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Title :  nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com
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Description nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

NǝꓥǝꓕS ꓨuOᴉX
I miss 3v3 these things never happened when it was 3v3
Comment from : NǝꓥǝꓕS ꓨuOᴉX

Unfinished Apple
Hey this is the suggestion on about you watch replays of people that play vainglory and then you tell us what we were doing wrong in that game alright understand
Comment from : Unfinished Apple

LoLits Rizzy
Currently im at POA and i know im realy gonna have to improve alot if i ever want to think of making it to Vainglorious so ty so much for this guide i feel like S.L.O.W.J.O
G will help me a lot

Comment from : LoLits Rizzy

Seth Carmical
I'm late to this game, but this video was super helpful!
Comment from : Seth Carmical

The fuck is a gank
Comment from : Why

Virgil J Inding
What gadgets do you use in vainglory 5v5?
Comment from : Virgil J Inding

Nicholas Tan
can this vid work for 3v3 also?
Comment from : Nicholas Tan

Great video, plz do more teaching vids since there is a strong learning curve in Vainglory. You are good @ organizing the info
Comment from : DangerMouSe

Fu Fu
no matter how good you are you'll lose if your team mate sucks... much better to create some toturial how should team comp would work in entire game.. This video is very helpful but we should more focus on how team should work on the map
Comment from : Fu Fu

Mobile legend is a joke compared to this game
Comment from : Climpy

Michael Mejia
I legit misread S.L.O.W.J.O.G as B.L.O.W.J.O.B.
Help me.

Comment from : Michael Mejia

Your Dad
11/10 impale

Lol jk

Comment from : Your Dad

andre pratama
how about R for rotation?
Comment from : andre pratama

Exquisite blood
Hey Ex, do you ever find your neck and back hurting from looking all over the map and carrying the whole team?
Comment from : Exquisite blood

I'm not ashamed of myself gwen is THICC
Comment from : Your-NemeSis

Leo Li
Hey excoundrel I always wonder why do you choose recommend build every time and never follow the instructions? Is that something high elos do or it is just a bad habit?
Comment from : Leo Li

It's bordering on being too complicated to being fun. First you struggle with the controls after being used to joypads and then you have to memorize items you want to build since you can't pre-build. But still, not giving up yet. :)
Comment from : Sander

Joe 4962p0
No Hetero, but Gwen high key fine
Comment from : Joe 4962p0

Albert Sibarani
Make tutorial to vainglorous 3.0Pls :)
Comment from : Albert Sibarani

japheth tay
60 sec on Phinn Plezzz
Comment from : japheth tay

keserempet rempet
Do a slowjog but your connections is still slowaf
Comment from : keserempet rempet

Chris Wesseling
Excoundrel, what maths at 13:23? Can't I go with the net worth in gold from the scoreboard? (second O in slowjog ;)
Comment from : Chris Wesseling

When’s ranked for 5v5 coming out?
Comment from : Jackalice4000

Erick Fresstino
Can you make a video how to get Opal Very Fast😁
Comment from : Erick Fresstino

Is Gwen the prize? Cause if... 😏
Comment from : Max4Million

Shiku Bah
9:10 Didn't this duel happen in the vainglory comics?
Comment from : Shiku Bah

David Dao
I only need one thing to become a better vainglory player. A better connection
Comment from : David Dao

Nelson Is the name
This is exactly what i needed. Love you, you is awesome.
Comment from : Nelson Is the name

Gabriel Lanz Morial
Thank you for this! SEA players should watch your videos. Lol
Comment from : Gabriel Lanz Morial

Work Not-cited
What does "excoundrel" mean/come from?
Comment from : Work Not-cited

Rey Joe
This is soooo amazing and appreciative, the amount of information and tips are unreal ,dota and lol players don’t have such videos as rich in tips as yours ....very well done
Comment from : Rey Joe

A Kasual
I.D.G.A.F is better
Comment from : A Kasual

Royals 435
Who is rumbly going to play for
Comment from : Royals 435

Emmanuel Eyo
S.L.O.W.J.O.G all the way.....
Still waiting on that 5v5 meta video you said you'd do.

Comment from : Emmanuel Eyo

the work you put into this videos...man we really appreciate that!!
Keep it up you lovely dongle :)

Comment from : Donkeydongle

The Doctor
From now on if there isn't 21 ads I do not trust the content from this video....:)
Comment from : The Doctor

This should be a mandatory video, possibly included in a 5v5 Tutorial in-game if we're even gonna get one. Great job as usual Excoundrel 🍻
Comment from : absdaddy

Martin Dyer
Excellent and informative video dude.
Comment from : Martin Dyer

Ano Nymous
You can actually see the total gold of heros/teams on the scoreboard now
Comment from : Ano Nymous

Ikaika Arnado
5v5 is horrid. It's not even playable in soloq.
Comment from : Ikaika Arnado

Great video, thanks!
Comment from : rvh

CalebOnThe 33
I haven’t watched yet but the call outs better be on here. I’m tired of getting ganked or even see an enemy hero appear when my teammate didn’t warn me that they were missing from their lane.
Comment from : CalebOnThe 33

Norah Hitt
just wanna throw you some love for getting featured in app keep up the good work!
Comment from : Norah Hitt

1:20 EU impale Kappa
Comment from : Jbaeee

Mach 999
Does anyone know if the buff that captain minions give can stack? Like if you got 2 or 3 of them will the minions be super tanky?
Comment from : Mach 999

Some random Aurelion Main
0:42 Excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't it supposed to be pronounced Sag-est-rail?
Comment from : Some random Aurelion Main

Tom E
When will I get the giveaway 2500 essence, my ign is TomLad
Comment from : Tom E

Lava ღ
2:39 that impale tho wtf bro how!!! Make a video on how to impale efficiently
Comment from : Lava ღ

Chase Richter
I've seen people leave their lane for no reason. They just roam around, lose cs, and lose turrets.
Comment from : Chase Richter

Voltage 1
Can u do a video about scout cam placements having trouble finding good places to put them in the new map. As always a good video keep up the good work 😁😘
Comment from : Voltage 1

Farhan Tanvir
u make some serious tips man.. thanks
Comment from : Farhan Tanvir

Fantastic video. SLOWJOG to a quick win!
Comment from : iRoc

Neo Wen Ji
Excoudrel can you do a video on turning back a losing game.
Comment from : Neo Wen Ji

That wink is the best part of your video ☺️
Comment from : Vyn

Shuunosuke Sato
Gonna start to slowjog from now on.
Comment from : Shuunosuke Sato

Excoundrel Gaming
I challenge you guys to make a mnemonic for learning Vainglory - it can be anything - can you come up with something better?

IGNORE THE WRONG TITLE - Will blur it out (best i can do without reuploading) cheers guys!]

Comment from : Excoundrel Gaming

Noah Ahsan
Finally the upload!
Comment from : Noah Ahsan

ScYtH casualgamerz
Excoundrel... how about something like skill skipping...?
Comment from : ScYtH casualgamerz

Skrappy Pu
can you do a video about what to do when you already got the first turret in your lane
Comment from : Skrappy Pu

NotyourHero SA
You are reviving 5v5 with this video.thank you!
Comment from : NotyourHero SA

Istoleyouricecream Whileyouwerereadingthislongname
2.10 top picks seems about right
Comment from : Istoleyouricecream Whileyouwerereadingthislongname

Sajjad Anwer
When u gonna upload 60 sec hero guide!
Comment from : Sajjad Anwer

The title in video is wrong btw
Comment from : ToxicMk

Comment from : Yugi

Comment from : Astih

Sudden Doggo
Comment from : Sudden Doggo

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