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1080P Bluetooth Hidden Camera - Review

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Information 1080P Bluetooth Hidden Camera - Review

Title :  1080P Bluetooth Hidden Camera - Review
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Comments 1080P Bluetooth Hidden Camera - Review

fabrice saadoun
Is this product still alive?
Comment from : fabrice saadoun

Phillip Mahony
Can you listen to music with these?
Comment from : Phillip Mahony

Fur Balls
Lovely cam, but sadly let down by awful audio quality.
Comment from : Fur Balls

Janardhan Charry
Can we charge it with power bank..?
Comment from : Janardhan Charry

The Simulated
Hi, I am one of your customers. How do I remove the timestamp??? Thanks.
Comment from : The Simulated

Roger Rico
Can we see the video direct on our androids phone like use the bluetooth function . Or we have to take the memory card and install it on some computer
Comment from : Roger Rico

It's a great idea, but the mic needs to be waaaayyyy better.
Comment from : Styromaniac

ryan halverson
It doesn’t want to turn off tryed couple of ways so any suggestions ?
Comment from : ryan halverson

Gyspy Rose
On the other hand , where can infrared / night vision camera that has HD quality and is small. It needs automatically record to my phone. The devices need to be 100% waterproof and survive the cold temperatures and the hottest of days.
This concept is similar to the Duo and Thinkware dash cam technology. I hope someone will think this for body cameras. This objective is more useful.
I am having problems with bulky palm sized cameras or similar cameras that like the one above that doesn’t last a month.
Help! I need upgrades!—immediately!!! Grrr...looks like I am gonna need to piece this together...myself!!

Comment from : Gyspy Rose

Gyspy Rose
The audio is not quite clear yet, I am still interested. I will consider this, temporarily, until I find what I am looking for. It may not last due to weather conditions. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Comment from : Gyspy Rose

Charm Him Snag Him
I'm having difficulty changing the date and time to make it correct. How do I do that?
Comment from : Charm Him Snag Him

Jeewan 50520673
I want to buy how can
Comment from : Jeewan 50520673

Sandy Garcia
It does not last more than 1 hour of continuous recording for the day? How does it work?
Comment from : Sandy Garcia

Joe Beland
I dont know why when someone makes something like this why don't they make it so the speaker beeps or something when you start recording ?? You can't tell if you are recording unless you take it off to look at it ...
Comment from : Joe Beland

Guy Man
Great info about the product, but is it possible to charge this device and record at the same time? Say you had an external usb charging device could you plug it into this and record constantly while it charges? For any of these devices, that is very useful information to know, since many of these only can record for like a hour and take much longer to recharge.
Comment from : Guy Man

Muneer Khan
Very nice
Comment from : Muneer Khan

Muneer Khan
Comment from : Muneer Khan

Arlene OReilly
Great explanation thks
Comment from : Arlene OReilly

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