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REVIEW: Jabra Stealth -BEST Bluetooth Headset

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Information REVIEW: Jabra Stealth -BEST Bluetooth Headset

Title :  REVIEW: Jabra Stealth -BEST Bluetooth Headset
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Comments REVIEW: Jabra Stealth -BEST Bluetooth Headset

Steven Lochridge
Awesome. So, I'm driving safely using this hands free method of being on the phone, but I need an app in my phone to adjust the volume.
Sorry officer, I was using a hands free device, but I need to turn up the volume so I had to grab my phone. LOL
You're reviewing Bluetooth headsets. How is it that your top pick requires you to use your phone to adjust the volume??

Comment from : Steven Lochridge

Bien Crafts • 32 years and
Why not usb c?
Comment from : Bien Crafts • 32 years and

B Parker
A fair review and a good price for the earpiece ($79). I'm liking mine so far. Smaller than I expected and has a pretty snug fit. Not a big fan of the plastic ear loops, so I removed that. The only critique I have relates to its very limited audio quality - good for calls and podcasts (which is why I bought it) but pretty weak when it comes to music. I have a separate stereo headset for those needs...
Comment from : B Parker

christian nrx
cons: can't be used with bluetooth enabled home phone
Comment from : christian nrx

Sanndy W.N.
Where to buy? I need the original products
Comment from : Sanndy W.N.

Unfortunately, these reviews do not provide details after some use, I liked stealth when it was new, after one year the volume started to degrade, and I became unable to use it while driving on the highway with all windows closed. The support told me you passed the one year warranty, so my advice is: do you want to pay $120 for some device that is good for one year only?! I'm sure I can get that for less money or better with the same money.
Comment from : Silver

I use 130₹ piece
Comment from : mysonyxperia

raj rajah
Jabra stealth and jabra talk 45 ,which is better? In picture,both are looking similar,,,, the same headset call with 2different name?
Comment from : raj rajah

The stealth crackles during calls and the battery doesn't last as long as they say! The device has no noise cancellation in wind like the SennhieserPresence UC. Consumers Report you ain't. All others rate Sennhieser as the top pick. In 40 b.s. hours you never tested any in the wind!
Comment from : joewger

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