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Mobile Motion
Best Smartphone for Shooting Video article: momofilmfest.com/best-smartphone-for-video-recording-filmmaking-2019/
Comment from : Mobile Motion

Kennith Rosales
Bcoz dxomark uses auto...
Comment from : Kennith Rosales

Sandeep Singh
You forgot LG
Comment from : Sandeep Singh

Husain Yard
I saw Potato Jet clips.
Comment from : Husain Yard

The LG V40 is an amazing phone for video. So is the V30. There is a video here on YouTube comparing the V30 with a $50,000 Red, and the V30 holds its own, but the V40 is a higher class than even the V30. Manual controls are top notch, and the ability to save raw video is awesome for post. I'm about to shoot a film with the V40, it's an amazing phone/camera. LG is right at the top of the smartphone video game, for sure. Extremely overlooked.
Comment from : Rock WILK

indonesia bagus
Comment from : indonesia bagus

You are the man. Im binge watching your uploads.
Comment from : ABOVE THE LAW

Patreon = e-begging
Comment from : ShadowV67

megh mehta
How reduce noise in smartphone in low light or Shadow for video recording
Comment from : megh mehta

David Williams
Top man, I have hated listening to the mobile phone reviews, rarely give much info on the video and spend to much time waffling. Great review, 1st time I've ever said that in all my years looking at reviews.
Comment from : David Williams

Solutions Architect
Samsung are just horrible, soft image, poor low light performance and poor auto-focusing. Samsung is a hard pass, they don't measure up in photo/video imho.
Comment from : Solutions Architect

Brad S
So I just went down the rabbit hole for about 5 hours looking for a camera to make vlogs. I was looking for a webcam to find very terrible technology that is now being price gouged for double or triple retail thanks to covid19. DSLRs are way overpriced for my use case and are being price gouged as well. Even the elgato 4k link is now double the price to connect said DSLR. Unless you have a cannon with the new beta software with a limit of 30fps and studder since it's new thats the only way to get around that problem.Then I thought what about action cams converted into webcam hit a dead end as well as the latest GoPro 8 black had the micro hdmi removed starting at 400 with the media mod for over 130 extra and it overheats with extended use. 5 hours later out pops the idea of smartphones hmm could these devices replace the webcam??? Found your analysis interesting in depth and very knowledgeable thank you. Also would love to see a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review as dxomark has given it pretty high reviews
Comment from : Brad S

Ray k.o
LG, the silent Video Contender
Comment from : Ray k.o

Manjula Chaturvedi
My xz premium far better s8 & s9 pluse
samsung galaxy have camera.Camera of samsung are worst pop from screen worst phone samsung heat a lot worst battery not best phone worst phones

Comment from : Manjula Chaturvedi

I am very amazed, I am from Indonesia, I also use a smartphone camera in making videos, please see my video
Comment from : SOLUSI TEDY

Billy Babu The Story teller
Watching this in Lock down here in the UK. Great information much appreciated
Comment from : Billy Babu The Story teller

matheus torres
cool minecraft music on the background
Comment from : matheus torres

Lea Wittig
theres no way to connect cinepro with a bluetooth-mic. any tip for recording good sound in an easy way?
Comment from : Lea Wittig

Avinash Kumar
How's the Redmi Note 8 pro, I'm on a tight budget and a beginner :-)
Comment from : Avinash Kumar

Stole footage from potato jet
Comment from : Sdk

Jm2059 tech
I think about buying lg v40 ... for 340 euros .. i mainly care about video .. is it any good (it has manual controls i think ..) what is your opinion?thanks for your time :)
Comment from : Jm2059 tech

For video recording, would you please rank Poco F1, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Moto One Vision? Thanks! #RoamerRealm
Comment from : RoamerMachine

DrArif Latif
What about huawei pro 20 mate?
Comment from : DrArif Latif

Any other low budget phones like poco f1? Or it's the only decent one in lowerish kinda budget range? Is the old honor 6x any good?
Comment from : SCIF

Camby Lim
Another great vid
Comment from : Camby Lim

Ikhwan Syafiq
Huawei p30 pro vs Samsung s10 : which one is better video quality ?
Comment from : Ikhwan Syafiq

Menna Awyen07
I just want the answer, which one better video recording: huawei p30 pro or samsung s10?
Comment from : Menna Awyen07

great video! I was looking for thoughts from a real professional. I am very curious witch of the new upcoming phones you are recommending for video recording, like the s20 ultra / p40 pro etc.
Comment from : Devi

Okay ButWhyThough
Galaxy S20 Ultra Joins the Battle!
Comment from : Okay ButWhyThough

Byron Rastrullo
What do you think about the new Galaxy S20 Ultra vs IPhone 11 Pro Max?
Comment from : Byron Rastrullo

Possessed by the drop
Your voice sounds really good kinda like "YELLLLOOOW"
Comment from : Possessed by the drop

Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Thanks for making this video.what phone does the longest video time?and what size memory card have to put in it? currently I using Huawei honor and only does 33 minutes.many thanks.
Comment from : Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

Primate Odyssey
Very good video! Could you give me the link of filmic pro where they talk about the different smartphone brands please?
Comment from : Primate Odyssey

Arvin G.
where's the LG V50?
Comment from : Arvin G.

I really need a phone for every day use and recording videos. I am thinking about OnePlus 7t Pro vs Samsung S10. What do you guys think?
Comment from : Ragnar

Josh Nuttall
Hey another great video, worth the like ๐Ÿ‘Š I uploaded a video a couple days ago about how to start freelance videography with an iPhone! Iโ€™d love any comments or feedback you had on it! ๐Ÿ˜Š thanks in advance โค๏ธ
Comment from : Josh Nuttall

Maty in Bangkok
Nice review ,enjoy it but i guess u forgot LG v50/G8.
Btw i make video about Thailand ,and S9, it will make me so happy if u use my videos in yours, thanks

Comment from : Maty in Bangkok

I'm considering now for a camera with better low light video capabilities (higher iso and better dynamic range) than my Samsung Galaxy s9 plus and choosing between Xperia 1 or 5, Oneplus 7t (pro) and what else smartphone outthere, except iPhone, I know that 11 pro is a King of the Hill but sadly I don't like iPhones. Did you have such a dilemma, what would you recommend ? Thanks.
Comment from : Ko6pa

What a very very useful video, thank you a lot !
Except dxomark ratings are nor relevant at all. Sadly, its a highly influenced and affiliated resource.
I'm a longtime photo shooter and a tech geek overall, i wanna say their statistics in lots of cases has been nowhere near of what i see with my bare eyes in everyday use scenarios with those gadgets, so in hands of lots of tech lovers and creative people outthere.

Comment from : Ko6pa

Andrea Holle
Very insightful video! I learned a lot.
Comment from : Andrea Holle

Wemimo Gesinde
Very well said. I currently use some lenses with the Samsung Note 8, and I'm in no hurry to upgrade.
Comment from : Wemimo Gesinde

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