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Link - PG3D
Good luck to everyone! Please note if you DO NOT WIN their will be MORE GIVEAWAYS in the future! 😈🔥
Comment from : Link - PG3D

Can I have a account pls my is s class player
Comment from : mommynlucca

Wan Jay
Comment from : Wan Jay

Cookie gaming
Comment from : Cookie gaming

Valma Allison
What's funny how he used this video for latest one this channel is clickbait
Comment from : Valma Allison

Meme Machine
I really want to win  because tbh I'm just broke and love the game but I ain't got that free time to grind the game.
Comment from : Meme Machine

Why not tell people’s how to get it instead of showing it off
Comment from : Wesz

Shey Simonson
I really want to get all the guns in pixel gun 3-D because I only have the normal guns in it and now we have one diamond and one coin please
Comment from : Shey Simonson

Shey Simonson
LinkPG 3-D
Comment from : Shey Simonson

Tom Okabe
Comment from : Tom Okabe

Izzuddin Y9
I hope I get the account I was banned for no reason😢
Comment from : Izzuddin Y9

Jessica Baca
"Another cool way to get gems&coins in 2019 is this one: eigald.art/1553/pixelgunone pretty cool that it works!"
Comment from : Jessica Baca

moi ツ
I did all steps...I really want the acc beacuse ecko got my acc banned...If I dont win it really won't matter
Comment from : moi ツ

Cruddy PG
I wanna win because mum always told me I was a winner
Comment from : Cruddy PG

I want this aconte because l was so bad.
Comment from : DARK LIGHTNING

Joe Mama Obama
I want the account to help my friends who play this game in there harder missions/games
Comment from : Joe Mama Obama

someone kan
I really want the accou t because I suck no good weapons and poor
Comment from : someone kan

Vviper 111
Im a noob
Comment from : Vviper 111

MG_JHAMIR07 ItBeCute340
I want this acount
Comment from : MG_JHAMIR07 ItBeCute340

MG_JHAMIR07 ItBeCute340
I want this account
Comment from : MG_JHAMIR07 ItBeCute340

GK brickworks
It's funny how everyone wants this account and nobody gets it that they will get banned 🤔
Comment from : GK brickworks

Zaky 0009
Comment from : Zaky 0009

Desiree Daniels
If you need coins or gems use this pg3dtips. site
i have tested it and it worked

Comment from : Desiree Daniels

My little sister always deletes my account she is 15
Comment from : SIKH DHILLON13

Sinan Konaklı
Sizin gibi öküz yüzünden oyun oynanmaz hale gelmiş 😡
Comment from : Sinan Konaklı

Dulian Castillo
Because am poor in pixel gun 3D plz give me the account
Comment from : Dulian Castillo

Fireboi 123
Dude i really need this account because i got banned and because I don't wanna start over because the game has turned payed to win which is too sad and i already done the stuff you said to do even the links for extra points
Comment from : Fireboi 123

Helene Ortega
"I suggest using this in 2019 if you need gems&coins:" coporb.best/2A8/pixelgunone i have a lot now!
Comment from : Helene Ortega

Milo Forsberg
I want this account because I needed to buy a new phone and because of that I cannot use the same 4 year old account that i was relly good at. I have been banned or the account was removed because it was inactive for a long time

All my friends are much better than me and i would like to be able to play and compete with them without having to always lose (because I have no weapons as good as theirs and Iam in a mich lower level the them so if we play together I will die because we compete against people wich are as good as my friends).

Some of my friends bully me for still playing this game, but i like it and I will play even if others bully me for it. Some bully me because I play ot a lot but still have worse weapons then them. It is relly hard to level up!!!😢😔😭😣

You're the best and keep doing what your doing! Love your videos and pixel gun 3D! Plz let me bee as good as my friends!👍👑😀😇🥰😊😁😂🤭👌👑

(Edited)I relly hope that u see this comment. I am from Sweden and I am not so good at english. Sorry😢😭😣

Comment from : Milo Forsberg

[Wholesome] Loona
Who thinks this is fake just give me your opinion?
Comment from : [Wholesome] Loona

Tristan Odenthal
I got banned and have to restart because i got a new phone and transferred my data and i spent legit money
Comment from : Tristan Odenthal

Kazzy Capz YT
Okay I did everything you asked for and I'm new to this channel,!! I sure would love to have this account but I dont really know how although if I get picked i will try to learn how to get it... I've been looking on play store and found pixel gun.. I really liked it but needed coins so I looked for giveaways!! And here you go!!!! Plz pick me ._.
Comment from : Kazzy Capz YT

I want this account because it's been years of me playing this game and once I even told myself that I wanted to die over this game so pls I rlly want to win
Comment from : Junkiez_

sonny monroe
Hey bro I'd like to win the account I do play I've played and lost my stuff weapons do not work I have a video of my weapons all disappeared in matches HITMANGAMING is the channel
Comment from : sonny monroe

Duan FnB
I want this acc because i was ban
( also you are my favorite you tube)

Comment from : Duan FnB

Nathan Roy Gonzales
I wanted this acc, because i want to know how 3 cat spam feels
Comment from : Nathan Roy Gonzales

David Tekiteki
I want the account cause I suck
Comment from : David Tekiteki

Skeet mosura
I want it because i have a small chance to win but im level 34 pls my guns are so weak but my strong weapons is one shot and litte Cthulhu but i cant win much more so pls i need this
Comment from : Skeet mosura

My Goats Dumb
I want it because I use to play and I got banned and when I got another account to use I got band again and now I’m lv 1 again and have to restart
Comment from : My Goats Dumb

Insane Blob
I want this account cus I’m poor and low level :(
Comment from : Insane Blob

Calen Le Dragon
I want this account because I love pixel gun but I suck and need better guns but I can't get them
Comment from : Calen Le Dragon

Alexander Zhdanov
Because I want to revenge donaters and become #1 worldwide
Comment from : Alexander Zhdanov

Cherry Anne Dimas
I want that account because I'm so poor
Comment from : Cherry Anne Dimas

Isabella Wilson
I want it since pixel gun 3D is my favourite but people bullied me for still playing it, I was recently diagnosed with depression and it would make me so happy if I could win it😁
Comment from : Isabella Wilson

Bethany Osorio
I need the account cause I only have a limited time to play a day so I can't do as much
Comment from : Bethany Osorio

Tria Havan
Comment from : Tria Havan

Tria Havan
Comment from : Tria Havan

Tria Havan
Comment from : Tria Havan

Tuxedo Vegito
Comment from : Tuxedo Vegito

I need this acc because I’ve Been grinding without paying i have not got that far and I wud love if I got this❤️ noti gang💪🏻
Comment from : BOLT FN

Piggy Brando
My reason to win:i have always been playing pg3d but i have bad guns and i have been dealing with this since 2016
I also want to have this becoz ive been supporting ur channel for so lang even on my other phone and other gadgets
I also want this becoz im poor
Edit:i cant follow all your socials because my account wont work but please let me join the giveaway

Comment from : Piggy Brando

Here's an idea, actually tell us how to get free stuff...

Just a thought

Comment from : Tyzone

I want this account bc I am poor and I don’t have good guns
Comment from : Uηкηoω

I want this account because i lost my account.You cant change IOS to Android and my Ipad is so old... i have so much things but its keep kicks me from game.So why i want this account....
Comment from : WaxySs

I want to have this acc becuz I always wanted to be a good player in pg3d but instead I'm a noob ;-; all my friends are good players and I get embarrist,also thanks for making giveaway vids. #GIVEAWAY
Comment from : Y V

TRK scurvy
Comment from : TRK scurvy

Fort Gonz
I want this account because I am poor please and thank you!
Comment from : Fort Gonz

Chokya Plays
I did everything please give me it my friends bully everytime I need this so i can teach them a lesson
Comment from : Chokya Plays

1234 farouk
I want it because I have been working so hard and I can't get half of the guns I stayed at home home playing and trying to get coins and gems but couldn't get half of the guns
Comment from : 1234 farouk

nini panini
I want to win for my brother
Comment from : nini panini

Treyshaun Parrish
The reason why I want this account is because i have really bad guns in pixel gun
Comment from : Treyshaun Parrish

ricta slicta
I want the account because I’m getting impatient with prices.

Comment from : ricta slicta

I want to review every gun on my channel and be just like ecko and bigb
Comment from : Yeet

gabrielgameing 1
People are calling me trash in the game
Comment from : gabrielgameing 1

He cuts out the part when he gets ban
Comment from : Yeet

doenis tv
I want this account because i love your vids pixel gun and playing the game its very fun and you inspired me to play this game so thx pls can i get account
Comment from : doenis tv

Cesar Andino
I want one bcs i dont have any weapons plz can i have one
Comment from : Cesar Andino

Aromoni Abelbey
I want it because I’m lvl 1 and everyone says I’m a noob😭
Comment from : Aromoni Abelbey

Ashton Rojas
I have completed everything you said in the description plus I love your vids #GIVEAWAY
Comment from : Ashton Rojas

Ashton Rojas
Comment from : Ashton Rojas

Xxanis_dzproxX محترف كل الالعاب
Hello mr link i want you to be my friend please my name is <《anis》>
Comment from : Xxanis_dzproxX محترف كل الالعاب

Link makes every wepon mthical
Comment from : Leo RBLX

JuJuan Moore Jr
Look for the IG jujuanmoorejr. I’m entering the giveaway
Comment from : JuJuan Moore Jr

Once I was lvl 30 and I had good guns then, I hacked the game and I had 99999 gems and coins and I was lvl 55 but I have a new phone now and I lost all my coins sadly :(

One like = one coin and gem back to my account .

Comment from : MoPlays

Lourdes Hernandez
Can u do One with lots of galery tickets and battle royal PlEASE
Comment from : Lourdes Hernandez

Ledion 20
I really want this because there is a new weapon in the game and i want it
Comment from : Ledion 20

Mako Ninjako
I've had the game and I find it hard to level up and get weapons, I've been playing for a while but even though I play the game well I die because my weapons aren't strong enough, really need a boost or better weapons
Comment from : Mako Ninjako

Peio totorika2
Comment from : Peio totorika2

I want it because I'm a noob I can't even get 3 kills : ( #giveaway


I want it because every time I get In a game all the people have legendary s guns but not me.😥😢
Comment from : Viperkilla1862

I need the account because I’ve been playing PG3D for 2-3 years and still bad because of my weapons so I need to get my weapons to be good:)
Comment from : Pifinite

mne fantasy
I want because I want to try every weapon and make them max out and be op
Comment from : mne fantasy

zxboy 123
well im sad bec i have stupid guns and im poor im super poor 4 gems and 5 coins
Comment from : zxboy 123

Ethan Boss
I want this account cause I would like to experiment with all weapons
Comment from : Ethan Boss

Expert;-;Alpaca E.A. TV
I am lvl50 i have only glitches with my account
Comment from : Expert;-;Alpaca E.A. TV

Howdy Spitoonsky
I hate that everyone has advantage over me that why i want one
Comment from : Howdy Spitoonsky

Fortnite Tryhardboi
Comment from : Fortnite Tryhardboi

Fortnite Tryhardboi
Comment from : Fortnite Tryhardboi

Fortnite Tryhardboi
Comment from : Fortnite Tryhardboi

Fortnite Tryhardboi
Comment from : Fortnite Tryhardboi

Fortnite Tryhardboi
Comment from : Fortnite Tryhardboi

Fortnite Tryhardboi
I want the account so people will stop calling me a noob
Comment from : Fortnite Tryhardboi

iTz iExtiNctioN
Comment from : iTz iExtiNctioN

Joshua PrinceQuiray
Comment from : Joshua PrinceQuiray

Joshua PrinceQuiray
Comment from : Joshua PrinceQuiray

Joshua PrinceQuiray
Comment from : Joshua PrinceQuiray

Joshua PrinceQuiray
I watch your videos all day please
Comment from : Joshua PrinceQuiray

Joshua PrinceQuiray
I'm a fan and I'm just 5 I'm gonna be six becaus it is my B-Day please I'm sad if I don't get that account please I beg it means so much to me please link I'm just a kid if I want money I don't get enough money to buy cash in pixel gun 3d
Comment from : Joshua PrinceQuiray

Joshua PrinceQuiray
I want account because it's me birthday give me for my present "I beg you please give me present "
Comment from : Joshua PrinceQuiray

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