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Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset Video Review

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Information Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset Video Review

Title :  Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset Video Review
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Comments Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset Video Review

Alex W.
Mine broke down after 6 weeks, very cheap quality, the manufacture will only replace if it's sold through amazon
Comment from : Alex W.

Mateo DeMateus
thank you great information
Comment from : Mateo DeMateus

Nirmal Surendran Menon
Can't hear YouTube...only phone?
Comment from : Nirmal Surendran Menon

marie kr
Can u show me how to sink it to the computer?? I don’t know how to get t working
Comment from : marie kr

Doctor Syed
How is it with noise canceling?
Comment from : Doctor Syed

Jerry B
you should update the amazon link
Comment from : Jerry B

Tech Review Ireland
Hey,, great video,, thank you, im gonna pick one of these up thanks to this review..
Comment from : Tech Review Ireland

The MUTE function is critical to me Do you have a recommendation for Bluetooth headset with a workable easy MUTE???


Comment from : jlblogon

James Gretsch
Justin, thanks for the review. The mute isn't an issue for me because even though I do sales I probably won't have to mute while driving. I am tired of the over the ear only Bluetooth sets. Maybe my ear is weird but those always fall off my ear so I am looking for an over the head set which I saw this on Amazon. I read the reviews and overall it's good but I wanted a YouTube review and I am fortunate enough that you did this review and confirmed that I need it. Thanks Justin for this.
Comment from : James Gretsch

Asger Jørgensen
Thanks for the video review
What about the Bluetooth delay, it would be very noise if you showed just a piece of the video using the headset mike.

Comment from : Asger Jørgensen

Apollo Devine
He is the headset good for Video recording on the iPhone my man ???
Comment from : Apollo Devine

Ok it's 10/20/16 and just got mine from Ebay, it's the MPOW  MBH15, I'll get back at you in a month.
Comment from : TWISTED

does it have good noise Noise Cancelling
Comment from : sullylarkin

Just ordered one from amazon. Great video. Thank you.
Comment from : Deplorable

James Sccot
Great video.
Comment from : James Sccot

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