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ese kay
my 1-3-1 is diff.
my guard is the first constant but my chaser is the pf. he is set in between gaurd and center at the foul line. my wings guard from the wing down and up never go further than that. they are to pressure corner shooters when they have the ball and drive them up the wing back to the top. Or if the gaurd and pf are converging to trap the ball carrier , their job is to denied and play the passing lane respectively. the enter will only need to gaurd the paint but shadowing moments of the ball Carrie from side to side , but maintaing recovery distance to his opps' C in the paint.

as you know this causes a lot of turnovers especially for ISO offense.
the wings are to leak of their man when a shot is put up the Center always boxes out, as well as the pf , and pg (if necessary) , of pg can leak.

this defense is really dictating as you say because when you opp. sees the guys in front if him he will think to pass , but with the lanes blocked he will think to drive , but you will never give him a chance to make his mind up when you got to trap him in the corner you force him to. and this Defense works on either side of the floor with each hand guards . and guard those rare Lefty's as well as right handed players easily. I don't know why pole in the NBA don't play this. especially against lebron

Comment from : ese kay

Michael Terry Jensen
my favorite variation of the zone
I was "the tail" for my team back in the day
exhausting but effective

Comment from : Michael Terry Jensen

Isaiah Thomas
Ahhh the cheesiest zone ever in 2K history
Comment from : Isaiah Thomas

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