

Paul Morran
You would think in a competitive market, makers would be supremely focused on such a USP. Well done for highlighting 😁
Comment from : Paul Morran

you're so pale
Comment from : PH ETC

Hunter Hasan
Hey mam I just found your insta account few days ago..... now I can't find anymore 😭
Comment from : Hunter Hasan

Irwansyah Zaman
i'm sorry, what are you saying, Angie? i'm watching this video carefully, but not actually listening.. LOL
Comment from : Irwansyah Zaman

Muhammet Emin Aydın
Best front camera stabilization on Sony Xperia phones.
Comment from : Muhammet Emin Aydın

Adel Elewa
Watching from my Nokia 8 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Adel Elewa

her voice 😍
Comment from : MRBHD

Silent Storm
update it with
p20 pro
zenfone 5z
v9 or maybe v11 in near
and some xiaomi please

Comment from : Silent Storm

George K.
It bothers me how much better you look on the camera samples from the office than on the set.
Comment from : George K.

Aravind Ashok
Lol..dude..xzp,xzp2 the best!! Sam boy
Comment from : Aravind Ashok

Okamii Ken
Well made and presented video thanks for the nice content you guys make quite possibly one of the best phone related channels out there I must say :)
Comment from : Okamii Ken

s8 vs s9 and s9+?
Comment from : nickwalco

just Q
Comment from : just Q

Had to dislike for putting the pixel 2 so low for such a petty reason 👎🏽
Comment from : DreeTheGodd

Bảo Anh Vũ
eh anyone got her info (insta, twitter for fb,...) I´d much apreciated
Comment from : Bảo Anh Vũ

Reky Steven
Oooouchhhhh, my fave YouTuber, she sooooooo Beautiful
Comment from : Reky Steven

So. which do you choose if you want both good selfies & good selfie videos?
Comment from : BlueIndigoRadiance

Andrei Tacu
You pretty!
Comment from : Andrei Tacu

Call me Sir
love her eyes!
Comment from : Call me Sir

Edward Fisher
Thanks for making this video. Please keep doing it for this feature with newer phones.
Comment from : Edward Fisher

Any update to the list ?
Comment from : mogio

Hello I say take nokia7 plus amazing camera thn 8 ...mostly recommended these phone amzinging camera seeing these NOTE 5 PRO BEST FLAGSHIP .....MADAM Reviwing this video u looking so beautiful ..are you single 😂😂
Comment from : BANK GOD

Is Xiaomi so bad?
Comment from : mogio

Charlie Thomas
Which is the best one just for selfie photos?
Comment from : Charlie Thomas

eric eric
Who else still using S8+ ?😎
Comment from : eric eric

Mark Bajc
What about the front camera on Samsung S8 and Huawei P20? Which one is better?
Comment from : Mark Bajc

zelan rose
My god you are damn beautiful sweet heart your radiance shines over eyes
Comment from : zelan rose

Asif Panhwar
Which phone is much better iphone x or samsung note 8 or iphone 8plus ?
Comment from : Asif Panhwar

Apy MV
I hate sony fanboys
Comment from : Apy MV

Sandeep salaria
Amazing review
Comment from : Sandeep salaria

Nicole Arrage Music
I just got the OnePlus 6 and was disappointed to find out that the front facing videocamera crops so much of the frame than the front facing photo camera. For vlogging, I find it very disappointing on that part. What do you think? From watching your video, I realized that they all do this... kinda. There isn't a way to be able to keep the same frame you see in a front facing photo than a front facing video?
Comment from : Nicole Arrage Music

koko yudi
Wooow, I like your sound
Comment from : koko yudi

You're so beautiful. <3
Comment from : VitalPhenomena

Ali Javed
Great video
Comment from : Ali Javed

Pasvan maanish
HTC desire728 ultra edition update 5.0 to 7.0 how to update
Comment from : Pasvan maanish

Graham Tobin
Thanks - very good article.... im looking for a new phone and looking at all options. Samsung s8 seems to be amazing at everything but expensive.
Comment from : Graham Tobin

The one plus 6 has only 1080p video recording,
Comment from : Doveranalyst

Ruz Leon
Заглянул только из-за ведущей)
Comment from : Ruz Leon

Juhaikal Jusoh
There are so many creeps here 😂
Comment from : Juhaikal Jusoh

Erbil forever
My god you are so beautiful 😍😍
Comment from : Erbil forever

Comment from : taramomo3

manusia biasa
love you
Comment from : manusia biasa

where can i follow her on?
Comment from : TheMightyMedia

Kuya Roy VLOGS
Sony xz1 not on your list.... 👌
Comment from : Kuya Roy VLOGS

Ivan Paul
Please update this video/ title
Comment from : Ivan Paul

S8 has 2 mics
Comment from : MARTEL WEBBER

Sorry to burst your bubble sony users..but your phones are garbage
Comment from : MARTEL WEBBER

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