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Comments nas daughters video review - a-tale-of-two.com

RAJNET Raid Shadow Legends
Thanks for this review. I am sold!
Comment from : RAJNET Raid Shadow Legends

Kenan çabuk
How do these compare to skullcandy crushers ?
Comment from : Kenan çabuk

Zlatko Herzl
Got this headphones couple of month ago based on couple of reviews, including this one. The sound is great and clear, but the bass on this headphones is not what this guy is talking about. Comparing to in-ear wired Sennheiser I had before this one, I would call this one no bass. I don't like this one.
Comment from : Zlatko Herzl

mokodo _
I can't tell if they're actually really good or sennheiser are sending you free headphones
Comment from : mokodo _

Picked them up on a sale for $65. They're amazing.
Comment from : jgadiaz

Noah Sher
Are they good for gaming?
Comment from : Noah Sher

So Woke !!
Hey Gamesky. I love to play video games and listen to alot of rock/metal. With these also having a cord with a 3.5 jack that should be able to be used for gaming on xbox one x right ?? If so I think these are perfect.
Comment from : So Woke !!

Lara Sewald
Overall, a great introduction for Sennheiser.🔘◌>JustU.Faith/Sennheiser?桃 I just wanted to dip my toe in and I don't hate these headphones. Yeah, the beeping can be marginally annoying but whatever. The range is good, call quality is good, battery life is good. I wish the cans swiveled flat but I'll just make sure the trade up does. Overall, I am pretty satisfied for the cost.
Comment from : Lara Sewald

i have a pair of sennheiser hd 400s headphones, and they work great, but they are wired only, so i think i will buy these and use the 400s as a backup
Comment from : Sarcasm

abhishek soni
Plz plz plz a comparison video bw. Sennhiser 4.40bt and jbl live 500bt
Comment from : abhishek soni

Phát Lâm
Should i get these over the sony wh 900n
Comment from : Phát Lâm

Rômulo Rodrigues
When i use the 3.5 jacket the microphone still working?
Comment from : Rômulo Rodrigues

Jose Gil
Awesome review, thanks for going into detail about every aspect! I got my pair a week ago and I love the sound. I will say though that the beeping when you do anything is a bit much. I use them on my iPhone XS, and even going to the recently opened screen they beep. Every level in volume they increase or decrease they beep. If a video stops, starts, or buffers they beep. That’s the one thing from making these perfect, but overall very good headphones
Comment from : Jose Gil

Dannon Andrade
Do you think you could wear these on runs?
Comment from : Dannon Andrade

how to repair cracked band?
Comment from : veronika

John Snow
Ok.. Ive bought them
..that is going to be my second "premium" wireless headset after JLAB Flex 2 which I really loved..hope im going to enjoy the senheizer bt 4.40 the same ✌😊

Comment from : John Snow

A Frog
Are they made for giants?
The headband is like a FOOT wide..
I don`t have a fro, and if I did, I`d get in-ears..

Comment from : A Frog

Mauricio Hernández
Best HD 4.40 review, I'm going for them, thank you!
Comment from : Mauricio Hernández

Dinithi U
Absolutely love mine! Nice review.
Comment from : Dinithi U

Johnnie Telasco
Buying today, thnx :)
Comment from : Johnnie Telasco

Absolutely right in 2020!
Comment from : JJJ

Andrius Mostauskas
Do they work with PC wirelessly? Can’t see any wireless receiver in a box?
Comment from : Andrius Mostauskas

my aux input stopped working properly..any tips?
Comment from : Mugen

Aditya Kumar Sahni
How do these compare to hd 4.3 (wired) as regards sound quality? Since, I use my headphones wired all the time, which pair (wired/wireless) would you recommend me under $80 (it could be some that you have not talked about in this video)?
Comment from : Aditya Kumar Sahni

got them new for $69
good deal or what

Comment from : who

Victor Varbanov
What would you pick between Sennheiser 4.40BT - SONY CH700N - JBL E55BT.

Which of these 3 would you recommend?

Comment from : Victor Varbanov

Jim Thornton
Comment from : Jim Thornton

Mustafa Akbaş
Hi bro,i bought a hd 4.40 and i am using now but i couldn't pair it with captune app,how can do it?
Comment from : Mustafa Akbaş

Erbil forever
Got it 2 weeks ago, its a good quality headphone but im kinda disappointed , the BASS is too low you barely feel it and the f**king treble is so high which is really annoying especially for someone with hurting ears. İ rate these headphones as: Treble-focused instead of (Balanced). İ have really small head and ears which makes a the headphones look giant on my head and yet STİLL they get really uncomfortable around my ears after like 30 minutes i have to take them off so yes the people are right when they talk about comfort issues. Anyways that was my first premium headphones in my life so it was a good start and now i know what to look for in future.
Comment from : Erbil forever

thanks so much my guy
Comment from : who

violet 55
Would you still recommend them today?
Comment from : violet 55

After 2 years of using these headphones i can say their quality is really bad. The power button got stuck a few months after purchase and then charging stopped working as well, making the Bluetooth useless. For me they are really uncomfortable , after an hour of use i feel a strong pressure on top of my head. Also good luck putting back the cushions without reaping them apart xD. Really a nightmare!

Btw these cannot be used to chat while gaming. I wasn't aware of that when i bought them ..

Comment from : unske

Bruno Alex
best review!
Comment from : Bruno Alex

Could I use this for gaming?
Comment from : StrixX22

they are 75 dollars now :p
Comment from : TuckerDaTurtle

Zen Q
I bought this, its my first pair of headphone, I used to love its sound till I buy the pioneer se ms7bt
Comment from : Zen Q

Comment from : Shebil

Finally a good review - thanks for being honest about it's not worth paying the extra for the NC in the 4.50s
Comment from : Play.n.See.Gaming

Supreme Dihyat
One more con is that if you have large ears then they will irritate you!
I’ve tried them

Comment from : Supreme Dihyat

Your dad
Just bought these today
They cost me €89, and I hope they're as good as you say they are! Lol

Comment from : Your dad

sai thota
How to increase bass level
Comment from : sai thota

tas sri
Does the cable have a Mic??
Comment from : tas sri

Ur mom gay
has this headset also got a microfon?
Comment from : Ur mom gay

Howard Mathews
What's the difference between the 4.50 & 4.40 sound-wise?
Comment from : Howard Mathews

John Gordon Norris
And I've just bought the HD4.40 BT NC Headphones from Amazon and boy, what a purchase it was. They're GREAT. ESPECIALLY IF YOU CONSIDER THE PRICE I PAID. UNDER £85.00. hmmmm.
Comment from : John Gordon Norris

Gabriel Seixas
u sure are havin a good time! nice review
Comment from : Gabriel Seixas

Tom Abbott
Are these "over the ear" or "on the ear"? Thanks!
Comment from : Tom Abbott

Bruwer van Vrede
Bought a pair today
Comment from : Bruwer van Vrede

Imtiaz Khan
How about the bass bro
It's too good or ok type ??
Please help me out

Comment from : Imtiaz Khan

Paul Thorburn
Get some vibe fli over bluetooth headphones they beat the shit out of these.
Comment from : Paul Thorburn

subodh space
Just purchased a day ago. Simply awesome at price of $83 in India. Cant expect this quality in any other popular brand. By the way, after connecting the 3.5mm audio jack, it sounds more clear and bass heavy than wireless mode. Locking mechanism like audio technica. Impressive.
Comment from : subodh space

Adam A D Johnson
Right on bro !!
Comment from : Adam A D Johnson

erfan sadeghi
they DO leak sound
Comment from : erfan sadeghi

Pepe Gola
I have this sennheiser and for me they have a big problem they are not comfortable I need to change for a Sony ch700n because I can use them for more than an 2 hours, for the rest iam agree with you they look good, the sound and bluetooth is good right now I am listening your video with them but in a few minutes I am going to change for the Sony
Comment from : Pepe Gola

How is the soundstage ?? Are they good for gaming ??
Comment from : Savya

Gutu Marius
i'm sorry mate, but i dont agree with you at all. i bought a pair of 4.40BT and i was very disappointed. Saying that they sound exactly the same when wired and on BT mode it total garbage. On BT mode you have almost no bass, and the sound is very low quality for the price you would pay for them(they sound like 20$ headphones),the highs are metalic. Even wired i was not happy with the sound. You do have more bass, but compared with skullcrushers you are not event close. The mids are alright, but the highs are horible.... they scratch you ears. When talking about the build quality, i was again disappointed. After 10 min my head started hurting because you have almost no padding on the top side.
Comment from : Gutu Marius

Howard Mathews
I have a Momentum (first one)... will my ears like this?! (considering the price difference & also being wireless)
Comment from : Howard Mathews

Pepe Gola
I bought for the price they are very cheap, I have to a Bose and if I make a comparison the Bose are more comfortable there are more expensive but for me the Bose are the best headphones are very comfortable to this I give a 7 over 10 the quality is really good, the bsterry is excellent but there are some uncomfortable
Comment from : Pepe Gola

Greg Hefflay
You seem to be really biased towards liking everything about these because of how you loved the 4.30. As I own them as well I think there are definitely better headphones for the price right now. You also didnt mention how the earcups are skinny as hell and those with bigger ears will find them uncomfortable after a while. Im glad youre very passionate about them but you need to be giving accurate reviews if you're a review channel.
Comment from : Greg Hefflay

Shafi Alam
There is NO bass, even my Skullcandy Hesh 2 has more bass.
Comment from : Shafi Alam

Thanks man, you convinced me to buy these, thank you
Comment from : DynamicVideos

Hardik Pandya
Sennheiser is worst in terms of Build quality and performance. I bought my first pair of headphones considering popular brand name and everything but it broke within 4 months of usage. That cheap plastic head band will be break near earcup joint and now i have tiny little pieces of headband.. both drivers and ear cups are fine but the band breaks. The volume of audio is also low compared to other headphones. The plastic layer of wire also cracked. Now i only have copper string attached to the drivers. BUT both the drivers are working okay. Only thing is that we have to hold those ear-cups in both hands and listen. :D :D
Comment from : Hardik Pandya

Butcher of Blaviken
I have these, kinda' disappointed with the loudness. For me, it's not loud enough even with volume maxed out.
Comment from : Butcher of Blaviken

Yiğit Güney
Okay boy, i buying that headset in internet. When they come i will make a test for it. I will inform you guys 2 days later !
Comment from : Yiğit Güney

They are one best I have ever owned way better than beats pros
Comment from : MM M

Dude your voice is so hot
Comment from : MrBlack

Efffe Kanalen
could i play games with these?
Comment from : Efffe Kanalen

Tanvir Hasan
V-Moda Crossfade wireless or Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT?
I listen to Rock & Metal music mostly, with lil bit of EDM occasionally.

Comment from : Tanvir Hasan

How is it for Gaming???
Comment from : Sivanesan

How was the volume?
Comment from : J1SMOKES

Love your voice
Comment from : Pixie

Can i use them with my turntable? wanna be able to listen to records does it have all the accessorises to link them with my amp?

Bo Swansen
You can now get these for 80 bucks and they are just ok no bass at all. They are pretty comfy. My wife uses them at the gym. You want bass you want the bluedio ufo2s, or just buy the sony m3s if you want to lay out 300 bucks
Comment from : Bo Swansen

Nipun Sharma
If you're a basshead, please don't get these. Sennheiser does know a thing or two about creating nice sounding headphones, but they have no clue what bass is. Your money will go down the drain if you're buying these purely with bass as a requirement. I have had three sennheiser pairs over the course of the last 6 years. All had bass as a marketing term. Yet they were the greatest disappointment when it came to producing rich, punchy bass.
Comment from : Nipun Sharma

John Roger Bell
Do a comparison between Sennheiser PXC 550 vs Bose Quiet Comfort II
Comment from : John Roger Bell

Udesh sharma
Are these headphones better than Sony xb650bt at the same price range ?
Comment from : Udesh sharma

Tharindu Weerasooriya
Bit strange of a response because when I asked from him about which to buy (Senheiser 4.40BT or Skullcandy Crusher), he recommended the crusher. twitter.com/dotcyril/status/1072355803791798272
Comment from : Tharindu Weerasooriya

Do they work with any smartphone? I have Samsung Galaxy A8 and I wonder if they will work with it.
Comment from : spazaame

How's the comfort of these? It's my biggest concern since I have sensitive earlobes.
Comment from : spazaame

How’s it compared to JBL e45bt?
is the bass same in JBL e45bt?

Comment from : Shayan

Vernon Jacobs
Not enough volume
Comment from : Vernon Jacobs

Master Chief
Hey brother I was wondering recently with my birthday coming up I was wondering to either get these headphones or the Sony Xb950Bt's and I needed someone to give me an insight in which is best for money and worth getting
Comment from : Master Chief

I’m using these to watch this vid
Comment from : ItsShayForReal

Tamil Iniyan
I would like to know what is the difference between senheiser he 4.40 and 4.50 btnc? Only the anc or something else?
Comment from : Tamil Iniyan

So you prefer these over the Skullcancy Crusher and the Hesh 3?
Comment from : DoubleYouPee

these sell for 90 online now in the Netherlands? worth it?
Comment from : Love4theGame

Hoo Lee Sheet
Hey gamesky you forgot to mention that these are of the very few headphones that "only" support aptx codec . It sound worse on iphones
Comment from : Hoo Lee Sheet

Im looking to buy these has dual headphones, for both everyday music use and also gaming, would these be good to pin point where foot steps are in csgo? And such
Comment from : ImThe0dd0ne

I have a problem with this 4.40... I really like their design, but the cup seems a bit small for a over-ear... how big is it? will it be too small for a above size average ear like me?
Comment from : Lee杰

Sam Stone
Is 4.40 good for hip-hop ?
Comment from : Sam Stone

Ronak Sharma
I watched this vid with the 4.40s lol
Comment from : Ronak Sharma

Narsimha Reddy
How shout gaming with these headphones?
Comment from : Narsimha Reddy

Mauritz van den Heever
Is anyone else also experiencing the headphones making a beep sound whenever you change volume or select a song! Mine beeps with every single volume click! Using an iPhone 7. Please advise.
Comment from : Mauritz van den Heever

Milan Zwanenberg
Does this headset have a build in microphone
Comment from : Milan Zwanenberg

pranay maheriya
How is this compared to jbl e55bt?
Comment from : pranay maheriya

Satyam Raj
I'm not so obsessed with bass so what should I buy Skullcandy hesh 3 or Sennheiser HD 4.40??
Comment from : Satyam Raj

Kai Striethorst
How does the bass on these compare to the pcx 550?
Comment from : Kai Striethorst

Abdul Mateen Mudassir
Just bought this a couple of days ago. If your a basshead, don't get this. You can hear the bass but barely feel it.
Comment from : Abdul Mateen Mudassir

Rodney Crider
Awesome thanks bro
Comment from : Rodney Crider

Comment from : Misantroop

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