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senpai AshitO
Thank you for helping me now i learn a lot
Comment from : senpai AshitO

Comment from : iNSECTOR TV

Rayyan Ghadi faturahman
Aldous counter is silvana. Her ulti can stop his ulti
Comment from : Rayyan Ghadi faturahman

Supremevincent05 Channel
I not afraid of any meta heroes.....
I'm scared of lag :))

Comment from : Supremevincent05 Channel

Chièf ꧁ツ

Comment from : Chièf ꧁ツ

steven universe
kimmy is op aslong as there’s no dashing hereos or assasin heroes or super balanced heroes like cecilion who can fuck you up with one hit
Comment from : steven universe

ive since learned that a counter to any character with a jump-blink ability (esmeralda, akai, alucard, freya, etc) is Balmond. He can hit them with his 1st skill before they land and the effect/damage wont proc
Comment from : werewolfie

Im literally watching counters of my mains
Comment from : Kimmy

Senchumo Ovung
Tnks for lunox counter....
Comment from : Senchumo Ovung

The Evil One
Counter to all heroes Saber and Diggie

So sad Saber is so weak these days,no one even picks him anymore

For Aldous i would pick Ruby as the best Counter,and also you can buy Winchant to counter his punch one time which can be very very useful...a well stacked Aldous’ single punch is scary and to be completely immune to that is super helpful even if its just one Punch

And even ruby cant counter Aldous if he takes Purify which has a low CD

And that Aldous with Purify can also be countered with Winter Truncheon so....hahaha

Goes around i guess

Late game,well stacked Aldous with Purify...charges enemy MM

As soon as he hits mm,he uses purify so no CC can work on him but MM uses winter truncheon to wait out for the purify so teammates can cc aldous

Well thats my theory lol

Comment from : The Evil One

Some Guy
The hero that can counter:
The spell "Flicker"



Comment from : Some Guy

Real Drum Atha Tutorial
The problem is, you dont get too close to gusion.
GUSION gets too close to you

Comment from : Real Drum Atha Tutorial

Cami S 456
Lunox is also a good counter for aldous .-. If aldous decides to ult her, she’ll active her light ult and then with her darkness ult and magic pen, she can easily kill aldous and his inmune skill will be useless, just saying but I Think it’s a good counter
Comment from : Cami S 456

Yamete SuPeReME1
Comment from : Yamete SuPeReME1

Alejandro Teogangco
Comment from : Alejandro Teogangco

Hello There
One word...


Comment from : Hello There

Son Hoang
Vale's S2 knock up and ult could instantly delete the enemy if the timing is perfect
Comment from : Son Hoang

kizazu1 Ralte
What I tried to say is
Lolita is a mage and mm ender

Comment from : kizazu1 Ralte

Ray Takasaki
Well itll be hard to counter those heroes if the player playing it is good,right...Well sometimes I use Minions for Gusion and Kimmy and Lunox for me is kinda hard to Counter especially if the player is good at her
Comment from : Ray Takasaki

Nana is the best counter for aldous
Comment from : Chou

sam Rai
Kimmy best counter balmond
Comment from : sam Rai

Darksoul lover
no one:
this man:badung
me:it isnt that hard to spell badang

Comment from : Darksoul lover

El Risitas
I don’t like any metas I make my own which is compatible with me

Because I just don’t see why you would use the same build that other people use

Like can’t you make your own?

Comment from : El Risitas

I'M Creeper
This is really helpfull
Comment from : I'M Creeper

Nabam Ashan
Now a days hadith is not like that
Comment from : Nabam Ashan

Granger's ult can rekt Harith from afar..
Use his Ult, blink to get closer then skill 1..

Comment from : jodieisme

nana is the best counter of all
Comment from : irin

Penta Hunter
How to counter grock pls. I tried searching for how to counter grock but couldn't find. I loose e every match if there is a good grock user as my opponent. It spoils my mood as well. I hope u feel me and will soon make a video of it.
Comment from : Penta Hunter

Itz_Ignited Playz
The only problem is you need a ganker because without them defeating aldous is almost completely impossible due to the fact of skill2 and sprint
Comment from : Itz_Ignited Playz

TheUnknown Guy
Gusion not Gussion
And his 2 skill is the main damage not the first skill
But thanks

Comment from : TheUnknown Guy

Percival 1
The best to counter harith is chou
The best to counter harith is Lolita
So who?

Comment from : Percival 1

Amirul Azim
Comment from : Amirul Azim

deejay earth
Pro players : I can make any hero useless by beating them

Moontoon: * with nerf* hold my other nerfs

Comment from : deejay earth

deejay earth
Kimmy: 😁
Lancelot: 🙃
Kinmy: visible confusion

Comment from : deejay earth

Luqman King
10:18 BADUNG
Comment from : Luqman King

Đåŕķ Ğűý
I think the true counter to harith is moontoon or simply moneytoon.They always nerf harith patch by patch so sad😢
Comment from : Đåŕķ Ğűý

DM.C Alfaras
Chou can coutner any Meta HERO.. END..
Comment from : DM.C Alfaras

its badang not badung

Comment from : Spinel

darn el
These meta hero i only used my girl kagura to counter them all.. But except for esmeralda.. It's so hard to burst her shield..
Comment from : darn el

Lord Aioz
Laptrip ung claude
Comment from : Lord Aioz

I just want y'all to know I hate sun
Comment from : Shazku

Nandan Raikar
Best counter for aldous is kaja .... We all know mostly aldous users solo lane . So go in his lane and harass him or lower the health of aldous by using kaja's 1st skill. Whenever aldous last hit minions , spam your first skill....Atleast aldous will 5 times hit those minions , so if u spam 1st skill till he last hits , he will definitely loose half of hp with you leading playing as a safe game , as kaja's 1st skill is long range . No need to go near aldous . And if you duo with nice teamate , even the global 1 aldous will be waste in whole match
Comment from : Nandan Raikar

Sean Lu
The video in a nutshell

The counter to these meta are other meta heroes and CC

Comment from : Sean Lu

幻星Phantom Starzzz
So this guide teach me use another meta hero to fight another meta hero?

Still good

Comment from : 幻星Phantom Starzzz

Dragonhunter X11
New hero:Badung

Comment from : Dragonhunter X11

Trixie Tipay
You can also counter aldous with odettes second skill
Comment from : Trixie Tipay

Lalmalsawma Pachuau
Harith is counter by khufra
Comment from : Lalmalsawma Pachuau

I killed a claude without doing anything as belerick 😂
Comment from : Danny

lil tim
Nana most op 😂😂
Comment from : lil tim

uneducated rac00n
I use clint to counter kimmy because of his insane passive and long ranged
Comment from : uneducated rac00n

Overheatings Gt
Chou can pretty much counter almost all the meta heroes mentioned here
Comment from : Overheatings Gt

Jr Pueyo-Morales
How to counter Claude,
Belerick with 2 Blade armor

Comment from : Jr Pueyo-Morales

The Amazing Clone
You can counter aldous using argus 1st skill when he is still flying
Comment from : The Amazing Clone

no name
Ganking this heroes in lategame using zilong is so much fun though.Kill in 1 sec sometimes even less
Except Aldous, tank build stacked aldous is annoying when soloing

Comment from : no name

yellowy chicky
Hanzo: omei mau da shinderiu
Kimmy: nani..!?!.?.?.!?.?
Hanzo: click ulti begone th00000t
Kimmy: ded

Comment from : yellowy chicky

Blade armor also good counter for kimmy
Comment from : BriRiE

Gusion - Dangerous Laison
khufra's balls can be a counter tou aldous just use second skill to a flying aldous block his path then aldous is stopped
Comment from : Gusion - Dangerous Laison

Jake Martin
Badung as you can read lmao
Comment from : Jake Martin

You forgot how to counter
The most op hero, 120ms
Its Stun Is So Annoying, Help
Me Pls?

Comment from : MattXhu

Guinevere Baroque
I wish all the player in mlbb know to counter pick. Damn I always get team mates in rg who play 3 mm, no tank users, and rebels, if they didn't get what they want they pick unnecessary heroes...
Comment from : Guinevere Baroque

SIRUnknown _
best way to counter aldous users is have a team full of stunner hero
Comment from : SIRUnknown _

Liezl Manabat
Another 1


Comment from : Liezl Manabat

Lethereal CS
5 meta
Solved by Khufra

Comment from : Lethereal CS

I use Molina to counter aldos xD
Comment from : Anima

Oh probate is with him
Comment from : GRENIN GAMER

Jacob Payag
2 ways I am able to counter Aldous

1. Lunox: if you are the target, stay near a turret and keep 1 stack of light. Wait until the right moment then very quicky press s2 and ult (it should cast brilliance) and after the immunity dark ulti should be available. The turret will take down most of Aldous' defenses and you can finish him off with 3rd-dark ult-2nd spam (assuming there is no Angela on their side)

2. Lesley: If you are the target just stay still (preferably near a turret or a tank) wait and cast s2 to push him inside of your turret. You can finish him off solo even if he tries to run.
If a teammate is the target and you are nowhere near a turret just stand still and ask the target to move behind you. Cast s2 at the right moment and even if you get delayed by a few, the knock back effect of Lesley's s2 should give you enough time to run away.
[This worked for me when our Hanabi was the target. After the knock back, Hanabi cast her ult and we were able to finish him off]

Comment from : Jacob Payag

Jeffry Habib
Esmeralda and guinevere and lancelot and natalia..
Comment from : Jeffry Habib

Kong Azis Hasan
Chou can counter any of this..
Comment from : Kong Azis Hasan

pls tell me how to counter lunox with this build (not in order): divine glaive, holy crystal, concentrated energy, queens wings, calamity reaper, concentrated energy
Comment from : 20Y4B LIM YU WEI

Kousei Kaori
10:16 who tf is badung ?
Comment from : Kousei Kaori

Comment from : EisenPlayz

Op heroes: I fear no man, but that thing -points at lag-it scares me.
Comment from : EisenPlayz

Basically, almost every meta mage can be countered by Chou because of cc?
Comment from : Vince

Xinxax the Starbird
kaja counters aldous with his ult+S2+S1+Basic combo though, as long as he is with teammates or a turret to finish aldous off properly
Comment from : Xinxax the Starbird

Ben Ben
How to counter sun bro tell pls
Comment from : Ben Ben

Op Gamer
To counter Kimmy


Comment from : Op Gamer

best counter for meta heroes?

Comment from : Narey

Lance has his 2nd skill for immunty and High damage at the same time and It's amazing especially for franco's hook so I mostly use Lancie (I call him that ok)
Comment from : AZY P.

Joseph Tiong
Khufra left the group
Comment from : Joseph Tiong

rani salokhe
I have made harith cry using kaja and helcurt...
N lance is best against fanny....
N Just pick belerick against any mm n they r dead(just hit skill 2 on mm)....

Comment from : rani salokhe

Queen Ta
U forgot Odette kill lunox 1vs1 very easy. And kadita easy kill Aldous if he use ulti to kadita and kadita use her ulti before Aldous reach her right away killed Aldous..
Comment from : Queen Ta

Damian lel
3:55 fanny : am I a joke to u
Comment from : Damian lel

MN Salvador
The literal best way

r u b y

Comment from : MN Salvador

I just use zhask ult to counter all of them
Comment from : ODGREAPER 11

Igor Onderišin
Best counter to aldouse is kadita
Comment from : Igor Onderišin

How about Harley?
Comment from : Zhafoch

Fatin Hakimah
No one has tips to couter the broken guini?
Someone pls?she is too broken

Comment from : Fatin Hakimah

GosGo_ 21
For Kimmy you forgot using blade armour
Comment from : GosGo_ 21

Extra tip: One of the counters for Aldous is Claude himself. Place the hologram of your monkey such that there is terrain in between you and the hologram, then teleport after Aldous lands. I find that the V shape terrain at the furthest bottom part works best. If you are at full hp you'll be able to take one punch and escape. If you are in late game, you'll probably have Wind chant. An extra precaution you can take is choosing purify (especially if opponent has Aldous AND Chou).
Comment from : nimSquare

ralph medalla
Kimmys weaknest is fanny he cant aim while fannyy is flying
Comment from : ralph medalla

Llama Lely
in the thumbnail, you can faintly see Gusion
Comment from : Llama Lely

Worst Nightmare
In early game just steal aldous' creeps so he won't gets stacks easily then just keep an eye on him...best hero for this are chou and jawhead
Comment from : Worst Nightmare

choco Madrigal
CHOU is the best counter ... All of them..end of story
Comment from : choco Madrigal

john paul
How to counter mobile legends propaganda and to counter buying mistakes and stupidness?

Don't top up your load for just diamonds. Skill is enough and what's the purpose of skin if you always reported and bronze in overall? Remember that mobile legends is a big propaganda to earn a lot of money using the game system, skins and discounts. Take note that all offers is programed. You can win the item after wasting 500diamonds up to 4k diamonds.
Used only 3 heroes and master it and the rest tickets and battle points is good to purchase for emblems.
Use only 1 emblem untill it reached lvl45 like assassin because it fits on chou(fighter) , granger(marksman) and natalia(assassin) So you don't need to divide your magic dust for another type of emblem. The secrete of this game is professionalism. Just master 3 or 2 heroes and find a friend that using tank and support. But if you're solo, forget the line up and use the rule that you're really comfortable. No tank no problem just carry the game. What i mean is 5 pros with broken lineup vs 5 unknown players with good lineup. If there just 1 or 2 pros in the game its really difficult to the enemy to defeat you early but what if you're all in the same pro level even the lineup is broken?
And when you reach 5K bp through the battle, go rest and play for another week because 4K is for the magic dust chest and 1K for upgrading.

Comment from : john paul

limited edition
Aldous one is so flawed first of all aldous is only op in epic below for obvious they always try to farm up stacks but mythic and some legends wont let that happen you used level 5 aldous with his ult into a tank which a good aldous woudnt do and his counter is the worst tank item in the gamr
Comment from : limited edition

Mr PewPew
where guinevere at though
Comment from : Mr PewPew

Hikariyuki Tsubasa
Dont forget nana's molina that can cancel literally everything ugh 😓🤣
Comment from : Hikariyuki Tsubasa

Manikandeshwar Sasidhar
Best counter for all these heros
Kaja( he is meta as he counters all other meta lol)

Comment from : Manikandeshwar Sasidhar

Philippinean Bros
Balmond is best counter for Aldous and Guinevere

Mythic here

Comment from : Philippinean Bros

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